CAIN'S OFFERING - Stormcrow (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Jani Liimatainen
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Progressive Melodic Metal
Release Year: 
Friday, May 1, 2015
The brainchild of Finnish guitarist/songwriter Jani Liimatainen (founding member of one of Finland's biggest music exports Sonata Arctica), Cain’s Offering is an inspired and frenetic slice of fast-paced European Power Metal, symphonic metal and progressive hard rock.
As the musical description should allude to, this album is a full blown rollercoaster ride of over the top guitar and keyboard histrionics with some beautifully melodic and powerful vocals from Stratovarius’ Timo Kotipelto.
This is a massive sounding release. The amount going on within the album requires a very deft hand as far as the production goes (handled by Jani and mixed by Matias Kupiainen) – thankfully both guys got it right here.
As much as is happening at any given time, it’s all very clear and sonically pleasing.
I really like the contrast of the heavy, manic delivery of the songs against the melodic and anthemic vocals of Timo.
Plenty of highlights in this hour long opus; the opening track Stormcrow is majestic in its arrangement and the chorus; The Best Of Times is double kick drum madness, with a strong orchestral chorus; I Will Build A Rome is even faster, but still delivers a great hook; the epic 6 minute orchestral ballad Too Tired To Run is great; I don’t know how anyone can drum as fast as is the case of Constellation Of Tears; My Heart Beats As One is a cool combo of keyboards and guitar while On The Shore is one of the more straight forward numbers here.
A must have for prog/symphonic metal fans. Simply put. It’s a huge record with much to enjoy, with exquisite production and performances.
If the style suits – this is going to impress.