JOEL HOEKSTRA Flags Project with MICHAEL SWEET (Stryper)


WHITESNAKE guitarist Joel Hoekstra is to record an album with Stryper singer Michael Sweet.
Hoekstra announced the project on the current episode of the White Line Fever podcast, explaining he had built a strong relationship with Sweet while contributing to his solo album.

“I just got done laying down some solos for Michael Sweet’s solo album and actually he and I are also going to record a project album together that I’m going to write with him,” Hoekstra said.
“I’m doing some writing for that now and also three other things in total so I’m writing for four things total right now.
“A lot of my days are that.”

Hoekstra said he was a massive admirer of Sweet, 52, who is also an accomplished guitarist and producer.
“A lot of the guys from the scene are jaded, tired,” said Hoekstra, formerly of Night Ranger and Trans-Siberian Orchestra. “Michael’s just a guy who’s got his life together and I think a lot of that is via how he goes about living his life on a daily basis.

“But yeah I think he is a really talented guy and a nice guy and him and I have always gotten on and wanted to work together.
“The timing didn’t work out for his last solo album so I ended up just kind of miming in a couple of the videos “I’m Not Your Suicide” and his duet with Electra Mustaine, the “Heart of Gold” cover.
“This time I got to play a little bit on the solo album and would have been happy to do much more but I think it would have been weird because we are going to do a whole album together.”

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