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JIZZY PEARL Solo 'All You Need Is Soul' Out May 11

Friday, May 11, 2018


JIZZY PEARL OF LOVE/HATE to release NEW ALBUM ‘All You Need Is Soul’ on May 11, 2018! Title track now available to stream/download! Listen to it below.

Pre-order the album on CD/LP/MP3 here:

The unmistakable voice from one of the most loved hard rock bands of the early 1990’s is returning this May. Jizzy Pearl of Love/Hate is back with his new solo album ‘All You Need Is Soul’. This highly anticipated studio release is out May 11, 2018 via Frontiers.

“In my opinion, this is the best record I’ve done since ‘Blackout in the Red Room.’, says Jizzy. “It captures all the energy and power of that album with great songs, high energy vocals, big drums courtesy of Dave Moreno (Puddle of Mudd) and amazing guitars from Love/Hate guitarist Darren Housholder.”

From the opening vocals of blistering first song ‘You’re Gonna Miss Me When I’m Gone’ to the effortlessly cool album closer ‘Mr Jimmy’, Jizzy’s new record is brimming with fresh new music that’s easily recognizable while contemporary in its delivery. Listen closer and you’ll discover the hard-rocking groove of ‘High For An Eye’, the funk rock of album title track ‘All You Need Is Soul’ and many more new favorites. Make no mistake, Jizzy Pearl has returned and he’s better than ever.

Jizzy Pearl and Love/Hate burst onto the scene in 1990 with the debut album ‘Blackout In The Red Room’ and proceeded to take the world by storm while winning Best Album of the Year from Kerrang! and Metal Hammer magazines along the way. Playing sold out shows and opening for Skid Row, AC/DC, and Dio put Love/Hate on the map. MTV hits ‘Why Do You Think They Call It Dope, ‘She’s An Angel' and the band’s follow up album, ‘Wasted In America’ has ensured a loyal following to this day.

The track listing for ‘All You Need Is Soul’ is:

1) You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone
2) Comin' Home To The Bone
3) High For An Eye
4) All You Need Is Soul
5) House Of Sin
6) Mortified
7) Frustrated
8) When The Devil Comes
9) You Don't Know What It's Like
10) It Doesn't Matter
11) Little Treasures
12) Mr Jimmy

Following Jizzy’s UK tour in support of his new album this May, the vocalist will reunite with original Love/Hate drummer, Joey Gold, along with guitarist Darren Housholder, for a special homecoming show at the world-famous Whiskey a Go-Go in L.A. on June 22nd.

‘Stick 'n' Stones’ UK Tour 2018

2nd May EDINBURGH, Bannermans 
3rd May NEWCASTLE, Think Tank 
4th May CHESTERFIELD, Real Time Live 
5th May WOLVERHAMPTON, Slade Room 
6th May CARDIFF, Fuel (Seven Sins Festival) 
9th May OXFORD, Bullingdon 
10th May EVESHAM, Iron Road
11th May BUCKLEY, Tivoli 
12th May BALLYMENA Diamond Rock Club (N.Ire) 
13th May LONDON, The Underworld
16th May READING, Face Bar
17th May NORWICH, The Waterfront
18th May CARLISLE, Embers
19th May GLASGOW, Audio
20th May BLACKPOOL, Waterloo
24th May MANCHESTER, Gullivers (Songs 'n' Stories acoustic)
25th May BIRMINGHAM, Asylum 2 (Songs 'n' Stories acoustic)
26th May LEICESTER, Firebug (Songs 'n' Stories acoustic)
27th May BOURNEMOUTH, The Anvil (Songs 'n' Stories acoustic)


STRYPER Announce Details For 'God Damn Evil' Album

Friday, April 20, 2018


Fans were initially introduced to the "God Damn Evil" album title and cover art via social media posts on February 5th, which quickly went viral causing a significant amount of conversation from STRYPER fans.
“We thought long and hard about this title,” says Michael in response to thousands of fan comments. “It was actually considered quite a few years ago and it just didn't feel like the right time. Now, with all the evil in the world that we see around us on a daily basis, it made perfect sense. It's a very bold statement yet a prayer asking God to damn/condemn evil. Nothing more, nothing less."
God Damn Evil is the first release since the recent addition of bass player Perry Richardson, who joins original members Michael Sweet (vocals and guitar), Robert Sweet (drums) and Oz Fox (guitar). Perry is best known as a founding member of the multi-platinum band FireHouse.
STRYPER fans are getting their first look into the upcoming album with today’s release of the epic lyric video for the song, "Take It To The Cross." View the Lyric video here:
“’Take It To The Cross’ is our answer to many fans asking us to do something a little heavier and even bordering on thrash,” says Michael. “The verses are heavy with a vocal and lyric delivery that's bold and relevant yet the chorus kicks in with a fast, thrashy vibe. We brought in Matt Blanchard (Act Of Defiance / Shadows Fall) to handle the vocal growl on the choruses and the end vamp. This song is 100% high octane.”
Rocking since 1984, STRYPER is responsible for such classic '80s metal albums as Soldiers Under Command, To Hell with the Devil and In God We Trust. In fact, STRYPER is the first band to ever have two songs in MTV’s Top 10 simultaneously with their hits “Free” and “Honestly.” After a sabbatical for much of the 1990's, STRYPER returned strong in the early 21st century. To date, the Dove Award-winning and GRAMMY-nominated band has sold over 10 million records worldwide.
"God Damn Evil" is the follow-up to STRYPER’s ninth studio album, "Fallen" (Frontiers Music SRL), which was released in 2015 and debuted at the top of the Billboard charts. 2016’s 30th Anniversary To Hell With The Devil Tour saw record crowds and featured the band’s largest sound and lighting production in nearly two decades.
STRYPER will return to the road this year, kicking off the God Damn Evil World Tour in Milan, Italy on April 28th at the Frontiers Rock Festival. Tour dates will be posted as confirmed at
“We all see and hear the darkness that surrounds us in our society but with faith and love, we'll always have hope,” says Michael. “That's what STRYPER is all about - powerful music and a message that builds foundations, not walls. We couldn't be more excited about God Damn Evil as it showcases our undying love for what we do and why we do it.”
Track Listing for God Damn Evil:
1. Take It To The Cross
2. Sorry
3. Lost
4. God Damn Evil
5. You Don’t Even Know Me
6. The Valley
7. Sea Of Thieves
8. Beautiful
9. Can’t Live Without Your Love
10. Own Up
11. The Devil Doesn’t Live Here
For more information, visit

Fans were initially introduced to the "God Damn Evil" album title and cover art via social media posts on February 5th, which quickly went viral causing a significant amount of conversation from STRYPER fans.
“We thought long and hard about this title,” says Michael in response to thousands of fan comments. “It was actually considered quite a few years ago and it just didn't feel like the right time. Now, with all the evil in the world that we see around us on a daily basis, it made perfect sense. It's a very bold statement yet a prayer asking God to damn/condemn evil. Nothing more, nothing less."
God Damn Evil is the first release since the recent addition of bass player Perry Richardson, who joins original members Michael Sweet (vocals and guitar), Robert Sweet (drums) and Oz Fox (guitar). Perry is best known as a founding member of the multi-platinum band FireHouse.
STRYPER fans are getting their first look into the upcoming album with today’s release of the epic lyric video for the song, "Take It To The Cross." View the Lyric video here:
“’Take It To The Cross’ is our answer to many fans asking us to do something a little heavier and even bordering on thrash,” says Michael. “The verses are heavy with a vocal and lyric delivery that's bold and relevant yet the chorus kicks in with a fast, thrashy vibe. We brought in Matt Blanchard (Act Of Defiance / Shadows Fall) to handle the vocal growl on the choruses and the end vamp. This song is 100% high octane.”
Rocking since 1984, STRYPER is responsible for such classic '80s metal albums as Soldiers Under Command, To Hell with the Devil and In God We Trust. In fact, STRYPER is the first band to ever have two songs in MTV’s Top 10 simultaneously with their hits “Free” and “Honestly.” After a sabbatical for much of the 1990's, STRYPER returned strong in the early 21st century. To date, the Dove Award-winning and GRAMMY-nominated band has sold over 10 million records worldwide.
"God Damn Evil" is the follow-up to STRYPER’s ninth studio album, "Fallen" (Frontiers Music SRL), which was released in 2015 and debuted at the top of the Billboard charts. 2016’s 30th Anniversary To Hell With The Devil Tour saw record crowds and featured the band’s largest sound and lighting production in nearly two decades.
STRYPER will return to the road this year, kicking off the God Damn Evil World Tour in Milan, Italy on April 28th at the Frontiers Rock Festival. Tour dates will be posted as confirmed at
“We all see and hear the darkness that surrounds us in our society but with faith and love, we'll always have hope,” says Michael. “That's what STRYPER is all about - powerful music and a message that builds foundations, not walls. We couldn't be more excited about God Damn Evil as it showcases our undying love for what we do and why we do it.”
Track Listing for God Damn Evil:
1. Take It To The Cross
2. Sorry
3. Lost
4. God Damn Evil
5. You Don’t Even Know Me
6. The Valley
7. Sea Of Thieves
8. Beautiful
9. Can’t Live Without Your Love
10. Own Up
11. The Devil Doesn’t Live Here
For more information, visit


BURN 'Ice Age' Pre-Order Now

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Acclaimed UK rock band BURN are back and MelodicRock Records is thrilled to be a part of their plan for world domination.
BURN - Ice Age (CD+DIGITAL ADVANCE DOWNLOAD+EARLY DELIVERY)($15 + $5 airmail shipping)
Here's another full length preview to check out!

