Tim Karr


TIM KARR Returns With 'Lost In The Ether' This February

Singer/songwriter/guitarist TIM KARR will release a brand new solo album finally in February. ‘Lost In The Ether’ release details are pending, but the information about the album is as follows:
Vocals: Tim Karr
Guitars: Tim Karr, Malac, Curt Myers
Bass: Paul Eckman, Joe Cerrato, Bart Broadnax, Robert Martins, Louis Ruiz
Drums: Hawk Lopez
Keys: Michael Smith
Cello: Maxim Velichkin
Harp: Little John Chrisley
Background Vocals: Tim Karr, Robert Martins, H’Atina, Brittany Mayer
Track Listing:
Salvation or Bust!: 3:27
Destruction: 3:52
Stand My Ground: 3:19
Slow Change: 3:17
Rattle Trap: 2:57
Good For You: 3:15
Leave Me Blind: 2:53
Sweet Tea & Violence: 3:05
Telegenocide: 2:56
Says Tim:
“Sometimes I just need to sit and think for a while…
For me, songwriting is an attempt to understand this thing called Life and how I fit into it. How to survive in a world apparently determined to set itself on fire. Do I bring a match or do I join the Bucket brigade? The answers are not always so simple.
Ideas usually start with a lyric, hook, or groove that will not leave me alone. It runs in a loop in my head non-stop, always in the background like a face half hidden in the shadows. (This usually happens in my kitchen by the way. Kind of annoying.) Anyway… that shit will torture me until I record it in some form. Eventually, a new record starts to take shape. Something I need to say; something that needs to be said. No-holds-barred, brutally honest.
In a world with so much disposable music, these songs need to stand the test of time.
Recording Lost in the Ether was a blast. Full of people I’ve known for 30+ years. People I came up with. People I grew up with. Old friends and a few new ones who graciously donated their time and talents to making back-to-basics rock n’ roll music. Songs for late night drives on darkened highways. Songs to dance to, or comfort you when times get tough. To make a connection when the whole world seems lost.
I’m really proud of this record. I hope you will dig it too.”
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