NIGHT RANGER is heading out on 8 dates on Sammy Hagar’s Full Circle Jam Tour!
Dates below and more info here: https://nightranger.com/#!/news/298151
May 22 – Clarkston, MI
May 23 – Indianapolis, IN
May 26 – Gilford, NH
May 28 – Boston, MA
May 30 – Mashantucket, CT
May 31 – Vienna, VA
June 4 – Lewiston, NY
June 5 – Pittsburgh, PA



MATTHEW SHAD Releases New Single 'Keep Holding On'

Singer-songwriter Matthew Shad has just released the single 'Keep Holding On'. This is Matthew's first release since 2015's 'Heart Forgive Me' which was mixed by Kenny Scott (Swirl 360). It is available to stream or download at iTunes, AppleMusic, Spotify, Amazon Music and all other major digital outlets. You can hear the song on YouTube here:ww.youtube.com/watch?v=FhpXJojrjs4

From Matthew:

'Dear Friends of MelodicRock.com,
This might be a different type of press release, but I felt strongly about introducing myself to most of you for the first time in my own words. Since I first gained access to the internet, I became a fan of Andrew and MelodicRock.com. Like many of you, it became my morning paper. I love the genre of Melodic Rock so very much and am proud to share the release of my new song, 'Keep Holding On' with you. In this troubled world, I strongly felt a positive and uplifting anthem of a song was appropriate.

And now, a little about myself:

- I'm the guy that had the albums 'New Jersey' and 'Hysteria' on cassette in my car with all the text worn off from playing them so much.
- I'm the guy who makes singer-songwriter playlists of Mitch Malloy, Paul Gilbert, John Waite, Steve Lukather, Sammy Hagar, Jani Lane, Jude Cole, Mike Tramp, Zakk Wylde, Kip Winger and Butch Walker.
- I'm the guy that teaches his guitar students 'The Answer' from Richie Sambora and 'Rest In Peace' from Extreme.
- I'm the guy who thinks 'Kingdom Of Desire' by Toto and 'Talk' by Yes are masterpieces.
- I'm the guy who is still inspired by Neal Schon's solo in 'Still They Ride', Mark Kendall's solo in 'House Of Broken Love', Kee Marcello's solo in 'Superstitious' and pretty much anything Dann Huff recorded with Giant!
- I'm the guy who stood in the ticket line at 2:00 am for Steve Perry's 'For The Love Of Strange Medicine' Tour (2nd Row)!
- I'm the guy who pre-orders every House of Lords album. I'm also the guy who was lucky enough to see House of Lords open for Nelson (Ken Mary and Bobby Rock in the same night... Doug Aldrich and Bret Garsed in the same night... Vocals from Gunnar, Matthew and James Christian in the same night... Incredible).
- I'm the guy who thinks Mr. Big and Dream Theater must be immortal and been practicing for a million years (That's the only explanation).
- I'm the guy stood in the audience at an acoustic Shaw/Blades concert and knew after the first song that it was going to be one of the best night's ever.
- I'm the guy who knows you can always count on Night Ranger to put on the best rock show in town.
- I'm the guy who heard Vito Bratta's solo for 'Wait' and bought 'Pride' the next day.
- I'm the guy who cherishes albums from RTZ, Hardline, Tyketto, attraction 65, Blue Murder, Open Skyz, The Storm, Echo Jet, Jellyfish, Blue Tears and a thousand others.


Hopefully, you can hear all of that in this song. "Keep Holding On" feels like the first song I've recorded in the longest time that sounds like the music I listen to. Hopefully, you can hear the Boston, Bon Jovi, Journey and Def Leppard loud and clear. I'm extremely proud of this song and excited about releasing more music in the future. Please follow my social media listed below and send me a message letting me know what you think. I hope to see you out there on the road!

