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JIMI ANDERSON GROUP Returns With ‘I Belong’ August 30

Friday, August 30, 2019
Born In Rigside, Lanarkshire, Scotland, Anderson's first Rock band was in 1978, singing mainly Rush & Deep Purple songs, and so his passion for 'Classic Rock' had begun. The next few years brought many hours of practise and to Paul Rodgers, David Coverdale & Ronnie James Dio for inspiration. He began writing songs and formed the Rock band 'Sahara' whilst spending any spare time attending a gazzillion gigs at the Legendary 'Glasgow Apollo' till it closed in 1985.
Various incarnations of the band ensued including a name change to "The Hardline" until they were picked-up by 'Wet Wet Wet's manager Elliott Davis and offered a management contract on the strength of a demo tape. Showcasing his phenomenal voice, 5 years of recording demo's, touring, notable sell out gigs at Glasgow's King Tut's, London's 'Borderline Club' and a support to Wet Wet Wet in front of 30,000 people at Glasgow Green followed. The singer continued writing, performing and recording, appearing on Michael Barrymore's National Television shows ' My Kind of People' & 'Barrymore' in 1997/98 and went on to sing at concerts & festivals in Cyprus, Romania, Turkey and Holland.
Living now in York, Anderson has continued writing and moved on to spend four years as lead vocalist with tribute band 'A Foreigners Journey' and toured extensively in the UK and Rhodes. Meeting new friends along the way, and his voice just got better and better so a decision was made to leave "A Foreigners Journey" and the next adventure started. His latest side project is a tribute to great American Melodic Rock with some great musicians and friends called "Legends of AOR". Their debut gig was in Spain in front of a crowd of Rhodes Rockers. The festival has now moved to Cyprus where ‘Legends of AOR’ have performed for the last 3 years.
In 2015 Jimi finally realized his dream and released an album of original songs recorded at FML studios in Motherwell, Scotland with Producer/Engineer/Musicians Sandy Jones and Greame Duffin, and over the last 4 years has taken his music on the road up & down the UK. So the Jimi Anderson Group was born. The album titled ‘Longtime Comin’ was released in 2017.
On August 30th, 2019 the follow-up release “I Belong” will hit the shelves – the first record on AOR Heaven. Like it’s predecessor ‘I Belong’ was recorded at FML with Sandy Jones at the helm. Jimi, Sandy & Greame performed most of the music. This time however ace guitarist ‘David Cuthbert’ features on quite a few of the tracks including ‘Wonderful Tokyo Nights’, ‘Fearless Warrior’ & ‘I’m A Believer’ to name a few, including the beautiful ballad title track, ‘I Belong’.
Soundfiles in advance:

ALIEN 2CD Rerelease Of Classic Self-Titled Debut August 30

Friday, August 30, 2019
Even though the self-titled ALIEN debut is 31 years old now it has lost nothing of its magic. In particular the two anthems “Only One Woman” and “Tears Don’t Put Out The Fire” are still a wet dream for any AOR fan.
This digitally remastered reissue contains the original Scandinavian version with Jim Jidhed on vocals as well as the later US-version with new singer Pete Sandberg on vocals on some songs.
Furthermore the re-release contains the two bonus tracks “Feel My Love” and “Touch My Fire” which make this album even more essential.
Strictly limited repressing of 1000 copies, only available through the AOR Heaven mail-order via
CD1: 1988 – Alien (Scandinavian Edition)
1. Brave New Love - 3:53, 2. Tears Don't Put Out The Fire - 4:09, 3. Go Easy - 3:39, 4. I've Been Waiting - 5:03, 5. Jaime Remember - 4:41, 6. . Feel My Love - 3:46, 7. Only One Woman - 4:12, 8. Wings Of Fire - 3:23, 9. Dying By The Golden Rule - 3:49, 10. Touch My Fire - 3:58, 11. Dreamer - 4:40, 12. Mirror - 4:29: bonus tracks: 13. Feel My Love (Polar session outtake) - 3:52, 14. Touch My Fire (Polar session outtake) - 3:51
CD2: 1989 – Alien (US Edition)
1. Tears Don't Put Out The Fire (Remix) - 4:32, 2. Go Easy (Remix) - 3:48, 3. I've Been Waiting (Remix) - 5:09, 4. Jaimie Remember - 4:43, 5. Feel My Love (Remix) - 3:45, 6. Only One Woman (Remix) - 4:34, 7. Brave New Love - 4:00, 8. The Air That I Breathe - 4:36, 9. Touch My Fire - 4:06, 10. Now Love - 4:25

THE CULT Celebrate Landmark Album 'Sonic Temple' 30th Anniversary

Friday, September 13, 2019
2019 marks the 30th anniversary of THE CULT's seminal album SONIC TEMPLE. To celebrate the anniversary, Beggars Arkive will release THE CULT: SONIC TEMPLE 30 on September 13. It will be released as a deluxe box set and a 5-CD set, plus the label will reissue a Sonic Temple on Double LP, which has been out of print for over 20 years. The sets both contain limited-release demos in addition to previously unreleased tracks. (Full details and track-listings are below.) Preorders are available here.
The band is also happy to announce more A Sonic Temple tour dates. After a run of hugely successful and completely sold-out U.S. West Coast tour dates, they will play 10 shows in the UK in October (dates below).
Originally released in 1989, Sonic Temple proved to be a pivotal moment for both the band and the wider rock scene. Produced by the legendary Bob Rock, Sonic Temple had four chart-topping singles: "Fire Woman," "Edie (Ciao Baby),' "Sun King" and "Sweet Soul Sister."
In a recent interview about the album, Ian Astbury explained how the band brought together hard rock and indie rock to create the unique, game-changing sounds on Sonic Temple. "We wanted to retain our core DNA as we went deeper into psych and hard rock influences. It was a complete immersion for me into art, film, music, poetry and literature, weaving those influences into what was to become Sonic Temple. The band was becoming more popular. We were in uncharted waters. Most of the bands we had come up with had split up or fallen off. We were accelerating. There was no real time to breathe. We were forming new allegiances and breaking the glass ceiling of 'the indie outsider.'"
The album catapulted THE CULT into superstar status and remains their most commercially successful release. It has sold over 1.5 million copies in the U.S. alone and was certified platinum in 1990. It made it to #10 on the Billboard charts, and the aforementioned songs all remain rock-radio staples to this day.
The set list for the "A Sonic Temple" tour draws from THE CULT's 10 studio albums with the centerpiece being a super set that's focused on the core songs from Sonic Temple; some of these songs have not been performed since the album was originally released. Each show will be a gathering and celebration for CULT fans--an opportunity to come together for one night--an event that will be memorable for all who attend. As Billy Duffy stated about the tour in a recent interview, "I'd like fans to not only allow themselves a little indulgence into maybe simpler happier times of the late 80s for a few hours at a ST19 show, but also be happy that the music is now really their possession, not ours, and to do with it what they will."
The BOX SET contains three pieces of vinyl and a cassette plus tour memorabilia and ephemera (replica of original laminate, backstage pass, original press releases, label copy and more). It's numbered and limited to 3000 pieces worldwide and contains 40 tracks, four of which were previously unreleased. LP1+2 contain the album as originally released. LP3 contains "Live At Wembley" recorded by the BBC, and the included cassette contains limited-release demos. Four of the live tracks are also previously unreleased.
The FIVE-CD SET contains 53 tracks (including 6 previously unreleased) with the original album on disc 1, alternate edits, mixes, extended versions and acoustic versions on disc 2, limited-release demos on discs 3 and 4 and "Live at Wembley" recorded by the BBC on disc 5. Six of the live tracks are previously unreleased. It is beautifully packaged in book form with rare photographs and interviews with the band by esteemed UK journalist James Brown.
The DOUBLE LP is a re-vamped reissue of the original album. Now cut onto two pieces of black vinyl, the audio is improved and contains 16 tracks total, which comprise the original album plus six B-sides. It's been out of print for over 20 years.
The DIGITAL version will replicate the CD-set but excludes the original album for a total of 43 tracks.
Oct 15 Nottingham, UK - Rock City
Oct 17 Birmingham, UK - Academy
Oct 18 Cardiff, Wales - Cardiff University
Oct 20 Leeds, UK - Academy
Oct 21 Aberdeen, Scotland - The Music Hall
Oct 22 Glasgow, Scotland - Academy
Oct 24 Manchester, UK - Apollo
Oct 27 London, UK - Hammersmith Apollo
Oct 28 Bristol, UK - Academy
Oct 29 Portsmouth, UK - Guildhall
1-1 Sun King
1-2 Fire Woman
1-3 American Horse
1-4 Edie (Ciao Baby)   
1-5 Sweet Soul Sister
1-6 Soul Asylum
1-7 New York City
1-8 Automatic Blues
1-9 Soldier Blue
1-10 Wake Up Time For Freedom
2-1 Sonic Temple Radio Promo
2-2 Fire Woman (Edit)
2-3 Messin' Up The Blues (from the Fire Woman single)
2-4 Medicine Train (From the Edie (Ciao Baby) single)
2-5 Fire Woman (NYC Rock Mix) (from the Fire Woman CD EP)
2-6 Edie (Ciao Baby) (Edit)
2-7 Bleeding Heart Graffiti (from the Edie (Ciao Baby) CD EP)
2-8 Sun King (Edit)
2-9 Sweet Soul Sister (Edit)
2-10 The River (From the Sweet Soul Sister single)
2-11 Soldier Blue (Werman Extended Version)
2-12 Fire Woman (LA Rock Mix)
2-13 Sweet Soul Sister (Rock's Mix)
2-14 Edie (Ciao Baby) (Acoustic) (From The Heart Of Soul CD single)
3-1 Medicine Train (demo)
3-2 New York City (demo)
3-3 American Horse (demo)
3-4 Sun King (demo)
3-5 Automatic Blues (demo)
3-6 Yes Man (demo)
3-7 Fire (demo)
3-8 Wake Up Time For Freedom (demo)
3-9 Citadel (demo)
3-10 The River (demo)
4-1 The Crystal Ocean (demo)
4-2 Cashmere (demo)
4-3 Edie (demo)
4-4 Bleeding Heart Revival (demo)
4-5 My Love (demo)
4-6 Star Child (demo)
4-7 Medicine Train (Rock Demo)
4-8 New York City (Rock Demo)
4-9 Fire (rock Demo)
4-10 Spanish Gold (jam Demo)
5-1 New York City (live) *previously unreleased)
5-2 Automatic Blues (live) *previously unreleased)
5-3 American Horse (live) (from the Sweet Soul Sister single)
5-4 Sun King (live) *previously unreleased
5-5 Soul Asylum (live) (from the Sweet Soul Sister single)
5-6 Rain (live) *previously unreleased
5-7 Sweet Soul Sister (live) (from the Sweet Soul Sister single)
5-8 She Sells Sanctuary (live) *previously unreleased
5-9 Fire Woman (live) *previously unreleased



