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Monday, February 23, 2015

STRYPER's MICHAEL SWEET joins Mitch on episode 203 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.

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In the episode's only interview, Stryper's Michael Sweet discusses the band's plans for a To Hell With The Devil 30th anniversary album tour this fall, his upcoming solo album One Sided War, the upcoming acoustic Stryper album, the second Sweet & Lynch album, his desire to make an album with Whitesnake's Joel Hoekstra, physical ailments that affect his band mates and him, the guilt he feels towards the other members of Stryper, Tom Werman & the Against The Law album, and a lot more.

Quotes from the MICHAEL SWEET interview:

"I'm never going to say, 'I quit'. I can't quit music. I might quit Stryper someday. That day may come sooner than we all think, but I'm never going to quit music."

"Thirty years To Hell With The Devil came out. That was the groundbreaking album for Stryper. That was the one that all others are compared too."

To Hell With The Devil: "That album was the classic Stryper sound. The classic Stryper look and everything that we were, should be, are and want to be was in that album. It was real. It came from the heart. There was nothing forced."

To Hell With The Devil: "That album is a real timeless album. If you put it on this this day, it still sounds good."

"When I put on Yellow And Black Attack it doesn't sound good to me. It just annoys me to listen to it."

Solo album One Sided War: "This is a heavy album and it's going to surprise everybody. This is as heavy as Stryper."

"I got (Whitesnake's) Joel Hoekstra on a few songs. I started doing all the solos and after a few days it all started sounding like Stryper, so I reached out to Joel."

Sweet & Lynch: "George and I have discussed another album. I would personally like to be in and recording it by the end of this year."

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