Away from the music scene for nearly 10 years since the release of the critically and commercially well received third album, ‘Global Warning’, finally another slab of classic British hard rock is on the way.
MRR and BURN are proud to announce that band’s fourth album, ‘Ice Age’, is mastered and ready for release.
The album has been produced by Barney Stackhouse and mixed by the Grammy award winning Tobias Lindell (Europe, H.E.A.T.)
The band states: “We have taken 5 years to create this album, and it is something of which we are incredibly proud. We hope and believe that the thousands of people who enjoyed Global Warning will find plenty to enjoy in this new release. We are also very proud to announce our new line-up. Although we have lost some great guys along the way, namely Jeff Ogden, Julian Nicholas (although he is still featured on one track on the new album) and Benji Reid, we are extremely lucky to have replaced them with a couple of outstanding new members.”
Take a listen to the anthemic lead track 'Jealousy':
Let’s introduce the guys right now –
On lead vocals Burn welcome none other than Steve Newman.
“Steve is well known in the rock community through his numerous solo albums and other projects. He has built up a loyal and devoted following over many years and the consistent quality of his output was something that encouraged us to approach him.  Steve was our first choice to lead the new line up, as we view him as possessing one of the very best voices in rock. Burn is the first band that Steve has committed himself to for many years. We are honoured to have him on board and fronting the band.”
The other new member is the ridiculously talented Chris Green who brings his incendiary lead guitar skills to the band.
“Chris is a current member of Tyketto and hard rock fans will remember him from Furyon, Rubicon Cross and Pride, along with various other projects. We really couldn't think of another guitarist who could have done a better job on the new material than Chris.  His sense of melody and feel combined with tremendous technique have produced some awe-inspiring solos on this album.”
Burn’s history started in the heyday of melodic rock in the 1980’s, and from that foundation, through Global Warning and now Ice Age, the band has developed into a modern hard rock act.  With a multitude of influences and an open-minded view on song writing they push the boundaries of the genre while still retaining the core elements of power and melody.
In closing the band would like to add; “So, here we go. This is a new era for Burn and we are really looking forward to sharing our new stuff with everyone.”
Ice Age will get an initial release in Japan and Asia via Marquee/Avalon November 22 and worldwide via MRR on CD and all digital platforms February 28; with pre-sales in January (which will include an advance audio preview of the album for those that pre-order).

MASS New Album Studio Diary - Exclusive - Part 4

As U.S. rockers MASS begin work on their long awaited new studio album, frontman Louis St. August will be providing exclusive updates - text and audiio - from the process. Here's entry number 4!

January 30, 2018,
So here we are in the new year with my 4th blog already, and time just flies by when you are doing what you love most. I often refer to the making of a brand new studio album as to the building of a cake. Once you have all the right ingredients in place, you start out with a sold base and then start adding on all the layers until you finally reach the sweet toppings.
Well, that's about where we are right now...
After the Christmas break, I went back into the studio on Friday, December 29th and January 7th to record my background vocals and harmonies. I did the majority of all the backing vocals and harmonies with the exception of a few songs. Bassist Michael Palumbo added some backing vocals to the songs "Falling in Love," "Second Hand Rose," and then squeezed another one in on "Some Time Ago" -- and I do mean squeeze. Between flying back and forth from San Francisco every other week, and for him to reach for those very high notes I had left for him, he definitely needed to squeeze. LOL!  Some tunes just called for a little touch of harmony while others got that much bigger 80s chorus effect. Needless to say, all the backing vocals and harmonies worked out quite nicely.
On Saturdays January 13th & 20th we had our secret weapon come in -- aka keyboardist Jeremy Heussi, who is practically a band member, having performed live with us over the years and who has also appeared on the last two MASS studio albums and Christmas EP. Jeremy did his homework and added some great texture and flavor, enhancing these tunes and bringing them to another level. Just the right touch of strings in areas and applying that heavy organ sound ala the late great Jon Lord in areas, just simply rocked!
Next up...
Rough mixes will be sent to our label and then we will have the hard decision as to who will be mixing and mastering. So hopefully in my next and final blog I will have that information for you, plus album artwork and a planned release date.
Ciao for Now!

Files attachment: 

CASSIDY PARIS Releases New Single & Video 'Stand'

Introducing 15 year old Cassidy Paris from Melbourne, Australia. Following in the footsteps of female rockers Avril Lavigne, Pink and Lzzy Hale, Cassidy Paris promotes girl power by bringing back rock chic fronted melodic pop rock.
Cassidy Paris released her debut single ‘Talk About It’ in August 2017 to a fantastic response. The song brings back hooks and a very catchy chorus that will be stuck in your head for days. Cassidy goes on to say, “The response from my debut single was fantastic’.
Cassidy has already played a number of live dates at a number of schools within Melbourne, Australia and also played a small run of acoustic dates in Tokyo, Japan supporting The Radio Sun in November 2017.
Although having just turned 15, Cassidy Paris has grown up with music from a very early age. Her dad, a musician himself has taught her the ropes by attending concerts around the world. With influences ranging from the classics such as Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, and Def Leppard to more recent artists like Taylor Swift (lucky enough to meet her idol Taylor Swift at the age of 8 years of age) and Biters, Cassidy Paris is ready to make her own mark on music.
2018 sees Cassidy Paris launch her second single titled ‘Stand’ (co – written & produced by Paul Laine)  – a heartfelt account about ‘standing up for yourself’.
‘STAND is OUT NOW iTunes, Amazon Music and all digital download)
*Cassidy Paris is currently working on her full length debut album.
Like Cassidy Paris on social media here :
Instagram : cassidyparisofficial
Youtube : cassidyparisofficial
Twitter : @cassidyparisj 


GLENN TIPTON Struck By Parkinsons

Ten years ago Glenn was diagnosed to have the onset of the early stages of Parkinson's - from then until recently Glenn has lived his life as the great heavy metal guitar player he has always been, maintaining by his own definition a standard of quality and performance that is incredibly important. Right now Glenn is able to play and perform some of the Priest songs that are less challenging but due to the nature of Parkinson's progression he wants to let you all know that he won't be touring as such.
True to the metal spirit of 'the show must go on' Glenn has requested Andy Sneap to fly the flag on stage for him.
"I want everyone to know that it's vital that the Judas Priest tour go ahead and that I am not leaving the band - it's simply that my role has changed.  I don't rule out the chance to go on stage as and when I feel able to blast out some Priest!  So at some point in the not too distant future I'm really looking forward to seeing all of our wonderful metal maniacs once again."
Rob, Richie, Ian and Scott have this to say: "We have been privileged to witness Glenn's determination and steadfast commitment over the years, showing his passion and self belief through the writing, recording and performing sessions with Priest - he is a true metal hero!
"We are not surprised by Glenn's insistence that we complete the Firepower tour and thank Andy for joining us to make Glenn's wishes become real - as Glenn has said we also can't wait to have him with us at any time any place on the road.....We love you Glenn!" 

R.I.P. Mr. Big's PAT TORPEY; We Salute You

Drummer and founding member of MR. BIG, Pat Torpey, passed away Wednesday, February 7 at the age of 64 from complications of Parkinson’s disease. Family, band and management request privacy at this very difficult time. Services are pending.
MR. BIG (Torpey, Eric Martin, Billy Sheehan, and Paul Gilbert) released their ninth original studio album, DEFYING GRAVITY, July 21.
MR. BIG, formed in 1988, produced numerous hit songs that ranged across a wide array of rock genres – be it ballads, heavy metal, or blues rock. Their hits included “Alive and Kicking,” "Just Take My Heart" and the chart-topping ballad, "To Be With You" (Billboard Hot 100 #1 single in 15 countries for weeks in 1991, propelling the band the band to huge international success and multi-Platinum record sales).
Billy Sheehan:
My dear friends, I'm sorry to be the bearer of such sad news. Pat Torpey has been my closest friend in music for over thirty years. He passed away yesterday from complications as a result of Parkinson's disease. Pat was one of the finest human beings I've ever had the privilege of knowing, and the honor of working with. 

All of us in Mr Big had nothing but the highest respect and admiration for him. He is loved by anyone and everyone who ever met him. And surely one of the finest rock drummers the world has ever known. 
Please keep his sweet wife and wonderful son in your prayers. 
I Love You, Pat. You made the world a better place. We will miss you. We will never forget you. Rest In Peace, my brother. 


What can one say about the great Pat Torpey? One of the great drummers in rock, he was also one of the nicest guiys in the business and I'm personally grateful for the privilage of knowing him.
His contributions to rock music cannot be overstated. Mr. Big have a 25 year legacy, to which his drumming style made ever so better. He was the heart of the band and I know the guys were hit hard by his initial diagnosis of Parkinson's. But take a look at any of his live performances - he's always smiling. 
I will remain an eternal fan of Pat's spirit and his work with Mr. Big, Impellitteri, Jeff Paris, Velocity, Richie Kotzen and many others...
In his honor, I'm watching this yet again...


