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TOTO DVD/BD/CD/LP '40 Tours Around The Sun' Finally Gets Worldwide Release

Friday, March 22, 2019


MARCH 22nd Release Date

On March 22nd, Eagle Rock will release TOTO’s 40 Tours Around The Sun. The set will be available in multiple formats – DVD, Blu-Ray, DVD & 2CD’s, Blu-Ray & 2CD’s, 3LP Vinyl, 2 CD’s and digitally as well. The set will be available worldwide outside of North America. The North American release date will be announced in the near future. Fans can pre-order here:

This live performance was filmed in front of a sold-out crowd exceeding 18,000 fans on March 17, 2018 at the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. TOTO performed a wide range of songs, including hit singles, rarely performed live deep cuts, and two recently recorded tracks which appeared on their new Greatest Hits album (40 Trips Around The Sun).

Also included is the “40 Tours Featurette,” a brand new interview with band members: Steve Lukather, David Paich, Steve Porcaro and Joseph Williams.

TOTO will be busy in 2019. The band just returned from a standing room only run of Australia and New Zealand, and head to Japan (including a sold out show at Budokan in Tokyo) and Indonesia in February. This spring in to the Summer, they’ll stage a long tour of Europe, combining top billing festival appearances and headline dates, after which they’ll bring their “An Evening With” show to North America this Fall. The 40 Trips Around The Sun tour is the band’s most extensive run in years with many more announcements to come.


I’m honoured to have once again been given the privilege of writing the liner notes. It’s an amazing set too!
Set 1
Hold the Line
Lovers in the Night
Spanish Sea
I Will Remember
English Eyes
Jake to the Bone
Acoustic Storytellers
Miss Sun
Georgy Porgy
Human Nature
No Love
Stop Loving You
Set 2
Girl Goodbye
Dune (Desert Theme)
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Stranger in Town
Make Believe
The Road Goes On

New FICTION SYXX Song Preview From 'The Alternate Me'

MRR second Premium Preorder campaign for progressive melodic rockers FICTION SYXX continues! Preorder customers will get the full length track Carry The Light, previewed below.
FICTION SYXX is dialling in on their sophomore release, ‘The Alternate Me’!
The line-up had one change - Larry Hart (King Kobra/Montrose) on bass guitar takes over for Tony “The Fretless Monster” Franklin.  This release is focused more on the core than their debut release ‘Tall Dark Secrets’. There are no guest artists on this one and JK Northrup & Mark Lanoue share the lead guitar duties. Prepare for a mix of melody, harmony, soaring slide, and at times SHRED!
Fiction Syxx is:
Mark Allen Lanoue - Lead Vocals & Guitar
JK Northrup - Guitar, B. Vocals & Production
Rory Faciane - Drums
Larry Hart - Bass
Eric Ragno - Keyboards
There will be 11 tracks … plus bonus material for Premium Preorder supporters. New PREVIEW - Preorders will have the full song delivered to them.
MRR and FICTION SYXX are excited to launch one full track right now – the epic album opening track ‘Tall Dark Secrets’. PP supporters will get a WAV file of this track delivered to them shortly, along with another full length mixed and completed track, plus an exclusive video of JK Northrup in the studio discussing this track.
MRR/FS2 Premium Preorder is available today for just $30
Standard inclusions in the PP Packs include the following:
- Exclusive ‘Longbox’ Cardboard Sleeve Slipcover CD Packaging
- WAV file of debut track
- Additional fully mastered, completed song
- Weekly updates from the artist
- Exclusive Advance Release Date, receiving the CD weeks ahead of an official release
- Names included in the CD booklet
- Additional demos and completed tracks sampled along the way
- Digital Download of completed release ahead of shipping of CD
- Airmail shipping cost included
Stay tuned for more and PREORDER NOW!



MRF5 USB4 Update - Preorder Still Available - Only 10 LEFT!

The MRF5 USB (or USB4) had to take a back burner over the summer down under, but now we're almost ready to finalise it.
ALL PREORDER BUYERS will start getting the digital files in advance befoer the USB drops into the mail. 
And we're going to start with the full ADRIANGALE set from MRF5, which will go out to folks today.
Anyone still interested can read the details below - but there are only 10 LEFT!!!!!
Custom Design / 64G / $100 / Delivery September (TBC)


MRF5 is done and dusted, but once again I had the entire event filmed “official bootleg” style.
The footage is currently being put together and edited, as there are 4-6 camera angles to work out.
Select performances from the event will be available on MR-USB4, a strictly limited edition release of just 100 units. JUST 10 STILL AVAILABLE!
Here is the first video preview of some of the fully mixed/edited footage...
Below is the link to pre-order. Presales were offered to past participants and MRF VIPs, so there is less than half the allocation still left. It will sell out, just as the other USB drives have.
Custom Design / 64G / $100 / Delivery September (TBC)


