ROBERT RODRIGO BAND - Living For Louder (Showcase)

Living For Louder
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Melodic Hard Rock

Get ready to rock! This November 2nd the Robert Rodrigo Band releases its new album, Living For Louder! Featuring 10 songs filled with energy and passion and including instrumental tracks showing off the incredible musicianship this band has always brought to the stage.

Robert Rodrigo Band is: Robert Rodrigo on the guitar, side by side with his longtime companions Miguel Manjon on bass, Pako Martinez on drums and joined by exceptional guests such as Gotxi Ibarra (Hammond) and the great Johnny Gioeli (Hardline, Axel Rudi Pell) on vocals.

"This November 2nd the Robert Rodrigo Band releases its new album, Living For Louder feat Johnny Gioeli (Hardline, Axel Rudi Pell) on vocals."

Robert Rodrigo band are:
Robert Rodrigo (guitar)
Johnny Gioeli (Vocals) Special guest
Miguel Manjon (bass)
Pako Martinez (drums)

Robert Rodrigo is a Spanish guitarist from Vizcaya. At the age of 7 he began playing Spanish guitar, at 14 he started learning electric guitar, and at eighteen he was already playing on several bands and writing his own songs, including "La Primera", achieving more and more exposure. At the age of 24 he signed his first recording contract with the label Evolution Records, releasing their first album "Robert R. Rodrigo".

In January 2002 he started the band Airless, and they quickly signed with Vinny Records. Their debut self-titled album was released in June, distributed throughout Europe, Canada and Japan. A year later he contributed to the double disc compilation "Singing to the World", in memory of those killed in the bombing of the Twin Towers in 2001.

In August 2005 Robert signs a contract with the brand Ibanez instruments, becoming their endorser. Airless release their second album titled "2nd Round" on the Finnish label Lion Music, one of the most important record labels in the rock industry. That same year Airless went on tour introducing the album and opening for bands such as Dare or Riot.

In September 2006, Robert recorded the song "Space Antz" together with producer and guitarist Carlos Creator, and the song becomes part of the compilation album "The Alchemists II - 15 Tracks Of Total Guitar Wizardry" which also featured other world-class guitar players, released by the British label Liquid Note Records the following year.

In May 2008 he released his first instrumental album, "Half finger on the moon", and signed for Orange amps and Dimarzio as their endorser. Later that year in September, Airless releases their third album titled "Fight".In September 2009 Robert he was hired for Ernie Ball, one of the world's leading manufacturer of premium guitar strings.

On March 9, 2012, coinciding with the anniversary of the tsunami that hit Japan, Robert Rodrigo participates in the EP "Help for Japan", a project by Tommy Heart (Soul Doctor, Fair Warning), gathering a lot of friends to record a version of "Help!" by The Beatles. That very same month saw also the release of Robert's second instrumental album, "Wrath", on the American label Grooveyard Records. Airless release their fourth studio album titled "Changes" again on the Finnish label Lion Music

- In February 2013, and later went on tour with artists such as Jeff Scott Soto, Harem Scarem and playing festivals as Rock Legends, North Metal, etc...

- In January 2014 Airless release their 15th anniversary album "Best of & Rarities" on the label Melodic Rock Records.

- In 2015 Robert participates in a trilogy of albums for Lion Music, dedicated to great composers of classical music, Bach, Mozart and Vivaldi, where he adapts the following pieces:
1-Robert Rodrigo - Brandenburg Concerto No 4 Andante Bwv 1049 (JS Bach) from the album "Lion Music presents: Johann Sebastian Bach - Interpretations" (departure January 23)
2-Robert Rodrigo - Eine Kleine Nachtmusic Movt 4 (WA Mozart) from the album "Lion Music Presents: WA Mozart - Reincarnated" (date July 17)
3-Robert Rodrigo - Storm At Sea (A.Vivaldi)

Airless record a new ep, it's released on 15 January 2016, including their single "Hey Money" with over 40,000 views on youtube.

Robert Rodrigo plays in the final of Guitar Gods Festival, celebrated in Miami on February 19th 2016, with many of the best musicians in the world on this genre (Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Gus G, Nicko MacBrain, Rudy Sarzo...)