FICTION SYXX New Album 'The Alternate Me' Out Now

FICTION SYXX's  new epic studio albuym ‘The Alternate Me’ is released worldwide today.
ALL pre-orders have been shipped out.
The album is also on all digitl outlets:
To celebrate release day, the guys have delivered a brand new video. Please enjoy:
FICTION SYXX mixes progressive hard rock with a nuance of melodic rock. The first release from this project was a way to bring a talented core of seasoned musicians together and to bring several guest artists and what came out of the effort is a solid 11 songs of progressive rock.
PRE-ORDER FICTION SYXX - The Alternate Me ($15 + $5 airmail shipping worldwide) Get 3 Tracks In Advance
Fiction Syxx is:
Mark Allen Lanoue - Lead Vocals & Guitar
JK Northrup - Guitar, B. Vocals & Production
Rory Faciane - Drums
Larry Hart - Bass
Eric Ragno – Keyboards
The new album picks up where the debut left off, but at the same time, dials everything up 3 notches. The musicianship, the complexities of the songs, the production and the hooks. All maximized for fan enjoyment.
FICTION SYXX is the brain child of songwriter/vocalist/guitarist, Mark Allen Lanoue. But like all ideas, including musical ones, it is not just about the writing; it is about the delivery. So, after writing the first song called “Welcome to my Nightmare” for this new musical journey, Mark started talking with friend and multi-talented musician/songwriter/producer, JK Northrup (KING KOBRA, XYZ) about starting a project that would be framed around a core of members.
The album was Produced, Mixed and Mastered by JK Northrup at Alien Productions Music Studio, Carmichael CA, USA. /


THUNDER Unveil 'The Greatest Hits' All Formats Sept 27

Friday, September 27, 2019
It’s 30 years of Thunder this year, so we’ve decided to release the first ever band curated Greatest Hits compilation on September 27.
“Thunder - The Greatest Hits” will feature at least 1 track from all of our 12 studio albums. There’s even a couple of our favourite covers thrown in there too. We hope you’ll like having all the bangers in one handy place.

There will be 28 remastered tracks, available on Triple Vinyl, 2xCD, 3xCD & Digital formats. The 3CD version includes the live show we streamed at Planet Rock’s London studios on January 18th this year. The artwork is chock full of memorabilia pics and interviews too.

Pre-orders will are now live from the Townsend Music store.
There are several bundles available plus an exclusive Greatest Hits t-shirt.
Check them all out here.
Ben, Chris, Danny, Harry, & Luke

CD1 [of both 2 and 3CD formats]
Dirty Love // Love Walked In // She’s So Fine // A Better Man // Backstreet Symphony // Low Life In High Places // River Of Pain // Like A Satellite // Stand Up // Living For Today // Love Worth Dying For // Just Another Suicide // All I Ever Wanted // Gimme Shelter (The Rolling Stones cover)

CD2 [of both 2 and 3CD formats]
I Love You More Than Rock N Roll // Loser // I’m Dreaming Again // The Devil Made Me Do It On The Radio // The Rain // Wonder Days // Rip It Up // In Another Life // Right From The Start // The Thing I Want // Future Train [2019 Version] // Low Life In High Places [2019 Version] // Your Time Is Gonna Come (Led Zeppelin cover)

CD3 [recorded live at Planet Rock - Included with Deluxe 3xCD Version Only]
Bigger Than Both Of Us // Serpentine // She’s So Fine // Blown Away // River Of Pain // Stand Up


MRR is running very low on some Limited Edition titles, so now might be the last chance to grab one of the following before they are sold out for good.
BRETT WALKER – “Last Parade” 6CD Box Set w/Bonus Tracks – 27 LEFT
CANNONBALLZ – “8Ballz2Many” Limited Edition Ecobook Digipack Version – 25 LEFT
SHOTGUN SYMPHONY – “The Last Symphony” 4CD Set w/Longbox Slipcase – 25 LEFT
TONY MITCHELL – “Beggars Gold” 2CD Special Edition w/Slipcase – 40 LEFT

TOTO 'All In' Liner Notes PDF Available For Free Download

As many would be aware, I had the great honor of writing the complete liner notes for the TOTO box set 'All In', which celebrated the band's 40th Anniversary. Released earlier in the year, the box set has completely sold out and there is now a budget CD-Only version available. The liner notes were not included in the CD-Only release, but I'm excited to announce that the band and Sony Music have agreed to make available a PDF liner notes only version of the book for free download.
I hope you enjoy reading the album by album essays as much as I did writing them.