Confirmed Artists (so far) for FULL SETS:

Acoustic Sets:
Jaded Past
The Radio Sun
Cassidy Paris
Station (Confirmed, Full Set)
Grand Design
Jaded Past
Warp Drive
Fierce Heart
Gary Moon & Friends
Dave Friday Band
SJ Sindicate
Madman’s Lullaby
Far Cry
Shotgun Symphony
The Radio Sun
Gary Brandon
Lynn Allen
PLUS some more to be finalized, hopefully a few tracks each from the headliners and there will be some stuff from MRFAU and MRF3 & 4 that wasn't on past USBs.
Limited to 100 units only - once it's gone, it's gone.

NITRATE 'Real World' Cassette w/Bonus Track Available (Ltd Ed)

Wednesday, June 20, 2018
One of 2018's most popular MelodicRock Records release was the debut NITRATE album.
I have a very limited number of a specially pressed cassette version of this album, which also includes the Japanese bonus track.
OUT NOW - NITRATE Cassette 'Real World' ($17 + includes worldwide shipping)
OUT NOW - NITRATE CD 'Real World' ($15 + $5 worldwide shipping)
British rockers NITRATE may be a new name, but you’ll recognise some of the faces.
Nick Hogg - Guitars & Keyboards
Rob Wylde - Lead, Rhythm, Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals (Midnite City, Tigertailz)
Joss Mennen - Lead & Backing Vocals(Zinatra/Mennen)
Pete Newdeck - Drums & Backing Vocals (Midnite City, Eden’s Curse, Blood Red Saints, Newman)

HARDLINE Give 'Life' To New Album April 26

Friday, April 26, 2019
Hardline is back with a new studio album, “Life”!
In the past two years, Hardline has performed a number of shows across Europe, including festivals and more intimate gigs, and that live “energy” can certainly be felt on their new studio album. The band went back to 1992's “Double Eclipse” album for influence for the songs on this record, but additionally they also looked a little closer in the rearview at the tremendous predecessor to this album, “Human Nature”.
The resulting album, LIFE, perfectly blends the influences of those two albums and sees Hardline heavier, stronger, bigger, and better than ever. The band entered the studio feeling loose and relaxed from all their gigging. The two newest members, Marco Di Salvia on drums and Mario Percudani on guitar, had gelled seamlessly with the rest of the band from all those shows and combined with Anna Portalupi's pulsating rhythms and Alessandro Del Vecchio's songwriting and production abilities, LIFE was almost effortless for the band to create. And of course, Johnny Gioeli sings like only he can over top of these incredible musicians.
LIFE will be released April 26, 2019 on CD/LP/Digital.
More live dates will be forthcoming for the band, including a performance on April 27th at the Frontiers Rock Festival in Milan, IT.
1. Place To Call Home
2. Take A Chance
3. Helio's Sun
4. Page Of Your Life
5. Out Of Time
6. Hold On To Right
7. Handful Of Sand
8. This Love
9. Story Of My Life
10. Who Wants To Live Forever
11. Chameleon
12. My Friend
Johnny Gioeli - vocals
Alessandro Del Vecchio - keyboards
Mario Percudani - guitar
Marco Di Salvia - drums
Anna Portalupi - bass
Connect with Hardline:



