RAVENEYE - Nova (Review)

information persons: 
Produced By: 
Warren Riker
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Retro Hard Rock
Well, it’s well produced at least. That’s if you are looking for a retro 70s meets 90s raw, rock n roll record.
Sadly I’m not. UK rockers Raveneye certainly deliver an impressive groove based sound, but to me they are missing a lot of what I like in my music. I don’t like the vocalist’s tone (more 90s style) and I don’t like the garage style classic 70s rock meets 90s alt-rock sound that hold little melody and almost no focus on chorus hooks.
It’s just not a style that I like or appreciate. And I suspect many others will have a similar view. There's really not much I can add. I don't feel like going through the songs as I'm just notwarming to them and I don't want to play this any longer than I have to. I tried over a number of weeks to appreciate this, but no luck.

The brash, distorted, grungy rock n roll will appeal to some, that’s for sure. Frontiers are trying something different in recent times, signing a number of acts outside their usual field of scope, but this one doesn’t work for me at all.

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