RAY DAVIES Guests InTheStudio For Kinks Bestseller's 35th Anniversary

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On A Low Budget Ray Davies Guests InTheStudio For Kinks Bestseller's 35th Anniversary

Dallas, TX - July 22, 2014. North American syndicated Rock radio show and website InTheStudio:The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands  spares no expense celebrating the 35th anniversary of The Kinks' 1979 album Low Budget.

Of all the British bands that stormed America's shores in the British Invasion of the 1960s, none has had a more checkered career than The Kinks. The Kinks weren't as cute as the Beatles or as nasty as the Stones but an odd mix of campiness and raw power, as likely to kiss each other on the lips as they were to have full blown punch outs right there on the stage.

The middle 1970s were tough going for The Kinks until they reclaimed their rock bona fides with a trifecta of revitalized rock, first on 1977's Sleepwalker, then 1978's Misfits, and their biggest seller ever, Low Budget  in 1979.

Kinks' leader Ray Davies shares with InTheStudio host Redbeard what the late seventies rebirth meant for the band.

'In America coming from nowhere again, it was like having a second opportunity to do it, because we really didn't do it the first time. You know the first time around when we came to America, the band nearly broke up. So we really didn't go all the way. (On the Low Budget tour) It was fun and it was great to see the audience love the work."

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