BRYAN COLE & MRR Offer Free Download Christmas Track!

Friday, November 25, 2016
Sands Of Time
Produced By: 
Bryan Cole & Doug Kasper
Release Date: 
Melodic Rock
BRYAN COLE has been receiving some outstanding reviews d fan feedback for his debut album Sands Of Time.
There a sample below. But before you read those, please download and keep his exclusive new Christmas song from Bryan as a thank you for all the great feedback to date.
Download: BRYAN COLE – Winter Wonderland
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'Sands of Time' Reviews:
“Bryan is one of the brightest new artists to hit the melodic rock scene and this debut record from him will confirm that to anyone who takes the time to listen to it, which, if you are fan of this genre, you owe it to yourself to do so. It is a stellar piece of work. Huge vocals, huge melodies and huge hooks. It is everything that AOR should be. Not since I first heard Hitchcock and Scherer have I been this excited about a new artist for this style of melodic rock.
This is, hands down, a must have for fans of artists like the above mentioned, fans of AOR and fans of clean, clear vocal melodic rock. Absolutely superb without any filler anywhere to be found. Five stars all the way!”
“To summarize Melodic Records have created nothing short of a melodic masterpiece with ‘Sands Of Time’ the big hooks, the big choruses, the great riffs there is something for everyone and even a little more. If you are lucky enough to find Bryan Cole’s ‘Sands Of Time’ in your Christmas stocking this year then your loved one really does love you, as this is a gift that will just keep giving you joy all year every year. Rating 10 ~
“….played with great skill, the Bryan voice is perfect for the kind proposed. To this is added that the new songs are really high bill and cover proposals are nevertheless of considerable caliber general!
Ultimately an album that anyone who loves Melodic Rock should listen to this in 2016.”
“'Sands Of Time' is a strong first-up effort from Bryan, and I'm kinda astounded the melodic rock world generally, has not heard of this guy before now. With a collection of eleven tunes tailor-made for fans of our favourite sub-genre of rock, I'm thinking this CD sits right up there as one of the best releases from MRR this year. We can hope that Bryan progresses onward from this debut, because he definitely needs to have a brace of albums under his belt to show off his undeniable talent. One of the better pure melodic hard rock albums of 2016.”
“It seems that the label Melodic Rock is determined to compete with the major releases of the seals that usually monopolize the market with the most melodic pitches. After releasing the incredible album of Mecca now it offers another disc that should not be overlooked if you're a big fan of albums such as Dion has published Bayman, B. Walker Satin or why not.”
New artists are what will sustain and grow this scene. It is essential to develop and expose new talent and despite the challenges of doing such, MelodicRock Records continues to bring the best undiscovered artists to the ever hungry fans of all things melodic.
One of Pittsburgh’s most gifted singer/guitarists will make his mark with this debut. Please make room in your music collections for BRYAN COLE and his sensational debut album ‘Sands Of Time’.