ECLIPSE – Armagedonize Looks Set To Deliver in February

Wednesday, December 3, 2014
ECLIPSE – Armagedonize Looks Set To Deliver in February
Swedish rockers Eclipse will release their next album Armagedonize via Frontiers Records in February.
I’ve just been delivered 4 songs from the album to preview:
Stand On Your Feet – This commercial rocker has an immediately likable melody and hook and packs a punch while still delivering on those hooks and a strong chorus.
The Storm – Starts with an acoustic guitar before bursting to life with that Eclipse power encased in the last album, but the melodic feel of Are You Ready To Rock. Another really good chorus too.
Live Like I’m Dying – Epic heavy ballad with a guitar tone reminiscent of WET’s Comes Down Like Rain. Another full-class, intense Eclipse rock ballad.
Love Bites – High energy rocker with a chorus that’s simple, but an instantly likeable and infectious energy. In fact, I’d go as far to say that it is utterly contagious with a 100% infection rate.
And these are the first 4 songs I’ve heard from the band’s upcoming album ‘Armagedonize’.
If these songs are anything to go by, Eclipse will have another sure-fire winner on their hands in the same kind of sonic style as Bleed And Scream and Are You Ready To Rock MMXIV
If there is one thing I immediately pick up it is the strength of Erik Martensson’s vocals, which just seem to be getting better and better. 
Can't wait to hear more. Stay tuned...