MICHAEL THOMPSON BAND Returns With 'Love & Beyond' April 26

Friday, April 26, 2019
The Michael Thompson Band is back with their brand new album, “Love And Beyond” on April 26, 2019! For this new release, Michael wanted to go back to the more polished AOR sound of the band’s debut album. Once again, he teamed up with Wyn Davis for the mix and also had the amazing Mark Spiro involved in the songwriting and appearing on vocals together with the awesome Larry King and Larry Antonino. Best known for being Unruly Child’s bass player, Antonino delivers a phenomenal vocal performance which can only be defined as stunning. Another Unruly Child member, Guy Allison appears on keyboards, while drums on the album are handled by Sergio Gonzalez and Tim Pedersen.
Amongst musician circles, Michael Thompson is considered one of the leading guitar players in the world. He was awarded the "Distinguished Alumni" award from his alma mater Berklee College of Music to commemorate his contributions to the music industry. Berklee's program for the event noted that "he is widely regarded as being among the elite studio session players, and his amazing list of credits includes such prominent names as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, 'N Sync, Toni Braxton, Phil Collins, Rod Stewart, the Scorpions, Vince Neil, Christina Aguilera, Michael Bolton, Mariah Carey, Bette Midler, Madonna, Babyface, En Vogue, Gloria Estefan, Stanley Clarke and Ricky Martin."
Originally from New York, Michael moved to Los Angeles in 1979 to begin a studio musician career. In 1988, after working to try and get a deal with his band Slang, he finally got signed by Geffen Records to release one album entitled "How Long", under the Michael Thompson Band (M.T.B.) monicker.On "How Long", more great studio musicians appeared as guests, in particular drummer-maestro Terry Bozzio, singer Moon Calhoun (ex The Strand), Pat Torpey (Mr Big), bassist Jimmy Haslip, John Elefante (Kansas), Toto's Bobby Kimball, and Great White associates Michael Lardie and Wyn Davis (who also produced the album). Songwriters would include, among others, AOR luminaries such as Jeff Paris, Mark Spiro, Billy Trudel and Brett Walker.
As of today, “How Long” is still regarded as one of the highest examples of hi-tech AOR / West Coast, with superb production and immaculate songwriting. Reissued in 2007 with 3 bonus tracks, it started a relationship between Michael Thompson and Frontiers, who put out the new Michael Thompson Band album in early 2012.
For the second album which Frontiers released in 2012, Michael teamed up with the awesome singer Larry King from the band Soleil Moon. Larry brought a new and more rocking approach to the MTB sound, but certainly the trademark elements of songwriting and melodies were still to be found on the “Future Past”.
Pure AOR can’t get much better than this!
1 Opening
2 Love & Beyond
3 Save Yourself
4 Passengers
5 Red Sun (Interlude)
6 Supersonic
7 La Perouse (Interlude)
8 Don't Look Down
9 Far Away
10 Penny Laughed (Interlude)
11 Love Was Never Blind
12 Black Moon (Interlude)
13 Flying Without Wings
14 Forbidden City (Interlude)
15 Just Stardust
16 What Will I Be Without You
17 Starting Over
18 'Til We Meet Again
Guitars: Michael Thompson
Lead Vocals and bass: Larry Antonino
Lead vocals: Larry King, Mark Spiro
Drums: Sergio Gonzalez, Tim Pedersen
Keys: Guy Allison

TERRA NOVA CD 'Raise Your Voice' Arrived Today; Now Shipping

Wednesday, January 30, 2019
MelodicRock Records is pleased to announce the return of TERRA NOVA with their new, 7th studio album ‘Raise Your Voice’ due out January 30.
The new studio album will feature a different running order for this release (compared to the Japanese release), as well as having alternative artwork and one exclusive additional track.
Best of all – pre-order now and a digital download of the full album will be delivered to your inbox within 24hrs.

A Message From VIC RIVERA Regarding ADRIANGALE

Release Year: 
Hi, all - hope you’re all off to a great start so far in 2019.
After much consideration, the time has come to make a few announcements.
To begin: there are many reasons for this but, above all else, because of the demands of my job I’m scaling back most of my music and audio production work. Now more than ever my position is a 24/7 requirement and those responsibilities prevent me from committing to multiple projects/clients without compromising enjoyment of life with my wife, family and friends. This wasn’t a quick decision to arrive at, but it’s the right one when the return on investment on every level for the time and energy I devote to the music business is no longer worth being at the expense of the parts of my life that are priority.
This is the largest of several factors which will unfortunately result in the Adriangale album that was in progress not being completed. I deeply regret this for all of those who were looking forward to it. Rest assured, this wasn’t my intent - especially since I’ve put very substantial work into ten great songs. Having said that, and my job withstanding, I can’t alter other circumstances beyond my control. I can only take appropriate action and, aside from the band’s catalogue staying up on digital media outlets, barring extraordinary developments it’s time to close the book on Adriangale.
I wish to be clear that this isn’t a reflection on Andrew McNeice or Melodicrock Records. Andrew has been a great and unparalleled friend since just about the beginning of my music work. He’s unquestionably one of the most upstanding, loyal and honorable people I’ve ever met. Our friendship is stronger than ever and if/when I’m able to commit to another project with the new songs I’ve put a ton of hard work into, his is still the label that will release it far as I’m concerned.
Regarding the questions about the Best of Adriangale: that collection was promised by my former label, I hope they will honor their commitment for the sake of those who still may be waiting for it.
I’m grateful for all of the things that I have done with my music and even more appreciative for the many amazing people I have met on account of my endeavors.
Thanks for reading - and once again wishing you all the best.
MRR’s Andrew McNeice responds:
Vic Rivera is without question, one of the most genuine and sweetest guys in this business and I’m proud to call him a friend for so many years.
With Adriangale, Vic delivered some of my favourite musical moments of the last decade and a half. With their relationship with their original label over, I was only too happy wot welcome Vic, Jamie and the guys to MRR.
I am disappointed to have to pass on this news, more for selfish reasons, I wanted new music from one of my favourite acts. But I totally respect Vic’s decision and know all too well the pressures of conflicting schedules and the lack of hours in the day to deal with everything life throws at you.
The work Vic has put in over the last year on this album won’t go to waste. No sir! When time permits these wonderful songs will see the light of day in one form or another.
For now, MRR wishes Vic nothing but love and Jamie and his unmistakable voice will pop up somewhere soon no doubt.

