SEVEN WITCHES Latest Release Nears Completion

Thursday, April 9, 2015
Seven Witches is near the finish line on the follow up to 2013’s “REBIRTH”. Jack Frost (Savatage, Metallium, Bronx Casket Co.) says “I pushed myself harder than ever as a player/producer. I owe that to the amazing job that Johnny Kelly did during drum tracking. Johnny's playing is the stuff of legends. Everything you hear is the man himself. Remeniscent of Cozy Powell, John Bonham, and Bill Ward. I'm so honored to call him my Drummer and Brother! his playing made me push myself to a new level!"
Johnny Kelly is also currently recording with Danzig & Kill Devil Hill
This CD will surprise a lot of people, not a typical Witches CD it has a very bluesy feel. It's still heavy but there's a groove element. Take Led Zep, Bad Co. and Whitesnake and smash in a little NWOBHM and there you have it!

“Ronnie Parkes tone and monster riffing have given the songs final life. As I sit and listen I can't believe these are the same tracks from the original demos. It's like watching a child grow. Sorry, I've never been so happy with songs that I created. Maybe it's just that I didn't push, I just put my heart into it.”

“I also had the opportunity to hear some of the tracks from the upcoming Bonfire CD That Ronnie & David Reece recorded. This is some Killer shit. Fans of old and new will love this! David killed on it. I wish the stars for Ronnie, He deserves it!  Look for Bonfire on tour all over the globe this year!”
Anthony Cross says:  “Writing with Jack is a fun roller coaster  Jack and I try to do what’s best for the song. I call jack the mad scientist his ideas are all over the place. And I think it’s great! This Cd will have something for everyone. It’s not cookie cutter or intended to sound like previous releases. It’s new music.  I have a lot of respect for all the vocalists that came before me. But it is not my intention to try and be one of them I just try to do the songs that they recorded justice when I get onstage.”
The new record is being mixed by Joey Vera (Fates Warning-Armored Saint-Motor Sister) and we couldn’t be happier with the result. We also have a couple of dates with Armored Saint & Saxon in May.
Our new CD Tentatively Titled ‘THE WAY OF THE WICKED” will be distributed by ILS/Caroline/Universal Group in the U.S.
“We can’t wait to get out there and show you what we’ve got!”
Jack Frost-Guitars
Anthony Cross-Vocals
Johnny Kelly-Drums
Ronnie Parkes-Bass