Friday, September 5, 2014

Pat Benatar 'Heats' Up 35 Years Of Hits On InTheStudio.Net

Dallas, TX - Sept 4, 2014.  InTheStudio.Net, the web home for North American syndicated Rock radio show InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands , celebrates the career of Pat Benatar with an extensive look back at the Eighties' biggest-selling female rocker on the 35th anniversary of her debut In the Heat of the Night .

Pat Benatar, born Patricia Mae Andrzejewski in Brooklyn New York, no doubt inherited her 4 1/2 octave voice from her mother who'd been in the chorus of the New York City opera. But at 19, Pat decided to forgo Julliard and opera and got married. 
Her first big break would come as a cabaret singer at the club Catch a Rising Star, which would lead to a record deal and her first album, 1979's In The Heat Of The Night.

Pat and her musical director, guitarist/co-writer Neil Giraldo would go on to make '80s musical gold, including winning an unprecedented four Grammy Awards in a row for Best Female Rock Performance. In 1982 Pat and Neil would make their professional life personal, marrying in Hawaii.

Pat Benatar shares with InTheStudio host Redbeard what it was like being a breakout female rockstar in the early '80s with her record company pushing sex appeal while the Feminist Movement pushed back, with Benatar squeezed between them.

'It was an exciting time, but it was very confusing. Ten years down the road everybody figured out where to be and what's cool and what's not. It's not like today when all of us made mistakes and now people can look at us and say, 'Ok, we won't do what they did.'  That's the whole point of time passing. People now that come out get to see what not to do... We had no one, I had no one to look to.'

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