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FAITH CIRCUS Announce New Lineup

Wednesday, May 6, 2015
Norway's FAITH CIRCUS have announced their new lineup for their upcoming tour dates and new studio album due on MelodicRock Records later this year.
New members are:
Mr. Hansen: With over 25 years of experience behind the kit, playing on numerous recordings & live with different bands/artists, you couldn't ask for a better 'hit-man'!This rock solid mercenary, who even sat in at a couple of FC shows back in 2013, has finally found refuge inside the Circus...
Malla: A local legend & go-to-guy when it comes to live/studio work in the Bergen area! First came to attention through the 'Trio Gallini' CD (1991). Has since played on the 'On The Rise' (Frontiers 2003) & 'Main Attraction' (MTM 2006) albums, as well as Norwegian guitar virtuoso Jarle H. Olsen's 'Quadrasonic' (2011) disc. The only thing more mind-blowing than his musical abilities...are his extreme dry sense of humor!
Flame: With a name like that you know this guy will set the stage on fire any chance he gets! Has performed (as Ace Frehley) from 2010-2013 at the annual 'FAITH CIRCUS & Friends play KISS' Christmas shows. There are those that say he'd be a better fit than Tommy Thayer...

Marcus Greenway: This hot-shot slipped just beneath the radar last time FC were forced to replace lead guitarist. Although he might be the youngest member of the band he's been bottle-fed a heavy mix of Slash & Lynch...and it shows! And to our female fans we'd just like to say...'You're Welcome!'
Marc Farrano: Yeah...nothing new here!...

FAITH CIRCUS - New LineUp, New Live Dates, New Album

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

FAITH CIRCUS will tour in support of Robin Beck on the Norwegian leg of her "All That Glitters Tour 2015"! May 28'th (Oslo), May 29'th (Bergen) & May 30'th (Stavanger). Check STAHL Entertainment Ltd., or FAITH CIRCUS facebook page for further information.
The band will also announce a new lineup later this week ahead of their new studio album due later in the year.

FAITH CIRCUS: 'All-Star' Albums, New Line-Up & Album 5

Friday, October 17, 2014

FAITH CIRCUS: 'All-Star' albums, NEW line-up & album #5!
Following a statement made on September 22, concerning a split between the two camps of  Marc Farrano (vocals) and co-founding member Baard Nordvik (drums), Christer Ottesen (bass) member since 2010 & H.K. Rein (guitars) member since 2013, it's time to shed some light on the road ahead.
First of all'FAITH CIRCUS has NOT 'broken up'! The band are simply going through a transition phase which in the end we hope will prove healthy, inspiring and fruitful, even to those no longer in the band!
Marc wants to thank Baard Nordvik, Christer Ottesen & H.K. Rein for all the hard work they have put in over the years in keeping the spirit of FAITH CIRCUS very much alive, and whishes them nothing but the best in their future musical endeavors!
'All-Star' albums!

The 'All-Star' albums are in short two separate albums, originally announced on 12.12.12 as a solo project, written & produced by Marc Farrano, which features an ensemble of former and current members from some of the most influential hard rock bands of all time! Both albums will now be released under the FAITH CIRCUS moniker through MelodicRock Records summer 2015!

NEW line-up & album #5!

The new, very exciting, line-up is almost in place and will be presented accordingly when the time is right.
The band will start pre-production in early 2015 for what will become FAITH CIRCUS 5th studio album (TBA) set for release in 2016!

Live dates are being booked and the band will go out and pay its dues, promoting the double album release heavily, before hitting the studio sometime in the fall next year!

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