DAVID GLEN EISLEY Returns With Solo Opus 'Tattered Torn & Worn' Out Now

Vocalist DAVID GLEN EISLEY, the man behind Giuffria, Dirty White Boy and the anthem of all anthems ‘Sweet Victory’, returns with a new solo album ‘Tattered, Torn & Worn’, out now on all digital platforms.
A CD is due to be released in a couple of weeks via CD Baby.
Featured on the album is:
David Glen Eisley – vocals, drums, guitar, keyboards
Paul Clem Calder – guitars, bass
Ron Wikso - Drums
G.D. Tubbs - Bass
Buy, listen or stream now:
Singer, songwriter David Glen Eisley came on to the music scene back in the mid-eighties penning & performing the hit single “Call to the Heart” from the debt album from Giuffria. After two successful albums, videos and world tour he then joined forces with guitarist Earl Slick of “Bowie/Lennon” fame and released one album with the band Dirty White Boy.
Eisley has always been involved in the bulk of all the writing whether it be solo or a band scenario. As he says jokingly “I don’t do justice to anything other than what I write! I’m just not that type of singer for better or worse! I do “ME” and that’s about it!”
Following the short-lived venture with Slick, David wrote, sang and performed with guitarist Bob Kulick (Kiss, Meatloaf fame) the now iconic “Sweet Victory” which has for years been featured in the beloved episode “Band Geeks” in famous “Sponge Bob Square Pants” television series.
Most recently the resurgence of the song has been staggering and recently charted at #17 on Billboard’s rock charts. It was in high demand & petitioned by multi-millions of fans to be performed by David at the last Super Bowl. To the dismay of many “The Halftime Show” had been already laid out.
Eisley has released a few solo ventures out Worldwide and his new solo record titled “Tattered, Torn & Worn” is complete! Sharing production tasks with David is ace guitarist, singer & engineer Paul “Clem” Calder. The venture has been spread over the span of a year and is “now baked & outta the oven!”
“I’m happiest doin my own thing for whatever that’s worth as I’m a loner at heart...” stated David. He concludes: “I still do this as it keeps me seriously from the looney bin! Writing is like the safest outlet I got! I’m blessed to still have a passion, a voice and a great “right arm man” in “Clem” to do this stuff. Without him I’d be workin it all out on a 6 string banjo! In closing, I guess I’m here for awhile and will more than likely “Rock till I Drop.” ~ DGE
Out “NOW” on Ol’ Boothill Records

ADOURS 'Last Place On Earth' Out August 9

Friday, August 9, 2019
ARDOURS is a new alternative/gothic metal band formed by Tristania singer Mariangela Demurtas and multi-instrumentalist/producer Kris Laurent. The lineup on the album is rounded out by Mariangela's fellow Tristania member Tarald Lie on drums, who also wrote the lyrics for the songs.
The end result is an exciting and creative album with a fresh sound straddling the lines between rock, metal, and gothic atmospheres with prominent vocal melodies and hooks. In the words of singer Mariangela Demurtas, "the album is a carousel of fatalism, confusion, insight, enlightenment, self-deception, bitterness, loss of faith, apathy, closure, and hope of a new dawn spinning relentlessly towards the looming contours of the end. Or the complete opposite. We definitely like to leave as much free interpretation as possible to the audience."
About “Last Moment”, Mariangela says, “it is a song about approaching the end. It is actually an optimistic and positive song compared to some others on the album; however, focusing on the notion that something better than this world is waiting, so we can leave life with a radiant hope. In the video we wanted to show our identity in a way that the audience could see how we express ourselves lyrically and musically."
Fans of The Gathering, Lacuna Coil, latter-era Tiamat, and newer artists like Idle Hands will find much to love hear and should keep their ears open for Ardours.
Ardours have also announced that their first live show will take place on September 7th 2019 at La Cueva Rock in Quartucciu (Cagliari) Italy.
"Last Place On Earth” tracklisting:
What Else Is There
Last Place On Earth
Last Moment
The Mist
Therefore I Am
No One Is Listening
Produced by Ardours
Band members
+Mariangela Demurtas: vocals
+Kris Laurent: guitars, bass and keyboards
+Tarald Lie: drums
+Nico Etelavuori: bass on “Design”

Escape Music Delighted To Announce Signing Of EIGHTEENTH HOUR

Friday, August 23, 2019
Eighteenth Hour - Eighteenth Hour
Catalogue number : ESM333
Release date: 23 August 2019
Eighteenth Hour is:
Tom Chaffier - Drums
Geoff Houser - Voccals/Guitar
Jim Touchton - Bass
David Zullo - Guitar
Copyright 2019
Recorded at Brian J. Anthony Studios
Mixed & Engineered by Brian J. Anthony
Produced by Brian J. Anthony and Eighteenth Hour
All songs written by Eighteenth Hour
1-Where The Truth Lies 4:21 / 2- In Denial 3:41 / 3-Try 3:22 / 4- Damage Done 4:07 /  5- Takes Me Back 4:57 / 6- Such A Shame 3:24 / 7- Unnoticed 4:23 / 8- Should’ve Been Gone 5:23 / 9- The Rising 5:02 / 10- All This Time 4:10
Eighteenth Hour bio:
Bethlehem is a city of 75,000 people in eastern Pennsylvania - a city known for its rich colonial and industrial history. It is home of The Moravian Book Shop, the oldest continuously operating bookstore in the world dating back to 1745. Bethlehem Steel Corporation was the second largest steel producer in the United States and the largest ship builder. It manufactured steel for the George Washington Bridge, Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building, Hoover Dam, and many other American landmarks. It perfectly exemplified the hard working nature of the historic area.
Bethlehem is also home of Eighteenth Hour, a band that has captured the Lehigh Valley’s hard working essence by continually reaching new heights throughout their extensive career. The most recent achievement being selected as the opening act for Bon Jovi in their hometown area. The band has gradually put a bigger and bigger stamp on the vibrant Lehigh Valley music scene and is now poised to break out.
Eighteenth Hour’s musical prowess has earned them a reputation for being one of the area's best live original bands. Their music resonates with a broad audience as exemplified by the eclectic mix of artists they have shared the stage with including 3 Doors Down, Bret Michaels, Thin Lizzy, Spacehog, Collective Soul, Hinder, Skid Row, Days of The New, Saigon Kick, The Outfield, Ratt, Blessid Union of Souls, Great White, and blues great Shemeika Copeland.
Eighteenth Hour's remarkable list of accomplishments includes being named "Best Band" in the Lehigh Valley Magazine's Best of The Valley Poll, “Best Original Band" in the Reader's Choice Poll of Pulse Weekly Magazine, winning the 95.1fm WZZO 15th Annual Backyard Bands Competition, and winning numerous Lehigh Valley Music Awards including "Best Rock CD" and "Best Original Band". The band’s high energy performances have captivated audiences along the east coast including such notable venues as PPL Center (Allentown, PA), Alive@Five Festival (Stamford, CT), World Cafe Live (Philadelphia, PA), The Bitter End, (New York NY), and the main stage of the USA’s largest free music festival, Musikfest.
The CD you hold in your hand showcases straight-ahead rock & roll songwriting at its finest while capturing Eighteenth Hour's live performance musicianship, which is what this band has become known for over the years.

FAITHSEDGE ‘Bleed For Passion’ Details Revealed

Friday, July 26, 2019
‘Bleed for Passion’ is the new album from Melodic Hard Rock group Faithsedge. Produced, mixed and mastered by former Dokken guitarist Alex De Rosso, ‘Bleed For Passion’ takes the listener back to the days of big guitars and powerful melodic vocal lines of the 80's and early 90's, but keeping an up to date view on the lyrics and subject matter. The band features singer/songwriter Giancarlo Floridia, Mr.Big/Ace Frehley drummer Matt Starr, ex-Stryper bassist extraordinaire Timothy Gaines and Alex De Rosso himself. The track listing is as follows:
Back From This
Through The Scars
I know I Need To Let You Go
Girl When
I’ve Changed
Bleeding With The Memories
Reflecting A Voice
The powerful cover artwork was made by Federico Mondelli (Frozen Crown/Be The Wolf). The album will be available starting from July 26 on Scarlet Records (and on Spiritual Beast in Japan).