LEVERAGE Prepare For 'Determinus' April 26

Friday, April 26, 2019
Finnish heavy rockers Leverage finally put an end to their 10 year hiatus between studio albums with the announcement of the release of their highly anticipated new album, “Determinus”. Preceded by the release of the 2018 (digital only) EP “The Devil’s Turn”, Leverage are set to retake their place in the standings of the heavy metal/hard rock community with this new album. First single and video, "Burn Love Burn" is out today and you can see/hear it below:
Leverage is not a power metal band, nor an AOR band, and definitely not a throwback to the 80’s band. Leverage don’t fall into an easy category. Leverage developed their own style of heavy rock in the 2000’s. For the band, it has always been about making and playing music with all of their hearts and souls while having a blast doing it. Their sonic stamp says “Leverage”. That’s it. “The new album is the same but different,” says guitarist and founder Tuomas Heikkinen. “This is the way I write. It is heavy rock and draws from a variety of influences, mine or the other members. I used to make demos that had every bass, drum and keyboard note MIDI programmed to detail and then just asked the guys to reproduce that exactly, but now I only underline the passages that I feel are essential and let them have a go at expressing themselves as musicians. And just as importantly, I always try to hear the vocalist in my head when writing. Pekka and Kimmo are two different singers, that definitely guides the process.”
Leverage landed on the scene in 2006 with the independent release of their debut album, “Tides”. With their blend of symphonic and melodic hard rock combined with some progressive metal twists, Leverage created a buzz on the scene and were signed by Frontiers for the release of their second album, “Blind Fire” in 2008. Spinefarm/Universal picked the band up for their next album, “Circus Colossus” (2009), but the band became inactive not too long after. “People that have heard the music say that it definitely has the Leverage vibe, but also covers new ground. It has variety, ranging from pretty damn heavy to all kinds of far ends at times. This album sounds like a band playing and there’s movement where we didn’t use to have it. There’s less overdubs, not too many huge hired choirs, very little MIDI orchestrations and less tracks all together,” continues Heikkinen.
"Determinus" also introduces their amazing new singer, Kimmo Blom (Urban Tale, Raskasta Joulua) and a new guitar player, Mikko Salovaara. “Kimmo is a phenomenal and very versatile singer. He draws pictures in front of you the way he sings,” concludes Tuomas. "He has a huge presence, both seen and heard and is not the most typical vocalist in this scene. He approaches each song as a short story and really throws himself in there. Mikko is a monster guitar player with a background of very heavy and complex metal with a band called Kiuas. It was like "I am going to get him or Leverage will have only one guitar". I am happy he wanted to join the band. I have been blessed to get to work with outstanding guitar players in Leverage, first with Torsti and now with Mikko.”
"I’m really excited about all this, getting back to making Leverage music with a great group of people, old and new. And getting it out through a solid label to the fans," concludes Tuomas.
“DeterminUs” promises to be one of the highlights of the melodic metal genre in 2019.
1. Burn Love Burn
2. Wind Of Morrigan
3. Tiger
4. Red Moon Over Sonora (album version)
5. Mephistocrate
6. Afterworld’s Disciple
7. When We Were Young
8. Heaven’s No Place For Us
9. Hand Of God
10. Rollerball
11. Troy
Kimmo Blom - vocals
Mikko Salovaara - guitars
Tuomas Heikkinen - guitars
Sami Norrbacka - bass
Valtteri Revonkorpi -– drums
Marko Niskala - keyboards

