ONE DESIRE - One Desire (Review)

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Jimmy Westerlund
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Melodic Rock / AOR
Friday, March 24, 2017
We were forewarned that these guys were great and something special was on the way. And boy, is this something special or what?
In a year packed with A-Game melodic rock and AOR titles, OD (or One Desire) deliver what will surely be one of the top few debut albums in several years. Europe is of course again responsible for unleashing another glorious AOR masterpiece on us, this time it’s Finland that takes the trophy. 
Vocalist André Linman is quite a spectacular find. Powerful, emotional and in control of a wide vocal range – he uses it all here.
If you love keyboards entwined with guitars and a pulsating rhythm section and a sound that brings Def Leppard into the 21st Century mixed with Brother Firetribe, Treat and The Magnificent. It’s the Giuffria style 80s meets 2017.
OD really do have their own thing going on here and it’s one memorable song after another. From the passionate urgency of the fast moving melodies of Hurt; to the quirky hard hitting Apologise to the commercial high energy anthem that’s made for stadium’s Love Injection.
That’s followed immediately by another fast paced melodic gem in Turn Back Time; a monster ballad Falling Apart (which gets better every listen); then the fast and furious keyboard and bass riff of Straight Through The Heart and the hands in the air anthem Whenever I’m Dreaming, which seemingly has two monster chorus hooks, each as good as the other.
Do You Believe then makes it 8 from 8 as far as killer choruses; while Buried Alive is the heaviest track on the album, but also the most keyboard driven. Fabulous!
The band close this monster debut with the heartfelt power ballad This Is Where The Heartbreak Begin.

Another essential purchase for anyone that loves the usual fare served up by these freakish Scandinavians. We have Work Of Art, Eclipse, Brother Firetribe, Degreed, HEAT and now we have OD. Magnificent debut guys.


Finland's ONE DESIRE To Launch Debut March 24

Friday, March 24, 2017
Frontiers Music Srl is excited to announce the release of the self-titled debut album from Finnish rockers ONE DESIRE on March 24th.
Pre-order the album here: http://geni.us/OneDesire
The music video for first single, "Hurt" can be seen here:
One Desire was started in 2012 by drummer Ossi Sivula. A couple of years were spent writing songs and making demos with different musicians and friends with an aim to create music that could change the world. Various musicians came and went along the way, but in 2014 things started to click when they met Jimmy Westerlund (Negative, Sturm und Drang, Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, Pitbull, etc.), who has several platinum and gold albums to his credit as a producer, guitarist, and songwriter. He had just moved back to Finland after a stint in Los Angeles and the band hired him to produce some songs.
After recording three songs with a new musical direction, they managed to attract the attention of Serafino Perugino, owner and head of A&R at Frontiers Music Srl, but, at this point the band needed a great singer. After trying out some different options, Jimmy suggested his long time friend Andre Linman from the band Sturm und Drang (who had sold over 100,000 records and gone platinum and 2x gold in Finland) who had recently decided to go on hiatus. Andre got together for a couple of sessions with the guys and after writing a couple new songs together, the style and sound that was about to become ONE DESIRE was born. Ossi and Andre asked Jimmy to join the band in 2016 and this is the album that was born from that collaboration. Also, not long after this happened, the very talented Jonas Kuhlberg (Paul Di'Anno, Cain's Offering, MyGrain) was brought on and he became the last link in the chain.
This kickass new lineup perfectly captures the original vision for the band and continues upon Linman's and Westerlund's successful legacies. Musically, the band draws musical influences from classic rock bands like Journey, Toto, and Def Leppard, but also lots of heavier, more modern bands. “Our sound is very melodic, slightly pop-ish at times, but still based on a heavy rock sound,” says singer Andre Linman.
After Jimmy brought in the song “Hurt”, the band felt that that they had taken it to the next level. Andre wrote the beautiful ballad, “This Is Where The Heartbreak Begins” plus many other songs and at that time, ONE DESIRE started to find the right direction for Ossi's rocker, “Do You Believe”. Finally, in mid-2016, the band felt they finally were musically locked in and had the material to make an album that they could honestly stand behind and love beyond a shadow of a doubt.
“After the album is released we will be touring heavily, so stay tuned for some shows!” concludes Linman. 2017 will be a fantastic year as the journey of ONE DESIRE just begins!
“One Desire” tracklisting:
1. Hurt
2. Apologize
3. Love Injection
4. Turn Back Time
5. Falling Apart
6. Straight Through The Heart
7. Whenever I'm Dreaming
8. Do You Believe
9. Buried Alive
10. This Is Where The Heartbreak Begins
One Desire:
Jimmy Westerlund – guitars
André Linman – lead vocals
Ossi Sivula – drums
Jonas Kuhlberg – bass guitar
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New Frontiers Signing OD Preview Upcoming Record


