EDENS' CURSE Live With The Curse (Showcase)

Thursday, March 5, 2015
Live With The Curse
Produced By: 
Dennis Ward
Release Date: 
March 13
Hard Rock
After nine years of EDEN’S CURSE band history, multinational hard rock/melodic metal band now presents their first Live album. Formed as a studio project, after a while EDEN’S CURSE turned into an excellent and ambitious live act. U.K. tours with Stratovarius and Dream Theater were just the beginning. In the past two years, EDEN’S CURSE became more and more busy playing festivals and even making the step to play headlining tours in the U.K.

So, with four fantastic and widely celebrated studio albums under their belt, it was probably time to thin k about releasing a Live album anyway, but actually the source of ignition came from the fan’s side. One of those situations was after EDEN’S CURSE’ London gig. They came off stage on a high and the feedback and comments coupled with fan pressure to re-record old material with Nikola made them think of a Live release more extensively.

Even former drummer Pete Newdeck (still a close friend to the band)  admitted: “That’s the best I've ever heard the band with or without me", right after the London show.

So plannings began for the recording of the first ever EDEN’S CURSE Live album. But those who know the band, are aware of their high standards that they sets for everything they do. And ‘Live With The Curse’ is no exception: recordings took place on November 27
, 2014 at an EDEN’S CURSE headlining show in in Glascow.

Fans from whole Europe and even Japan came over to Scotland to be part of this special event. And what more does it need than a euphoric crowd, a nice club and a highly motivated band?
The setlist of course contains fan favorites and classics from all four EDEN’S CURSE albums: ‘Eden’s Curse’ (2007), ‘The Second Coming’ (2008), ‘Trinity’ (2011) and 2013’s ‘Symphony Of Sin’.

Mix and mastering of the Live recordings were handled by the band’s long-time engineer Dennis Ward, who managed to capture the concert’s energy and vibe perfectly. The cover artwork was again created by artist Thomas Ewerhard, who also works with EDEN’S CURSE since the times of their debut album.

‘Live With The Curse’, packed with 100 minutes on 2CDs, will be released on March 13.
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