Thanks For Listening,

"I tip my hat to every original artist out there. It is an uphill battle from the get go and most let go early on in the game, but there are those who "Keep Holding On". Matthew Shad is one of those who do just do that." - Mike Tramp

KEEP HOLDING ON - the new single by Matthew Shad

YouTube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhpXJojrjs4
iTunes: itunes.apple.com/us/album/keep-holding-on-single/1450117213
Amazon: www.amazon.com/Keep-Holding-Matthew-Shad/dp/

About Matthew Shad:
Matthew studied at Berklee College of Music with the likes of Livingston Taylor and Jon Finn. He has gone from the studios at Berklee to recording at Full Sail, Gloria Estefan"s Crescent Moon Studios and Criteria"s The Hit Factory. In the 90's his band SHAD recorded a self-titled hard rock album and opened for acts such as Survivor and Bad Company. In 2010, he changed directions with the pop-rock group Stirling Road, releasing a an album and two singles including "Without You" which was co-written and produced by Swirl 360's Kenny Scott. His most cherished musical memory was in 2000 when he performed "Wanted Dead Or Alive" with recent Rock 'N Roll Hall Of Fame inductees, Bon Jovi, at a rehearsal for VH-1's Storytellers. His new single, "Keep Holding On" is out now!


TERRA NOVA CD 'Raise Your Voice' Arrived Today; Now Shipping

Wednesday, January 30, 2019
MelodicRock Records is pleased to announce the return of TERRA NOVA with their new, 7th studio album ‘Raise Your Voice’ due out January 30.
The new studio album will feature a different running order for this release (compared to the Japanese release), as well as having alternative artwork and one exclusive additional track.
Best of all – pre-order now and a digital download of the full album will be delivered to your inbox within 24hrs.

A Message From VIC RIVERA Regarding ADRIANGALE

Release Year: 
Hi, all - hope you’re all off to a great start so far in 2019.
After much consideration, the time has come to make a few announcements.
To begin: there are many reasons for this but, above all else, because of the demands of my job I’m scaling back most of my music and audio production work. Now more than ever my position is a 24/7 requirement and those responsibilities prevent me from committing to multiple projects/clients without compromising enjoyment of life with my wife, family and friends. This wasn’t a quick decision to arrive at, but it’s the right one when the return on investment on every level for the time and energy I devote to the music business is no longer worth being at the expense of the parts of my life that are priority.
This is the largest of several factors which will unfortunately result in the Adriangale album that was in progress not being completed. I deeply regret this for all of those who were looking forward to it. Rest assured, this wasn’t my intent - especially since I’ve put very substantial work into ten great songs. Having said that, and my job withstanding, I can’t alter other circumstances beyond my control. I can only take appropriate action and, aside from the band’s catalogue staying up on digital media outlets, barring extraordinary developments it’s time to close the book on Adriangale.
I wish to be clear that this isn’t a reflection on Andrew McNeice or Melodicrock Records. Andrew has been a great and unparalleled friend since just about the beginning of my music work. He’s unquestionably one of the most upstanding, loyal and honorable people I’ve ever met. Our friendship is stronger than ever and if/when I’m able to commit to another project with the new songs I’ve put a ton of hard work into, his is still the label that will release it far as I’m concerned.
Regarding the questions about the Best of Adriangale: that collection was promised by my former label, I hope they will honor their commitment for the sake of those who still may be waiting for it.
I’m grateful for all of the things that I have done with my music and even more appreciative for the many amazing people I have met on account of my endeavors.
Thanks for reading - and once again wishing you all the best.
MRR’s Andrew McNeice responds:
Vic Rivera is without question, one of the most genuine and sweetest guys in this business and I’m proud to call him a friend for so many years.
With Adriangale, Vic delivered some of my favourite musical moments of the last decade and a half. With their relationship with their original label over, I was only too happy wot welcome Vic, Jamie and the guys to MRR.
I am disappointed to have to pass on this news, more for selfish reasons, I wanted new music from one of my favourite acts. But I totally respect Vic’s decision and know all too well the pressures of conflicting schedules and the lack of hours in the day to deal with everything life throws at you.
The work Vic has put in over the last year on this album won’t go to waste. No sir! When time permits these wonderful songs will see the light of day in one form or another.
For now, MRR wishes Vic nothing but love and Jamie and his unmistakable voice will pop up somewhere soon no doubt.