BLOCK BUSTER Debut 'Losing Gravity' Out Sept 13

Friday, September 13, 2019
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of Block Buster's debut album, “Losing Gravity” on September 13, 2019. The band has released their debut single and music video, 'Move', view it NOW!
Block Buster are an up and coming band from the Finnish hard rock scene and one of the newest signings to Frontiers’ New Breed roster. Young, full of energy, and ready to carry the rock ‘n roll torch into the future, Block Buster are yet another gem from the robust Nordic hard rock scene. Mainly influenced by rock music from the 70's and the 80's along with a good dose of current rock bands, the band's debut "Losing Gravity” is a healthy mixture of these various influences.
The band says, "Our style is a combination of many things. We grew up listening to "classic" rock, but we also like many of today's artists from different genres, who tend to influence us just as much. So, we guess it's a mixture of modern and retro. We like to think the result is quite fresh, as we don't really try to recreate the sound of the 70's or the 80's, we rather want to sound like a 21st century band.
All in all, we just play rock music."
If you're going to a Block Buster show, you will witness an energetic, loud, sweaty & skull crushing rock 'n' roll spectacle performed by four young men having the best time of their lives. See below for upcoming tour dates!
1. Out In The City
2. Gone By The Morning
3. Flammable
4. Back From The Shadows
5. Losing Gravity
6. Sweet Mary Jane (Album Version)
7. Somebody To Shock Me
8. Walking Like A Dog
9. Move
10. Would You Do It Again
11. Bulletproof (Bonus Track)
Produced by: Johnny Jonas
Aarni Metsäpelto - Lead vocals & Guitar
Jaakko Metsäpelto - Drums & Vocals
Joonas Arppe - Bass & Vocals
Elias Salo - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Confirmed tour dates:
14.6. Rock In The City, Kuopio - FI*
29.6. Virgin Oil, Helsinki - FI
5.7. Rock In The City, Rauma - FI*
6.7. One Pint Pub, Helsinki - FI*
12.7. Rock In The City, Lahti - FI*
13.7. Sataman Helmi, Kuopio - FI*
19.7. Rock In The City, Kouvola - FI*
25.7. Kuopiorock, Kuopio - FI
26.7. Cape Fear Meeting, Tuusniemi - FI
2.8. Rock In The City, Lappeenranta - FI*
16.8. Rock In The City, Joensuu - FI*
13.9. Henry's Pub, Kuopio - FI
14.9. Kerubi, Joensuu - FI
27.9. Rock House Kulma, Kajaani - FI
2.-5.10. Lost In Music, Tampere - FI
5.10. On The Rocks, Helsinki - FI
16.11. Tuiskula/Nivala, Nivala - FI
*Acoustic shows

COLORVINE Comeback Album 'Wake Up' Gets Wider Release July 5

Friday, July 5, 2019
US rock band COLORVINE (formerly TOWER CITY) will release their new melodic rock album 'Wake Up' in Europe on July 5th, 2019 via CV Media Group/Cargo Records UK.
This isn’t the typical “come-back” story, though. Forget the band previously signed with Warner Brothers, Interscope and Atlantic, and were managed by Don Arden (the music industry legend who worked with rock icons like Ozzy Osborne, Jerry Lee Lewis and Electric Light Orchestra). For the band today, it’s 100% about the music, and the way it’s meant to be experienced.
1. Like A Rocket
2. Victory Song
3. Wake Up
4. Radio Days
5. Change In The Weather
6. Smoke
7. Happy Broken Heart
8. Be The One
9. Closer
10. Say You Love Me
The album was recorded and mixed by Colorvine at The Fenix Room. Mastered by Ken Love (DeGarmo & Key, Greg X Volz, Holy Soldier, Spock's Beard, Neal Morse) at Sweetwater Studios
“The song ‘Radio Days’ really states what this album is about. We want to bring people back to those days of turning up the radio and singing our favorite songs � even listening to an entire album like we used to!” said band co-founder Heath Saltis. Grammy-nominated band mates Heath and Larry Saltis describe the new album as “a true passion project and labor of love two years in the making.”
With a focus on “giving the people what they want,” Colorvine proves they can still excite listeners with their own brand of melodic rock that mixes past and present; from Wake Up’s first track to its last, the album blends multiple genres into a single harmonic tour de force. It’s a refreshing change, in the era of single digital downloads, to listen to an album carefully crafted for a beginning-to-end experience.
“They say that a change is as good as a rest,” writes music reviewer Dave Franklin, “but in the case of Colorvine, this rest seems to have brought them back both hungry, energized and brilliantly focused as songwriters.”
Setting the pace for the rest of the album, Wake Up’s first track “Like A Rocket” is the perfect opener to announce Colorvine’s return with a chorus that invites the listener to join them as they “run and chase the music they love.” The album’s first single, “Victory Song,” features big harmonies, infectious drum beats, and in-your-face guitar chords that will have you pressing repeat as soon as the song finishes. This is a high-energy and highly relatable song that celebrates rising above life’s challenges. And the album’s title track “Wake Up” may very well have the widest appeal as it challenges listeners to find their own meaning within the lyrics.
Colorvine is:
Larry Saltis - Lead Vocals, Guitar (Tower City, New Monkees)
Heath Saltis - Drums, Percussion, Keyboards, Background Vocals (Tower City)
Kurt Reed - Bass Guitar, Background Vocals

“We are digging the new Colorvine album - sounds like Tower City withh a modern edge.” - Tom Martin of VEGA
"Blatantly current and instantly relatable song lyrics with a solid rock foundation. Progressive and retro at the same time...I don't know if I'm listening to the past or the present." - Matthew Long of Aftermaster Audio Labs
Catch Colorvine on tour with Foreigner during the Summer 2019.
Upcoming Shows:
July 26 Akron OH Album Release Show
August 11 Grand Rapids MI With Foreigner
September 3 Kitchener ON With Foreigner

SOLEIL MOON Return With 'Warrior' Out August 9

Friday, August 9, 2019
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of Soleil Moon's long awaited third album “Warrior” on August 9
Following the great critical acclaim that Soleil Moon gathered with the release of their first two albums. "Worlds Apart” (1999) and “On the Way To Everything” (2011), the band reconvened to record a new album in 2018. Born as a collaboration between singer Larry King (Michael Thompson Band) and keyboardist John Blasucci (Dennis DeYoung), Soleil Moon has become a personal outlet for writer and producer Larry King to "spread my wings and share a piece of my life with everyone. In order to stay in this business you have to be a "Warrior". Frontiers has given me the chance to express myself my way. I am very grateful."
"The entire premise of this album is variety,” continues King. "I have been fortunate to be allowed to put great songs and personal stories on this record. No handcuffs...a peek into my life as well as the other writers. Personal stories make for more meaningful songs that others hopefully can relate to. Each song takes a journey that has it's own vignette of space and time creating a little movie in your mind. I want people to listen to and see the story. John Blasucci, Khari Parker, Alan Berliant, Chris Siebold, Lee Sklar, Vinnie Colaiuta, Joie Scott, Opal Staples, Mike Harvey, Kelly Keagy (of Night Ranger), Jeff Morrow, Cheryl Wilson, Craig Bauer, Jeff Breakey, and of course, Michael Thompson have been helping me with my creations for a long time. I owe my career and life's work to this team. They have pushed and pulled me to be better every step of the way. I can never express the amount of gratitude that I have for them."
As a special treat, the album includes the song “72 Camaro”, which was released as a Michael Thompson Band single in anticipation of that band's performance at the Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan in 2018. Explains King, "Michael and I work together often on various projects and when we decided to do the MTB record, we both started writing. '72 Camaro' was a song about my first car and was very personal to me. It was my story. By the time the MTB record "Love And Beyond" was finished, we had mutually decided that because this was my story, it would be better suited for the Soleil Moon record."
Soleil Moon debuted in 1999 with the independently released album “Worlds Apart,” which also included the song “I’d Die For You,” later covered by Michael Kiske’s Place Vendome on their second album, “Streets Of Fire”. The album did quite well on Adult Contemporary radio with "Willingly," "Never Say Goodbye," and the title track, all of which ranked inside the Top 10 on U.S. national radio charts for the format. The follow up, “On the Way to Everything” came about a few years after and was acclaimed as a high quality AOR release.
Larry is a mind-bogglingly multi-talented singer, songwriter, player, producer, and band leader who has been a full-time musician, singer and songwriter since he was 12 years old. In 1997, Larry conceptualized and formed 'The Larry King Orchestra'. He hand-picked eleven top notch musicians and vocalists to form what became one of Chicago's premiere 22 piece Society Bands. The musicians chosen became such a dynamic team in this forum that they went on to feature in the recording and performance of music by Soleil Moon, Larry King's original project developed with John Blasucci, currently the keyboard player for Dennis DeYoung (ex-Styx).
Whoever loves great, melodic AOR with impeccable production should add “Warrior” to their 'must listen' list!
1. ’72 Camaro
2. Here For You
3. You And I
4. Just So You Know
5. Can’t Go On
6. Halfway To Nowhere
7. How Long
8. Nothing Matters
9. When I’m With You
10. Before The Rainbow
11. Warrior
12. 420 (Hidden Track)
Produced By: Larry King
Soleil Moon:
Larry King - Vocals, Keys
Khari Parker - Drums
Chris Siebold - Guitars
Alan Berliant - Bass
John Blasucci - Keys
Guest Performers:
Michael Thompson - Guitars (all songs)
Ricky Peterson - Organ on "72 Camaro"



