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DRIVE SHE SAID Sign To Escape For 'Real Life' Reissue

Friday, March 23, 2018
Escape Music are pleased to announce the release of Drive, She Said “Real Life” album Completely Remixed and Mastered!!
Release Date: 23 March 2018
Track list: 1 Real Life  5:12 / 2 Stronger   5:33 / 3 We Live For Love  4:36 / 4 Whats it Gonna Take  4:22 / 5 Silverwhite   3:39 / 6 Overdrive    4:09 / 7 Find Your Place 5:10 / 8 All Your Heart   4:42 / 9 Hold Me    5:36 / 10 When WIll It Be Love 4:48 / 11 How Can I Be Sure 5:37 / 12 Always and Forever (Godz) / 4:43 / 13 Believe 4:45
Drive, She Said is:
Al Fritsch- Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Mark Mangold- Keys and Background Vocals
Jonathan Mover- Drums
Produced by Mark Mangold and Al Fritsch
Re-Mixed in 2017 by Brian Anthony and Mark Mangold
Recordings engineered by Mark Mangold and Al Fritsch at Mariel's Kitchen Studios, N.Y. and Jack's House Studios, N.J.
Drums Recorded at Skyline Studios engineered by Jonathan Mover and Alex Olson.
Vocal Extravaganza Arrangements by Al
Artwork by Nello Del Omo
Cover Concept by Drive, She Said
DRIVE, SHE SAID is a melodic metal duo that has recorded 6 records.  Having started out on CBS in the U.S., made up of Mark Mangold and Al Fritsch, D,SS is known for their stellar vocals, anthemic songs and scathing musicianship
Mangold, a renowned keyboardist, and his creative partner in Drive, She said, the amazing singer/multi-instrumentist Al Fritsch, met in 1988 and started writing and paving the way for their acclaimed first album Drive, She Said on Columbia records. The band toured extensively, playing with such bands as FM, UFO and others, and performing at numerous Festivals.
In 2003 Mark and Al joined with drummer Jonathan Mover to create the album "Real Life".
According to Mangold "When we started it was important to carve out an original sound, and hopefully also have a "hit.  We have always wanted to make our music totally over the top!  One of the favorite records we ever did is "Real Life" but the original release never sounded the way we wanted it to.  It has the walls of vocals, and musicianship, and hopefully anthemic, and sometimes progressive, songs we enjoyed doing and I am ecstatic that we were now able to remix and release it the way it was meant to be.   I am also happy that Al's legacy is preserved as to listen to this record is to be surrounded by Al Fritch's voice, playing and energy.”

DRIVE SHE SAID - Pedal To The Metal (Review)

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Drive She Said
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Friday, April 15, 2016
I really wasn’t expecting much to be honest. I’m not sure why – maybe I had left over memories of the band’s last album from way back in 2003 or perhaps the horrid comeback album from Balance a few years back.
But I’m pleased to say that for the most part, my expectations have been exceeded.
Aside from band stalwarts Mark Mangold (keyboards, backing vocals) and Al Fritsch (vocals, backing vocals, guitar, bass), there are about 700 additional guest musicians appearing here, such as Ken Sandin bass; Pontus Engborg drums; Peter Yttergren drums; Kenny Aronoff drums; and Kurt Gellersted and Ricky Wheels guitars.
There are also no less than 8 backing vocalists including the talents of Goran Edman, Randy Jackson, Tomas Vikstrom, Peppy Castro and Ted Poley!
Anyway, what’s important is the music on offer and here we have a collection of very (totally and utterly) 80s sounding classic AOR tracks, complete with all the necessary pomp and excessive production fans of Drive, She Said might expect.
The totally 80s melodic hard rock of Touch opens the album and I know you will all think the same thing with that opening riff. Very familiar indeed!
I always find it funny when a melodic/AOR band talks about putting the ‘Pedal to the Metal’, but that’s exactly what happens with the title track here. No, it ain’t metal, but it certainly rocks pretty hard for these guys.
In R Blood is an immediate attention getting tune – a great pomp rocker with some blinding keyboards and over the top vocals and chorus. Nice guitar solo too.
Said It All is a great sentimental ballad in that classic 80s AOR style.
The production quality is pretty varied around the record and Writing on The Wall perhaps suffers the most, but what a glorious 70s pomp rocker this is. Full dramatic Styx organ in play and swirling keyboards all over the place. My favourite track alongside In R Blood.
Rainbows and Hurricanes is another varied song with pace changes and moody vocals, plus a dramatic heavier chorus. Another cool song.
Fiona comes back for the first time since the band’s sophomore record for the huge ballad In Your Arms. A tasty 80s light-AOR moment.
So far so good. But I’m not sure what happened next. This is one of those true What. The. Fuck. moments one sometimes encounters as a reviewer.
Track 10: I’m The Nyte and to a lesser extent, track 11: Lost In You are just fucking horrible. I mean bad. I mean catastrophically bad to the point you just wonder how anyone could let two such atrociously bad songs make the same album as the rest of the material.
Or maybe there has been a mastering error and two programmed-techno-dance-pop songs from a Bavarian DJ found their way on here by mistake?
Guys – not sure what you were thinking (or smoking) – but this is not DSS and I can’t imagine one single fan anywhere thinking these are two good songs.
The album closes with an acoustic ballad that really isn’t that exciting and doesn’t make up for the audio assault of the previous 2 songs. So for me this album is 9 tracks only and finishes with that fine ballad duet with Fiona.

