John Wetton to Release Solo Career Retrospective 'The Studio Recordings Anthology' and Live Album 'New York Minute'

Monday, March 9, 2015
Asia and King Crimson Lead Vocalist John Wetton to Release Solo Career Retrospective 'The Studio Recordings Anthology' and Live Album 'New York Minute'
London, UK - Legendary John Wetton, best known for his work with Asia, UK and King Crimson, is releasing two new albums this month: The Studio Recordings Anthology 2CD Set and New York Minute - John Wetton & The Les Paul Trio, on Primary Purpose via Cherry Red Records.
As a singer, bassist and songwriter, John Wetton initially rose to fame as the lead singer of King Crimson and thereafter Wetton formed UK with Eddie Jobson and later he was the lead vocalist of the supergroup Asia, his biggest commercial success. The band’s self-titled debut album was the biggest selling album in the world in 1982.
Wetton also has a successful solo career releasing a large number of studio and live albums and these are showcased on the 2CD ‘The Studio Recordings Anthology’ meanwhile a unique live album with The Les Paul Trio includes a number of songs Wetton has never sung elsewhere.
The Studio Recordings Anthology 2CD Set
The Studio Anthology collects together the best of John Wetton's six solo studio albums within a 2-CD set with extensive new liner notes.
1. The Circle Of St. Giles
2. The Last Thing On My Mind
3. Hold Me Now
4. Where Do We Go From Here?
5. Another Twist Of The Knife
6. I've Come To Take You Home
7. I Can't Lie Anymore
8. Lost For Words
9. Battle Lines
10. Caught In The Crossfire
11. Arkangel
12. Right Where I Wanted To Be
13. Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way
14. Second Best
15. Woman
16. Real World
1. Heart Of Darkness
2. Say It Ain't So
3. Cold Is The Night
4. You're Not The Only One
5. Raised In Captivity
6. Steffi's Ring
7. Walking On Air
8. Take Me To The Waterline
9. Silently
10. Battle Lines (Acoustic)
11. I Lay Down
12. Rock Of Faith
13. Who Will Light A Candle?
14. You Against The World
15. Emma
16. After All
For more information: http://www.cherryred.co.uk/shopexd.asp?id=4974
New York Minute - John Wetton & The Les Paul Trio
New York Minute sees John Wetton playing a selection of the songs that inspired him, many of which are not available on any other release. This new live album also includes unique renditions of his solo hit BATTLE LINES and the ASIA mega hit HEAT OF THE MOMENT.
Track Listing:
1. Do It Again
2. What’S Going On?
3. God Only Knows
4. Can’t Find My Way Home
5. All Along The Watchtower
6. New York Minute
7. Lady Madonna
8. Heat Of The Moment
9. Battle Lines
For more information: http://www.cherryred.co.uk/shopexd.asp?id=4972
John Wetton is embarking on a number of live projects in 2015 including the final tour of UK and a German 'Rock Meets Classic' orchestral arena tour.
John Wetton's official website: http://www.johnwetton.com
To purchase:
The Studio Recordings Anthology
Amazon CD: http://geni.us/31BQ
Amazon Digital: http://geni.us/2C6v
iTunes: http://geni.us/2vwm
New York Minute
Amazon CD: http://geni.us/2zZl
Amazon Digital: http://geni.us/3Fij
iTunes: http://geni.us/1IEo


Monday, March 9, 2015
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KISS Australian Tour Announcement Due

Monday, March 9, 2015
KISS are set to announce their Australian tour dates as early as this week if leaked dates are anything to go by. News was posted at respected Aussie music hub Noise11.com - http://www.noise11.com/news/kiss-to-tour-australia-with-whitesnake-20150304
Initial reports had the iconic band teaming up with WHITESNAKE as a killer double bill. But my sources indicate that while that was the original plan, the deal to include Whitesnake fell apart a couple of weeks ago. And that was still true as of 2 days ago.
There is no word yet on just who might accompany Kiss or if the Snake deal can be resurrected.
Rumored dates:
October 3, Perth
October 5, Adelaide
October 8, Melbourne
October 10, Sydney
October 12, Newcastle
October 13, Brisbane
October 16, Auckland