MARK BAKER - 2 More Preview Edits Feat. James Christian & Mark Free

Friday, July 26, 2019
Mark Baker is the man behind the iconic Signal ‘Loud & Clear’ album as well as many other songs including tracks for 38 Special, Paris Black, Triumph and Boulevard.
He was also the main co-writer on House Of Lords’ acclaimed ‘Demons Down’ record, re-joining as co-writer on some of the band’s more recent albums too.
‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’ is a compilation of Mark’s songwriter demos from the 80s and 90s. The songwriter demos feature various singers, including the best session vocalist of them all – Mark Free. I’m pleased to say there are several unreleased Mark Free vocals.
PRE-ORDER MARK BAKER 'The Future Ain't What It Used To Be' ($15 + $5 Airmail Shipping Worldwide)
PRE-ORDER DEAL MARK BAKER 'The Future Ain't What It Used To Be' & OUTLASTED 'Waiting For Daybreak' ($30 + $5 Airmail Shipping Worldwide)
Track Listing & Vocalist Featured:
01. Nobody Gets Out Alive (Mark Free) 03:38
02. The Future Ain't What It Used To Be (Mark Free) 04:35
03. Demons Down (Demo Version)(James Christian) 03:34
04. No Pleasure Without The Pain (Demo Version)(James Christian) 05:00
05. Someday You're Gonna Love Someone (Mark Free) 03:45
06. A Little Too Much (Mark Free) 04:23
07. First To Cry (Mark Free) 03:43
08. What Did You Do (Mark Free) 04:27
09. Nothin' (Mark Free) 04:48
10. Dream On Little Dreamer (Bill Champlin) 04:16
11. Give A Little (Vocalsist Unknown) 03:57
12. Cold Day In Hell (James Christian) 04:12
13. Questions Of The Heart (Gary O) 04:59
14. Brighter Day (James Christian) 04:32
15. Only Young (Vocalist Unknown) 04:01
16. Runaway (Mark Free) 03:53
17. Superhero (Mark Free) 04:46
18. X T C O I (Freddy Curci) 03:46

CRASHDIET Rocking New Album 'Rust' Out Aug 9

Friday, August 9, 2019
Sweden's own sleaze metal pioneers, Crashdiet are back with a new album, RUST and a new music video, "Idiots". RUST is out September 13th on Diet Records (Scandinavia) and Frontiers Music SRL (World, ex-Scandinavia).
The "Idiots" video is a tribute to the best movies ever made, according to the band's cinematic opinion, as they turn back time a few decades, revisiting the good old days.The video was shot by Jimmy Johansson (Super Lino Puro), who also produced the band’s two previous videos, "We Are The Legion" and "Reptile".
"RUST" is the first studio album in six years and is the follow-up to the 2013 effort, "The Savage Playground". It also signifies the first album to feature the band's newest member, vocalist Gabriel Keyes, who joined the band in 2017.
"RUST" was produced by Martin Sweet (apart from two tracks produced by Eric Bazilian and Chris Laney) and mixed by Chris Laney, who previously worked with CRASHDÏET on their 2005 critically acclaimed debut, "Rest In Sleaze".
"RUST" tracklisting:
1. Rust
2. Into The Wild
3. Idiots
4. In The Maze
5. We Are The Legion
6. Crazy
7. Parasite
8. Waiting For Your Love
9. Reptile
10. Stop Weirding Me Out
11. Filth & Flowers
Tour dates 2019:
AUG 2 - Brienzersee Rock Festival - Brienz, Switzerland
AUG 31 - Hard Rock Hell Sleaze 3 - Sheffield, United Kingdom
OCT 2 * - Bastards Club - Osnabrück, Germany
OCT 3 * - MTC club - Cologne, Germany
OCT 4 * - Little Devil - Tilburg, Netherlands
OCT 5 * - De Verlichte Geest - Roeselare, Belgium
OCT 6 * - Nachtleben - Frankfurt Am Main, Germany
OCT 8 * - Kufa Kofmehl - Solothurn, Switzerland
OCT 9 * - Legend Club - Milano, Italy
OCT 10 * - Orto Bar Ljubljana - Ljubljana, Slovenia
OCT 11 * - Backstage Concerts GmbH - Munich, Germany
OCT 12 * - Paunchy Cats - Lichtenfels, Germany
OCT 13 * - Bahnhof Pauli - Hamburg, Germany
OCT 18 - Ravintola Klubi - Tampere, Finland
OCT 19 - On the Rocks - Helsinki, Finland
* Support acts: The Cruel Intentions (NO) & Highride (SE)
Connect with Crashdiet:

UNRULY CHILD Bring 'Big Blue World' To Life Aug 9

Friday, August 9, 2019
Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the release of Unruly Child’s seventh studio album, entitled “Big Blue World”!
"For this album, there was a conscious decision to merge the best of what Unruly Child does, while still evolving. You know, melodic rock, but with that unique Unruly Child approach,” says Guy Allison. "It’s hard for us to stand still and repeat ourselves, but we also cannot help but sound like “us”, irrespective of any artistic lateral movement. While I’m sometimes surprised what catches the ears of our fans, I think that the album has something for everyone."
Guy Allison continues telling about the creative process, saying “this album was written (except for the few songs we pulled out of our 'Rabbit Hole' writing sessions, and subsequently reworked) in about 14 days. After we get a structure roughly recorded, I’ll listen to the track until the melody magically shows up, seemingly out of thin air. Sometimes I’ll have a partial lyric, sometimes just a melody that I’m singing nonsense syllables to. I’m really lucky these days to have another wordsmith to work with. In the past, I’ve been the lyricist of most of the songs that I’ve been a writer on, but now I have Betsy Summers to do some of the heavy lifting with me in that department. On some songs I’ll say, “I’ve got this melody, what do ya got?”. On other songs I’ll say, “I’ve got the first verse, but I need a second verse, here’s a pencil”. She always delivers. The rest of the time is spent giving the recordings the attention that they need to become Unruly Child tracks.  Finishing the process is a lot like having a block of marble and chipping away at it until the statue underneath is revealed. For us, it’s always been the art of discovering what the song wants to be. Sometimes it’s immediate and sometimes it takes a little longer, but we always get what we’re after. It’s not much different than it was in 1991. We just have more experience now, and better gear!"
Since the initial release of the critically acclaimed "Unruly Child” in 1991, all the band members have successfully pursued accomplished careers in the music industry. Marcie Michelle Free, one of the world's finest singers of recent times, and most renowned transgender vocalists, first released a solo record as Mark Free, entitled “Long Way From Love”, in 1993 and then another solo record as Marcie Free, “Tormented” in 1996. Guitarist Bruce Gowdy and keyboardist Guy Allison also kept quite busy over the years. They produced two more Unruly Child records and participated in another World Trade album with drummer Jay Schellen (YES). They have also pursued other projects and their reputation as writers, performers, and arrangers is second to none with their experience working with the likes of Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), Bobby Kimball (Toto), Doobie Brothers, Boz Scaggs, Air Supply, and The Moody Blues, to name a few.
The group, in its constant state of evolution, has generated an exciting new album reflective of their musical roots in contemporary and classic rock. With the return to the original line-up, they have discovered that while time may pass, some things never change.
1. Living In Someone Else’s Dream
2. All Over The World
3. Dirty Little Girl
4. Breaking The Chains
5. Are These Words Enough
6. Will We Give Up Today
7. Beneath A Steady Rain
8. The Harder They Will Fall
9. Down And Dirty
10. The Hard Way
Marcie Free - Vocals
Bruce Gowdy - Guitars, bass, keyboards, vocals
Guy Allison - Keyboards, percussion, vocals
Larry Antonio - Bass, vocals
Jay Schellen - Drums

