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Monday, October 27, 2014
Categories: has issued their latest podcast interview (episode #1), featuring guitarist Marty Friedman. Marty took time out of his busy schedule to discuss his latest release Inferno, as well as, his first US tour in years. Interview lasts approx. 15 min
The lads sit down for a quick chat with the one and only Marty Friedman who's played with many great acts throughout his illustrious career including Cacophony, Megadeth, and Tourniquet - not to mention his own solo material. Since his move to Japan, he's become quite enamored of the culture, particularly the music scene where he's become quite the celebrity (the "Ryan Seacrest of Japan", as some have said). but let's let Marty do the talking.Be sure to check out Marty's latest solo album, Inferno, available from Prosthetic Records. And keep a lookout for his ongoing tour of the United States in a city near you.
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