BRETT WALKER Rarities Box Set 'Last Parade' Due Nov via MRR

BRETT WALKER ‘Last Parade’ is an historic release - a box set of the late, great singer/songwriter’s career – with a difference.
Almost the entire box set is unreleased, never before heard material.
The tracks you do recognise are mostly in a different form. Ballad versions or rockers; instrumental pieces; alt-mixes; heavier guitar versions…you name it!
For the rest of the unreleased tracks, this set is a veritable treasure trove of classic BRETT WALKER, representing his various career paths – AOR, melodic rock, midwestern, acoustic – anthems, ballads and those classic singalong songs only Brett Walker can do.
For the first time, MRR is excited to announce the details of BRETT WALKER ‘Last Parade’ Box Set.
‘Last Parade’ will be a 6-disc hardcover box set (DVD case sized package).
The Discs have been split into era and styles and are as follows:
Disc One:
The Early Years – Solo Demos 91-93 (16 Tracks)
Disc Two:
Person To Person & More – The Full Original P2P Recordings (19 Tracks)
Disc Three:
Album Cuts – The Alt-Mixes & Versions (19 Tracks)
Disc Four:
The Unreleased AOR Vaults – Part One (18 Tracks)
Disc Five:
The Unreleased AOR Vaults – Part Two (incl instrumentals)(14 Tracks, TBC)
Disc Six:
The Unreleased Midwestern Vaults (19 Tracks)
The set will be priced at $99 (includes shipping, airmail worldwide)
‘Last Parade’ is strictly limited to 500 units worldwide and will not be re-pressed.
Pre-orders will be available shortly.
Those that do pre-order will receive a download of another full disc worth of audio that couldn’t fit or wasn’t quite suitable due to audio quality.
Track details will be announced next week. A release is still scheduled for November (TBC). Due to the complicated packaging requirements, a longer manufacturing process is required.

For the last 12 months I have been working on a legacy box set for the late, great BRETT WALKER.
Titled ‘Last Parade’ (after one of the unreleased tracks), the special limited-edition package is set to pay tribute to one of the great songwriters of this genre and is scheduled for release in November via MelodicRock Records.
Brett tragically and suddenly passed away in July 2013, with a special tribute paid to him by his band and wife at MRF3.
I kept in touch, recalling various conversations I had with Brett about releasing his Person To Person songs and some of his unreleased demos, which collectors had been trading for some years.
Brett’s wife Sheron and I agreed to look at what was available and see what could be done. Brett’s entire DAT collection was sent to me to digitize, which lead to an extraordinary discovery.
Over no less than 47 DATs, it became evident that Brett was sitting on a treasure trove of unreleased material. I was blown away at the quality and the brilliance of these songs, with a cross-reference of styles present from throughout Brett’s career.
Some of the older unreleased material will rival the classic ‘Nevertheless’ album for melodic rock brilliance. Fans of all eras will in fact, be blown away I’m sure.
‘Last Parade’ is the most complex project I’ve ever put together, mainly because of the vast number of songs. At last count there was 174 song files in the “Work In Progress” folder. There were at least 2 versions of almost every track on the DATs and sometimes 5 or even 6! Some are from all different mixes, others various audio quality and some completely different versions of known songs. JK Northrup has been busy mastering and remastering for the past several months!
Either way...hours and hours of listening time and so many amazing songs.
This post is also an open invitation for those that personally knew Brett or were just big fans of Brett to submit some text for the accompanying booklet.
If you’d like to pay tribute to Brett or write some good memories, please do so by August 15 via email (
Please share this info if you know someone that would be interested.
Long may Brett’s music live on.