STRANDED Start A 'New Dawn' With Brand New Album

Friday, July 19, 2019
Stranded - New Dawn 
Release Date: 19th July 2019 
Track List: 1-Not Enough Sorry 4:15 / 2- I’ll Be The One 3:28 / 3- Get over this 4:06 / 4- Arrow 4:22 / 5- More than words can say 3:41 / 6- Take Good care of me 3:17 / 7- Power of Love 4:33 / 8- Cindy 4:23 / 9- One Piece of Heaven 3:51 / 10- Give Me Love 3:48 / 11- I Believe in this love 4:30
Musicians are:
Troy Reid: Lead Vocals (Agent)
Lewis Nitikman: All instruments  (ex Stonebolt)
Ray Roper: Guitars and Backing Vocals (ex Stonebolt)
Additional Guitars: Bill Buckingham
Produced by Lewis Nitikman 
Mixed by Bill Buckingham
Mastered by Alan Douches
Stranded is back with new album New Dawn this time with the brainchild, Producer and multi instrumentalists Lewis Nitikman, a talented musician from Winnipeg in Canada. Lewis moved to Vancouver when he was 14 and eventually started to produce numerous albums in Canada and was a staff writer for a number of major publishing companies. 
Lewis was actually in the band “Stonebolt” and replaced John Webster on keyboards in 1981, he featured on their 4th album “Juvenile American Princess”. Speaking of Stonebolt the “New Dawn” recording features none other than Ray Roper on guitars and backing vocals. If that isn’t enough the singer is Troy Reid, a man with a well- known set of pipes that graced albums by Canadian favourites “Agent” and, later, “Stranded” first album “Long Way To Heaven”. 
The tracks on “New Dawn” were actually penned some years ago by Lewis along with many co-writers which he met along the way.  One of these is the talented John Reilly (Boy on a dolphin) as well as Daryl Burgess and Corey Abrahms. The end tweaks and the mixing was carried out by Bill Buckingham and it must be said that he has done a great job.
New Dawn contains 11 tracks of West Coast / AOR that suits the voice of Troy Reid admirably and they are fine pieces of music that are so easy to listen to. These are all ideal for radio airplay, the opener “Not enough sorry” is testament to this as it is a wonderful tune with a fantastic keyboard sound and, of course, Troy’s unmistakable vocals.
An album to look forward to indeed and finally a few words from Lewis himself “These songs were written during a particularly tumultuous time in my life and I’m very pleased that they are getting this opportunity to be heard”.   

MARK BAKER Songwriting Masterclass Compilation Out July 26 on MRR

Friday, July 26, 2019
The name Mark Baker may not be immediately recognisable to many, but for liner note/album credits junkies, it signifies top shelf AOR songwriting. Whether it be anthems or ballads, a Mark Baker song means memorable hooks and a big chorus.
Mark Baker is the man behind the iconic Signal ‘Loud & Clear’ album as well as many other songs including tracks for 38 Special, Paris Black, Triumph and Boulevard.
He was also the main co-writer on House Of Lords’ acclaimed ‘Demons Down’ record, re-joining as co-writer on some of the band’s more recent albums too.
‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’ is a compilation of Mark’s songwriter demos from the 80s and 90s. The songwriter demos feature various singers, including the best session vocalist of them all – Mark Free. I’m pleased to say there are several unreleased Mark Free vocals.
But that’s not all – there are some original demos from the House Of Lords ‘Demon’s Down’ record as well as an appearance from Chicago’s Bill Champlin on an amazing AOR anthem.
Several of these demos have been traded online for years and MRR is thrilled to be able to bring one disc of this material to light in July. The tracks come from DAT masters and will as always be remastered by JK Northrup.
Mark Baker ‘The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be’ will be released worldwide July 26 alongside Outlasted ‘Waiting For Daybreak’.
You can pre-order the album now as well as hear a couple of the songs right now!
Track Listing & Vocalist Featured:
01. Nobody Gets Out Alive (Mark Free) 03:38
02. The Future Ain't What It Used To Be (Mark Free) 04:35
03. Demons Down (Demo Version)(James Christian) 03:34
04. No Pleasure Without The Pain (Demo Version)(James Christian) 05:00
05. Someday You're Gonna Love Someone (Mark Free) 03:45
06. A Little Too Much (Mark Free) 04:23
07. First To Cry (Mark Free) 03:43
08. What Did You Do (Mark Free) 04:27
09. Nothin' (Mark Free) 04:48
10. Dream On Little Dreamer (Bill Champlin) 04:16
11. Give A Little (Vocalsist Unknown) 03:57
12. Cold Day In Hell (James Christian) 04:12
13. Questions Of The Heart (Gary O) 04:59
14. Brighter Day (James Christian) 04:32
15. Only Young (Vocalist Unknown) 04:01
16. Runaway (Mark Free) 03:53
17. Superhero (Mark Free) 04:46
18. X T C O I (Freddy Curci) 03:46

OUTLASTED 'Waiting For Daybreak' Pre-Order & New Preview

Friday, July 26, 2019
It is time at least for MelodicRock Records to announce the return of OUTLASTED with their second album 'Waiting For Daybreak', set for release worldwide July 26.
Preorders with bonus audio delivery available now. The CD release will feature 2 extra tracks over the digital release.
PRE-ORDER OUTLASTED 'Waiting For Daybreak' ($15 + $5 Airmail Shipping Worldwide) 
PRE-ORDER DEAL OUTLASTED 'Waiting For Daybreak' & MARK BAKER 'The Future Ain't What It Used To Be' ($30 + $5 Airmail Shipping Worldwide) 
“The new album ‘Waiting For Daybreak’ was recorded over a two year period starting right after the release of the debut. We had six songs written and demoed when ‘Into The Night’ was released. We had a clear vision of what we wanted the next album to sound like” says producer and guitarist Terje Fløyli.
The album is once again mixed by Ronny Wikmark at Touchdown Studio in Trondheim, Norway. The artwork is designed by Nello Dell’Omo at Art For Music in Naples, Italy and mastering is done by JK Northrup at Alien Productions Music Studio, California USA.
“The new album is a natural progression from the debut and showcases a more mature approach to the songwriting process. The first one was written over a ten year period and the lyrics were mostly about love and break ups. The songs on the new album is more uplifting and inspirational.” says keyboardist Odd-Børge.
On ‘Waiting For Daybreak’ Glenn Wikran also contributed to the songwriting. “I’m very pleased with the songs on the new album. The first one was written by Terje and Odd-Børge so I was very happy to take part in writing this one. I think we have all evolved and grown over the last few years, something you can hopefully hear in the music.” adds Glenn.
Outlasted had a lineup change in the fall of 2018. Andreas Jentoft replaced Rune Pedersen on drums and Lasse Ingebrigtsen replaced Aleksander Schjølberg on bass. Glenn Wikran (vocals), Odd-Børge Hansen (keys) and Terje Fløyli (guitars) remain from the original lineup.
One of the new breed of Scandinavian rock bands, Outlasted picks up the mantle of classic rock and wears it with distinction. A five-piece band based in Norway, Outlasted fuses the sound of the golden age of recording with the compelling songwriting of classic rock and brings both into the future with modern production techniques and stellar musicianship.