LANCE KING Ready To 'ReProgram' March 29

Friday, March 29, 2019
Legendary singer Lance King, original voice behind PYRAMAZE, AVIAN, BALANCE OF POWER and GEMINI is releasing his second solo album 'ReProgram' in the style of heavy metal that he has properly labeled as 'Celestial Metal', MARCH 29 is the new release date on Nightmare Records.
We are divided and torn by what we want to do and what we think we should to do. This is the ultimate struggle that every human being deals with during their lifetime. We all have the choice to take the road of conformity and compliance, or we can decide to live life to the fullest. We are often held back from our potential because of the many rules handed down to us, indoctrinated ideals of education, sexuality, gender, family, religion, and career.  People are usually tied to these rules on a deep level that often make no sense to them, but they prefer the comfort of feeling like they belong, to the often-lonely freedom of being the ones who live on their own terms. This is the internal and external struggle that Lance King wants to showcase with his music.
"ReProgram' is digitally available on iTunes and Amazon today Feb 1st, Pre-order and get an early "gratis track!"
There is a constant dissonance in our lives, and ReProgram looks to find harmony in the dissonant world that we have created. An album for the seekers of truth, for the ones who carry the fire and never let it die. Think of ReProgram as fuel for the restless soul that constantly pounds within your chest. An aural expression infused in metal and forged out of the promise of freedom. That wild and unapologetic inner-self that never fails to remind you of the passion, the adventure and the journey of life. That human being that wants to break away from the mindless zombie herds following the MEME culture.
An album for the Jedi, for the spiritually charged, for the ones that never fade away. Metal that supercharges the mind and encourages the body.
“The single most powerful thing you can do, is unlearn the limiting beliefs you have accepted as truths in your youth. This frees you from the chains that bind, the chains of the subconscious mind.” -- Lance King
Produced by Lance King & Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Evergrey, Epica, Amaranthe)
Co-Writing Performers:
Kim Olesen - (Anubis Gate)
(Guitars and Keys on 'ReProgram' and 'Technology')
Markus Sigfridsson - (Darkwater/Harmony)
(Guitars and Keys on 'Stand your Ground', 'Limitless', 'Perfect World')
Matt Hodsdon - (Chaos Frame)
(Guitars and Keys on 'Chaotica', 'Reaction Formation', 'Spell of Domestication')
Rich Hinks - (Annihilator / Aeon Zen)
(Bass on all tracks except (*) Guitar, Keys on 'Pointing Fingers', 'A Mind at War', 'Wide Open')
Lance's Featured Friends:
Morten Gade Sørensen  (Pyramaze/Anubis Gate) Massive Grooves and Percussion
Fred Columbo (Spheric Universe Experience)  (Keys transition between 'Wide Open & Chaotica', solo on 'Spell of Domestication' and 'A Mind at War')
Mattias IA Eklundh (Freak Kitchen) (Guitar solo on 'Wide Open')
Jakob Riis  (L Wood Joy) ( *Bass on 'ReProgram' and 'Technology')

APPEARANCE OF NOTHING Fourth Album 'In Times Of Darkness' Out March 22

Friday, March 22, 2019
Escape Music is pleased to announce the return of Swiss Progressive Melodic Metal Band Appearance of Nothing with their forth album "In Times Of Darkness"
Appearance of Nothing - In Times Of Darknesss
Release Date: 22 March 2019
Catalogue No: ESM328
Track Listing:
01 Inside these Walls 06:32
02 The Black Sea 09:26
03 Storm 04:25
04 Erase 07:00
05 Deception 07:01
06 Disaster (Sweetest Enemy) 05:28
07 Lost 05:17
08 The Huntress 09:22
Appearance of Nothing is:
Omar Cuna - Vocals and Bass
Marc Petralito - Piano, Hammond, Synth
Ronnie Wolf - Drums 
Manuel Meinen - Guitars
Albert Ibrahimaj - Guitars
Guest appearances:
Anna Murphy - Backing Vocals & Lead Vocals on ‘Storm’ & Lost’
Tina Guo - Cello on ‘The Black Sea’ & ‘Deception’
Christian Älvestam - Growls
Devon Graves - Vocals on ‘Disaster’
Drums, Vocals, Piano & Hammond recorded by Anna Murphy at Soundfarm Studios
Guitars & Bass recorded by Tommy Vetterli at New Sound Studio
Acoustic guitars recorded at Music’s Cool Studios Freiburg 
Mixed by Anna Murphy 
Mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios 
Precision and prog metal: the two go hand in hand - esppecially in Switzerland, home to clockworks and quality craftsmanship.
True to that national spirit, Appearance Of Nothing are stepping right into the tradition of outstanding and unique metal, Made In Switzerland (ever heard of Coroner, Eluveitie, or perhaps Celtic Frost?). Honing their skills together since 2004, the band around founding members Marc Petralito (piano, hammond, synths) and Omar Cuna (bass & vocals), along with shredders Manuel Meinen & Albert Ibrahimaj  and drummer Ronnie Wolf, have always felt true to Prog with a capital letter - think Opeth, Dream Theater,, or Symphony X.
With their new single ‘Storm’ they mark an explosive return after parting ways with their former lead singer in 2017. Keys blazing, the creative driving force Marc proudly places his giant synth walls right where they should be: front and center. The newest family members Albert Ibrahimaj (two-time winner of a prestigious Berklee College of Music scholarship) and Manuel Meinen - both acclaimed guitar teachers - have found themselves right at home, driving the band’s sound forward along with Ronnie, who has been making a name for himself for over 30 years ever since his work on the legendary 1985 album ‘Young Blood’ by Killer. Omar, finally, having already made the unusual transition from dancer to bass player early in his career, showcases how he inherited the position of main vocalist and frontman without skipping a note on his bass.
A new album has been completed as well, although the band remain shrouded regarding a potential release date. They can, however, announce some explosive details already: the record has been recorded and produced with none other than the undisputed queen of Swiss metal, Anna Murphy (Cellar Darling, ex-Eluveitie) at Soundfarm Studios, has been mastered by Jens Bogren (Opeth, Leprous, Symphony X & more), and features illustrious guest performers including Anna Murphy herself, cello virtuoso Tina Guo (Hans Zimmer, ‘Wonder Woman’ soundtrack), Devon Graves of the legendary Psychotic Waltz, and former Scar Symmetry vocalist Christian Älvestam. Last, but not least, Appearance of Nothing’s new guitar sound was created at Swiss guitar legend Tommy Vetterli’s New Sound Studio.
Appearance of Nothing are getting ready to take part in the European stages in 2019, 
Video for The Black Sea
Tour dates so far:
02.03.2019 - Switzerland, Musigburg Aarburg
UK & Ireland
21.03.2019 - Sheffield Studio
22.03.2019 - North Wales, Hammerfest
23.03.2019 - Cardiff The Globe
24.03.2019 - Birmingham Hare & Hounds
26.03.2019 - Norwich The Waterfront Studio
27.03.2019 - Hull The Welly 2
28.03.2019 - Glasgow Audio
29.03.2019 - Dublin On The Rox
30.03.2019 - Manchester Academy 3
31.03.2019 - London Jazz Cafe Camden
20.04.2019 - Germany, Lörrach
31.08.2019 - Switzerland, Club Natters
21.09.2019 - Switzerland, Club Metbar Lenzburg
13.09.2019 - Italy, to_be_confirmed
14.09.2019 - Italy, to_be_confirmed
15.09.2019 - Italy, to_be_confirmed
More dates will be announced soon including Germany!