SOTO - Inside The Vertigo (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Metal
Friday, March 6, 2015
With change comes controversy. But for those that have followed vocalist Jeff Scott Soto’s vast and acclaimed career, you should not only expect change, but embrace it!
After all, you know it’s coming…and if one particular project is not a personal home run, then you know something else is just around the corner.
As most should know I’m a long time dedicated JSS fan and he’s a good friend. But that shouldn’t mean praise comes easily.
If anything I’m harder on those I respect most, as I expect the best every time.
It’s the same with many artists. Most of the time I feel as if these great artists deliver – because they are the best of the best. But none of them (despite the occasional suggestion otherwise!) have been immune from criticism. That includes JSS. But not on this occasion!
I’ve read a great many comments on this album from others. Some people don’t like the heavier, modern style. Some like heavy stuff, but aren’t gelling with this one. Others have longed for Jeff to do something truly ear shattering and are eating this album up with fervor.
And then there’s those that have followed Jeff through everything he has done and just appreciate whatever comes next – from the AOR of Prism; to the anthemic groove infused Talisman years; the straight ahead melodic hard rock of Lost In The Translation and Damage Control; to the pure stadium AOR bliss of W.E.T and Eyes; even through the Prince inspired soul/funk of Love Parade and the mature singer/songwriter pop of Beautiful Mess; released under the JSS moniker.
I could go on, but you get the point – Jeff Scott Soto never stands still and rarely repeats himself.
So Inside The Vertigo is just another chapter in an astounding career.
Such as the Beautiful Mess album went under the JSS moniker to differentiate from his normal known range of styles, so to has this album been singled out as a new band, so the name Soto has been adopted.
Soto’s “debut” is a truly accomplished piece of work. Yes, it’s super heavy as far as JSS fans are used to; yes, it’s far more contemporary than the classic rock we’re more used to hearing, but this set of songs packs a powerful punch.
I’d describe this as a mood album. It’s a time and place album for when you are fired up or want to get fired up. It’s a great record for driving to, but Soto accepts no responsibility for any fines incurred.
For those afraid of the production effects and the in your face, tuned down metal riffing, I suggest you concentrate on nothing but the vocal. Because as hard hitting as it is, at the heart of all JSS material lays vocal melody and hooks.
You can dress it up as metal, funk, pop or rock…but Soto always sounds melodic and it’s a distinct voice I can listen to anytime, anywhere.
This album runs the gamut of metal stylings. There’s the punchy riff driven Final Say, which while heavy, eases the listener into the album.
The heavy groove and cynical lyric of The Fall is impossibly catchy, even with a short chorus.
Then there’s the bombastic drum and rhythm of Wrath, which hook and vocal harmony wise isn’t that far removed from a classic JSS sound.
Break is intense. Dark, slow to mid-tempo…and intense (did I mention that already?). But still, the chorus is right there and filled with the same kind of melodies of Lost In The Translation – just darker and heavier.
Narcissistically Yours is a grinding, effects filled groovy rocker with another scathing lyric. And the vocals are huge.
End Of Days has to be everyone’s favourite song. This truly epic masterpiece winds its way through 9 minutes of atmospheric mood, to hard hitting angst, slow glorious guitar work before turning into a double time shred styled metal anthem half way through before once again changing direction for the last 2 minutes, bringing in a children’s choir to add to the already amazing atmosphere of this song.
Inside The Vertigo is another classic JSS style hard rocker, once again, just heavier and modernized.
The awesome metal ballad When I'm Older should really be all over rock radio, but you know that’s never going to happen. It’s classic JSS – especially vocal wise. This is a good entry point for those unsure about this album.
Closing the album is a four pack of metal goodness. Trance is super intense; Jealousy gets even heavier and a little faster; Karma's Kiss is slow and dark while Fall To Pieces ends the album on a somewhat simpler, but no less impressive hard rocking note.

Production on Inside The Vertigo is fabulous. It’s a huge wall of sound. The consistency of the songs on this record makes it one of Jeff Scot Soto’s finest works to date.
It really is a monster of a record and the intensity, the immense guitar work from Jorge Salan and groove from the rhythm section (David Z - bass and Edu Cominato - drums) cannot be understated. This is one talented group of musicians.
This is a true album. Not a group of songs cobbled together. This is a work of art.
That said, it certainly won’t be for everyone, but long time Soto fans should embrace this with enthusiasm as a few new fans come to admire one of the best rock n roll frontmen ever.