CASSIDY PARIS New Video & Debut EP Out Now

Introducing sixteen year old Cassidy Paris from Melbourne, Australia.
Following in the footsteps of female rockers Avril Lavigne, Pink and Lzzy Hale, Cassidy Paris promotes girl power by bringing back rock chic fronted melodic rock.
Her debut single ‘Talk About It’ was released in August 2017 at the age of fourteen to a fantastic response….a great start to her music career.
Cassidy launched her second single titled ‘Stand’, a heartfelt account about ‘standing up for yourself’ as a young women. This song had the critics talking and Paris was invited to play shows around the world and make radio and TV appearances. Following this success, her second single ‘Walking On Fire’ was released. This track gained worldwide attention and was shortlisted as a semi-finalist in the International Songwriting Competition. Both songs also received lots of attention on her YouTube Channel, Spotify & Apple Music accounts.
Her talent has not gone unnoticed and Cassidy has been fortunate to work with many of the music industries heavy weights ranging from Paul Laine (Danger Danger) and Andy Shanahan (Roxus).
Having already performed a number of live dates at many different schools within her hometown of Melbourne, Australia, Cassidy also played a run of acoustic dates in Tokyo, Japan supporting The Radio Sun in November 2017 and solo shows in the United States in 2018.
2018/2019 saw some major highs, in addition to playing shows around the world, she was taken by SOLPRN Management and is about to embark on a National Tour with Australian Legends John Swan, Marie Wilson and Taste.
Although only sixteen years of age, Cassidy Paris has grown up with music from a very early age.
With influences ranging from the classics such as Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, and Def Leppard to more recent artists like Taylor Swift (lucky enough to meet her idol Taylor Swift at the age of 8 years), Chvrches, Biters and H.E.A.T, Cassidy Paris is ready to make her own mark on music.
Cassidy Paris has released her debut ep ‘Broken Hearted’ – available to purchase via the following link : and single/video ‘Song For the Broken Hearted’.
Management: SOLPRN Entertainment   *email:

KIKO SHRED Announces Worldwide Deal With RFL Records

South America’s guitar virtuoso, Kiko Shred, announces that he and his band have inked a Worldwide deal with RFL Records. A frenzied assault of neo-classical infused, melodic, hard rock is set to be unleashed with the band’s new album “Royal Art.”
Kiko adds: 

“It’s a pleasure and an honor to be part of a highly professional label as RFL, beside talented artists and a great team!" “We are looking forward to getting our music out to new fans and reaching all of our goals.”
Guitarist and band founder Kiko Shred has made plenty of noise in South America. Since he started playing guitar in 1993, he has studied with several great guitarists and has played in a multitude of high impact acts and continues to set the bar higher. With the release of 2 albums; 2016’s “Riding The Storm” and “The Stride” in 2017, he now looks to take the next step with the launch of “Royal Art” in 2019. Kiko is no stranger to the big stage having officially joined the Latin American band of former Judas Priest vocalist Tim “Ripper” Owens in 2015 and played with Owen’s this past April on the South American leg of the Tour. With the release of his second album, “The Stride” in 2017, International praise intensified and Kiko launched his first solo tour in Mexico, a country that he had previously visited while in Owen’s band. 
In 2018 he returned to Mexico to accompany the legendary vocalist Michael Vescera (ex Yngwie Malmsteen / Loudness / Dr. Sin) for several shows and after performing the shows with Vescera, was asked to remain for a series of guitar clinics. During the trip, he received an invite from the cabinet of the presidency of Mexico where he received a medal thanking him for his presentations to the country; some amazing accolades indeed. In 2018 Kiko started the production of his third album titled "Royal Art," under the production of Andria Busic. To stabilize the band for this latest project, he called upon veteran vocalist Mario Pastore to join Will Costa, Lucas Tagliari, and himself to cement the high-powered lineup. Costa and Tagliari already having developed a strong rapport with Kiko, playing shows with Ripper Owens, Vescera, UDO, André Matos, Doogie White, Blaze Bayley, make this lineup one to keep your eyes on in the coming years.
2019 marks the release of the album "Royal Art" and the band’s first show abroad, held at the Metal Oasis festival in Chile. From here on out there is nothing, but big things on the horizon for this Six String master. The world will soon see the talent that is Kiko Shred.
Kiko Shred Band Is:
Kiko Shred - Primary Songwriter, Guitars
Mario Pastore - Lead Vocals
Lucas Tagliari Miranda - Drums, Vocals
Will Costa - Bass, Vocals


SASCHA PAETH'S MASTERS OF CEREMONY Debut Album, ‘Signs Of Wings’ Out September 13

Friday, September 13, 2019
After four or five years of discussions about a possible collaboration with Frontiers, renowned German producer, guitarist, and songwriter Sascha Paeth agreed to join forces with the Italian label and launch his new band, Sascha Paeth's Masters Of Ceremony. The band's debut album, "Signs Of Wings" will be released on September 13, 2019 on CD/LP/Digital.
Today, fans can get their first look at Sascha Paeth's Masters Of Ceremony with the premiere of their first music video, 'The Time Has Come'.
Sascha says, “Finally, I am putting my energy into a metal project of my own. It is the sum of my experiences over the years and a bit of a revival of what I was doing in the past.”
“Signs of Wings” is much more than a solo album. Sascha put together a great group of musicians including Felix Bohnke (Avantasia) on drums, André Neygenfind (Avantasia) on bass, Corvin Bahn on keyboards, and the awesome American singer Adrienne Cowan (Seven Spires). Offering a wide range of styles within the metal spectrum, from aggressive and straight forward metal songs, to more melodic and symphonic tracks, this record has a bit of everything and is certainly going to strike fans of Sascha's as one of the most inventive, complete, and exciting releases in the metal genre in 2019.
As a 15 year old teenager, you might have found Paeth playing a more bluesy style, or Van Halen-meets-Accept style hard rock, but it wasn’t long before Paeth joined Heaven’s Gate, where the music was harder and heavier. This experience was where he learned to enjoy inspiration from new styles and from new collaborations. It was the start of a long journey through the music business, a journey that is far from over....
To label Sascha Paeth a multi-talented producer, engineer, musician, and songwriter might not quite cover his full set of skills and achievements. The Wolfsburg-born German multi-musician has produced countless bands including Avantasia, Kamelot, Rhapsody, Epica, and more. Having worked on, produced, and engineered over 200 albums since 1988, it’s fair to say he has a reputation for being at the forefront of shaping the European melodic power metal sound!
1. The Time Has Come
2. Die Just A Little
3. Radar
4. Where Would It Be
5. My Anarchy
6. Wide Awake
7. The Path
8. Sick
9. Weight Of The World
10. Bound In Vertigo
11. Signs Of Wings
Sascha Paeth: guitar
Adrienne Cowan: lead-vocals
André Neygenfind: bass
Felix Bohnke: drums
Corvin Bahn: keyboards
Produced by Sascha Paeth

Rock Candy Magazine Issue 14 Out Now - BON JOVI



Now available in the shops, and online with a free digital download at


Issue 14 of Rock Candy Mag (June-July 2019) is now available, packed to bursting with amazing features and photos from rock's greatest era, including…
BON JOVI – 18 glorious pages onn the New Jersey phenomenon BON JOVI – 18 glorious pages on tthe New Jersey phenomenon 
ALICE COOPER – In-depth intterview with the king of Shock 'n' Roll ALICE COOPER – In-depth interview with thee king of Shock 'n' Roll
VAN HALEN – Sammy Hagar on thee making of '5150' VAN HALEN – Sammy Hagar on the making of '5150'
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN – "It was nevver my plan to go solo" YNGWIE MALMSTEEN – "It was never my plan to go solo"
GILLAN – Where did it all go wrong?? GILLAN – Where did it all go wrong?
DREAM THEATER – Prog metal titaans DREAM THEATER – Prog metal titans
THE RODS – Keeping it rock, keepingg it real THE RODS – Keeping it rock, keeping it real
AEROSMITH – John Corabi's Bostonn Bad Boys buyer's guide AEROSMITH – John Corabi's Boston Bad Boys buyer's guide
JUDAS PRIEST – Reappraising 1980'ss 'British Steel' album JUDAS PRIEST – Reappraising 1980's 'British Steel' album
Rock Candy Magazine is a bi-monthly physical mag, with a free digital download for those who buy online. 

It's the brainchild of Derek Oliver, Howard Johnson and Malcolm Dome, three Kerrang! writers who lived it all in the '80s.

It's aimed at the discerning fan who wants to wallow in nostalgia and relive the glory days of classic rock. 