ROCK CANDY RECORDS has 3 new titles - all available now from
‘DANGER ZONE’ WAS a particularly gutsy album that moved the guitarist towards a fuller hard rock sound boasting lashings of attack and excitement. It was a formidable album that set the red rocker up for major career advancement. Produced by British engineer Geoff Workman, fresh from recording Journey’s breakthrough album ‘Infinity’, it wasn’t the only Journey connection as both vocalist Steve Perry and guitarist Neal Schon made guest appearances helping to showcase a thoroughly impressive collection of tracks and a production that propelled Hagar’s stature ever upwards. Originally issued in 1980, the record contained ten golden hard rock nuggets enhancing his reputation as one of the most compelling and significant artists of the era.
SPECIAL DELUXE COLLECTOR’S EDITION. Fully Remastered Audio, 16 page full colour booklet, 4,000 word essay, enhanced artwork with unpublished photos.
WHEN THE SEX PISTOLS disintegrated in 1978 guitarist Steve Jones involved himself in a number of diverse projects. Relocating to the USA he commenced building a career as a solo artist. His debut solo album ‘Mercy’, issued in 1984, was a unique and somewhat surprising statement from a man who had previously been viewed as a maverick guitar hero. The album is built primarily around melodic rock songs that, by any other artist, may have been labelled AOR. Of course these tracks provide a solid foundation for Steve to unleash some blazing lead guitar, however, the emphasis is not on power chords but carefully executed solos, helping to support the melody rather than burying it beneath mountainous riffs.
SPECIAL DELUXE COLLECTOR’S EDITION. Fully Remastered Audio, 12 page full colour booklet, 3,500 word essay, enhanced artwork with unpublished photos.
THERE ARE FEW guitarists who have created as big an impact on rock music as Steve Jones. As one of the founding members of the Sex Pistols it was Jones who outlined the band’s sound, with his mountainous guitar riffs and unbridled energy pushing the material way beyond the red zone. ‘Fire And Gasoline’ really saw his creative juices flow. It was a tough and direct display of fire-power, bringing Jones’ guitar prowess to the fore. Produced by British studio wizard Mark Dearnley (AC/DC, Motorhead) with help from The CULT’s Ian Astbury, it concentrates on red hot riffs and shout-it-out-loud songs. Look out for guest appearances, most notably from Billy Duffy and Axl Rose.
SPECIAL DELUXE COLLECTOR’S EDITION. Fully Remastered Audio, Bonus track, 12 page full colour booklet, 3,500 word essay, enhanced artwork with unpublished photos.