OD is a brand new melodic rock band from Finland who we've recently signed. We'll be releasing their debut album in early 2017, but wanted to give you a preview of their tasty licks, before we unveil the first full song later this year.....
If you've been enjoying other recent signings of ours like Cruzh and Palace and also love bands like Eclipse, Work of Art or classic stuff like Def Leppard, then this will be right up your alley! Andre Linman (ex Sturm Und Drang) is the man on lead vocals!

Vocalist Andre Linman Joins Finnish Rockers OD

Release Year: 
A note from the band OD 

Due to scheduling conficts, OD had to part ways with their singer Dan Vasc. It was nice ride while it lasted and we wish all the best for Dan in his future projects.
We got many excellent singers looking for opportunity to join the band and we would like them all for their interest towards OD.
Now here is the big news: the new singer of OD is none other than Mr. Andre Linman!
Andre Linman is a 23-year old singer, guitarist and songwriter who is best known for having been the frontman of finnish hard rock/heavy metal band STURM UND DRANG!
STURM UND DRANG rose to fame in Finland when the members were only 15-16 years old. Between 2007 and 2013 the band released three albums receiving two finnish gold records and one platinum record. They have also toured Europe and Japan and sold over 100.000 records worldwide. Everyone is very excited about this collaboration and eagerly working to get the album done with him.
Soon you will be hearing the first songs recorded with Andre, there will be killer tunes for you all to listen, so keep on rockin!
PS: See Andre Linman in action with STURM UND DRANG in their hit "Molly The Murderer" https://youtu.be/6-GSipfiWJo


Frontiers Sign Finnish Newcomers OD

Release Year: 
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the signing of another hot new young band from the Melodic Rock underground: OD!
OD hails from Finland and will be releasing their debut album via Frontiers in 2016.
The band was originally put together by drummer Ossi "OD" Sivula in 2012 based on his longtime dream of creating a record full of melodic rock ass kickers. The first demos were put together with several musicians and the next few years flew by as time was spent creating big melodies and searching for members that would round out the soul and inspiration of the band.
In 2014, the band was joined by guitarist Juice Wahlsten, and later in 2015 by bassist Ilari Hämämäläinen. A big voice was the last missing piece to create the big bang they were looking for and a Brazilian guy, "Zorro" Dan Vasc was found in the latter half of 2014. Ossi was amazed after watching a video where Dan showed off his deep voice and high range vocals and knew he was the singer they were looking for! After working on music long distance via the internet for a few months, Dan's flight tickets were booked so he could come in to finish the band’s recordings in Finland and to finally take the band out in front of live audiences.
We couldn’t have hoped for a better company than Frontiers to work with as they have a strong and stable reputation with classic rock acts that has been a huge impact for OD’s music as well,” tells the band. “As we are finishing the debut album, we are eagerly looking for the future and getting front of live audiences to spread the word of classic melodic rock. Stay tuned, this is only the beginning!!”
Musically OD​ is very close to their Finnish mates Brother Firetribe​, with a slight heavier edge. But take a listen now to two songs on YouTube​ and judge for yourself:
Invincible - https://youtu.be/D4ptg42Euc0
Do You Believe - https://youtu.be/q8nFddTgP4k
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