Friday, March 6, 2015
David Hungate is the original bass player in Toto. He has a legendary amount of studio session credits that include Glen Campbell, Willie Nelson, Diana Ross, Shania Twain, Boz Scaggs, Neil Diamond, Barbra Streisand, Chet Atkins, Vince Gill, Joe Cocker among countless others.
David made a triumphant return to Toto last year after an over 3 decade hiatus. He also contributed to the long awaited Toto studio release Toto XIV. Hungate was kind enough to lend Reggie Boyle some of his time to talk about his return to Toto and many other subjects.
Check it out: http://www.stevelukather.com/news-articles/2015/03/david-hungate-im-so-glad-to-be-playing-toto-music-again!.aspx?ref=%2F

Focus On Metal - REB BEACH

Friday, March 6, 2015
New from Focus On Metal: "Another in our series of career retrospective episodes, our guest this week is Whitesnake/Winger guitarist and all around good guy Reb Beach. We talk with Reb and go through a brief history of his career through a bunch of bands and catch up with what he's up to these days as well. Reb doesn't usually go for these type of things so it was very cool of him to allow the Focus on Metal team to put him under the musical microscope. We hope you enjoy what he has to say."

EDENS' CURSE Live With The Curse (Showcase)

Thursday, March 5, 2015
Live With The Curse
Produced By: 
Dennis Ward
Release Date: 
March 13
Hard Rock
After nine years of EDEN’S CURSE band history, multinational hard rock/melodic metal band now presents their first Live album. Formed as a studio project, after a while EDEN’S CURSE turned into an excellent and ambitious live act. U.K. tours with Stratovarius and Dream Theater were just the beginning. In the past two years, EDEN’S CURSE became more and more busy playing festivals and even making the step to play headlining tours in the U.K.

So, with four fantastic and widely celebrated studio albums under their belt, it was probably time to thin k about releasing a Live album anyway, but actually the source of ignition came from the fan’s side. One of those situations was after EDEN’S CURSE’ London gig. They came off stage on a high and the feedback and comments coupled with fan pressure to re-record old material with Nikola made them think of a Live release more extensively.

Even former drummer Pete Newdeck (still a close friend to the band)  admitted: “That’s the best I've ever heard the band with or without me", right after the London show.

So plannings began for the recording of the first ever EDEN’S CURSE Live album. But those who know the band, are aware of their high standards that they sets for everything they do. And ‘Live With The Curse’ is no exception: recordings took place on November 27
, 2014 at an EDEN’S CURSE headlining show in in Glascow.

Fans from whole Europe and even Japan came over to Scotland to be part of this special event. And what more does it need than a euphoric crowd, a nice club and a highly motivated band?
The setlist of course contains fan favorites and classics from all four EDEN’S CURSE albums: ‘Eden’s Curse’ (2007), ‘The Second Coming’ (2008), ‘Trinity’ (2011) and 2013’s ‘Symphony Of Sin’.

Mix and mastering of the Live recordings were handled by the band’s long-time engineer Dennis Ward, who managed to capture the concert’s energy and vibe perfectly. The cover artwork was again created by artist Thomas Ewerhard, who also works with EDEN’S CURSE since the times of their debut album.

‘Live With The Curse’, packed with 100 minutes on 2CDs, will be released on March 13.
Release dates:



Classic Rock Guitar Legend PAT TRAVERS Launches 'Retro Rocket'

Tuesday, March 17, 2015
Classic Rock Guitar Legend Pat Travers Blasts Into The Stratosphere With A Brand New Studio Album, Retro Rocket!

Los Angeles, CA - Even after three and half decades of smoking hot guitar licks, powerful vocal performances, and just plain kick ass, foot stomping rock & roll, legendary guitar slinger Pat Travers is still firing on all boosters! Fresh off the Rock Legends Cruise in February, Travers takes the helm of another ship with Retro Rocket, a powerful new album of studio recordings to be released by Purple Pyramid Records on March 17. Then, he’ll hit the road again with his superb band playing shows across the U.S. throughout March and April.

As its name suggests, Retro Rocket finds Travers digging deep into the early years of his outstanding career, finding inspiration in the fiery grooves of 1978’s Heat In The Street and, of course, his monumental 1979 live album Go For What You Know. The lead off track, “I Always Run,” kicks things into high gear with a multi-layered, guitar chugging hard rock thumper that shows this veteran rocker isn’t about to slow his pace. And even when things do slow down, like the first half of the gospel-tinged “Who Can You Turn To,” it turns out to be mere build up to a massive climax of shredding solos, monster drum fills, and all out frenzied rock ecstasy. Travers’ voice shines throughout the album, seeming to only get better, more raw, more passionate with age; must be all that cocaine drinkin’ and whiskey snortin’! When you’ve had a career as long and as rich as Travers, to be releasing an album with this much energy and passion is quite a feat indeed, and hard rock fans young and old should not miss this ride of a lifetime!

