Jimmy Lawrence



The great JIMMY LAWRENCE may be famous here for his 'The World Is Round' record, but if you live in Nashville - JIMMY LAWRENCE wants to be YOUR MAYOR!
Read all about it at: https://jimmylawrence.com/
Jimmy states on his webpage:
"You never have to ask my permission to tell me the truth.
If someone is finally promising to be honest...lookout!
The time has come to take back Nashville. Everyone here before 2013 and the beginning of the boom has built this city. Everyone who survived and rebuilt Nashville after the flood in 2010 reinvested and pushed this unprecedented growth. 
Unfortunately, many of the business owners and professionals, city-wide, who have invested in Nashville are getting taken advantage of. They may not even know it. If you let me be your mayor, we will dismantle the bureaucracy that is managing hundreds of millions of our dollars  and keeping it from us.
10 years of hard work is paying off big time! But where’s the trickle down? Where’s the payoff? 
Don’t tell me we worked this hard for lagging schools, underpaid teachers, higher crime and less services. Where’s our payoff? Why is there money sitting idly in the Convention Center Authority coffers and why are “they” the ”appointed ones” who get to decide where to spend it? It’s OURS! I’m here to ask you to elect me to take it back!!
I owe no special interest, no corporate donors.
My allegiance is to the citizens of Nashville and I plan to KEEP it that way."


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