TOTO Tribute 'Fanfields 2' Compiled on MRR CD Release

Friday, March 30, 2018
On March 30, MelodicRock Records will partner with Fanfields to present a stunning tribute to Toto.
Fanfields 2 was released in limited form late in 2017, and digital earlier this year. The whole project comprised of some 59 songs, featuring over 100 musicians.
MRR was so impressed with the quality of the performances and production, that the label pitched the idea to further help raise awareness of this project and help raise some additional funds for the charities (ALS Foundation, Cancer Fund and the Michael Porcaro Sweet Relief Musicians Fund), plus show of the very best performances in a limited edition physical CD release.
So impressed that it was deemed two discs would be necessary.
This is an exclusive 2CD compilation of the best tracks from the Fanfields 2 project, as picked and sequenced by MRR owner Andrew McNeice in close collaboration with Fanfields producer Michael Riesenbeck.
The crowd-funded disc is no longer available, and this release is to be strictly limited to 500 units worldwide.
“Fanfields 2 – The MRR Best Of” will feature the following tracks:
Disc One:
01. Goodbye Girl 6.10
02. Never Enough 6.02
03. How Many Times 5.43
04. King Of The World 4.57
05. Mad About You 4.56
06. A Thousand Years 5.13
07. Don’t Chain My Heart 5.04
08. Isolation 5.11
09. Only The Children 4.37
10. These Chains 5.34
11. Pamela 6.13
12. Angel Don’t Cry 4.19
13. Stop Loving You 5.15
14. Isolation Medley 6.50
Disc Two:
01. White Sister 5:55
02. Gypsy Train 7:38
03. Stranger In Town 5:12
04. How Does It Feel 5:03
05. Could This Be Love 5:26
06. Drag Him To The Roof 6:34
07. Caught In The Balance 6:34
08. Chinatown 5:02
09. I Won't Hold You Back 5:32
10. Going Home 6:17
11. Mushanga 5:30
12. Last Night 5:35
13. Home Of The Brave 7:42
Andrew McNeice: “Obviously I’m a huge Toto nut and I respected what Michael came up with on the first Fanfields release. But nothing prepared me for the brilliance of these performances. The songs we all know, but these are genuinely interesting versions of the classics, old and new. It was a struggle to pare the songs back from the 59 recorded, but I think this 2-disc set has the very best on offer. I’m particularly impressed with the length of the songs and the many instances of improvising and extending the instrumental parts of these complex songs, something everyone should be very proud of.”
Fanfields originally came from a 1997 decision by a number of members of the Toto mailing list to record Toto songs as a tribute to the band. It quickly became a serious project with musicians contributing from all over the world. Fanfields 1 was released in 2001.
Michael Riesenbeck: “Since the release of Fanfields 1, a lot has happened with Toto. After Mike died in 2015 I felt that the time had arrived to work on another Fanfields album with profits going to the Michael Porcaro Fund (Sweet Relief Musicians Fund), ALS foundation and Fergie Frederiksen Foundation (Liver Foundation). We felt it's the least we can do to give back something to the band that gave us so much pleasure and inspiration through their albums and live concerts.”
Of course, this idea quickly spun into something much larger. Epic even. Almost 140 people (musicians, graphic artists, engineers, producers, studio's, etc) from all over the world got involved to pay tribute to Toto; especially to Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro and Fergie Frederiksen.
Amongst the musicians on the album are two very special guests: Sam Porcaro (son of Mike, on bass) and Chris Trujillo (Toto percussionist). Other musicians include: John Pratt, Lars Edvall, Guus Willemse, Phil Vincent, Nalle Pahlsson, Ollie Oldenburg, Peter Kisch, Thomas Vikstrom, Linus Norda, Magnus Midelf, Ulf Jordal, Rob Lundgren, Raymond Herveille, Herman Furin, Rob Boshuijzen, Jim Rykbost, Rasmus Kihlberg, Christian Fridh, Christian Tolle, Matthias Simoner, Michael Casswell, Michael Riesenbeck, Janne Stark, Morris Adriaens, Sven Larsson, Andreas Passmark, Jan van Olffen, Markus Riegler, Phil Taylor, Sune Schack, Robert Elovsson, Fireblade, Dream Aria, Touch of Toto, Tristan.
So what do the guys of Toto think of Fanfields 2?
Steve Lukather: "I have to say I am so blown away by the amazing performances and effort put into this project. I am without words and anyone who knows me knows THAT does not happen often. Haha! The soul-passion and amazing playing and singing from ALL is just astounding! I know Jeff, Mike and Fergie are smiling. I am."
Steve Porcaro: "Hi guys! Check this out! TOTO fans/musicians paying tribute to us playing TOTO tracks! An amazing project benefitting my brothers Mike and Jeff - and Fergie! Please share this - and go support/buy! Thanks a lot for this beautiful tribute, all of you guys are awesome - we so appreciate all of you. AND - you kick ass as musicians!!"
Toto: "On behalf of all of us in the Toto family we wanted to share with you an incredible project that was just finished and just released. These are musicians and singers from all over the world paying a tribute to our music and we are just blown away how great it is!
So much love and passion from 100's of musicians and singers worldwide. The time and effort and detail and creativity put into this is staggering! We are deeply touched and thankful and honored that the people involved would take the time to do this. It is one of a kind project"
Lee Sklar: "It's a very worthy project. A wonderful tribute to two of my dearest friends, Mike and Jeff. I think it's quite essential that we all check this out, it's well worth looking into!"
Michael Riesenbeck: “We pay special tribute to three of our departed heroes, Jeff Porcaro, Mike Porcaro and Fergie Frederiksen, by having recorded some of THEIR personal most favorite Toto songs as well as recording several songs from "Isolation". This was the time to show our beloved band and their loved ones that we honor them and support them through the good and the bad times. Fanfields also features the last recordings done by the late Michael Casswell. He died one day before the release of Fanfields. We are so glad that Michael's hero and friend Luke got to hear his versions of Caught In The Balance, I Won't Hold You Back and Going Home, before his untimely death and that Luke loved it. RIP. Michael Casswell.”
Tap into the full Fanfields experience at:

THE CYBERIAM Debut Out Via MRR Feb 21

Wednesday, February 21, 2018
PRE-ORDER NOW: THE CYBERIAM - "The Cyberiam" ($14 + $5 worldwide airmail shipping) AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 21

The Cyberiam is a new progressive rock / metal band from Chicago that boasts some of the top musicians in the city coming together to create history.

MelodicRock Records is excited to be a part of The Cyberiam team and this fantastic album.
MRR is handling the CD release worldwide, released officially FEBRUARY 21.


The debut Cyberiam album boasts almost 80 minutes of progressive rock creativity. 10 songs that feature a variety of styles, feelings, time signatures and emotion. Ranging from emotional to purely technical and everything in between.

"2020 Visionary" is a hard rock progressive track that has some serious depth and power. Compare that with the lighter tones and style of "The Fall."

Wether you are a fan of Tool and Opeth or like the more classic tones of Dream Theater or Symphony X, not to mention the alternative deeper feel of Porcupine Tree, this album has something for every progressive rock fan out there today.

Keith Semple - Vocals, Guitar
Frank Lucas - Keys
Tommy Murray - Drums
Brian Kovacs - Bass guitar, Vocals

PRE-ORDER NOW: THE CYBERIAM - "The Cyberiam" ($14 + $5 worldwide airmail shipping) AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 21


RELEASE DATE: February 21
GENRE: Progressive Melodic Hard Rock
CAT#: MRR076

01. Alice In Afterland 8.53
02. Cool Kids 6.59
03. The Fall 5.20
04. Don't Blink 9.47
05. 2020 Visionary 5.46
06. The Historian 8.10
07. My Occupation 8.49
08. Juxtaposer 6.02
09. Brain In A Vat 7.22
10. Nostalgia 8.58

The Cyberiam Online:

PRE-ORDER NOW: THE CYBERIAM - "The Cyberiam" ($14 + $5 worldwide airmail shipping) AVAILABLE FEBRUARY 21


Keith was born in Northern, Ireland, in the small town of Larne. He started professionally playing music at the early age of 16, where he performed all throughout Europe. He played with a few different bands during that period of time, but always maintained a certain vision for his own music, which he loved to write and perform. Since 16 years old, Keith has played all over the world in small venues through large sold out shows of more than 80,000 seats.
Some of his achievements to date include:

- “Anytime Anywhere” hits #40 on I-tunes Country Album chart Feb 2016
- "Keith Semple is like Keith Urban, only better" Rambling Ray US99.5 Country Chicago
- “Anytime Anywhere” hits #08 on Midwest Billboard Charts March 2016
- Seen on Season 9 of NBC's Emmy award winning show “The Voice.”
- Getting to the last 20 people out of 50,000 applicants on NBC's "The Voice."
- Ranked #1 on Reverbnation Chicago Rock charts 2016; 10th nationally; 15th Globally
- New EP “Anytime Anywhere” on regular radio play NOW!
- Performed 6 sold out UK arena tours to over 1 million people with Young Voices UK since 2003
- Lead singer of Chicago's busiest touring band 7th heaven from 2006-2013
- Performed 2000+ shows in 10 years in the mid west area
- Performed to over 4 million people since 2006
- Written 3 #1 albums on the Chicago Billboard chart
- Opened for Bon Jovi and Kid rock at Soldier Field
- Performed live on Chicago WGN news, ABC, NBC & FOX
- Performed live on many top Chicago radio stations; The mix 101.9, 103.5 Kiss Fm, 102.3xlc, Star 105.5, Star 96.7, US 99.5 Country Chicago and many more
- Performed 5 sold out nights at 02 arena London with SEMPLE 23,000 people a night
- Over 50,000 followers across social media


Frank Lucas is a Chicago-based keyboardist/composer whose background is in classical piano and voice. His studies were completed at DePaul University in Chicago with both Bachelors and Masters degrees in Music Education / Performance and Educational Administration, respectively. Since 1994, Frank has studied piano, synthesis and theory with Jordan Rudess, the acclaimed Dream Theater keyboardist and former Juilliard child prodigy.

