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BILLY JOEL Throws Stones At Glass Houses On 35th Anniversary

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Dallas, TX - March 31, 2015.  North American syndicated Rock radio show and website InTheStudio: The Stories Behind History's Greatest Rock Bands celebrates the 35th anniversary of Billy Joel's Grammy Award chart-topping album Glass Houses
Billy Joel took a big risk in March 1980 by following blockbusters The Stranger and 52nd Street with the surprisingly stripped down garage rock arrangements of Glass Houses. But lest you get the wrong idea, it was the approach that was lean, not the material. Some of Joel's best songs are here including 'You May Be Right', 'Sometimes a Fantasy', 'Don't Ask Me Why', 'Close to the Borderline', the under-appreciated 'All for Leyna' and the timeless 'It's Still Rock and Roll to Me'.

In a rare conversation, Billy opens up to InTheStudio host Redbeard about his musical influences, seeing the Beatles perform on TV's Ed Sullivan Show, the British Invasion bands that followed, garage rock, and the New York City punk scene which inspired his approach to the making of Glass Houses.

'I think what I was doing with the Glass Houses record in the studio when it came time to get together with the band was becoming a garage band all over again. I wanted to have fun ,and I wanted to make music that all the musicians enjoyed playing, as if we were in a bar.'   - Billy Joel

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