After releasing a trio of releases hailed as some of the slickest and hottest guitar-rock albums ever - the aforementioned classics of ’78 & ’79 plus the 1980 blockbuster Crash And Burn - Canadian-born Pat Travers would go on to deliver classy melodic rock throughout the ‘80s, followed by a blues period in the ‘90s, and into the new millennium with several unique projects both solo and band efforts. Cited by Metallica’s Kirk Hammett as one of his favorite guitarist, the Travers legend and influence extends beyond the barriers of time, place, or genre. His live shows continue to impress, deftly balancing old favorites with fresh new material. Retro Rocket carries on Travers’ proud tradition of seriously passionate musical prowess mixed with pure, unadulterated fun!

Order the CD version: http://geni.us/39KW
Order the Vinyl version: http://geni.us/1Kwn
Download the album on iTunes: http://geni.us/2yn6

1. I Always Run
2. Searching For A Clue
3. Who Can You Turn To
4. Up Is Down
5. Mystery At The Wrecking Yard
6. You Can’t Get Their From Hare
7. I Am Alive
8. I Wanna Be Free
9. Hellbound Train
10. Looking Up (Live) [CD ONLY]


11. Lead Me Home (Theme from The Walking Dead)



A New Monster Single From TED POLEY

Thursday, March 5, 2015
Danger Danger vocalist TED POLEY sent in an update about his new single:
"This is my newest "single" release...its the Monsters Of Rock Cruise Anthem! I have been a part of the cruise for a few years and this is our tribute to the fans who take the trip and the fans who would like to! I wrote the song and co produced it with Steve Brown.
Track features me on vox, Maz Mazza - Guitar, Steve Brown (Trixter) - bass, Hal Aponte - drums, Gary Gerber - Keys.
It's available on iTunes now and a lot of other digital sites soon..."

TIGERTAILZ release their 8th studio album, ‘Lost Reelz’ on FnA Records

Thursday, March 5, 2015
Tigertailz have released a new project of old demos and unreleased recordings entitled ‘Lost Reelz’ via FnA Records.  The 18 track album has no shortage of never-before-heard recordings that pack a punch and will titillate any Tigertailz fan.  Despite the fact that these unreleased recordings are demos, the sound quality is impeccable.
Tigertailz hail from Cardiff Wales in the UK and may already have the distinction of being the only UK band to share in some of the success of hairspray heavies like Mötley Crüe, L.A Guns, WASP, and Poison. They achieved it by being unique, by not following others and by doing it their way. Extremity in everything - in music, in image, in art, in life...
Tigertailz got their start with its first release in 1987 entitled ‘Young & Crazy’ which eventually channeled into the bands highly successful sophomore effort ‘Bezerk’.  ‘Bezerk’ saw the band releasing multiple singles and heading out to play major markets and festivals.  It’s at about this point, in 1994, that a lot of the songs from ‘Lost Reelz’ were demoed.   Some of the songs morphed into other songs , while others were either lost or put away for a later day. 
On ‘Lost Reelz’, the listener hears a new side of Tigertailz as Pepsi was being heavily influenced by the Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails sound.  This is most evident on songs like: “Long Live The New Flesh”, “Twisted”,  and “Falling Down”.  The song “Hold Your Horses” was a track recorded for Tigertailz Thrill Pistol album, but was later pulled as it didn’t fit the mold.  Some of the tracks like “Get Real”, “Daggerz”, and “In For The Kill” were recorded in 2005 when the band reformed.   Additionally, the album leads off with a mesmerizing rendition of the Welsh National Anthem performed by Jay Pepper.  Lastly, a brand new 2014 track entitled “FNA” was written and recorded specifically for the ‘Lost Reelz’ project .  “FNA” harkens back capturing the 80’s/90’s vibe that Tigertailz is known for.
Don’t let the ‘new sound’ of the tunes on ‘Lost Reelz’ scare you off; this is a pure Tigertailz album through and through; you hear a band that is growing and changing while maintaining their uniqueness.  Come share in the memories of Pepsi Tate and dig into his diversity alongside original member/guitarist Jay Pepper.
FnA Records is the home to many of the 80’s favorite hard rock bands like:  Roxy Blue, Tora Tora, Dirty Looks, Roxx Gang, Tigertailz, Rock City Angels, Gypsy Rose, D’molls, The Godz, Wanted, Alleycat Scratch, Witch, Ruthless, and many others.



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