HEARTS ON FIRE Premium Preorder Closing Soon!

MRR is excited as hell to introduce a new name in pure, lighters-in-the-air, classic AOR with a modern touch – HEARTS ON FIRE!
And you can get on board with HEARTS ON FIRE from TODAY as we launch the HOF-Premium Preorder.
Those that preorder will get insights and bonuses up until and including release day. But the timeframe join the Premium Pre-order is limited as the program benefits those that jump on board. Preorder now and get all 3 songs emailed to you!
Jean Funes - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Acoustic Guitar (Sound Of Eternity)
Richard Andermyr - Vocals, Guitars (Rian)
Joel Mejia – Drums (Codigo Eterno)
Dennis Ward - Bass and Keyboards
Mixed and Mastered by Dennis Ward
I’m proud to launch the debut single and lyric video for HEARTS ON FIRE’s ‘Hearts On Fire’:
Single ‘Hearts On Fire’:
Bass and Keyboards by Erik Martensson
Mixed and Mastered by Erik Martensson
Hearts On Fire are a modern melodic rock band with a sound based on the best of the 80s scene, influences including the likes of Def Leppard, Journey, Whitesnake, Dokken and Bon Jovi.
Hearts On Fire is about passion for life. All the songs are born from a place of true inspiration. 
We believe that music is the perfect way to express deep emotions like Love, Pain, Regret, sadness etc. and the album ‘Call Of Destiny’ is about that. 
The band was formed in 2017 by guitarist Jean Funes (Sound Of Eternity), and with the help of drummer Joel Mejia (Codigo Eterno) they begun to work in new songs ideas and sketches. Later they were introduced to vocalist Richard Andermyr (Rian), by MRR’s Andrew McNeice, and together they brought to life all these songs about real life experiences.
HEARTS OF FIRE debut album ‘Call Of Destiny’ will be ready for release later in the year. Those that take part in the Premium Preorder are going to hear it far sooner.
MRR/HOF Premium Preorder is NOW CLOSED
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- Exclusive ‘Longbox’ Cardboard Sleeve Slipcover CD Packaging
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- Additional fully mastered, completed song ‘Holding On’ via MP3
- Weekly updates from the artist
- Exclusive Advance Release Date, receiving the CD weeks ahead of an official release
- Names included in the CD booklet
- Additional demos and completed tracks sampled along the way
- Digital Download of completed release ahead of shipping of CD
- Airmail shipping cost included
HEARTS OF FIRE are a long-term project for MRR and the guys, this is definitely going to be one of those debut albums you look back upon as a classic.