The GuitarCast - TOM KEIFER

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Guitarist and singer Tom Keifer of Cinderella fame sat down with Shawn and Corbs from The GuitCast to talk about his latest album; The Way Life Goes.  In this, all cards on the table interview, we get an all access, backstage pass to Tom's writing process, country influences, experience with producers and session musicians, personal views on Spotify, and his vintage gear arsenal.

Tom Keifer speaks openly with The GuitCast about 'The Way Life Goes'.  When asked about the writing process, his reply spoke volumes; “I always try to draw on new inspirations and those things can come to you at anytime.  Usually it’s when you are not trying, a lot of times it’s when you are traveling.  Long drives can spark ideas, a lot of times on planes; for some reason that feeling of movement can open up a hypnotic state and you start to get ideas.  That’s usually how a song starts for me.”  Tom goes on to speak about his filtration process and how he doesn’t really even start to take notes or work on an idea until it has stuck with him for a time.  “If that initial spark or idea goes away then I just figure it wasn’t interesting or memorable”. 

The no rush, let it happen, spirit proves to be a winning formula for a successful album.  Even if it was 10 years in the making, the best things in life are well worth the wait.  Be sure to check out the whole interview on The GuitCast to get the full scoop on this great record, a bit of Tom’s gear, and more things Tom Keifer. 

Episode 25