TRICK OR TREAT - Rabbit's Hill Part 2

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Simone Mularoni & Trick Or Treat
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Metal
This is a strange one. Not known for their high profile, the Italian rockers still managed to find themselves on Frontiers to release the sequel to 2012’s Rabbits' Hill, Pt. 1.
Trick Or Treat deliver their 4th and most accomplished album here, but it’s still not something that’s going to have universal appeal.
For example, the album kicks off with a triple speed kick-drum driven frenzy, only to give up that momentum for a 2.5 minute acoustic renaissance piece that might seem more at home on a Blackmore’s Night record.
Then it’s a fast moving melodic rocker with a good serve of powerhouse drumming and big vocals from the somewhat accented delivery of Alessandro Conti. The guy can sing, no doubt.
And if you’re questioning the album title, let me confirm that the lyrics are indeed a concept piece about our fluffy little friends with the cute big ears.
It’s different alright!
Elsewhere in the album we have a fast moving anthem Efrafa; a nice melodic ballad Never Say Goodbye (featuring duet vocalist Sara Squadrani); a double time melodic hard rocker The Great Escape; the metal menace of They Must Die (not the bunnies….no!); and an 11 minute operatic epic called The Showdown. Closing the album is an over the top farewell to the furry ones called Last Breath. Very dramatic stuff.

The band is clearly growing in stature and this album has a solid production base for the eclectic songs featured. The lyrical content is a little bizarre, but musically, it’s all business. Fans of European melodic metal and hard rock should investigate.

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