The Three Tremors - "When The Last Scream Fades"

THE THREE TREMORS release 'When The Last Scream Fades' single and lyric video, taken from their new self titled debut album which is set for release on 18th January.
"The Three Tremors song, When The last Scream Fades is a straight ahead heavy metal rocker that paints a tale of a post apocalyptic world from prophecy and lore. Harry Conklin says, " We have been having a great time playing this one live at rehearsals.  It starts out with a somber dark vibe then takes off."
Peck says "There are a lot of bases covered on this record - all styles of metal are represented pretty much.  The diversity of the songs and deliveries makes it a fun record to perform all the way through like we will be doing starting September 26th."
THE THREE TREMORS release their storming self titled debut album on 18th January 2019 via Steel Cartel Records
“Three times louder than a sonic boom, three fingers on the hand of doom!” is how the Three Tremors is being described. And when you find out the stellar line-up, there is no denying the mighty vocal power that the newly formed outfit possesses - Tim "Ripper" Owens (JUDAS PRIEST, ICED EARTH, DIO DISCIPLES), Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin(JAG PANZER, SATAN’S HOST, TITAN FORCE), and Sean "The Hell Destroyer" Peck (CAGE, DENNER/SHERMANN, DEATH DEALER)

DEKO MUSIC Launches New Label With Speciality Vinyl Releases

West West Side Music, the company responsible for mastering over 15,000 records (Mastodon, Yes, Monster Magnet, Fleetwood Mac, The Misfits, etc...) has launched the independent label Deko Music, which is distributed by Warner Music Group’s ADA (Alternative Distribution Alliance) in North America and the Target Group in Europe. The label is headed up by West West Side Music owner and Grammy award-winning engineer Alan Douches, with veteran record producer Neil Kernon, Billboard charting artist/performer Charlie Calv and long-time industry sales veteran Bob Ardrey.
The label operates with a full service analog/digital recording facility, mastering facility, 5.1 surround sound room, and separate mixing facility run by Neil Kernon, who has been behind the helm of records as diverse as Hall and Oates, Queensryche, Kansas, Dokken, Yes and many others. Alan Douches states, “Well, it’s a complicated machine this thing called the music business. I guess we’re going to try to help a few artists that we can appreciate along the way, it is about believing in the quality of the art whether it is Hard Rock, Metal or Jazz and not limiting the type of artists we will work with.”
Deko Music’s inaugural releases include specialty vinyl titles from projects with Danger Danger vocalist Ted Poley, and the legendary Angel with Punky Meadows and Frank DiMino (see release listings below). Charlie states, “We are starting out with some veteran artists that we feel best represent their genre and setting our sights on developing some newer acts in the very near future”. In 2019 we will see some archive releases from legendary New York band the Good Rats, former Styx member Glen Burtnik, a special live recording   of Tygers of Pan Tang featuring John Sykes (Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake), former Kansas singer Steve Walsh, and the first new studio album in 40 years from legendary jazz composer GilEvans.
December 7: Mike Tramp “Capricorn 20th Anniversary” CD/LP
December 7: Electric Boys “The Ghost Ward Diaries” CD/LP
December 14: Ted Poley “Modern Art” LP (splattered vinyl)
December 14: Punky Meadows/Frank DiMino of ANGEL 12” (etched 3 song single)
The label will announce additional new artist signings and future releases in the upcoming months via the labels official website. Please visit www.dekoentertainment.comfor up-to-date artist and label news and full list of releases.

