VOODOO HILL - Waterfall (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Dario Mollo
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Hard Rock
Release Year: 
Friday, October 16, 2015
I love, love, LOVE the guitar tone of Dario Mollo on this new Voodoo Hill album. And it’s so refreshing to hear Glenn Hughes singing straight ahead melodic hard rock, rather than a bluesy or 70s derived sound that he’s used in recent years with Black Country Communion and California Breed.
I pretty much enjoy and appreciate everything the great Hughes is involved in, but it was time for a change in direction and Italian guitarist Dario Mollo has offered Glenn a great platform of catchy, hard edged, commercial rock songs to shine on.
Waterfall is easily my favourite Voodoo Hill/The Cage album and is cleanly produced and mixed by Mollo with no bias towards his own guitar parts.
And it goes without saying that Glenn sounds amazing as ever. The man simply does not age!
All That Remains is a nice, straight forward rocker with a hard edged guitar tone and some understated vocals from Glenn. I love it when he sings this way – straight ahead rock with a commercial classic rock bent. Restrained but memorable chorus.
The Well is a slower, more groove driven rocker that is classic Glenn Hughes vocally.
Rattle Shake Bone is a bluesy hard rocker with a little more shredding and some extended higher range vocals from Glenn.
Underneath And Down Below is a twisting, moody 6 minute track with an intensity not seen yet on the album.
Waterfall is a great soulful classic Glenn Hughes/classic rock ballad that turns heavier and employs a little 70s Led Zep for good measure.
Karma Go is a grooving mid-tempo rocker with some vocal menace from Hughes.
Evil Thing is a mid-tempo rock n roller with a commercial chorus and a straight forward appealing vocal.
Eldorado is a faster moving track with a crunchy riff and a very commercial and memorable chorus.
White Feather is a moody, twisting track that takes a few turns and a few spins to get to know. Cool track that’s a little different to mix up the album.
Sunflower is a harder hitting track with some tasty guitar tricks and another nod to 70s classic rock.
Last Door is a longer, catchy, expertly sung, mid-paced rocker with some more nice crisp guitar work.

There’s groove, there’s attitude, but above all else, there are some terrific guitar driven rock songs, sung with an authority only Hughes can muster.
Waterfall features one of the cleanest mixes I’ve heard in a while and reminds me in part of another favourite album from the past – John Norum’s Face The Truth (also featuring Hughes).
Definitely one to check out by all.