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WITH OUR ARMS TO THE SUN Sign With Fade To Silence Records

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ARIZONA DESERT - Progressive art rock band With Our Arms to the Sun is the second act to sign
with the new-launched Fade to Silence Records.
With Our Arms to the Sun is a breath of fresh air in a musical landscape dominated by pop formatted
bands. The Arizona desert-based foursome crafts a brand of cinematic conceptual music that aims to
evoke emotion and inspire thought in listeners. The band’s free-flowing style is not easily pigeonholed,
appealing to fans of not just one genre, but to people in general who appreciate music as
"My son and I went to see John 5 perform in East Texas and as luck would have it, With Our Arms to
the Sun were the supporting artist,” said Fade to Silence founder Paul Bibeau. “Upon taking the stage,
the band took complete control of the room and I was locked into every second of their performance.
To say I was pleasantly surprised is an understatement. It felt has though the band was playing the very
last concert ever and wanted to put it all on the table. Their performance was thoroughly pleasing,
cinematic in scope coupled with an intense, passionate delivery. I got sucked into each note, each
composition and I loved they journey they took me on. I spent a few minutes with them afterwards and
we began to talk more and more. I knew immediately, this is my cup of tea.”
With Our Arms to the Sun’s first release through Fade to Silence will be a reissue of the band’s selfreleased
A Far Away Wonder EP on CD and vinyl.
“We were anti-label for the longest time and did everything DIY,” said With Our Arms to the Sun
vocalist/guitarist Josh Breckenridge. “We recorded and distributed all of our own albums, and even
made our own merch. One of the reasons we were not interested in being on a label was that we wanted
to retain our sound. We are not interested in changing who we are artistically just to be more
‘marketable’ or ‘commercial.’ There are plenty of bands pounding that drum and we want to do
something different. Paul immediately understood what we were going for as a band and rather than be
a typical industry person, he encouraged our growth towards being a conceptual band. Also the chance
at being one of the flagship bands on a new label that has a creative philosophy really appealed to us as
With Our Arms to the Sun – which is completed by Joseph Leary, Joseph Breckenridge Jr. and John
Mclucas – has three self-released recordings to their credit. The Fade to Silence re-release of A Far
Away Wonder will come later this year. With Our Arms to the Sun is managed by Alan Jones/Slant
Business Management and booked by Andrew Goodfriend/TKO.
Get a taste of With Our Arms to the Sun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDwmNeCXjig&feature=youtu.be
With Our Arms to the Sun - "Great Black Divide"
The launch of Fade to Silence Records was announced earlier this month by former Spitfire Records
company founder/president and industry veteran Paul Bibeau. The new label, which is distributed via
AMPed Distribution worldwide, will focus on establishing a cutting and creative edge driven label
brand, a catalog/visual/television imprint and publishing division highlighting the hard rock and heavy
metal genre’s broad musical spectrum.
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