TIM KARR Returns With 'Lost In The Ether' This February

Singer/songwriter/guitarist TIM KARR will release a brand new solo album finally in February. ‘Lost In The Ether’ release details are pending, but the information about the album is as follows:
Vocals: Tim Karr
Guitars: Tim Karr, Malac, Curt Myers
Bass: Paul Eckman, Joe Cerrato, Bart Broadnax, Robert Martins, Louis Ruiz
Drums: Hawk Lopez
Keys: Michael Smith
Cello: Maxim Velichkin
Harp: Little John Chrisley
Background Vocals: Tim Karr, Robert Martins, H’Atina, Brittany Mayer
Track Listing:
Salvation or Bust!: 3:27
Destruction: 3:52
Stand My Ground: 3:19
Slow Change: 3:17
Rattle Trap: 2:57
Good For You: 3:15
Leave Me Blind: 2:53
Sweet Tea & Violence: 3:05
Telegenocide: 2:56
Says Tim:
“Sometimes I just need to sit and think for a while…
For me, songwriting is an attempt to understand this thing called Life and how I fit into it. How to survive in a world apparently determined to set itself on fire. Do I bring a match or do I join the Bucket brigade? The answers are not always so simple.
Ideas usually start with a lyric, hook, or groove that will not leave me alone. It runs in a loop in my head non-stop, always in the background like a face half hidden in the shadows. (This usually happens in my kitchen by the way. Kind of annoying.) Anyway… that shit will torture me until I record it in some form. Eventually, a new record starts to take shape. Something I need to say; something that needs to be said. No-holds-barred, brutally honest.
In a world with so much disposable music, these songs need to stand the test of time.
Recording Lost in the Ether was a blast. Full of people I’ve known for 30+ years. People I came up with. People I grew up with. Old friends and a few new ones who graciously donated their time and talents to making back-to-basics rock n’ roll music. Songs for late night drives on darkened highways. Songs to dance to, or comfort you when times get tough. To make a connection when the whole world seems lost.
I’m really proud of this record. I hope you will dig it too.”

THE TREATMENT Go 'Power Crazy' March 22

Friday, March 22, 2019
British hard rock five-piece The Treatment​ are thrilled to announce the release of their brand new album, “Power Crazy”.
"Power Crazy” is the band’s fourth full-length album and continues their successful formula of coupling sonic power with a taste for infectious riffs. With this record, The Treatment are firing on all cylinders with their slice of no frills hard rock. A quick listen will instantly reveal the essential ingredients of a classic hard rock album: riffs, huge choruses, catchy licks, and straight to the point songs.
“Power Crazy” is also The Treatment’s first album to feature new singer Tom Rampton. With his raspy voice reminiscent of the classic Bon Scott tone, you can rest assured he knows how to ride high on the guitar attack from guitarists Tao and Tagore Grey.
“We believe this record is a strong statement from the band and we look forward to playing the new songs live. We will be touring throughout 2019 and can’t wait to see all you Treatment troops at our shows next year,” says the band.
1. Let's Get Dirty
2. Rising Power
3. On The Money
4. Bite Back
5. Luck Of The Draw
6. Hang Them High
7. Scar With Her Name
8. King Of The City
9. Waiting For The Call
10. Laying It Down
11. The Fighting Song
12. Falling Down
To coincide with the release of “Power Crazy”, The Treatment will embark on a co-headline UK tour with Airrace​ in March and will hit the road in the UK  once again in May on the headlining “Power Crazy Tour” with special guests Bigfoot​. The Treatment are renowned for their high energy live show. The band have toured with the likes of Alice Cooper, Steel Panther, Thin Lizzy, Kiss, Motley Crüe, and Slash as well as gracing the stages at Download and Hellfest festivals, amongst others.
Co-headline with Airrace
Thurs 21st March - 02 Academy, Oxford 
Fri 22nd March - The Iron Road, Pershore
Sat 23rd March - Queens Hall, Nuneaton 
Sun 24th March - The Waterloo, Blackpool 
“Power Crazy Tour” with special guests Bigfoot
Wed 22nd May - The Slade Rooms, Wolverhampton
Thurs 23rd May - Hanger 18, Swansea
Fri 24th May - The Underworld, London TICKETS HERE
Sat 25th May - The Waterfront, Norwich
Mon 27th May - The Portland, Cambridge TICKETS HERE
Wed 29th May - Corporation, Sheffield
Thurs 30th May - Rebellion, Manchester TICKETS HERE
Fri 31st May - Stereo, Glasgow TICKETS HERE
Sat 1st June - The Brickyard, Carlisle
Sun 2nd June - The Cluny, Newcastle  
The  Treatment  Are: 
Tom  Rampton  –  Vocals 
Dhani  Mansworth  –  Drums 
Tagore  Grey  –  Guitar 
Tao  Grey  –  Guitar 
Rick  Newman  –  Bass  