Frank has performed and recorded with the likes of Pat Metheny Group drummer, Paul Wertico, bassist Andy West of the Dixie Dregs, guitarists Paul Chapman (U.F.O.), Neil Zaza and Michael Angelo, Brandi, Journey's Steve Augeri, as well as acclaimed violinists Rachel Barton and Edgar Gabriel (Cirque Du Soleil). In 2006, Frank released a critically acclaimed progressive rock album on the ProgRock Records label entitled LWE -Lucas, White and Edsey with bassist Steve Edsey and drummer Chuck White.

Most recently, Frank has recorded with Fire Garden, Malik Yusef, Jennifer Lopez, Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, Twista, American Idol's Chris Medina and legendary rockers, War. He recently finished recording keyboard tracks for the upcoming Dee Snider album, "To Hell and Back."

Frank has recently released two albums on the Tonepainter Music Label. The first is a piano jazz trio interpretation of classic Christmas songs entitled "Christmas Is..." (2014) featuring Lucas on piano, Barry Kleiber on bass and Vince Consolo on drums.

February 2015 brought about The Romantic Piano Sensation's release, "A Little Secret" just in time for Valentines Day. Piano sensation Frank Lucas takes your heart and mind on an emotional journey through 11 tracks filled with beautiful melodies, painting pictures of love, passion and romance featuring "The Promise" with Joseph Schwartz on violin and the title track "A Little Secret" featuring vocalist, Jennifer Vera.




JK NORTHRUP & DAVID CAGLE 'That's Gonna Leave A Mark' Out March 30

Friday, March 30, 2018
MelodicRock Records is excited to announce the release of one of the finest melodic hard rock records for 2018 – JK Northrup & David Cagle’s first collaboration together, titled ‘That’s Gonna Leave A Mark’.
There is no doubt whatsoever that this record is gonna leave a mark on fans of hard rocking, guitar driven melodic rock, with a production to die for and songs dripping in hooks and melodies.
JK Northrup & David Cagle ‘That’s Gonna Leave A Mark’ arrives March 30 worldwide.
A very early demo form of this album was on select digital platforms under the Liberty & Justice banner, but ‘That’s Gonna Leave A Mark’ is a whole new ball-game from the ground up.
MRR’s Andrew McNeice: “I’m immensely proud and excited to finally be releasing this killer record from JK and David. I’ve worked with JK since the very first compilation over 15 years back and he’s been there for me as a mastering engineer every time since. His work with me remastering some important archive releases in the last couple of years has only further emboldened my respect for him as a first rate professional and someone who can bring out the very best results in any situation. On top of that, he is a Grade A gentleman who I value as a friend and college.
Everyone I have recommended Jeff to as an engineer or producer has ended up using him and continuing that relationship. But I’ve long felt that his name is undervalued as a writer and guitarist and I think this record is his finest achievement to date and a truly stunning release – in all facets – the guitar playing, the writing and production and David Cagle is one hell of a vocalist who I think we need to work with again ASAP!”
Jeff Northrup: “David Cagle and I had worked together in the past and started this album back in 2014.  Unfortunately, it was shelved due to 'circumstances'. We knew we had something special even then, and the time was right to pull out this great collection of songs, dust it off and polish it up. The result is 12 of the best songs put together on any album I've been a part of!
Fast forward to 2017… After rewriting some of the lyrics, some arrangement changes, re-recording guitars and vocals, then bringing in the powerful rhythm section of Larry Hart - bass (Montrose, Gypsy Soul, King Kobra) and Steve Brown - drums (Montrose, Oleander-and Mick Brown's younger brother), the album has truly come to life!
Larry and Steve have been playing live together for a couple years and are TIGHT. I've played on a few albums with Larry including King Kobra, Shortino-Northrup and Gypsy Soul, which began in 1987.
When you hear the opening track 'The Night Is Mine', you'll know right away that you are going to Get Rocked HARD!!! David's modern approach on vocals is a breath of fresh air and I pull no punches on guitar!! With some heavy, powerful rock songs, to more main stream rockers and a couple killer ballads, it's all here!!!
Although a predominately guitar driven album, Eric Ragno does a masterful job playing keyboards on 6 songs.
The title track, 'That's Gonna Leave A Mark' was written by myself several years back, but sounds as fresh and powerful as if written today. Some of the lyrics are based on true life experiences about love, hate and a relationship gone bad, which is reflected in the artwork that was done by the great Nello Dell'Omo. 'The Siren' cuts out your heart and leaves you still alive, clutching your chest. Been there, done that!!! I truly am excited for everyone to here this album!! Cheers!" ~ JK Northrup

JK Northrup's professional career began in 1982 when bassist-songwriter Bruce Turgon (Lou Gramm, Foreigner) heard his demo tape and asked if he would like to record with him in Los Angeles. That offer was accepted and the next thing that happened was they were in the studio at Pasha Records being produced by the legendary Billy Thorpe (Children Of The Sun). In the next room, Quiet Riot was mixing their debut album 'Metal Health'. Billy asked JK, Bruce and Frankie Banali to tour for his new release and that's how it all began!
Since then, JK has recorded with, toured with and produced some of the biggest names in music and that list continues to grow today. Not only known as an elite guitarist, songwriter and producer, but also as a recording engineer and mastering specialist. In 2017 alone, JK produced, mixed and/or mastered some of the top-rated rock albums for a who's who of recording artists.
Having written songs that have been recorded by artists such as Foreigner, King Kobra, Great White, XYZ and including television and movies, the list continues to grow.
JK has appeared on over 30 albums over the years as a songwriter, guitarist and producer, and has mixed and mastered many others.
Now in 2018 comes a new album called JK Northrup & David Cagle, 'That's Gonna Leave A Mark'. This album showcases all of JK Northrup's skills as a songwriter, guitarist, producer, recording and mastering engineer.
In JK's words, 'I'm just getting started! Enjoy the ride folks'.
For more detailed bio and discography, please visit
Award-winning international singer David Cagle has recorded vocals on more than 1000 songs over the past 10 years for clients all over the world, covering multiple genres of music. Although a singer of many styles, Cagle is most known for his melodic, soulful rock voice. A few of Cagle's credits include:
- February Fallen: Black and White (all lead and backing vocals)
- Marty and the Bad Punch: Moon Over Baskerville (all lead and backing vocals) *Winner of 4 awards at the 2015 German Rock and Pop Awards
- Brannon: Welton St. and The Road Less Traveled (all lead and backing vocals), and many individually released singles *Winner of multiple international songwriting competitions
- Majestic: V.O.Z, Epsilon 1, Epsilon 2 (lead and backing vocals on select tracks)
- Fiction Syxx: Tall Dark Secrets (backing vocals on Given Sight and Your Promised Land)
'That's Gonna Leave A Mark' guest performers:
Gunnar Nelson - backing vocal on ‘Forever Starts Tonight’
Richard Kendrick - backing vocal ‘Can't’
Kelly Keeling (MSG, Blue Murder) - backing vocal ‘For Sure Thing’
DanZoid (Ted Poley, Bridger) - drums ‘That's Gonna Leave A Mark’
Produced, Recorded, mixed and mastered by JK Northrup at Alien Productions Music Studio
JK Northrup & David Cagle ‘That’s Gonna Leave A Mark’ arrives March 30 worldwide on MelodicRock Records


From the Facebook page of Uli Jon Roth; ZENO ROTH has passed away.
Dear Friends, Dear Fans of Zeno!
It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I must inform you that my dear brother Zeno Roth passed away yesterday, on Feb 5, 2018. He died in his sleep after years of illness and finally moved on to a much better place.
Speaking on behalf of all his family and friends, this is a tremendous loss, both on a human level, but also because Zeno was a true and incredibly gifted artist. We will always remember his songs, poetry and beautiful guitar playing. As a brother, I remember him as a gentle caring soul with the deepest feelings, but also as a person of great humour and wit. His song-writing abilities were of the first order. He was a truly outstanding guitar player and his talent for poetry was simply incredible and on the highest level imaginable, which was particularly evident in those poems which he had written in his mother tongue of German. Fortunately for us, he left us many of these precious gem stones and we shall publish a collection of his poems posthumously in due course.
Just before he died, Zeno was working on three brand new songs which he played to me in a demo version before Christmas and I was amazed at what I heard, because he had reached a new plateau and his playing was better than ever, miraculously, despite his debilitating illness. We will try to finish these songs and release them because they are worth hearing and contain a lot of magic and beauty.
To all the fans of Zeno worldwide, I want to say thank you on his behalf, I want to say thank you on his behalf, his son Shion, Naoko, his girlfriend Indu and his family, and that of his closest friend and band member, Ule W. Ritgen for all your support and loyalty. God bless Zeno’s soul!
R.I.P Zeno. In his memory, my favourite ZENO song.

