SANTANA Announce Long Awaited 'Santana 4' Album for April

Friday, April 15, 2016
LAS VEGASJan. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- April 15, 2016 marks the release date of Santana IV, the wildly anticipated studio album that reunites the revered early '70s lineup of guitar icon Carlos Santana (guitar, vocals), Gregg Rolie (keyboards, lead vocals), Neal Schon (guitar, vocals), Michael Carabello (percussion) and Michael Shrieve (drums). The album signifies the first time in 45 years – since 1971's multi-platinum classic Santana III – that the quintet has recorded together.
Santana IV features 16 all-new tracks written and produced by the band that burst with the same unparalleled energy and superlative musicianship that made Santana a pioneering force in world music and a household name across the globe. Joining the core Santana IV band in the studio are current Santana members Karl Perazzo (percussion) and Benny Rietveld (bass), with the legendary vocalistRonald Isley guesting on two cuts.
The origins for the reunion go back several years, when Schon suggested that he and Carlos Santana record together. Santana liked the idea but went one better, proposing that they recruit Rolie, Shrieve and Carabello for what would be called Santana IV. After initial writing sessions and rehearsals took place in 2013, the group recorded throughout 2014 and 2015, amassing 16 spellbinding tracks that combined all their signature elements – Afro-Latin rhythms, soaring vocals, electrifying blues-psychedelic guitar solos, and irrepressibly jubilant percussion work – with widescreen hooks and melodies that will lodge themselves in the thicket of listeners' senses and stay there.
"It was magical," Santana says. "We didn't have to try to force the vibe – it was immense. From there, we then needed to come up with a balance of songs and jams that people would immediately identify as Santana."
The band's signature sound arrives forcefully on the album opener "Yambu," a righteously gritty and soulful stomper teeming with swirling B3 organ hooks and walloping guitar crunch.
The first single, "Anywhere You Want to Go," is destined to storm the pantheon of Santana classics. Written by Gregg Rolie, it's a sexy, body-shaking winner and an unmistakable tip of the hat to the inescapable cha-cha/Latin jazz charms of "Oye Como Va."
Ronald Isley (The Isley Brothers) is a special guest on two tracks. His vocals highlight the feverishly impassioned Latin-rock workout "Love Makes the World Go Round" and the hard-edged and funky "Freedom in Your Mind." Guitar fans expecting fireworks from Santana and Schon will cherish Santana IV from front to back. "All Aboard" is a no-holds-barred guitar jam of the highest order, as is the slinky, soulful metal cruncher "Caminando," which explodes with tectonic axe force. And on the unabashedly British blues-tinged "Shake It," the two go toe to toe on not one but two extended solo runs that will have lovers of unhinged fretboard work rejoicing.
"Carlos and I feel more connected than ever," says Schon. "We get super-aggressive when we play, but also melodic and poetic. We have an incredible dialog with each other on our guitars."
Santana's recurring themes of love and tolerance are common threads throughout Santana IV, most dramatically on the epic tone poem album closer "Forgiveness," a languid and breathtakingly gorgeous atmospheric groover.
Music fans familiar with the "roaring lion" artwork on Santana's 1969 debut album will instantly greet Heather Griffin-Vine's graphic forSantana IV as a gloriously realized update of that iconic image. "I really think the music goes along with the cover, and vice versa," says Santana. "It all fits together beautifully."
Few bands can pick up a musical dialog after 45 years apart, but on Santana IV each band member reaches a new level of virtuosity and communal intuition on a collection of songs that easily stands side-by-side with the group's treasured early work.
"When you can go back and break new ground with joy and determination – and  some whoop-ass energy – it gets you going," says Santana. "I think we achieved something very rare. This music was screaming to come out of us. It wasn't about nostalgia. It was about passion."
Santana IV will be released on April 15, 2016, on Santana IV Records and is distributed by Thirty Tigers/RED Distribution. It will be available for pre-order on Amazon. For the CD click here, and for the LP click here. The album will be CD, Double 180 Gram Vinyl with Download Card and Digital configurations.
As a special offer for fans attending select shows on Santana's upcoming Luminosity tour, a CD copy of SANTANA IV is included with every pair of tickets.  This offer will be redeemed via a promo code at

SANTANA Spiritualizes RockNRoll On 1970 'Abraxas' Album

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Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, Michael Shrieve Share Story

Dallas, TX - Nov 3, 2015. North American syndicated Rock radio show and website InTheStudio with Redbeard: The Stories Behind Historys Greatest Rock Bands  celebrates one of the boldest, most successful, enduring and influential American albums, 1970s Abraxas by Santana.

The original Santana was one of the last bands to emerge from the late Sixties San Francisco music scene, introduced by a lights-out performance at the 1969 Woodstock Festival documented on film for the world to see. Until then no Artist had successfully infused the sounds of Blues, Salsa and Jazz into Rock, but Santanas second album Abraxas would embody all of it, spending six consecutive weeks atop the US album charts, selling millions and being lauded as Album of the Year by several publications.

Band leader Carlos Santanas distinctive guitar sound became instantly recognizable to fans and iconic in modern music to this day. His passion for music, his belief in its power and its magic, transcends both cultural differences and musical categories.  But for Carlos Santana, making music has never been about chart position or record sales. For Carlos, music is almost a spiritual quest, an expression of feelings too profound and intense for words. Playing music, says Carlos, is like having a ministry.

Carlos Santana elaborates on that thought with InTheStudio host Redbeard.

I think about planting certain sounds, certain cries, not whining, but certain cries, certain things in their hearts (concert goers). When you leave them... they say, Man you guys left me pregnant with the sound. Even when you unplugged the amplifiers and the trucks roll away, its still in me.    - Carlos Santana

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NEAL SCHON Talks SANTANA; Recording Wrapping This Week

Monday, April 20, 2015
Guitarist NEAL SCHON has just posted on his FB page with an update on the upcoming new SANTANA record Santana IV.
He posted these comments: "Wishing a Great Week to you All. We are Wrapping up Santana IV this week!!! Sounds Amazing!!"
“This record is going to take over the World. I just hope Management gets it together for us to tour together as I WILL Tour with Carlos either way. Its way too happening to not. World domination once again!”
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