BEGGAR'S JAM (Feat. Michael Voss) Launch New Video

Friday, August 1, 2014
Over the past 2 years, MICHAEL VOSS and HOLGGY BEGG have created an alternative semi-accoustic two man orchestra live project called BEGGAR'S JAM, based in Switzerland: St. Gallen/Locarno.
The band tours Europe playing at music festivals, in big halls, clubs, local bars and more. From Malaga to Berlin they continue to rock audiences with a unique combination of original songs and selected classic cover.
In the 1980s Michael Voss had great success singing and playing guitar with bands such as Mad Max, Bonfire and Casanova. He is also well known for producing a variety of musicians including Silver, Michael Schenker, Herman Rarebell, Mickie Krause – to name a few. Together with Holggy Begg (Beggar's Bride, Crush-Zac-Begg, Noll), the two men have collaborated for 15 years on projects with musicians like Don Airey, Gary Barden, Mark Schulman, Molly Duncan and Dorkas Kiefer.
Together, MICHAEL VOSS and HOLGGY BEGG rock the stage and are truly a tour de force in the tradition of classic Rock'n Roll. Voss & Begg were also band members of Herman Rarebell's «Acoustic Fever» (Herman Rarebell – noted drummer and songwriter for the Scorpions from 1977-1997). Playing live as 'special guest' for Herman as well – as on the upcoming European tour, starting in October 2014 in Zurich, Switzerland.
studio releases: Label: A-Minor Records (LC 16144), Switzerland Distribution: H'ART, Germany Digital: itunes, amazon etc.
First Set, 2012 / feat. Mr. Casablanca, 2013 / one for the road, 2013 / 2nd Set, 2014
management: CH-9008 St. Gallen – Switzerland
facebook: BeggarsBride