GOTTHARD Say 'Thank You'; New Live Album Due In May

Friday, May 29, 2015
2 words. Only 2 words. And yet they mean so much. Especially when you can’t find the right ones to say. But certainly in combination with music, which gives the missing words a melody and therefore equally affects the heart and soul.
Leo Leoni was inspired by them to create a beautiful rock ballad. His thoughts were clearly with his mother. She was still able to hear the song and its message before she passed away. As you can see, you can never say «Thank You» too soon. And it always comes at the right time.
Therefore Gotthard’s Thank You goes beyond the close family ties. It is also a Thank You to all mothers and women of the world and at the same time a warm Grazie and Merci to the many Gotthard fans around the globe.
"Thank You" from May 8th 2015 onwards available as single bundle.
From this date onwards, 'Thank You' will be downloadable on iTunes and other digital platforms as a bundle: the radio-edit, taken from Bang! which won "Best National Album“ at the Swiss Music Awards 2015, as well as the long version, a more than 10-minute live-track, recorded in November 2014 in Baar.
Live Album
But there is more exciting news. Gotthard have a special treat for their fans: The live album "Live & Bangin’" of the succesfull BANG! Tour will be available end of May in a limited edition and can only be ordered at the Fan-Shop on