Rock Candy Mag is available from UK retailers and in shops around the world via distribution from industry giant Marketforce. Also available direct from us at




6 new Rock Candy releases are available now from the website
THERE’S SOMETHING quite compelling about Goddo. Like Max Webster, they enjoyed a reputation as one of the most magnetic and quirky Canadian hard rock bands operating in the late 70s. Employing an off-kilter psyche and a penchant for the absurd, Goddo’s high octane brand of tough-guy rock was further enhanced by some of the most amusing lyrics of the era. The man mostly responsible for this intriguing direction was bassist and main songwriter Greg Godovitz. Like a contemporary court jester his brand of wit and wisdom cast an exceptionally warm glow on the Canadian music scene, even if the content failed to secure huge commercial rewards. As a former member of seasoned Canadian rockers Fludd, he departed that band to create a brand new vehicle following his own vision; melodic hard rock with enough lee-way to include quirky detours. Although primarily a supercharged high octane power trio, they also included elements of jazz and crushing blues rock. Godovitz together with drummer Doug Inglis and guitarist Gino Scarpelli set about recording their debut album in Montreal, unleashing one of the most striking Canadian debut albums of all time. Issued in early 1977, and housed in a superbly illustrated gate-fold cover, the album kicks off with ‘The Bus Driver Blues’ a lyrically hilarious track written about the band’s previous drummer who left the group to drive a school bus. Other tough-nut rockers include ‘Drive Me Crazy’, ‘Let That Lizard Loose’ and ‘Hard Years’. Of course the jewel in the crown is the jazz tinged ‘Under My Hat’, a song complete with a truly memorable hook and menacing vocals from Greg.
SPECIAL DELUXE COLLECTOR’S EDITION. Fully Remastered Audio, Two bonus tracks, 16 page full colour booklet, 3,500 word essay, new interview with Greg Goddovitz and enhanced artwork with unpublished photos.
WE’VE SAID IT on numerous occasions before but Canadian rock has always offered up something quite unique and impressive. We don’t know if it’s something to do with the water supply or that their musician’s brains are wired differently, but Canadian recordings are, more often than not, overflowing with a depth of complexity that dwarfs similar acts from other countries. It’s a strange phenomenon for sure but entirely true and Goddo are no exception to that rule. Formed as a crushing power trio during the midseventies, led by polymath Greg Godovitz on bass, the band quickly rose to prominence on their debut album; laying down a foundation of meaty riffs and intriguing songs laced with acerbic lyrics and the sort of wit that still raises a chuckle. But let’s not for one moment suggest that Goddo were a comedy act; far from it. The serious musical assault and intense lyrical delivery suggests a band with a keen eye on the bigger prize. ‘…WHO CARES…’, recorded in Toronto, and issued in 1978, showcases a band on the move. Whilst their debut album made a firm case for pummelling hard rock, ‘…WHO CARES…’ lays down the law in similar fashion but also pushes the envelope, introducing more complex arrangements and acoustic parts, like the cello accompaniment to ‘Tough Times’. But if its meat and potatoes rock that you desire look no further than ‘Cock On’, ‘Too Much Carousing’ and – the could have been hit single - ‘Sweet Thing’. This album is one of the cornerstones of Canadian rock, make no mistake.
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THE GREAT THING about the record business during the 1970s was the fact that labels allowed bands to develop organically, often over several albums. For those of us with an interest in more obscure acts it provides a great education and Goddo were no exception. A predominantly hard rock, Canadian, power trio who’s musical growth was spectacular, chomping their way through crunchy blues-based rock tracks and introducing some highly refined twists and turns such as horns and even an orchestra. ‘An Act Of Goddo’, is the culmination of the band’s insatiable appetite for pushing the envelope. Recorded and mixed not in their native Canada but this time in Orlando, Florida, the music is enhanced by a choice selection of tracks, written with one singular intention, to astound the listener. Produced, once again, by Thomas Morley-Turner (actually a pseudonym for band leader Greg Godovitz) the record benefits from some terrific tracks, including tough nut rockers such as ‘So Walk On’, ‘Take Care’, ‘Work It Out’ and arguably the band’s greatest song, the English/French lilting ballad ‘Chantal’. Most spectacular however is the opening, and closing, instrumental ‘Anacanapanacana’, a musical palindrome performed by the Florida Symphony Orchestra consisting of a mash up of melodies found on the rest of the album. It’s a great introduction and one that sets up – and ends - the rest of the record perfectly. There’s no question that this was Goddo’s finest hour, leading us to one singular conclusion, that they were one of Canada’s best kept musical secrets.
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WE OFTEN CHAMPION overlooked albums, music that was, for one reason or another, sidelined in favour of more commercially successful records and, as we’ve proved time and time again, there is often no difference between those that sold millions and those that sold next to zero. Sadly, that is the great shame of the music business but we at Rock Candy are always happy to right wrongs and shine a light on injustice. Aviator, from the US East Coast, was formed by musicians with a history of time spent in various class acts, including Barnaby Bye, Blues Magoos, Balance and Network. The band was fronted by world-class vocalist Ernie White and managed by Tommy Motola (later the CEO of Sony Music), who secured them a deal with RCA records. Produced, at Electric Lady studios in New York, by man of the moment Neil Kernon (Kansas, Autograph, Dokken), to exacting standards, their album was issued in 1986, making an immediate impact on those who heard their tough, yet melodic, hard rock. Despite the excitement amongst the cognoscenti it appears that, due to machinations beyond their control, the record was left to flounder and given very little promotion. Crammed full of superior songs, such as ‘Front Line’, ‘Back On The Streets’, ‘Don’t Turn Away’ and ‘Never Let The Rock Stop’, the album is unquestionably one of the greatest slices of heavy AOR ever recorded. If you’ve never heard it then it’s time to sit back and be amazed.
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1990 WAS FAST becoming a crucial time for traditional hard rock music. Although the tide hadn’t entirely turned there was a feeling amongst the music media that times were due for a change. It was an odd time as a number of great bands had been signed and were all readying albums for release so the competition was fierce. Baton Rouge were one such act that had the opportunity to establish a power base before the sea change in public taste built a wall of indifference towards the swagger and strut of classic rock. Originally formed in Louisiana during the mid-80s, using various names, the band, led by guitarist Lance Bulen and vocalist Kelly Keeling, opted to move to Los Angeles in 1987, where the scene was ripe for aiding and abetting young bands. They would not be disappointed as their manager hooked them up with seasoned producers David Foster and Mike Clink (Clink was finishing up the Guns N’ Roses ‘Appetite…’ album at the same time) who helped them record a set of impressive demos. The band’s appearances on the LA club circuit soon attracted record company attention, eventually signing with Atlantic records and being taken under the wing of label founder Ahmet Ertegun. ‘Shake Sour Soul’ was produced by early Bon Jovi co-writer Jack Ponti, in New Jersey, and issued in 1990 to positive reactions. The album hits hard in the melodic rock style, boasting strong tracks such as ‘Walks Like A Woman’, ‘Bad Time Comin’ Down’ and ‘Baby’s So Cool’. It wasn’t surprising that reaction was favourable, affording the band a good following with solid airplay, and establishing them as ones to watch.
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WHENEVER THE TERM thrash metal is mentioned most people instinctively drawer a connection with the American West Coast and in particular San Francisco’s Bay Area, where the likes of Metallica, Megadeth and Exodus found fame. However, America’s East Coast scene had, by the mid 80s, also produced a batch of acts, including Anthrax and Nuclear Assault. Both scenes proved to be fertile breeding grounds for the genre and acted as magnets for newer groups to join and feed off the excitement. Overkill, originating from New Jersey, was one such act, throwing themselves into the ring at a time when anything in the world of thrash metal was possible. Signing to the much loved and influential Megaforce label, they cut two well received albums prior to unleashing ‘Under The Influence’ in July 1988. Recorded in Upstate New York and produced by well respected studio wizard Alex Perialas (mixed by Michael Wagener), who had worked with Testament, Anthrax and Nuclear Assault, the album refined the band’s style and sound, turning them from an interesting curio into world-class contenders. Overkill’s secret ingredient was not just their intense sonic assault, but an inherent ability to condense riffs into an almost symphonic cacophony, employing a strong melodic sensibility imbued with thick crunching guitar work. The songs resonate with muscle and melody, a trait not often found in the majority of thrash metal outfits, and the production is crisp and clean, lending the sound a decidedly sophisticated sheen.
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