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One On One With Mitch Lafon - ROSS THE BOSS (Death Dealer)

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Tuesday, February 17, 2015
DEATH DEALER's Ross The Boss joins Mitch on episode 168 of One On One With Mitch Lafon. In the episode's only interview guitarist Ross The Boss discusses Death Dealer's new album 'Hallowed Ground', The Dictators, his time with Manowar, shares his thoughts about Joey DeMaio and much more.
Quotes from the interview: On leaving Manowar "Sometimes you just grow apart and Joey was taking the band over. There was no street sense. There was no nice. There was no being cool with other bands.This is not me. I wasn't planning on leaving and I did not leave. I was asked to leave."
On retiring from music: "If it ever gets to a point where it's an embarrassment. That you're just wheeling me on the stage... That'll never happen. Some bands are doing that already and it's not pretty. You'll never see that out of me - I guarantee you."
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