LEVERAGE Prepare For 'Determinus' April 26

Friday, April 26, 2019
Finnish heavy rockers Leverage finally put an end to their 10 year hiatus between studio albums with the announcement of the release of their highly anticipated new album, “Determinus”. Preceded by the release of the 2018 (digital only) EP “The Devil’s Turn”, Leverage are set to retake their place in the standings of the heavy metal/hard rock community with this new album. First single and video, "Burn Love Burn" is out today and you can see/hear it below:

Leverage is not a power metal band, nor an AOR band, and definitely not a throwback to the 80’s band. Leverage don’t fall into an easy category. Leverage developed their own style of heavy rock in the 2000’s. For the band, it has always been about making and playing music with all of their hearts and souls while having a blast doing it. Their sonic stamp says “Leverage”. That’s it. “The new album is the same but different,” says guitarist and founder Tuomas Heikkinen. “This is the way I write. It is heavy rock and draws from a variety of influences, mine or the other members. I used to make demos that had every bass, drum and keyboard note MIDI programmed to detail and then just asked the guys to reproduce that exactly, but now I only underline the passages that I feel are essential and let them have a go at expressing themselves as musicians. And just as importantly, I always try to hear the vocalist in my head when writing. Pekka and Kimmo are two different singers, that definitely guides the process.”
Leverage landed on the scene in 2006 with the independent release of their debut album, “Tides”. With their blend of symphonic and melodic hard rock combined with some progressive metal twists, Leverage created a buzz on the scene and were signed by Frontiers for the release of their second album, “Blind Fire” in 2008. Spinefarm/Universal picked the band up for their next album, “Circus Colossus” (2009), but the band became inactive not too long after. “People that have heard the music say that it definitely has the Leverage vibe, but also covers new ground. It has variety, ranging from pretty damn heavy to all kinds of far ends at times. This album sounds like a band playing and there’s movement where we didn’t use to have it. There’s less overdubs, not too many huge hired choirs, very little MIDI orchestrations and less tracks all together,” continues Heikkinen.
"Determinus" also introduces their amazing new singer, Kimmo Blom (Urban Tale, Raskasta Joulua) and a new guitar player, Mikko Salovaara. “Kimmo is a phenomenal and very versatile singer. He draws pictures in front of you the way he sings,” concludes Tuomas. "He has a huge presence, both seen and heard and is not the most typical vocalist in this scene. He approaches each song as a short story and really throws himself in there. Mikko is a monster guitar player with a background of very heavy and complex metal with a band called Kiuas. It was like "I am going to get him or Leverage will have only one guitar". I am happy he wanted to join the band. I have been blessed to get to work with outstanding guitar players in Leverage, first with Torsti and now with Mikko.”
"I’m really excited about all this, getting back to making Leverage music with a great group of people, old and new. And getting it out through a solid label to the fans," concludes Tuomas.
“DeterminUs” promises to be one of the highlights of the melodic metal genre in 2019.
1. Burn Love Burn
2. Wind Of Morrigan
3. Tiger
4. Red Moon Over Sonora (album version)
5. Mephistocrate
6. Afterworld’s Disciple
7. When We Were Young
8. Heaven’s No Place For Us
9. Hand Of God
10. Rollerball
11. Troy
Kimmo Blom - vocals
Mikko Salovaara - guitars
Tuomas Heikkinen - guitars
Sami Norrbacka - bass
Valtteri Revonkorpi -– drums
Marko Niskala - keyboards

