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BLOOD RED SAINTS - Speedway (Review)

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Pete Newdeck
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Friday, December 4, 2015
British AOR newcomers Blood Red Saints was formed at the end of 2014 by singer Pete Godfrey and bassist Rob Naylor (Angels Or Kings). Fresh from his debut in the band In Faith, Pete walked away from that band, taking drummer Pete Newdeck with him as well as the Harem Scarem similarities.
The In Faith album was a very fine album and this also impresses with its classic British AOR sound, mixed with the melodic tone of Harem’s debut album.
Harry in fact takes care of the mastering of the album, with Pete Newdeck producing.
Lee Revill supplies the guitars in the best tradition of Vinny Burns and Dare.
I’m not particularly into the opening two tracks, which is odd, but for me they don’t hold the class that shows further into the album – starting with the Foreigner-esque commercial ballad Best Of Me, which is instantly catchy and an obvious first pick to showcase the album.
Dangerous, which follows, is even better though – the sound really is old-school AOR and the way Pete channels Harry Hess’ vocals is another selling point.
A triple play of AOR class is completed with Love Set Me Up Again.
The melodies and the sentimental choruses keep coming with Wrapped Up In These Arms, The Best Thing, Feels A Like Like Love and the big sparse vocal and piano driven ballad Faith.
In the best tradition of fellow British AOR names such as Dare, Ten, FM, Newman and of course the one-off In Faith album sits Blood Red Saints. Definitely hoping the band goes beyond this debut to develop further as I think there’s a lot to look forward to.



BLOOD RED SAINTS Debut Album Out December

Release Year: 
Friday, December 4, 2015
British AOR act BLOOD RED SAINTS to release debut album 'Speedway' -
out on Frontiers in December.
Frontiers Music Srl announces the upcoming release of new British AOR band BLOOD RED SAINTS. Their debut album, entitled “Speedway”, will be released on December 4th in Europe and North America.
BLOOD RED SAINTS is a new band formed in late 2014 by singer Pete Godfrey and bassist Rob Naylor. Pete made his recording debut on the October 2014 In Faith album, but hungry to be in a 'band' rather than a project, Pete formed BLOOD RED SAINTS with Rob from the band Angels or Kings and quickly got to work writing their debut album.
I went in to the In Faith knowing it was a project,” says Pete Godfrey. “We were offered shows but we couldn't find any common ground to move forward. That was the moment where I decided I wanted to be in a 'real band', one that goes out and plays live and has that 'us against the world' mentality. Without doubt, we are going to play live. We have a launch show December the 4th in Bolton, UK then we are playing the JSY/ARFM charity show in Derby at the end of January and also HRH AOR in March - working on more shows right now!”
BLOOD RED SAINTS lineup was completed by another former In Faith member, Pete Newdeck (also from Eden’s Curse and currently the vocalist for Tainted Nation) on drums and Lee Revill on guitar (ex-Gary Hughes). “Pete and I quickly became good friends,” says Pete. “It was a simple choice on my part to want him involved. Rob Naylor I knew from the 1990's, but we became friends last year, we just gelled as far as wanting the same things musically, again. Lee Revill was talked about by everyone on the local scene, his reputation was that of a phenomenal guitar player who hadn't made the jump from local bands. He is our secret weapon, unbelievably talented and not precious or egotistical at all, a genuine nice guy also!”
The search for a name ended with the chance discovery of a semi legendary Speedway team, “The Blood Red Saints”. BRS were formed in the late 1920s in Brooklyn, New York. Their leader and icon, 'Freddie Rendetti' became synonymous with the team. Freddie was a fiery colorful character who ultimately lived the fast life a little too fast.
No history of the BLOOD RED SAINTS can be complete without the inclusion of James Martin of VEGA. James was instrumental in getting the band signed to Frontiers and – together with his twin brother Tom, he also co-wrote two songs on the album. Harry Hess from Harem Scarem took care of the mastering of the album.  
The band’s debut album is an impressive slice of classic British AOR, following in the traditions of early Dare, FM and Newman, though according to Pete, “if you were to take elements of Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Winger, FM, mix them all together, I think that is pretty much where we are. Our intention was to have great songs and next we want to take them out live and put on a great show!”
“Speedway” is a classic in the making and BLOOD RED SAINTS are a band to watch out for!
Enjoy the album trailer:

“Speedway” tracklisting: Kickin' Up Dust; Mercy; Best Of Me; Dangerous; Love Set Me Up Again; Better Days; The Best Thing; Unbreakable; Wrapped Up In These Arms; Cgrnr; Feels A Lot Like Love; Faith.
Pete Godfrey – vocals
Lee Revill - guitars
Rob Naylor – bass guitar
Pete Newdeck - drums

BLOOD RED SAINTS Brings Together UK AOR Names

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Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of a promising new British AOR act – BLOOD RED SAINTS! The band was put together by former In Faith singer Pete Godfrey together with Rob Naylor (ex-Angels or Kings) Lee Revill (ex- Gary Hughes Band) and Pete Newdeck (ex-Eden's Curse).
“I felt it was time to move on and do a band how I wanted it to be,” says Pete. He has come up with some of the strongest material from a newly formed British Melodic Rock/AOR band in quite a long time!
Brothers Tom and James Martin of VEGA co-wrote two songs with the band members and Harry Hess from Harem Scarem is contributing keyboards to one track and handling the mastering of the album. 

Get ready for a great musical surprise this fall!

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