7TH HEAVEN Reveal What's 'Next' For The Band

Release Year: 
7th heaven releases "Next"
A 10 song feel-good CD of various Pop/Rock songsThis CD will transcend generations with the ability to touch numerous emotions and connecting lyrics. 
"We are very pleased with the songs on this CD and I personally ask that each and every one of you give it a spin. If you like the CD, I ask that you tell others about it.  
In a world where we have so much negative influence everywhere, I am proud that this CD is a positive influence and will hopefully touch a emotion.  
I want to thank Adam, for doing a GREAT job on this CD. His talents he brings to 7th heaven are greater than just the stage, they are also packed in these great songs, that hopefully will become favorites of yours.
Enjoy this great CD." - Richard Hofherr/7th heaven 
Established in Pop-Rock, 7th heaven is from a 5-member Chicago act.  7th heaven plays over 250 shows a year, has sold tens of thousands of CDs, has a Worldwide fan base and plays to over one million people each year.
In 2011, 7th heaven charted three products on the Billboard Charts, and went #1 in the Chicago Region for four straight weeks.  
In 2012, 7th heaven charted again on the Billboard Charts, and went #1 in the Chicago Region for seven straight weeks.  
In 2014, 7th heaven charted again on the Billboard Charts, and went #1 in the Chicago Region.  
7th heaven has been able to develop their own unique brand of rock music that proves that the fundamentals of great pop rock song still ring true with their new release "Next".
Track Listing:
1. Time Of Our Lives
 2. Diamonds 
3. She's On Fire 
4. Young And Bulletproof 
5. You And I 
6. She Could Use A Little Sunshine 
7. Don't Wanna Be In Love 
8. Something That You Want 
9. Standing On Top Of The World 
10. Take Me With You

Adam Heisler - Lead Vocals
Richard Hofherr - Lead Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Nick Cox - Guitar, Piano, Vocals
Mark Kennetz - Bass, Vocals
Michael Mooshey - Drums
Produced & engineered by: Richard Hofherr & Adam Heisler
Mixed & mastered by: Richard Hofherr
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