Klear - Eyes Wide Open (Showcase)

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Eyes Wide Open
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Modern Melodic Rock
KLEAR - One of the best kept secrets in the US for years. A strong tight fit unit that subpliments each others on all levels, musically.
Klear biography:
Delivering what Vanity Fair declares to be "Blistering, bold, guitar driven rock", Klear burst onto the scene with their debut, 7500 Miles, which gave the band an unexpected hit with "All On Me".  Soon after, songs like  "Same Old Song", "Middle" and "Mr. Cracker" all found their way to radio.  In addition,   "Comeback" was used in FXs hit show, The Shield, "Mr.Cracker" was featured in The Ultimate Fighting Championship, "Beautiful End" was featured in the Miramax film, "The Station Agent", and the music video for "Down" received airplay on RAGE TV in Australia.  
Then came reviews and features in Vanity Fair, Billboard Magazine and Hit Parader.  These successes afforded Klear the opportunity to share the stage with acts such as Journey, Kid Rock, Staind, Chuck Berry, Govt Mule, Goo Goo Dolls and many, many more.  The band soon signed with Good Charamel Records and released "Makin Noise", which included singles "Picture", "Makin Noise" and "Bridge Song".  
That success continued into the members solo careers and included collaborations with Staind, Collective Soul & Kelly Clarkson, US headlining Tours and international AFE/USO tours supporting US Troops stationed abroad.  In early 2011, singer/songwriter Fred Shafer reunited with guitarist Bruce Wojick, bassist Leo McDonald, drummer Denny Pelczynski and keyboardist Dan Delano to embark on the next chapter of their career, which includes NEW MUSIC!  
Its sure to be...Loud and Klear! 
Klear line-up:
Fred Shafer-Lead Vocals/Guitars
Bruce Wojick-Guitars/Vocals
Leo Mcdonald-Bass
Denny Pelczvnski-Drums/Precussion/Vocals
Dan Delano-Organ/Keyboards/Vocals
Klear discography:
2001: Klear (Klear Music)
2002: 7500 Miles (Klear Music)
2005: Makin’ Noize (Good Charamel Records)
2006: 10 Seconds To Burn (Good Charamel Records)
2015: Eyes Wide Open (Lions Pride Music)
Recorded by Klear
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Klear on the web:
Classic rock with an attitude. One of the best kept secrects is about to take Europe by storm. Been opening up for acts like Goo Goo Dolls, Journey, Ace Frehley, Chuck Berry.
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