FIREWORKS #71 Out Now - Blackmore's Night

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Fireworks #71 sees our pages once again graced by everyone's favourite minstrel Ritchie Blackmore, who, along with his wife Candice Night, discuss the excellent new Blackmore's Night album, along with talking about reconnecting with David Coverdale, and Ritchie's thoughts about returning to rock out with some Deep Purple and Rainbow songs next year'
If that wasn't enough to catch you eye, we have another Deep Purple connection as the 'Voice Of Rock' Glenn Hughes discusses hitting the road for his biggest ever tour, flanked by none other than ex-Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich. Former KISS guitarist Bruce Kulick talks about delving into his archives, Buckcherry proudly announce they are back to 'Rock N' Roll', and we also have Progressive Rockers Spock's Beard speaking about their new record.
All that, plus Mike Tramp, Gus G, The Dead Daisies, Russ Ballard - 27 features in total, a round up of the Download and Sweden Rock Festivals, over 100 new releases reviewed, as well as the usual round of of DVDs, books and EPs.
What, you want MORE? Fine, will 77 FREE SONGS do? Yes, that's right, SEVENTY SEVEN mp3 tracks mounted on the cover CD' or available as a download if you buy the PDF version or are having thew magazine shipped overseas. If that's not value for money, we don't know what is.
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