Double Stop Podcast - JOEL HOEKSTRA

This week in the show - Joel Hoekstra is back on to talk about his new CD Dying to Live:

Joel Hoekstra (Whitesnake, Night Ranger) discusses his new project - Joel Hoekstra's 13. He discusses how the new album (Dying to Live) came to be, and the process of recording it. He also provides an update from the last time he was on the show (Episode 34), and discusses the recording the Whitesnake Purple album as well as the Purple tour.

On his audition for Whitesnake 1:38 "The first time I went out to meet with David, they had a pre-production of "Lady Double Dealer" for me to take a stab at playing a solo on. That was basically my audition. Pretty much what you hear on the album is what I wrote on my audition. And I also wrote the harmony solo that follows shortly thereafter."

On his new project Joel Hoekstra's 13 11:54 "It basically just sounds like a rock album. I had this weird dilemma because do I call it a solo album?  I can't really call it a band, because I did all of the writing on it - I wrote all of the words and melodies, and the whole nine yards. So I thought the most appropriate thing would be to give it a project name. So Joel Hoekstra's 13 is the project, and the album is Dying to Live".

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