FIND ME - Dark Angel (Track By Track)

Release Year: 
Wednesday, November 4, 2015
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of FIND ME's new album, entitled “Dark Angel”, on December 4th in Europe and North America.
FIND ME is a collaboration between Swedish musician, songwriter and producer Daniel Flores (Issa, The Murder of My Sweet, Seventh Wonder) and singer Robbie LaBlanc from Blanc Faces. The partnership was put together by Frontiers President, Serafino Perugino with a vision to unleash another AOR behemoth. FIND ME’s debut album, “Wings of Love” received excellent reviews and left fans begging for more music from the duo! No demands could have been easier to fulfill as the two guys just love working together and finding the right songs for the group from contributors the likes of Alessandro Del Vecchio, Mark Mangold, brothers Tom and James Martin (Vega, Issa), Soren Kronqvist (Sunstorm), Niclas Olsson (Alyson Avenue) or Philip Lindstrand (Strong) is never a problem. 

The second FIND ME album will be released December 5 via Frontiers. The much anticipated paring of Daniel Flores with vocalist Robbie LaBlanc.
They’ve hit another home run here folks. Perfect 80s meets today production and a tasty mix of guitars and keyboards to accompany that voice!
Full review to follow – but for now here is an exclusive track by track commentary to preview the album with.
The intro leaves no doubt that keyboards will play a prominent role on the album. The punch that follows says guitars won’t be left behind!
Nowhere To Hide is an uptempo melodic rocker that has the required urgency that an opener requires and a purposeful chorus that mixed guitars and keyboards perfectly.
Let Love Rule is even better. It’s a beautifully sung AOR anthem with a sentimental twist. Moving fast with a thumping beat and strong guitars, but also layered in keyboards, the chorus is particularly catchy.
Forever is a big piano ballad with a soulful vocal. A big 80s ballad that Loverboy or Glass Tiger could have easily released in their prime and scored a hit from it.
Another Day gets the tempo back to rollicking and turns the keyboards up to 11. I love the verse – the melody is pure ear candy. The chorus of course is just as good.
Dark Angel might sound moody, but it’s anything but. It’s one of the album most upbeat and pompous tracks – a glorious slice of classic AOR with big keyboards and a monster chorus.
Bleed In The Rain is 80s keyboard and guitar heaven without sounding dated thanks to Daniel’s excellent production and mix. A nice moody mid-tempo track with a great chorus.
Face To Face follows suit. More 80s FM radio friendly melodic rock with Robbie’s brilliant vocals and an easy going chorus.
Where Do I Go is the kind of moody track I love. It builds from a slow start to a big 80s chorus. Definitely some more Glass Tiger comparisons here.
Midnight Memories is a relatively restrained track until the chorus comes and Robbie goes into full power and blows up the speakers.
Don't Slip Away From Me could have been straight off the debut Glass Tiger album, both in sound and commercial appeal. The catchy chorus is pure Euro-AOR.
Did You Feel Any Love is another 80s gem – something like Signal could have included on their debut album. It’s a cool free flowing, fast moving AOR anthem with keyboards everywhere.
I'm Free is a terrific faithful rendition of the Kenny Loggins soundtrack classic. Robbie sounds fabulous and the fact this sits very comfortably amongst the rest of the material should give fans an indication of the style used throughout.