Frontiers Signs Finnish Hard Rockers BLOCK BUSTER

Formed in Kuopio, Finland by brothers Aarni & Jaakko Metsäpelto while they were still in junior high, Block Buster spent their teenage years honing their sound and identity. While still in the midst of not being of legal age to play clubs and instead tearing it up at local backyard and basement parties to their sixteen - seventeen year old friends, the band suddenly found themselves being chosen to open for Bon Jovi at Helsinki Olympic Stadium. Since then, Block Buster have been honing their craft playing gigs at festivals and those clubs they are now legally allowed to enter, while also releasing an EP and two singles which have created a nice buzz in the Finnish rock scene and drew the interest of Frontiers.
"All of us in Block Buster feel totally energized to have signed a worldwide deal with one of the truest ROCK labels on the planet, Frontiers Music. It's taken years of hard work to have built up a great team around the band and now we have all the right machinery behind us to push us to the next level. Our first album, "Losing Gravity" will be released on Frontiers worldwide in 2019 and it is going to be a great year for Block Buster. Please join us on the next stage of our rock 'n roll journey!"
Inspired by the sounds of classic hard rock pioneers while adding a modern “retro” approach, Block Buster are ready to break out from their Nordic homeland on to the world stage.
Aarni Metsäpelto - Lead vocals & Guitar 
Jaakko Metsäpelto - Drums & Vocals 
Joonas Arppe - Bass & Vocals 
Elias Salo - Lead Guitar & Vocals

LANCE KING Ready To 'ReProgram' March 29

Friday, March 29, 2019
Legendary singer Lance King, original voice behind PYRAMAZE, AVIAN, BALANCE OF POWER and GEMINI is releasing his second solo album 'ReProgram' in the style of heavy metal that he has properly labeled as 'Celestial Metal', MARCH 29 is the new release date on Nightmare Records.
We are divided and torn by what we want to do and what we think we should to do. This is the ultimate struggle that every human being deals with during their lifetime. We all have the choice to take the road of conformity and compliance, or we can decide to live life to the fullest. We are often held back from our potential because of the many rules handed down to us, indoctrinated ideals of education, sexuality, gender, family, religion, and career.  People are usually tied to these rules on a deep level that often make no sense to them, but they prefer the comfort of feeling like they belong, to the often-lonely freedom of being the ones who live on their own terms. This is the internal and external struggle that Lance King wants to showcase with his music.
"ReProgram' is digitally available on iTunes and Amazon today Feb 1st, Pre-order and get an early "gratis track!"
There is a constant dissonance in our lives, and ReProgram looks to find harmony in the dissonant world that we have created. An album for the seekers of truth, for the ones who carry the fire and never let it die. Think of ReProgram as fuel for the restless soul that constantly pounds within your chest. An aural expression infused in metal and forged out of the promise of freedom. That wild and unapologetic inner-self that never fails to remind you of the passion, the adventure and the journey of life. That human being that wants to break away from the mindless zombie herds following the MEME culture.
An album for the Jedi, for the spiritually charged, for the ones that never fade away. Metal that supercharges the mind and encourages the body.
“The single most powerful thing you can do, is unlearn the limiting beliefs you have accepted as truths in your youth. This frees you from the chains that bind, the chains of the subconscious mind.” -- Lance King
Produced by Lance King & Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Evergrey, Epica, Amaranthe)
Co-Writing Performers:
Kim Olesen - (Anubis Gate)
(Guitars and Keys on 'ReProgram' and 'Technology')
Markus Sigfridsson - (Darkwater/Harmony)
(Guitars and Keys on 'Stand your Ground', 'Limitless', 'Perfect World')
Matt Hodsdon - (Chaos Frame)
(Guitars and Keys on 'Chaotica', 'Reaction Formation', 'Spell of Domestication')
Rich Hinks - (Annihilator / Aeon Zen)
(Bass on all tracks except (*) Guitar, Keys on 'Pointing Fingers', 'A Mind at War', 'Wide Open')
Lance's Featured Friends:
Morten Gade Sørensen  (Pyramaze/Anubis Gate) Massive Grooves and Percussion
Fred Columbo (Spheric Universe Experience)  (Keys transition between 'Wide Open & Chaotica', solo on 'Spell of Domestication' and 'A Mind at War')
Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen) (Guitar solo on 'Wide Open')
Jakob Riis  (L Wood Joy) ( *Bass on 'ReProgram' and 'Technology')



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