Aero3 Guitars Tap HEAVEN & EARTH to Build Groundbreaking Guitar

Tuesday, February 3, 2015
Rock Blues guitarist Stuart Smith from Heaven & Earth has signed an exclusive endorsement deal with the new Seattle based company, Aero 3 Guitars.  Smith, pictured here with the prototype for the new “Aero 3 Stuart Smith Signature Model” which utilizes aerospace technology says:
“This is without a doubt the best sounding and easiest to play guitar I have ever held in my hands.  As some of you will know I have been a Strat player for all of my life so it was a huge decision for me to even think about using a different instrument but the minute I picked it up and plugged it in I knew this was the guitar sound I’d been looking for all my life.  The sustain is unbelievable, even at low volume and it only weighs about 6 pounds compared to the 9 or 10 pounds my Strat’s weigh. The workmanship is first class and the neck feels like butter”.
Aero 3 Guitars founder and CEO Rob Austin is an aerospace engineer with a Seattle based airline, and came up with the idea of incorporating aerospace technology to improve the overall sustain and sound says:
“We thought for 2+ years about what Aero 3 was and is to become.  We are not to be a Me-Too guitar builder.  There are many guitar builders that build fine guitars; however, many guitars are not changed other than for the sake of aesthetics.  While on the outside an Aero 3 guitar may look similar to other brand name guitars.  Aero 3 guitars are different on the inside; different in that we have infused aerospace technology; the total remolding of the guitar on the inside makes all the difference.  From tactile response, tone, sustain and playability, Aero 3 guitars are a game changer”. 
Rob’s partner and Aero3 Guitars Vice President, Rick Reynolds, who brings 20 years of entrepreneurial expertise assisting companies with advanced technology capabilities seeking to bring new products or services into the marketplace or expanding existing technologies into other vertical markets, adds:
“Rob reached into the heavens to grasp the aerospace technology and infused it with the woods of the earth; therefore it is fitting that Aero3’s first sponsored guitarist is Stuart Smith from Heaven & Earth”.
Stuart Smith is an award-winning guitarist who was mentored by Deep Purple’s Ritchie Blackmore.  His band Heaven & Earth released their third album, “Dig” in 2013 to rave reviews.  The band went on to tour Europe during 2014 and are currently writing and recording their next album, slated to be released later this year.  The present line up of heaven & Earth consists of Stuart Smith-Guitar, Joe Retta-Vocals, Lynn Sorensen-Bass, Kenny Aronoff-Drums and Ty Bailie-Keyboards.
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