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APRIL WINE guitarist & singer MYLES GOODWYN guests on Ep. 277 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.
In the show's only interview, April Wine's Myles Goodwyn discusses his new book Just Between You And Me (A Memoir), his motivation for writing it, the band's illustrious career, promoter Donald K. Donald and much more.
QUOTES from the interview:
The book - Just Between You And Me (time 1.20): "There were a lot of unanswered questions or misconceptions around the band April Wine. That was a big reason for writing the book."
Guilt about being away from his children in the past (time 3.48): "I think it's words unsaid. I think there was a sense of that, but we never really had those kinds of discussions."
The departure of longtime drummer Jerry Mercer: "I was disappointed that he wasn't going to be drumming with us, but that was his choice. He was not fired, relieved in any way... It wasn't us. He made the decision."
Drugs (8.32): "Everybody was doing it. It was the lifestyle. It was the '70s - everybody did it. It terms of cocaine - suits were doing it, lawyers were dong it, accountants were doing it. Everybody was doing cocaine for a while. It was God's way of saying you had too much money. It was just out there and everybody did it for a while."
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YES drummer Alan White guests on Ep. 27 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.
In the show's only interview, YES drummer Alan White discusses the band's upcoming 2017 Cruise To The Edge, his recent health issues, the importance of their 90125 album, working with The Beatles' John Lennon, his Ramshackled solo album, Run With The Fox and much more.
QUOTES from the interview:
His back issues (time 1.04): "I wouldn't say I was fully recuperated, but I'm actually feeling very good."
The 90125 album (time 4.05): "The whole thing came from Chris and myself just being very good colleagues in music and we knew what we had together worked"
Working with John Lennon (time 6.08): "He was a total genius."
Chris Squire (time 12.11): "We had a great mental understanding of each other. He was one of the greatest bass players in the world. He was so articulate and creative with what he did (songwriting and bass). In passing away I miss him dearly because we had a connection for forty three years."
New YES album in the offing (time 14.31): "Everybody's got music in their minds. So, yeah, you've got to get that stuff out of your brain and get it recorded."
Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame discussed - starting at 16.01
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Cruise To The Edge:
TWISTED SISTER's DEE SNIDER guests on Ep. 275 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.
In the show's only interview, singer DEE SNIDER discusses his new solo album We Are The Ones, the Fair Play Fair Pay Act, protecting the artists, Twisted Sister's final show and a lot more.
QUOTES from the interview:
Time 27.47: "I'm doing a new album because I feel challenged and I see a place for me (at least message wise). Ultimately, the fans will decide."
Is Dee 'emotionally prepared' for Twisted Sister's final show (time 22.02): "I think I am. My brain is going, 'Wow, it's really here. This is really it. Unlike some of my peers who had no intention of retiring... I know this is very real for me and I don't know. When I'm in the moment, you put your head down and rock as hard as you can."
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Former DEEP PURPLE/ BLACK SABBATH singer Glenn Hughes guests on Ep. 272 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.
In the show's only interview, singer Glenn Hughes discusses almost becoming a footballer rather than musician, Deep Purple, the tragedy surrounding the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame, his father, his new album Resonate, California Breed and much more.
QUOTES from the interview:
Being into sports (starts 12.00)
(time 12.58): "I thought I was going to be a soccer player. I was playing everyday. My family were behind what I was doing - then I heard The Beatles..."
Was not being invited to perform with Deep Purple at the Rock N' Roll Hall Of Fame 'insulting' (18.46): "David (Coverdale) and I could not make a call on us playing with Mark II (if you want to call them that). I knew going into it that we would not be invited. I said to David, 'Let's just take a chill pill.'"
Time 19.30 - talks about his father
His father (time 20.24): "I know my dad was proud of me for number one for having success as a child, number two for recovering from drugs & alcohol, number three for getting a career back on track and number four for being an educated young man."
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RAINBOW/ALCATRAZZ singer Graham Bonnet guests on Ep. 270 of One On One With Mitch Lafon.
In the show's only interview, singer GRAHAM BONNET discusses his new album The Book, RAINBOW, Michael Schenker, Alcatrazz, Blackthorne, The Marbles, the song Since You Been Gone and a lot more.
QUOTES from the interview:
The sound of the new album (Time 2.37): "I stuck pretty much to the direction that I took with the second album of Alcatrazz with Steve Vai. I tried to think in that kind of mode."
(time 2.56): "I was very weary of that people that do actually listen to what I've done so I have to please the people that are listening."
Why make new music? (time 3.25): "I got so fed up with going out and just doing like karaoke. I know everybody knows the songs, but it was getting a bit stale. Why not have a new band and start recording again with new songs?"
Is there a frustration at having to do some of the older material? (Time 6.16): "Oh, God yeah. You get bored with anything eventually. You lose the enthusiasm for a song. When you first record something - you want to make it special and do the best you can. The enthusiasm sort of leaves you after thirty years of singing the same bloody songs. But I see that people still enjoy those songs still and their kids... So, I have to incorporate the old stuff with the brand new stuff."
Michael Schenker Fest was it cathartic? (time 7.44): "It was a great relief getting through the first rehearsal because I thought that after all the bullshit that went down way back then when I destroyed myself onstage, started acting like a complete idiot and was fired from the band quite rightly so... To actually look at Michael and go, 'I'm actually singing this song all the way through with you.' I saw the broad smile on his face. It was like yesterday but without all the arguments."
(time 9.08): "I wouldn't mind doing an album (with Michael Schenker) - that would be great."
The Russ Ballard song 'Since You Been Gone' - has really become your song (time 14.49): "This was a really radio friendly song and we heard a version of it by a girl band called Clout. I heard it and thought, 'No, really?' It was the last thing we did... It broke the band. It made everybody listen. Now, that's become a Rainbow song. It's very recognizable. It's a great pop song that we did our own spin on."
What were his expectations coming into Rainbow (time 17.26): "I didn't know who Rainbow was. They were never on the radio like Deep Purple, so I had to go out and buy Rainbow albums."
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