JARI TIURA To Release Debut Solo Album 'King Of Lions'

Friday, March 23, 2018
Product: Jari Tiura - King Of Lions
Release date: 23.03.2018
Label: AOR Heaven
Jari Tiura, former Michael Schenker Group and current Stargazery and Century Lost singer, will release his debut solo album on 23rd March 2018. ‘King Of Lions’ is a bit different than his previous outputs. The solo debut album has a mark of AOR to it, but also offers genuine hard rock feeling at times.
Jari Tiura was born 1968 in Tampere, Finland. He began to sing around the age of 17 when he also formed his first real band Crommer. Two years later the band changed their name to Bourbon and started to play gigs in their hometown.
A big change in Jari Tiura’s musical career happened in the end of the 90´s, when he joined Snakegod, a Finnish power metal band. With Snakegod he released an album called “Invitation” in 2001.
In 2004 Michael Schenker contacted Jari Tiura and asked him if he would like to fly over to London for an audition gig. Everything went well and Jari even recorded most of his lead vocals for the upcoming MSG release “Tales Of Rock N Roll” during his stay in London. The first MSG concert featuring Jari Tiura on vocals took place in 2006. The show was broadcasted live from Underground, Cologne and aired on the show “Rockpalast” on German TV.
Between 2006 and 2007 Jari toured with MSG in Europe, Asia, the USA and Japan, and played big festivals like Wacken Open Air and Sweden Rock to name a few.
After leaving MSG, the singer joined Finnish band Stargazery. With Stargazery, he so far has released two albums, "Eye On The Sky" (2011) and "Stars Aligned" (2015). He is also a member of a new group called Century Lost which is currently working on a debut album to be released in 2018.
A few years ago Jari Tiura and his good friend and producer Sami Ala-lahti hooked up and started to write music together for his first solo album. “King Of Lions” is a release that, from the beginning, was meant to sound different from anything he had done in the past. Sami Ala-lahti handled the production and also played rhythm guitars, sang backing vocals and did some programming.
This release also features Yrjö Ella on lead guitars, Jaan Wessman on bass and drums. On keyboards you will find Jussi Kulomaa, Jani Kemppinen and Mikko Kangasjärvi. Jari Tiura is the executive producer. “King Of Lions”  was mixed by Antto Tuomainen and mastered by Esa Orjatsalo.
Soundclips in advance:
On the web:


LITTLE CAESAR Drops New Single 'Time Enough For That'

Friday, March 16, 2018
New album Eight coming March 16, 2018
First single Time Enough For That out now!
Having recently signed a global deal with Golden Robot Records, US rockers, Little Caesar have dropped the first single from their soon to be released album, Eight, out mid-March worldwide, but available to pre-order immediately, as they prepare to head off on their 2018 UK tour.
A powerful ballad that has just enough edge around the warmth, Time Enough For That, is an ode to the mantra of “living in the moment” and the pure intimacy and gratitude that lies within it.  With raspy, soulful vocals, main-man Ron Young leaves his heart on his heavily tattooed sleeve while emotive, crying guitar solos build the song into an instantly familiar yet classic track.
Eight is Little Caesar’s first studio album in six years, with the digital version of the album containing two bonus tracks.


NO HOT ASHES Debut Released March 23

Friday, March 23, 2018
NO HOT ASHES will finally release their self-titled debut album on March 23, 2018!
First single “Come Alive” - Out NOW!
NO HOT ASHES are a melodic rock group who formed in early '80's Belfast. The rock scene of those days was a welcome alternative to the violence that was happening on the streets and 'The Ashes' became local favorites releasing one single independently. They signed to GWR Records in 1988, with a line-up featuring original members Dave Irvine on guitar and Paul Boyd on bass, joined by new singer Tommy Quinn on vocals, Tommy Dickson on keyboards and Steve Strange on drums. Moving to London and supporting the likes of Mama's Boys and Magnum it seemed their star was rising, but problems with getting their debut album released brought dissolution and one-by-one band members returned to Northern Ireland. By the end of 1990 'The Ashes' fire went out and they called it a day.
Burn through the years to September 2013 and NO HOT ASHES were given two reasons to reform. One was to play a tribute gig for Belfast's famous Rosetta Bar, the centre for Northern Ireland's rock and metal scene from the early 80's, which had recently closed. The other was to remember old rock friends no longer with them. The Rosie, as it was affectionately known, was a venue very dear to The Ashes hearts as their club night 'Cinders' was started by their old manager Stephen Magee, a mad PR genius who passed way before his time. They enjoyed playing again so much that they couldn't stop and since the beginning of 2014 they've supported Aerosmith, Foreigner, FM, and UFO. Playing Hard Rock Hell AOR, Download, London Calling, Ramblin' Man and Steelhouse, Rockingham and Frontiers Rock Festival.
They still sound and feel like a classic 80's rock band and after tracking new demos, the band sent the material to Frontiers who loved what they heard (strongly rooted in the classic tradition of British Melodic Rock ala FM, Heartland, Def Leppard and Bon Jovi) and signed them for the release of a new record. The album was delivered to the label, but shortly thereafter bassist Paul Boyd was diagnosed with cancer. He fought it hard, but a few months ago he tragically lost his life. Obviously, this hit the band very hard and the release of the album was the last thing on their minds. 
After a period of mourning and knowing full well that Paul would have wanted them to soldier on, they have a new bass player in place and are ready to play live again to support the release. 34 years in the making, Frontiers is proud to release the self-titled debut album from No Hot Ashes! 
1. Come Alive
2. Good To Look Back
3. Satisfied
4. Boulders
5. I’m Back
6. Glow
7. Over Again
8. Jonny Redhead
9. Souls
10. Running Red Lights
Dave Irvine - Guitar

Nial Diver - Guitar

Paul Boyd - Bass
Steve Strange - Drums,
Tommy Dickson - Keyboards
Eamon Nancarrow - Vocals



STAR CHASE Return With 'Afterlife' On MRR 28/2

Wednesday, February 28, 2018
MelodicRock Records is very pleased to continue their relationship with the very fine melodic rock stars of Melbourne, Australia – STAR CHASE! The band's new album 'Afterlife' will be released via MRR on February 28.

STAR CHASE - Afterlife ($15 = $5 airmail shipping)

STAR CHASE - Afterlife + BURN Ice Age (CD + Audio Download + Ice Age Tshirt Combo - $30 + $11 airmail shipping)


For those that may not know, Star Chase is the 5 piece melodic rock band featuring a very familiar name on lead vocals/guitars – Jason Old from The Radio Sun (and previously Safire, Square One, Someone Elses Life).
Joining Jason in Star Chase are:
Steve Martret - lead guitars/vocals and producer (Safire)
Gilbert Annese - drums (Square One,Someone Elses Life)
Aaron Suter - keyboards/vocals (Safire)
Anthony Wong - bass/vocals (Someone Elses Life)
After the 15th anniversary of the original Safire EP, Steve and Jase began writing together initially for fun, with no other plan other than to write as many songs as they could.
This eventually led to having over 20 songs written in a few months.
After putting the band together it was clear there was a chemistry so the next step was to record an album with no real expectation. The resulting, The New Day debut was a collection of 11 rocking tunes for fans of “two guitar & keyboard“ rock with huge harmonies.
This band has their own unique sound. It continues on into this, their second studio album ‘Afterlife‘.
’Afterlife‘ is an album that will continue to please fans of the debut and The Radio Sun, and fans of classic feel good melodic rock, Australian style AOR and songs with big hooks and even bigger harmonies.
Star Chase Afterlife will be released via MRR on February 28.

MAGNUM Chart Positions A Home Run

Friday, January 19, 2018
What a great release week MAGNUM had with the new album "Lost On The Road To Eternity"! Top 10 chart entries in Germany and Switzerland, highest chart entry in the UK since 1992 and many more.
From the band: "We are chuffed to bits to have recorded another top 20 UK National charts album (Number 1 UK Independent Charts) and Number 8 in Germany and Switzerland amongst other charts. Thanks to all the fans worldwide. We see us on tour!"
These are the first week chart entries for "Lost On The Road To Eternity":
#1     UK - Indie Charts
#2     Sweden - Hard Rock Charts
#4     Sweden - Vinyl Charts
#8     Germany - Album Charts
#8     Switzerland - Album Charts
#8     UK - Update Charts
#9     UK - Vinyl Charts
#9     UK - Physical Charts
#9     UK - Scottish Charts
#11   UK - Sales Charts
#15   UK - Album Charts
#22   Austria - Album Charts
#23   Sweden - Album Charts
#30   UK - Download Charts
#56   USA - Hard Music Charts
#145 France - Album Charts
#165 Spain - Album Charts
#168 USA - Indie Charts
Lost On The Road To Eternity was released by Steamhammer/SPV on 19 January 2018 as 2 CD digipak version incl. bonus live disc, 2LP coloured version, download and stream:
Watch the lyric video for "Without Love" here:
Magnum are scheduled to embark on a major European tour from February to April 2018:
20.02. UK-Bristol - Trinity
21.02. UK-Cardiff - Tramshed
23.02. UK-Holmfirth - Picturedome
24.02. UK-Manchester - Academy 2
25.02. UK-Hull - City Hall (with Saxon) (sold out)
26.02. UK-Aberdeen - Garage
27.02. UK-Glasgow - Garage
01.03. UK-Belfast - Limelight
02.03. UK-Birmingham - Town Hall
04.03. UK-Preston - Guildhall
05.03. UK-Nottingham - Rock City
07.03. UK-Leamington - Assembly
08.03. UK-Cambridge - Junction
09.03. UK-London - Islington Assembly Hall
11.03. UK-Southampton - Engine Room
12.03. UK-Brighton - Old Market
14.03. NL-Leiden - Gebr de Nobel
16.03. SE-Stockholm - Fryshuset Klubben
17.03. NO-Oslo - Rockefeller
18.03. SE-Gothenburg - Sticky Fingers
19.03. SE-Malmoe - KB
21.03. DE-Munich - Ampere
23.03. DE-Nurnberg - Der Hirsch
24.03. DE-Aschaffenburg - Colos-Saal
25.03. DE-Berlin - Columbia Theater
27.03. DE-Bonn - Harmonie
28.03. DE-Stuttgart - Im Wizemann (Club)
29.03. DE-Freiburg - Jazzhaus
31.03. DE-Wuppertal - Live Club Barmen
01.04. NL-Uden - De Pul
03.04. DE-Leipzig - Werk 2
04.04. DE-Hamburg - Fabrik
05.04. DE-Bremen - Aladin
07.04. DE-Neuruppin - Kulturhaus
08.04. PL-Bydgoszcz - Klub Kuzinia
10.04. CZ-Prague - Nova Chemelnice
11.04. DE-Memmingen - Kaminwerk
12.04. CH-Pratteln - Z7
13.04. IT-Milano - Legend
15.04. ES-Barcelona - Bikini
16.04. ES-Madrid - But


