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CAROUSEL VERTIGO Get 'Revenge On Rock N Roll' Sept 29

Friday, September 29, 2017
Rock is dead, long live rock!  
It's been said before and will be said again.  The truth is that rock music is and always will be here to stay, especially when a band like Carousel Vertigo creates, feels and plays it like it does.
Revenge of Rock and Roll.  The title says it all and the second album by Carousel Vertigo makes a clear musical statement; about a trend-proof musical genre, about its importance,  now and always, to the loyal millions who will forever support it – and about how that shit just never grows old, say what you will about it.
Revenge of Rock and Roll finds Paris-based Carousel Vertigo – three native French rockers and an American – doing what this band does best and loves the most, regardless of opinions or passing phases, because hard rock truly is timeless and ever-present.

Carousel Vertigo's masterful take on it, the band's innate understanding of the history of rock's past and a vision of its future, is convincing and current enough to have attracted some stellar accomplices on Revenge of Rock and Roll – not least among them Garry Tallent, long-serving bass player with Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band, who happily guested for a bottle of Bourgogne' on one of the album's ten tracks.

Watch now the video for the first single No More Hesitatin'...

The nucleus of the band, Gibson Guitars-endorsed Parisian Vincent Martinez and New Jersey son Jansen Press, formed Carousel Vertigo purely out of a shared love of the classic rock music they both revelled and could play so well.  Although each came from a different culture and country, they were instantly united by the other's ability to express that music in different but complementary ways –“ and a dual-lead guitar partnership of virtuosity and instinct was born.  Riding above it all, Vincent's vocal – one moment a pure, hair-raising wail, the next soulful and sweetly emotive honey – establishes Carousel Vertigo as the real deal.

The best band you've never heard playing the greatest music you think you already know but don't.

Not yet…

Rock and roll is very much alive.   

Revenge of Rock and Roll track listing 
01 No More Hesitatin'
02 Honey Do.
03 Revenge of Rock and Roll.
04 Jackie Run Run.
05 Hideaway.
06 Hard Luck Lover.
07 Get It On.
08 Well, Alright.
09 Don't take It To Heart.
10 May, I Might.
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