The Right To Rock Podcast - ERIC MARTIN & STRIKER

Monday, October 27, 2014
Categories: has issued their latest podcast (episode #35), featuring Mr. Big Vocalist Eric Martin.  Eric took time out of his busy schedule to discuss Mr. Big's latest release Live From Milan as well as the current state of the band.  Eric also discussed his European solo tour as well as his current involvement with Avantasia. Interview lasts approx. 60 min.
Join the lads in their latest An Evening With... series as they welcome back Mr. Big vocalist Eric Martin.  The boys recently caught up with, friend of the show, Mr. Big vocalist Eric Martin to discuss the band's latest live release Live From Milan.  Eric also discusses his recent solo European tour, as well as the state of Mr. Big.  Could this be the end of Mr. Big, or is their more gas in that tank?  Tune in to find out.  Lastly, Eric also gives some great stories about the late great Pat Torpey. has issued their latest podcast (episode #244), featuring Striker Guitarist Tim Brown.  Tim took time out of his busy schedule to discuss Stiker's latest release Play to Win as well as the origins behind their sound. Interview lasts approx. 30 min.
The lads have returned with their long lost Halloween show. Join Genghis & Ragman as they hide out on a rainy night during The Purge. Will they survive and possibly take out a few choice pop stars in the bargain? Or will they finally be snuffed out like the two old cigarette butts they are? Either way, with an opportunity to commit any crime imaginable with impunity from dusk 'til dawn, Eddie may want to watch his back...
And be sure to check out as the boys talk with Tim Brown, Canadian guitarist with Striker, as he discusses the band's writing process and tour schedule in support of their latest album, Play To Win. Horns up!