LEVERAGE Announce New Lineup, New Vocalist, New Single

Finland's power melodic hard rockers LEVERAGE are back!
Leverage 2018:
Kimmo Blom - vocals
Tuomas Heikkinen - guitar
Mikko Salovaara -- guitar
Marko Niskala - keyboards
Sami Norrbacka - bass
Valtteri Revonkorpi - drums
Somewhere during the lengthy Leverage hiatus we’ve had I started writing heavy rock songs with Mikko Salovaara for Kimmo Blom to sing. This was at first more like ’therapy’, making music just to make music. 

However, writing with Mikko and especially later, getting to play some fantastic Rainbow tribute gigs under the Wolf Moon Rising-moniker, with Kimmo on the vocals, we started feeling that we must move on.  One way or the other.

Of original Leverage members, Torsti had already changed his career towards writing film score, and Pekka was busy singing pro and also working BFT. There’s never been any issues or nothing but brother-like friendship between any of us, it was just obvious that we couldn’t continue Leverage as a heavy rock band with the same line-up.

In ways, this is a circle closing. Kimmo was meant to be the vocalist on the first pre-production demos of what became ’Tides’, back in the day,  he was too busy at that time with Urban Tale for it to happen. it was sheer luck and coincidence that I met Pekka and we got on the way.

Anyway, now it’s 2018, Leverage is back with new music and aim to put out more & get out to play this year.

On ’Red Moon Over Sonora’

We wrote the basic chords and some of the ’Indian Hum’ melody together with Mikko, and I took it from there.  This was already some time ago.  Going through demos, from last few years, some very recent, some a few years old, this song popped out as something to finish now and put out. 

It’s got a great fresh vibe to it, while still being very much what Leverage has always been, old school heavy rock with intense vocals and a ’story’. Something old, something new. The story could date back to before the ’Fifteen Years’-story, or can be read that way. Kimmo shines on vocals, and Mikko kills with his solo. 

Music: Tuomas Heikkinen and Mikko Salovaara
Lyrics: Tuomas Heikkinen
Arranged by Leverage

Recorded October 2017 at Electric Fox Studios, Jyväskylä Finland and Studio Tauko Espoo Finland
Mixed October 2017 by Eero Kaukomies at Sonic Pump Studios, Helsinki Finland
Mastered November 2017 at Chartmakers West by Svante Forsbäck, Espoo Finland
Produced by Tuomas Heikkinen




THE MOOD GROOVE Showcases Different Side Of JK Northrup

Friday, April 20, 2018
Track List: 1. Funk Soul Sister  4:44 / 2. Launching Pad  4:18 / 3. Moon Calling Sun 5:13 / 4. I'm a Pharmacist 5:20 / 5. I Just Wanna Sit Down 4:05 / 6. We Are the Mushroom Men 3:49 / 7. Never Count the Cost 4:15 / 8. Stone Dead Man 2:18 / 9. Disintegrating Gods 3:31 / 10. Leaning Too Far In 4:44
The Mood Groove is:
Ed Balldinger - Lead and Backing Vocal, Rhythm and Lead Guitar, Vibe
JK Northrup - Lead and Rhythm Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocal, Vibe
Glenn Hicks - Drums, Lead and Backing Vocal, Vibe
Larry Hart - Bass, Backing Vocal, Vibe
Additional Lead Vocals by:
Willy Seltzer- Moon Calling Sun
Buddy Davis- Stone Dead Man
Featuring backing vocals by Diana Short and The Salamander Choir Boys including Willy Seltzer, Buddy Davis, Dr. DruP, Richie D., John Short, StatMaster Rob and the Mood Groove
Phil Ireland- Harmonica and Vibe on Stone Dead Man
Produced by- JK Northrup
Co-Produced by- Ed Balldinger
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by- JK Northrup at Alien Productions Music Studio
For more info, please visit- <>
All songs written by- Ed Balldinger and JK Northrup
The Mood Groove was formed by Ed Balldinger and JK Northrup as an outlet to create and record music that stretched their collective imaginations and to invite listeners to something a little different.  Their goal was to be “Out of the box” and not be confined to any particular style or genre, yet to be a part of them all.  As JK says, “It is musical ear candy for the brain, so the third eye can see again!”Ed Balldinger is an amazing, if not eclectic lyricist, or “Wordsmith” and published poet, as well as a talented guitarist with a wide variety of musical influences.  JK brings his skills as a songwriter, producer, recording engineer and guitarist.  Together they have combined their song-writing skills to create 10 songs in the vein of Rock, Funk, Psychedelic, Soul, Blues, Experimental, Gospel and most of all, Mood and Groove!
JK and Ed brought in the powerhouse rhythm section of Larry Hart on bass (Gypsy Soul, Montrose, King Kobra, Shortino-Northrup) and Glenn Hicks on drums and vocals (Gypsy Soul, Shortino-Northrup).  With much of their performances being played powerfully off the cuff, it adds an element of “live” to the album!  Glenn and Larry both played with JK in Gypsy Soul with Johnny Edwards on vocals from 1987-1989, and then again on several songs for the Shortino-Northrup “Back On Track” album in 1993. 
Adding female backing vocals by Diana Short gives a Pink Floyd, Zappa sound to some songs, while having other singers on a few songs to add a variety of vocal textures and feel.
If you like bands such as Living Colour and Mother Finest then this is the album to add to your music collection!

NELSON Catalog Goes Digital

Collector's Items Like Brother Harmony, Imaginator and Life Make Their Debuts At Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon and More
LOS ANGELES, January 29, 2018- The entire Nelson catalogue - representing every album released by Matthew and Gunnar Nelson in the course of their 28-year-career - will, for the first time, be available at all digital retailers and streaming services on January 8, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon and Pandora, among others, through their distribution partner, Redeye.  The announcement follows the re-release of Nelson's remastered 1990, multi-platinum debut album, After the Rain, on 180g vinyl by Universal Music Enterprises.
The full digital roll-out will take place today, January 29, when such collector's items as Imaginator, the prophetic 1996 release which were originally supposed to be the follow-up to After the RainBrother Harmony, the 1998 country album the brothers recorded in Nashville which is now a coveted collector's item, and Ricky Nelson Remembered, an album featuring studio recorded versions of Matthew and Gunnar performing their father's biggest career hits, previously available only at Nelson concerts, become available for streaming and download for the first time.
"Each of these songs is like one of our children," says Gunnar about the process of going back and rehearing their work. 
"You start reliving what it took to put all the pieces together," adds Matthew. "It represents 25-plus years of work.  These songs are, quite literally, the soundtrack to our lives."
Here's the complete list of available titles, with comments from Matthew and Gunnar:
Imaginator (1996): Originally intended as the follow-up to After the Rain, but turned down by DGC/Geffen, Nelson finally put out the prescient album as the first release on their own Stone Canyon Records label. An edgy, acerbic record which took aim at their unfair media treatment and the threat of the Internet in the days of dial-up, Matthew recalls, "It was not the fun, sunshine pop formula the label thought they were getting." Adds Gunnar, "It was so cathartic and honest, it's emotionally painful for me to listen to now. It brings me back to a time when I felt we were misunderstood by the industry."
Because They Can (1995): After the rejection of Imaginator, Matthew and Gunnar went back into the studio with legendary producer and mentor John Boylan (Boston, Little River Band, Edie Brickell) for an album that epitomized the California country-rock sound, featuring contributions from Eagles' Don Felder and Timothy B. Schmit, America's Gerry Beckley and the Cars' Elliot Easton. It also features the famed William Wegman cover photo of his Man Ray Weimaraner dogs with long, blonde hair, showing the Nelson brothers were in on the joke. "It was like a Crosby, Stills & Nash Laurel Canyon record when nobody was doing that," says Matthew.
Silence is Broken (1997): Recorded for JVC Victor Japan, the album was intended to be a bridge between Imaginator and Life, according to Matthew.  "We were just learning how to record digitally," he says of the record, produced in various studios in West L.A. and Valencia. "It really pushed the stylistic envelope in terms of its diversity."

