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PRAYING MANTIS Back With New 'Gravity' May 11

Friday, May 11, 2018
Praying Mantis are pleased to announce their 11th studio album, ‘Gravity’. After the positive reception afforded to the band's last studio release, ’Legacy' (2015), the new record sees the band return with another inspired, take-no-prisoners set. Out May 11.
The album also sees Mantis retain the same line-up, with John Cuijpers (vocals) and Hans in’t Zandt (drums) again contributing to the songwriting process. Alongside founder members Tino Troy, Chris Troy and Andy Burgess, they have not only helped in the writing of the songs, but also in providing a new dimension in terms of sound engineering and overall production. 
One of the most influential and well known sleeve artists in the rock field, Rodney Matthews (Magnum, Diamond Head, Allen/Lande), has been commissioned to design the artwork for ‘Gravity’ in the same style and stunning quality that so many fans loved on Mantis albums such as ‘Time Tells No Lies’, ‘Predator In Disguise’ and the aforementioned ‘Legacy’.
Praying Mantis are a well established band of melodic hard rockers. They were formed by brothers Tino and Chris Troy in 1973 and, together with bands like Iron Maiden, Def Leppard and Saxon, they spearheaded the NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) movement of the late ’70’s. While they did not attain the same dizzying heights of success as some of their contemporaries, they nonetheless became one of the most influential bands in the genre. The band has remained active over the years and still record and play live regularly.
Praying Mantis will perform at the annual Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan, Italy on 28th April. 

John Cuijpers : lead vocals
Tino Troy : guitars & vocals
Chris Troy : bass & vocals
Andy Burgess : guitars & vocals
Hans in ’t Zandt : drums

R.I.P STEVE CARROLL (Former Praying Mantis Guitarist)

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It is with great sadness that we have to relay the tragic news regarding the passing of Steve Carroll, former guitarist with Praying Mantis (latter Little Bo Bitch) whose tasteful licks, melodic tones and fine voice graced the highly acclaimed album, ‘TIME TELLS NO LIES’. This statement was released by his sister Amanda Gilby:
“My brother Steve Carroll Sadly died on the 2nd of August 2015 after a long battle with ill health.he enjoyed life and partied hard sadly just a little too hard and it took its toll. He had lots of good stories to tell of good times playing in the band and will be sadly missed by all his family and friends x”
Time indeed tells no lies Steve and your legacy will continue to live through your tremendous contribution to the band. Thank you for everything. Our hearts go out to your family, friends and fans and may you Rest In Peace
You can read the comprehensive interview with Steve in 1999 here
R.I.P Steve.

PRAYING MANTIS - Legacy (Review)

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Fight For Your Honor
The One
Better Man
All I See
The Runner
Against The World
Produced By: 
Tino Troy & Andy Burgess
Running Time: 
Release Date: 
Musical Style: 
Melodic Hard Rock
Release Year: 
There’s nothing better than seeing heritage acts such as Praying Mantis, delivering brilliant albums after all these years. Active since the 70s, this is the band’s 10th studio record and first since 2009.
There’s been many a lineup change over the years; the band now features the quite unbelievable vocalist Jaycee Cuijpers, who channels Jorn Lande and Ronnie James Dio in his powerhouse performance.
I’m all about the vocals, so this effort has blown me away. Jaycee is here to stay and it’s no surprise to see within his past credits, a stint in a Dio tribute band.
The band are calling this one of their ever albums and I can’t find a reason to disagree.
The songs are thoroughly enjoyable, suitably heavy, but also quite commercial.
The excellent opening track Fight For Your Honor is classic NWOBHM; but immediately following is a beautiful melodic, almost AOR number in The One. The vocals here are especially enjoyable. I can see a solo AOR album in Jaycee’s future.
The ghost of Ronnie James Dio is back for the rocker Believable; while Tokyo is surprisingly melodic once again before turning ultra-moody for Better Man.
All I See is another wonderfully melodic mid-tempo anthem with a commercial chorus you’d more often see on a Magnum album.
The Runner is a great fast moving melodic rocker with some shredding guitar soloing towards the end of the track.
Against The World is again more catchy than you’d expect while the album closes out with the double time stomper Second Time Around.

Old or new to the world of British rockers Praying Mantis, this is worth checking out folks. They look heavier than they sound – especially on this record – crossing over from hard rock into melodic rock with ease and back into rock mode.
It’s a very fine album featuring a very fine new singer.

PRAYING MANTIS Add To Their 'Legacy' August 21

Friday, August 21, 2015
PRAYING MANTIS are finally ready to unleash their tenth studio album, “Legacy” via Frontiers Records on August 21 in Europe and North America.
The early reactions to the new songs have been outstanding and there is a real buzz beginning to emerge that this could arguably be the best album that Mantis have ever made! Bold words to be sure, but this is more than mere record label hyperbole.....
“Legacy” is the first recording to feature the two new members, Jaycee Cuijpers and Hans in’t Zandt (vocals and drums respectively), who have truly provided a new dimension to the writing process and musical performances. Together with guitarists Tino Troy and Andy Burgess, they have been instrumental not only in the writing of the new songs, but in providing a new vision in terms of the sound engineering and production. The recording of the album was carried out in various recording studios in Belgium, Netherlands and UK.
As per the previous record, “Sanctuary”, the mixing of the new album was done by Andrew Riley in his studio in Atlanta. The first single, “Fight For Your Honour” will be accompanied by a video shot while the band performed the song for the first time at their acclaimed performance at the Frontiers Rock Festival II in Milan, Italy.
One of the most influential and famous artists in the rock field, Rodney Matthews (Magnum, Diamond Head, Allen/Lande) has been commissioned to do the artwork for the album in the same style and stunning quality that so many fans loved on the original Mantis albums like “Time Tells No Lies” and the later album “Predator In Disguise”.
Praying Mantis are a well-established band of melodic hard rockers. They were formed by brothers Tino and Chris Troy in 1973 and together with bands like Iron Maiden, Def Leppard, Saxon, and others they spearheaded the NWOBHM movement. While they did not see the same dizzying heights of success as some of their contemporaries, Praying Mantis nonetheless became one of THE most influential bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). The band has remained active over the years and still record and play live regularly.
Praying Mantis are: John Cuijpers – Lead Vocals, Tino Troy – Guitars & Vocals, Chris Troy – Bass & Vocals, Andy Burgess – Guitars + Vocals, Hans in ‘t Zandt – Drums
Check out an EPK of the album here:
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