EVERGREY Head Into 'The Atlantic' January 29

Friday, January 25, 2019
Acclaimed Swedish dark melodic metal masters EVERGREY are set to release their new studio album, titled 'The Atlantic', on January 25th 2019.
The band has worked extensively on the follow-up to their highly successful 2016’s effort 'The Storm Within' (which entered the charts on high positions in numerous countries). Again, EVERGREY teamed up with Jacob Hansen, who - just like with the band’s previoous releases 'The Storm Within' and 'Hymns For The Broken', took care of mixing and mastering.
EVERGREY’s Tom S. Englund states:
“Guys! This is album number 11!
Isn't that just sick?! It’s also the 3rd album of a concept that might have reached its destination or at least one conclusion. It might also have been something that some of you saw coming or anticipated?
We’ve fought through giant private obstacles as well as an extremely complicated break-in at our Headquarters studio to bring this album to you. So at the same time as it's certainly not been painless or at all easy, it’s been rewarding in new ways and our creativity has been painted in colors of honesty and sincerity.
This is our heaviest, darkest, and perhaps also our most diverse album to date. It’s everything we wanted to compose and the written words come straight from a place of transparency and never before experienced lucidity. Finally, as of yesterday, we’ve reached new shores. We can’t wait for you to share this journey with us and dive into our worlds, our depths, and the waters of The Atlantic!”
“The Atlantic” tracklist:
01. A Silent Arc
02. Weightless
03. All I Have
04. A Secret Atlantis
05. The Tidal
06. End Of Silence
07. Currents
08. Departure
09. The Beacon
10. This Ocean
Cover artwork by Giannis Nakos

THE END: machine - New Moniker For DOKKEN Alumni

George Lynch, Jeff Pilson, Mick Brown, and Robert Mason have announced that they are changing the name of their previously announced new band, Superstroke, to THE END: machine.
“The recordings are nearly done and we are really happy with the way it is turning out,” says bassist/producer Jeff Pilson. “We think that, notwithstanding the obvious nod to our past experiences together, The End: machine sound has a unique identity. Sonically, this is not just ex-Dokken members with a different singer or a rebooted incarnation of Lynch Mob. This is a new sound. Everyone has been doing great on the album and there is a lot of energy and a lot of focus.”
THE END: machine, featuring George Lynch , Jeff Pilson, and Mick Brown from the classic Dokken lineup together with singer Robert Mason of Warrant (and previously, Lynch Mob) will release their debut album in Spring 2019, via Frontiers Music Srl.
Follow their just launched Facebook page here:



Robert Rodrigo Band ft. Johnny Gioeli - "Living For Louder"

The Robert Rodrigo Band has just released its new album, “Living For Louder!” featuring 10 songs filled with energy and passion, and including instrumental tracks showing of the incredible musicianship this band has always brought to the stage.
Robert Rodrigo Band is: Robert Rodrigo on the guitar, side by side with his longtime companions Miguel Manjon on bass, Pako Martinez on drums, and joined by exceptional guests such as Gotxi Ibarra (Hammond) and the great Johnny Gioeli (Hardline, Axell Rudi Pell) on vocals.

Vocalist TOMMY DECARLO Signs Album Deal Under DECARLO Moniker

Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the signing of the powerhouse AOR band DECARLO to the label!
DECARLO is the band featuring Tommy DeCarlo, best known for having performed with Boston since 2007.
The band's lineup includes: Tommy on lead vocals together with his son and guitarist Tommy DeCarlo Jr, drummer Dan Hitz, and bassist Brett Nelson.
"I’m extremely proud to be recognized by Frontiers and offered my very first recording contract! Getting to work with such a powerhouse label, that has signed some of the top bands from my era, is an accomplishment!” Says Tommy. 
"I’ve had a lot of blessings in my life (getting married to my wonderful wife of thirty years, having two beautiful children, having performed with a legendary rock and roll band, being a grandfather and last but not least having the opportunity to perform alongside my son Tommy Jr. in our band DECARLO. Through all of those blessings songwriting has also played a big part in my life. I’ve always written for myself, for my own enjoyment, it was something I did simply to pass the time never thinking anything would ever come of it - but it has! Frontiers has given me the opportunity to take my music to the next level. The world will finally get to hear the music of Tommy DeCarlo!"
Get ready for a great new album to be released in mid 2019!



BRETT WALKER 'Last Parade' Update

BRETT WALKER ‘Last Parade’ Release Update:
- Liner Notes done
- Re-Sequenced Discs 4, 5 & 6 (slightly)
- Edited a few tracks to remove small glitches
- Artwork from Nello Dell'Omo almost done
- Just need to create the DDP masters for manufacturing and then I can confirm the release date
- Time to prepare the bonus tracks for those that are part of the preorder



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