A pretty good effort here – as long as you hit the stop button at the conclusion of track 9. The production quality doesn’t come close to most other titles in the marketplace and does vary from track to track, but there’s enough pomp and melody in the songs to forgive that.
I can’t forgive those two late album tracks though, thank God they did not have those further up in the order. How they got past quality control I don’t know.
But overall, pretty good job guys.

DRIVE SHE SAID Put the 'Pedal To The Metal' April 15

Friday, April 15, 2016

Frontiers Music Srl is excited to present the return of DRIVE, SHE SAID with the release of their highly anticipated new album 'Pedal to the Metal' on April 15th, 2016!
Mark Mangold's (one half of the driving force of Drive, She Said) creative rock flame was ignited once again after a performance with the Firefest version of Touch in Nottingham, UK in 2014. That creative desire and destiny intersected when he got an email from his old friend Serafino from Frontiers. Mangold, a renowned keyboardist, and his creative partner in Drive, She said, the amazing singer/multi-instrumentist Al Fritsch, then started talking with the Frontiers label about releasing new music. This was even more special of an event than a regular signing as Drive, She Said was the first proper artist that was signed to the label back when it started.
Mangold and Fritsch got together and they penned a few sensational classic Melodic Rock / AOR numbers, chock full of marvelous and unforgettable vocal harmonies, as well as looking in the archives for two songs that they hadn't recorded before.
Mangold says: 'We tried to write this record as if we were again in the 80's/90's, with the benefit of time and modern recording techniques. In those days you needed to write a "hit" to get signed and carve out an original sound. This record was a challenge because we did not want to clone ourselves, or the many bands that have now have mastered this genre, or be generic. And yet we wanted to keep the record in that same world as the first D,SS record. And of course, we wanted to make it totally over the top! Ultimately it's about the songs and having fun, and last but never least to try to give the fans, or should I say the esteemed melodic "cult", something to... consider.'
'Pedal to the Metal" is the final result: an absolute gem of a Melodic Rock album, guaranteed to please all fans of the genre. Check out an album trailer here:
DRIVE, SHE SAID is set to appear live at the Frontiers Rock Festival in Trezzo (Milano), Italy on April 23rd, 2016. Those attending are in for a treat!

'Pedal to the Metal' tracklisting includes:

1. Touch
2. Pedal To The Metal
3. In 'R Blood
4. Said It All
5. Writing On The Wall
6. Rainbows And Hurricanes
7. Love Will Win In The End
8. Rain Of Fire
9. In Your Arms
10. I'm The Nyte
11. Lost In You
12. All I Wanna Do
- Lead Vocals: Al Fritsch
- Guitars: Al Fritsch with additional guitars by Tommy Denander, Daniel Palmqvist, Jon Bivona, Ray De Tone, Ricky Wheels
- Keyboards: Mark Mangold, Al Fritsch
Bass: Ken Sandin, Al Fritsch, Paul St. James, Alessandro Del Vecchio
- Drums: Peter Yttergren, Pontus Engborg, Francesco Jovino, Kenny Aronoff
- Background Vocals: Goran Edman, Chandler Mogel, Ted Poley, Al Fritsch, Mark Mangold, Kevin Osborne, Randy Jackson, Thomas Vikstrom, Peppy Castro
- Vocal Duet on 'In Your Arms': Al and Fiona


Friday, March 27, 2015

AOR Heaven proudly presents the re-issues of the much sought after first two Drive, She Said albums 'Drive, She Said' and 'Drivin' Wheel'. Both are as usual re-mastered by Chris Lyne and with liner notes by Dave Reynolds, strictly limited to 500 units ea. and with additional bonus tracks (see track listings below).
Drive, She Said: 01.If This Is Love 02.Hard Way Home 03.Don't You Know 04.But For You 05.Love Has No Pride 06.Maybe It's Love 07.Hold On (Hands Around Your Heart) 08.If I Told You 09.I Close My Eyes 10.As She Touches Me (Why Can't I Believe) 11.Crossed My Heart * 12.It Must Be Love * / * = bonus track

Drivin' Wheel: 01.Think Of Love 02.Drivin' Wheel 03.Hard To Hold 04.When You Love Someone 05.Can't Get Enough 06.Veil Of Tears 07.It's Gonna Take A Miracle 08.It Just Keeps Comin' 09.Just For The Moment 10.Do You Believe 11.Never Say Never *12.You Never Know With Magic * 13.Hold My Heart * / * = bonus track
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