Clone of One On One With Mitch Lafon - LITA FORD & JENNIFER BATTEN

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Guitarists LITA FORD and JENNIFER BATTEN  join Mitch for episode 209 of One On One With Mitch Lafon. 
In the show's first interview, LITA FORD discusses her new album TIME CAPSULE, Gene Simmons, BLACK SABBATH's Tony Iommi, and more.
Quote from the LITA FORD interview:
Discussion about Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi starts at the 12.22 mark.
TONY IOMMI (time 12.37): "We called him and gave him the opportunity to respond and he didn't. He chose not to call me back."
(12.50) "Was I scared to write it? No, people are abused. I was devastated to find out that my hero was one of them. I was sick over it. That's not what superheroes are supposed to be like."
(13.57) - "He hurt me in many ways. He almost killed me. Sorry, it was Tony Iommi." 
(14.35) - "Can I look back at him and say, 'He's a great guitar player? He's the Riff Master.  Do I love Black Sabbath?' Yes, of course. He is the riff master. I loved Black Sabbath and still do. You've got to separate the music from the personal life."
New album TIME CAPSULE (time 1.08) : "It's a collection of songs, I've had through the '80s and they're great songs."
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In the show's second interview, JENNIFER BATTEN discusses The Ultimate Guitar Experience Tour with former SCORPIONS guitarist Uli Jon Roth and (Danger Danger's) ANDY TIMMONS, working with Michael Jackson, playing the SUPER BOWL halftime show and more. 
Quotes from the JENNIFER BATTEN interview:
(time 37.24) - "I've never been over-rehearsed. Every time you go through a song, it's an opportunity to make it better."
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