Brother Harmony (1998): After playing several acoustic shows in Nashville, Matthew and Gunnar signed to Warner-Reprise, and began recording songs for a new, never released album as the Nelsons with some of Nashville's finest musicians.

Life (1999): Another JVC Victor Japan import, the album was recorded in a Nashville basement, but remains one of Gunnar's favorites. "I have a particular affection for it," he says. "We just wanted to make ear candy. It's a real take-no-prisoners pop/rock album." Matthew adds: "We recorded everyone in a room playing at the same time, which gave it some real energy." Life features "Is That How It Is?" co-written with Russ Ballard.  "We went a little bit more Vox than Marshall," laughs Matthew.

Like Father, Like Sons (2000): The brothers' initial tribute to their father was recorded live at the Date Festival in Indio, California, site of the Coachella festival, with James Intveld on upright bass, Gunnar on stand-up drums and Matthew on acoustic guitar. The group delved into affectionate, authentic rockabilly takes on some of Ricky's greatest hits, including "Garden Party," "Milk Cow Blues," "Travelin' Man" and "Hello Mary Lou." 

Lightning Strikes Twice (2010):  After signing a new deal with Frontier Records, this was one of three separate releases to come out during the year. Nelson's first album of new material in nearly 11 years, it featured guitarist Steve Lukather, and was recorded at Gunnar's home Nashville studio and mixed in L.A. by top recording engineer Jay Ruston (Metallica, Anthrax).  "The label challenged us to make the follow-up to After the Rain, except with modern technology and their full support," recalls Gunnar. "It represented a personal victory." The album went on to become the most critically acclaimed album of their career behind, "After the Rain," with a rare 7 of 7 diamond rating from Metal Hammer Magazine.

Before the Rain: The Demos 1986-1990 (2010): A collection of the recordings which led up to their debut, After the Rain, this album shows how Nelson's songwriting evolved, representing the band's attempt to convince DGC/Geffen A&R legend John David Kalodner they were ready to record. Explained Matthew, "It's a great way for the fans to hear how the songs from that first album started and eventually came together."
Perfect Storm - After the Rain World Tour 1991 (2010): Recorded during their whirlwind, 13-month-long tour, which ended with four shows in Japan, the album captures the band as it begins to feel its strength as a live attraction, thanks to the efforts of live engineer Toby Francis. "We were very loud, but he got it to sound clean," says Matthew. "The band we had for that tour was just ridiculously talented."
Peace Out (2015):  Another favorite of Gunnar's for its razor-sharp focus and stylistic consistency, the song "Back in the Day" describes Nelson's populist, crowd-pleasing aim perfectly. "The radio was our saving grace/Our heroes showed the way/Back in the day."
"Getting these records out has been extremely satisfying because, up until now, they haven't been available," says Gunnar. "For the first time in a while, we're talking about making a new Nelson album."
Until then, Nelson will continue to inspire their fans live, with a planned summer 2018 tour on the horizon.
"Up to this point, these songs are our legacy," adds Matthew. "I'm just happy people can find and hear them now."



BULLET 'Dust To Gold' Out April 20

Friday, April 20, 2018
If you want to understand how Swedish metal act Bullet works, you only have to take one look at the ancient tour bus that the five musicians have been conquering the world with for years. The black, white and red 1964 Volvo B63508, lovingly referred to as the 'Bullet Bus', with its indestructible six-cylinder engine and countless miles under its frayed seats, the band's mobile hotel. Mind you: perhaps hotel isn't quite the operative word, (youth) hostel would be more to the point, the van's interior having accumulated an attractive odour composed of petrol, sweat, beer and a diverse range of tobacco blends in its interior. 'In the years that we've been travelling from show to show in our van and have visited countless festivals, our Bullet Bus has never let us down,' guitarist Hampus Klang phrases a kind of declaration of love to the vintage vehicle that features on the cover of the group's latest album Dust To Gold for a good reason. 'The Volvo has more than earned its place on the front cover,  because in its own way it's just like we are: hard as nails, resilient and full of priceless memories.' 
The Bullet Bus as a synonym for a band philosophy that could hardly be more compelling. Bullet have been on the metal scene since 2001, released five excellent studio albums to date, toured most European countries several times, opened for AC/DC in front of 55,000 people in 2009 and played some of Europe's most prestigious festivals, such as Rock Am Ring, Graspop, Sweden Rock, Bang Your Head, Rock Hard, Keep It True, Headbangers Open Air and Wacken (twice!). The band has eaten dirt in the true sense of the word and transformed it into musical gold, as their programmatic album title hints. 'Our new songs are about life on the road, about freedom, adventure and the endless fun that passionate metal bands have,' Hampus Klang explains. Their love of their lives as musicians oozes from every single note, be it the fast-paced opener ´Speed And Attack` in classic NWOBHM style, the powerful singalong anthem ´Fuel The Fire` or the cool, grooving midtempo track ´Wildfire` that AC/DC couldn't have done better.
Dust To Gold was mixed and produced from August to December 2017 at the Pama Studios in Torsås, Sweden, by Bullet and Mankan Sedenberg, who consciously used an analogue tape machine to give the recording a warm sound. Hampus is extremely happy with the result: 'We spent much more time on the songwriting than we did with previous albums. The whole production took a bit longer this time but we think it was worth it. We wanted an album where every song is a great one, totally without fillers. We also worked hard to make the sound as honest and authentic as possible and it sounds a lot more like we do live.'
1. Speed And Attack  2:35
2. Ain't Enough  2:38
3. Rogue Soldier  3:01
4. Fuel The Fire  3:26
5. One More Round  3:07
6. Highway Love  3:22
7. Wildfire  4:00
8. Screams In The Night 2:50
9. Forever Rise  4:04
10. The Prophecy  0:28
11. Hollow Grounds  3:49
12. Dust To Gold  5:31
The new album "Dust To Gold" will be released through Steamhammer/SPV on April 20th 2018 as CD digi (incl. poster) / 2LP gatefold (golden vinyl) / download / stream.

Line Up:
Alexander Lyrbo (guitars)
Hampus Klang (guitars)
Gustav Hector (bass)
Hell Hofer (vocals)
Gustav Hjortsja (drums)
BULLET live 2018:
09.02. SE-Alvesta - Kulturkallaren
01.06. SE-Bladinge - Muskelrock
06.06. SE-Savesborg - Sweden Rock Festival
15.06. SE-Arebro – Metaalsvenskan
08.12. DE-Balingen - Volksbankmesse
More dates will be added soon!




MRF5 unfortunately must make a couple of changes to the previously announced lineup due to circumstances beyond our control.
This is not unusual in the festival business as artist circumstances change over time, but nevertheless, it is regretful and disappointing to make any change.
There has been a slight shuffle of appearance days with a couple of the artists – done to benefit the fans as extended sets will now be possible.
If anyone has issues with changes, please let me know and if anyone needs to swap daily tickets to fit the changes, please advise ASAP.
Tickets and passes for the event will be sent out during February (if all goes to plan).
There will be NO further changes. Visas, flights, hotels for all other artists are currently underway.
THE DEFIANTS regretfully must withdraw from the event due to the unavailability of guitarist Rob Marcello. Rob has recently taken up the guitarist role with The Poodles and despite hoping the USA event could still be scheduled in, but sadly that is not the case.
Frontman of The Defiants PAUL LAINE will still appear for his solo set on Sunday, promising to make room for a few Defiants songs.
Australia’s ROADKILL were looking forward to their international debut, but must withdraw due to a member’s wife expecting their first child the very weekend of MRF. I’m sad the guys can’t make it, but if there’s one reason to withdraw, then that’s gotta be it. Congratulations!
TEER have informed me they are unable to make the journey due to a few of their own issues. I send my best regards to the guys and look forward to hearing some new music.
TREAT will now headline Friday night and play as long as they like. STATION and GRAND DESIGN and everyone else will get a little longer to play on Friday.
CRAZY LIXX are moving to Saturday to perform before H.E.A.T.
Of course we must add for what is taken – so please welcome to the event:
There is also the opening slot not yet announced for Sunday – I’m just waiting for confirmation before announcing that. 
Tickets are available now via Paypal from now!
MRF5 is being hosted by Chris & Neeley from The Classic Metal Show
MRF5 is proudly sponsored by ONE RIFF MERCHANDISE /
More sponsors and vendors will be announced shortly.

CAVO Back After 4 Years With 'Bridges'

Friday, February 23, 2018
Four years is not that long, relatively speaking. A ‘blip on the radar’ over a lifetime. But in the case of St. Louis’ Cavo, four years speaks to more of an eternity than some may realize. It doesn’t take much in this day and age for a band to break up. It takes a lot more effort to stay together, not to mention sustaining the want that got them together in the first place. So imagine a band, completely lost and void of the will to keep moving forward. In that reality, four years can seem like forever. And that’s where Cavo’s story really picks up.
As vocalist Casey Walker likes to tell it, at the time “there just wasn’t anything left to give.” They had tried everything. ‘More guitars,’ ‘scream it don’t sing it,’ ‘pick up the pace,’ etc, etc. It didn’t work. Not for Cavo. No one believed it anyway. So they decided to stop. It was time to put this aside. And they did.
But then something happened a while later. The want slowly started creeping back in. Not quickly, but little by little, over time. But the want this time was different. It didn’t feel the same. Something had changed. For once, it wasn’t about what someone else wanted. It was only about the four of them and what they wanted. And it felt right. So, they decided to try again, but this time, their way.
Over 50 songs. A sound that truly reflected who they are as musicians. Not what everyone else told them they were supposed to be. No outsiders pushing for ‘more of this’ or ‘less of that.’ It was actually so much easier than they thought it would be. Cutting it down to just 12 songs was the hard part.
They decided to call it “Bridges,” because they felt like they had crossed over to someplace new. A place where Cavo could just... be.

