ADRENALINE RUSH - Adrenaline Rush (Review)

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Erik Martensson
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Melodic Hard Rock
Monday, September 15, 2014
Despite the appearance on the CD of as 5 piece band, the recorded side of Swedish rockers Adrenaline Rush is down to the partnership of vocalist Tave Wanning and master songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Erik Martensson, who provided all instruments, all but 2 of the songs and all mix and production duties here.
So essentially this is a new Martensson project with a female vocalist this time, giving it a new fresh dynamic over past albums with Toby Hitchcock, WET and of course Eclipse.
As with everything that Erik Martensson touches, this sounds a million bucks, with a big powerful production and clear mix.
Musically it’s a little different for Erik, the material sounds like a mix of recent Eclipse and old school Motley Crue styled LA hard rock. In fact both Girls Gone Wild and Hit You Like A Rock both sound like they were lifted straight off Motley’s Dr. Feelgood album. Girls Gone Wild borrows heavily from Kickstart My Heart!
It’s a big groovy melodic hard rock record with some fast moving stadium anthems like Want It All, Change and Playin’ To Win.
There are a couple of melodic rock anthems like Too Young To Die, No No No and Black N Blue.
When We’re Gone is the darker, moodier mid-album circuit breaker.
There are some really attractive elements in this album. The sound is huge, the mix is crystal clear and there are a few monster songs.
I don’t think it is quite as memorable as past Martensson projects, but that is maybe down to the style of singer Tave Wanning. Erik has received a couple of perfect 100s and a few very high 90s in the last few years, so he’s still my favourite producer of recent years.
Well worth checking out for fans of Erik’s material and fans of female fronted ass kicking melodic rock.



This is the "What Could Have Been" album of 2014.  As Andrew points out, there is a great deal of Motley Crue feel in the songs here.  With a solid singer, this could have been 15 points higher, but Tave Wanning sounds like a cross between Brittany Spears and a ferrel cat in heat.  Yes, she's that bad.  What a shame.