NORDIC UNION - Nordic Union (Track By Track)

Release Year: 
Thursday, January 29, 2015
With Erik Martensson at the helm, you know what you’re going to get. Big riffs, bigger melodies and the biggest production available. And with Ronnie Atkins, you get the raspy metal edge of Pretty Maids. Together you could anticipate what will follow and NORDIC UNION delivers all that and more.
Full review coming up, but taking a Track By Track look at what to expect:
01. The War Has Begun is a strong opener, starting slow and building intensity, featuring a good chorus and some great guitar work.
02. Hypocrisy has a typically Eclipse feel to it and stays within itself until the monster chorus bursts to life and builds the pace.
03. Wide Awake is nothing to do with the Eclipse tune, apart from a similar thumping beat and a very melodic vocal from Ronnie.
04. Every Heartbeat is another track with a strong Eclipse feel. The classy ballad builds from a moody intro to an intense full band second half.
05. When Death Is Calling is probably the stand out commercial hard rocker of the album and 9is an instant like. Crashing beat, great chorus and a monster sound.
06. 21 Guns is a close second – a terrific melodic, heavy chorus and another track that’s instantly likeable. Great lyrics too.
07. Falling is a breezy melodic rocker with a faster pace and a commercial feel. Definitely some Pretty Maids sounds here.
08. The Other Side rocks hard and fast. A simpler track than some others, but equally as enjoyable and a cool fired up rocker.
09. Point Of No Return rolls along at a good pace and has a new twist for followers of Erik’s work. A great chorus again, if not immediate, it’s a grower.
10. True Love Awaits You is another quality big rock ballad that features harmonies, layers and a lighters in the air vibe.
11. Go is simply a flat out rocker with a good hook and a big fat sound. Great energetic way to close the album.
Nordic Union is released via Frontiers on January 29.