LITTLE CAESAR Signs To Golden Robot Records

Friday, March 16, 2018
New album 'Eight' coming March 16, 2018
First single 'Time Enough For That' drops February 5
US rock n roll survivors, Little Caesar have signed a global deal with Golden Robot Records for the release of their new album Eight in March.
Little Caesar fuse no-nonsense hard rock that harks back to 70's giants such as Bad Company and Humble Pie with an aching ZZ Top groove and overlay it with classic R&B melodies to produce some mighty fine straight up good time rock and roll!
Eight is the band's first studio album in six years and lead single Time Enough For That is a reflective, semi power ballad that is a total lighters (or phones) in the air AOR smash! With his raspy, soulful vocals, main-man Ron Young, leaves his heart on his heavily tattooed sleeve while the emotive, crying guitar solos build the song into an instantly familiar yet classic track. FM radio slickness with bar band grit, Little Caesar in 2018 is exactly what's missing in contemporary rock music.
'Little Caesar is excited about joining the ever-growing Golden Robot Records family. We are IN great company WITH a great company. Being based in Australia, which has given birth to some of the greatest Rock N Roll bands, makes us excited to be part of their Worldwide expansion. We see great things in 2018 for us and everyone that we share our music with at our new home.' – Ron Young, Little Caesar
'With Golden Robot Records currently expanding its artist roster to include bands based in the USA, Canada and Europe, when I met Ron Young in LA last year, and having been a fan of Little Caesar for many years, I knew that they would fit perfectly into the growing GRR family.  Little Caesar being one of our first global international signings is exciting for myself and the label.'
Mark Alexander-Erber, President & Founder, Golden Robot Global Entertainment
Pre-orders for Eight commence 5 Feb, out 16 March

Upcoming UK tour dates:

21st Feb - Underworld Camden, London
22nd Feb - Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes
24th Feb - Corporation, Sheffield
25th Feb - The Cluny, Newcastle Upon Tyne
27th Feb - Robin 2, Bilston
1st March - The Octagon, Keighley
2nd March - Iron Road, Evesham
3rd March - Yardbirds, Grimsby
4th March - The Cathouse, Glasgow
7th March - Bannermans, Edinburgh
8th March - Academy 3, Manchester
9th March - Live Rooms, Chester
10th March - Hard Rock Hell, Pwllheli  

Bursting onto the LA scene in 1987, big things seemed inevitable for a band who had the winning combination of being managed by Jimmy Iovine, A&R'd by John Kalodner and produced by the one and only Bob Rock.
Their unique blend of soulful, yet ballsy hard rock was a perfect reflection of the musical climate that spawned them. They first appeared on the 1989 Metal Blade Street Survivors compilation which lead to them signing with DGC Records under Geffen. However, within weeks of the release of their self-titled 1990 debut, their label was sold. In the mix-up all their records were lost in transit to the new distributors and the bean counters anvil came down on a band who were just getting going. Such is the rough and tumble music business.
Never to let a thing like a label shuffle get in their way, the band hit the road off the success of their cover of Aretha Franklin's Chain of Fools and toured with bands as varied as Jane's Addiction, Kiss, Iggy Pop, Billy Idol, Social Distortion and Lynyrd Skynyrd. They also headlined their own tours across America and scored heavy rotation on MTV.
In 1992 they released their second album, Influence, and toured Europe for the first time. The tour drew rave reviews and they sold out the famous Marquee Club in London.
 That same year Ron Young appeared in Terminator 2 as a tough talking biker that gets into a fight (and inevitably is thrown out of a window) by Arnold Schwarzenegger. 
Just as they got going again, like so many hard rock bands, they were stopped in their tracks by the grunge wave and ultimately disbanded for over a decade, re-emerging in 2001 for a string of high profile shows at the House of Blues, the California Speedway for NASCAR, and the Rock The Bayou Festival in Houston TX. 
The band went quiet again, until 2009 when they released their fourth album Redemption and returned to Europe and the UK. In 2012 they released American Dream and performed at the Hard Rock Hell festival in Wales that December.
They returned once again to Europe in 2013 appearing at The Download Festival alongside such acts as Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Rival Sons, and Queens Of The Stone Age, and in 2016 released the double live album Brutally Honest.
In 2017, the band returned to the UK and Europe, toured the US, and entered the studio with Bruce Witkin to produce their Golden Robot Records debut.

DRIVE SHE SAID Sign To Escape For 'Real Life' Reissue

Friday, March 23, 2018
Escape Music are pleased to announce the release of Drive, She Said “Real Life” album Completely Remixed and Mastered!!
Release Date: 23 March 2018
Track list: 1 Real Life  5:12 / 2 Stronger   5:33 / 3 We Live For Love  4:36 / 4 Whats it Gonna Take  4:22 / 5 Silverwhite   3:39 / 6 Overdrive    4:09 / 7 Find Your Place 5:10 / 8 All Your Heart   4:42 / 9 Hold Me    5:36 / 10 When WIll It Be Love 4:48 / 11 How Can I Be Sure 5:37 / 12 Always and Forever (Godz) / 4:43 / 13 Believe 4:45
Drive, She Said is:
Al Fritsch- Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Mark Mangold- Keys and Background Vocals
Jonathan Mover- Drums
Produced by Mark Mangold and Al Fritsch
Re-Mixed in 2017 by Brian Anthony and Mark Mangold
Recordings engineered by Mark Mangold and Al Fritsch at Mariel's Kitchen Studios, N.Y. and Jack's House Studios, N.J.
Drums Recorded at Skyline Studios engineered by Jonathan Mover and Alex Olson.
Vocal Extravaganza Arrangements by Al
Artwork by Nello Del Omo
Cover Concept by Drive, She Said
DRIVE, SHE SAID is a melodic metal duo that has recorded 6 records.  Having started out on CBS in the U.S., made up of Mark Mangold and Al Fritsch, D,SS is known for their stellar vocals, anthemic songs and scathing musicianship
Mangold, a renowned keyboardist, and his creative partner in Drive, She said, the amazing singer/multi-instrumentist Al Fritsch, met in 1988 and started writing and paving the way for their acclaimed first album Drive, She Said on Columbia records. The band toured extensively, playing with such bands as FM, UFO and others, and performing at numerous Festivals.
In 2003 Mark and Al joined with drummer Jonathan Mover to create the album "Real Life".
According to Mangold "When we started it was important to carve out an original sound, and hopefully also have a "hit.  We have always wanted to make our music totally over the top!  One of the favorite records we ever did is "Real Life" but the original release never sounded the way we wanted it to.  It has the walls of vocals, and musicianship, and hopefully anthemic, and sometimes progressive, songs we enjoyed doing and I am ecstatic that we were now able to remix and release it the way it was meant to be.   I am also happy that Al's legacy is preserved as to listen to this record is to be surrounded by Al Fritch's voice, playing and energy.”

DREAM CHILD Revealed As New Group Project

Frontiers Music Srl is proud to announce the formation of a brand new band featuring legends of the hard rock/heavy metal scene, Dream Child! Check out the amazing group’s lineup:
Craig Goldy: Guitars (ex-Dio, Giuffria)
Wayne Findlay: Guitars and Keyboards (ex- MSG)
Simon Wright: Drums (ex-AC/DC, Dio, Operation: Mindcrime)
Rudy Sarzo: Bass (ex-Quiet Riot, Ozzy, Whitesnake, Dio)
Diego Valdez: Vocals (Helker)
Craig Goldy says, "[t]he band Dream Child was conceived during a brainstorming session with Serafino (President of Frontiers) and I one day while discussing other matters. I had been listening to my favorite bands a lot recently, Deep Purple and Rainbow's “Rising" album, among others in that style and had noticed that many people who also love those bands often have the very same comments as one another: "They don't make music like that anymore!" Even though I said that in passing, Serafino asked me a question that would forever shape my future. He simply asked, "Well, can you?" and I said.....”YES!!!" 
During the very first public memorial for our most beloved Ronnie James Dio, I had mentioned that whenever I do start writing original material again that I would utilize everything that I had learned from working side by side with the Master for so many years in such a way that I would hope to make him proud....and here it is! The name is inspired by one of his lyrics on the "Dream Evil" album and the nickname he gave me at the time, Dream Child! 
We are so very fortunate to have bassist Rudy Sarzo as a featured guest, Simon Wright on drums, Wayne Findlay on guitars and keyboards, and a surprise vocal discovery from Argentina, Diego Valdez, whose voice will send shivers up your spine!!
This album will bring back memories of the days most people have thought were long gone and never to return, yet it is also new and fresh enough to be unique with some unexpected twists and turns!! No more "same old, same old" here, no fillers. Every song is an oasis in the desert and a rare gem in the coal mines of life in this new world that thinks the past greatness of rock would remain in the past. We've brought it back to life once again!!
I am very proud of this album and all who have made this become a reality. There are some big names who've lent a hand in the writing and I am amazed at the new and aggressive sound that producer Alessandro Del Vecchio has brought to these songs!!! I hope you all agree...."
More details about the album release to be revealed later...stay tuned! For More Info Visit:


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