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So let's get back to business - get ready for a few MRR sale items and also new previews of the MRR releases announced in the last couple of weeks.

HALL & OATES Extended Mix Compilation Due Sept. 5

A new HALL & OATES compilation in Japan groups all the band's classic Extended Versions/Remixes. It's out September 5 and can be ordered via:
01. Out of Touch (Club Version)
02. Say It Isn't So (Special Extended Dance Mix)
03. Posession Obsession (Special Remix)
04. Family Man (12 Version / Rock Mix)
05. Private Eyes (UK Mix)
06. Dance on your Knees (Extended Version)
07. One on One (12 Version)
08. Everything Your Heart Desires (54th Street Extended Remix)
09. Without Saying (Special New Mix)
10. Every Time You Go Away (Remix Version)
11. I Can't Go For This (HOAX Remix)
Disk 2
01. Maneater (12 Version / Special Extended Club Mix)
02. I Can't Go For That (Extended Club Mix)
03. Kiss On My List (Previously Unreleased Mix)
04. Adult Education (Special Extended Mix)
05. Your Imagination (Disco Remix)
06. Method of Modern Love (Extended Mix)
07. Out of Touch (Dub Version)
08. Missed Opportunity (Unlimited Mix)
09. Downtown Life (Downtown Remix)
10. I Can't Go For That (The Ben Liebrand Remix)
11. Jingle Bell Rock (Daryl's Version)
12. Jingle Bell Rock (John's Version)

Nitrate - "I'll Be There" (Album 'Real World' Out July 20)

MelodicRock Records is truly excited to bring a brand new, exciting melodic rock band to light. One that characterises everything many of us love about the 80s and about driving, melodic rock n roll.
NITRATE is that band. And the debut album is out July 20 and can be pre-ordered now. Pre-orders will get the lead track and one additional song via email shortly.
British rockers NITRATE may be a new name, but you’ll recognise some of the faces.
Nick Hogg - Guitars & Keyboards
Rob Wylde - Lead, Rhythm, Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals (Midnite City, Tigertailz)
Joss Mennen - Lead & Backing Vocals (Zinatra/Mennen)
Pete Newdeck - Drums & Backing Vocals (Midnite City, Eden’s Curse, Blood Red Saints, Newman)

FAITHSEDGE Start Album Preparation For 2019 Release

Faithsedge have began recording for their new album slated for an early 2019 release 
Included is a photo of drummer Matt Starr (Mr.Big/Ace Frehley) , singer /songwriter Giancarlo Floridia and bassist Tim Gaines (x-Stryper) a few months ago at Namm 2018 
The album marks the return of X Stryper bassist Tim Gaines which he announced in an interview at last August he was no longer a member of Stryper. Also producing is former Dokken lead guitarist Alex De Rosso which will be mixed and mastered the new cube studio in Padova Italy . 
The band will be announcing their new guest keyboard player by the end of the year which will add to the melodic approach and direction of the songs . As confirmed by singer songwriter Giancarlo Floridia  is from a multi platinum selling band from the late 80's early 90's. 
The album is promised to be a return of melodic rock/metal with hooks and melody with elements of progressive . 
The bands previous album Restoration was released on Scarlet Records (e0ne distribution) for US and Europe and Spiritual Beast Japan (Universal music Japan distribution) 
Please check the bands website for further updates and info:


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DANIEL TRIGGER Joins MRR With A 'Right Turn' Aug 10

Friday, August 10, 2018
At the heart of the melodic rock scene is a large number of independent artists, who make music for the love of it, contributing some very fine music but not always getting the attention they deserve.
On August 10, MelodicRock Records will release two great new melodic rock albums from artists that have previously been self-released independents. These guys deserve your attention and I hope everyone will take the time to listen and perhaps pre-order either one, or both of these releases.
We will announce next week, with pre-orders, a special discount deal when buying both.
Today it is the great pleasure of MRR to announce the second of these artists – DANIEL TRIGGER.
MRR will release DANIEL TRIGGER’s new album ‘Right Turn’ on August 10.
Daniel Trigger is an experienced singer/songwriter from the Midlands, UK who classifies his music as ‘stadium rock’, written to sound at home in an arena, combining big hooks and powerful melodies with anthemic, wide-screen choruses.
And that is the perfect description for Daniel and this album. Seldom will you hear so many hook-driven melodic rockers in one place and while Daniel has an established fan base already, this album is set to reach a whole new fanbase and take his reputation to the next level.
With 3 heavy rock albums under his belt, Daniel made the decision in 2017 to return to his melodic roots. The album ‘Right Turn’, steps away from down-tuned heavy rock in favour of greater musical subtleties, infectious melodies and lyrical optimism, and provides the opportunity for Daniel to make more use of instruments such as acoustic guitar and piano.
Let’s take a listen, with two tracks from ‘Right Turn’ to check out right now:
Track Listing:
01. Penitence 04:30
02. Days Gone By 04:11
03. Drive 05:21
04. Running Into The Wind 03:32
05. Hold Back The Night 05:19
06. Heavy Heart 04:24
07. Alive 04:38
08. There In Your Heart 04:02
09. Rock N Roll Party 04:11
10. Wheels In Motion 04:02
Daniel began writing rock music and playing in bands as a direct result of hearing Europe’s ‘The Final Countdown’ during a visit to a laser light show at the London Planetarium in 1989. It was a ‘road to Damascus’ moment, where Daniel immediately knew he wanted to devote his life to making music that sounded ‘like that’, and has remained influenced by the likes of Bon Jovi, Guns N Roses, Queen and Def Leppard to this day.
As many musicians do, Daniel spent his early years writing and singing with school and local rock bands, before joining metal band ‘Full Tilt’ in 1995, with whom he recorded one album. Daniel later moved on to sing with rock/blues outfit ‘Easy’, before forming his own band ‘Trigger’ in 2003, which performed melodic rock in the style made famous by the stadium bands of the 80’s.
‘Trigger’ recorded 4 albums and ran for 8 successful years before reaching a natural conclusion in 2011. From here on, Daniel continued writing and recording under his own name as a solo artist, and recorded 3 albums, ‘Infinite Persistence’ (2012), the critically-acclaimed ‘Army Of One’ (2014), and ‘Time Of The Titans (2017) which received glowing reviews from the worldwide music press. All 3 of these solo albums fell into the category of ‘melodic yet heavy rock’, combining powerful down-tuned guitar riffs with soaring vocals - imagine crossing Bon Jovi with Alter Bridge, and that will give you the idea.
It was with the release of ‘Time Of The Titans’ in 2017 that Daniel began donating all proceeds from purchases of his music to charity, supporting worthy causes such as Marie Curie Cancer Care, Dementia UK and the Diana Award Anti-Bullying Campaign.
With 3 heavy rock albums under his belt, Daniel made the decision in 2017 to return to his melodic roots. The album ‘Right Turn’, steps away from down-tuned heavy rock in favour of greater musical subtleties, infectious melodies and lyrical optimism, and provides the opportunity for Daniel to make more use of instruments such as acoustic guitar and piano.



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