LA GUNS New Opus 'The Devil You Know' Out March 22

Friday, March 22, 2019
- CD (Jewel case)
- LP (180g, gatefold)
- Yellow LP (180g, gatefold, Color Yellow)
- Red LP (180g, gatefold, Color Red)
L.A. GUNS are truly one of the great American hard rock bands of the last 30 years. Since the self-titled debut in 1988 to the widely praised 2017 comeback album "The Missing Peace", L.A. GUNS, led by Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis have always delivered solid rock ‘n roll to their fans.
Hot on the heels of the success of the last record, the band is ready to attack again with the new album, "The Devil You Know”. Sonically, this album covers a lot of ground and incorporates influences from Black Sabbath to Led Zeppelin to Kyuss to The Hellacaopters, all while distinctly sounding like L.A. Guns. The band is rejuvenated and are literally taking no prisoners!
This current incarnation of the band has been touring non-stop and the cohesiveness of the unit, not to mention Phil’s stunning and unique vocals and Guns’ mind-bending guitar playing, are on full display here. A must hear and listen for all fans of the band, both new and old!
01 - Rage  4:00  
02 - Stay Away  4:02       
03 - Loaded Bomb  4:50
04 - The Devil You Know  5:20    
05 - Needle To The Bone  4:02    
06 - Going High  4:27       
07 - Gone Honey  5:45   
08 - Don't Need To Win  4:06       
09 - Down That Hole  4:31            
10 - Another Season In Hell  6:22              
11 - Boom (Bonus Track)  3:15

HAREM SCAREM Announce 'The Ultimate Collection' Box Set

Friday, March 22, 2019
On March 22, 2019, Harem Scarem band will release "The Ultimate Collection Box Set” a 14CD limited edition deluxe box set and four titles (“Weight of the World,” “Higher”, “Thirteen”, “United”) on limited edition color vinyl. 
All tracks remastered by Harry Hess.
EU Customers Pre-Order HERE:
Given the "hard to find" nature of many titles in Harem Scarem's catalog, the band, in cooperation with Frontiers, has decided to make their catalogue available in an exclusive, limited edition box set. The result is a mammoth box set inclusive of 13 studio albums encompassing the entire Harem Scarem discography, including the original Warner albums (not available on digital!), plus a gargantuan amount of rare, unreleased, and bonus tracks which comprise a full bonus disc (only available on the box set), in addition to original bonus tracks added to individual albums. The 14 CDs will be packaged in vinyl replica slipcases housed inside a collector's box.
On top of this, Frontiers and the band decided to add a very special one time limited run of colored vinyl for the signature Frontiers' catalogue releases “Weight of the World,” “Higher”, “Thirteen”, and the band’s last studio album, “United”. These vinyl runs are EXTREMELY LIMITED. For example, ONLY 150 TOTAL will be available in North America, so act fast to secure one.
The full set will also be available digitally as well.
CD 1 Harem Scarem
1. Hard To Love
2. Distant Memory
3. With A Little Love
4. Honestly
5. Love Reaction
6. Slowly Slipping Away
7. All Over Again
8. Don't Give Your Heart Away
9. How Long
10. Something To Say
Bonus tracks:
11. Hard To Love (Acoustic)
12. How Long (Acoustic) 
13. Honestly (Acoustic)
14. Slowly Slipping Away (Acoustic)
CD 2 Mood Swings
1. Saviors Never Cry 
2. No Justice 
3. Stranger Than Love 
4. Changes Come Around 
5. Jealousy 
6. Sentimental Blvd 
7. Mandy 
8. Empty Promises 
9. If There Was A Time 
10. Just Like I Planned 
11. Had Enough
Bonus tracks:
12. Change Comes Around (acoustic)
13. No Justice (Crazy Pants Remix)
14. If There Was A Time (acoustic)
15. Jealousy (acoustic)
16. Just Like I Planned (Acoustic)
17. Stranger Than Love (acoustic)
CD 3 Voice Of Reason
1. Voice Of Reason 
2. Blue 
3. Warming A Frozen Rose 
4. Let It Go 
5. And That's All 
6. Breathing Sand 
7. Candle 
8. The Paint Thins 
9. I'll Be Brief 
10. Untouched 
11. Necessary Evil 
Bonus track:
12. Candle (Acoustic)
CD 4 Believe / Karma Cleansing
1. Believe 
2. Die Off Hard 
3. Hail, Hail 
4. Staying Away 
5. Baby With A Nail Gun 
6. Morning Grey
7. Victim Of Fate 
8. Rain 
9. I Won't Be There 
10. Karma Cleansing 
11. Cages 
12. The Mirror
13. Rain (Acoustic)
CD 5 Big Bang Theory
1. So Blind 
2. Climb The Gate 
3. Reload 
4. Tables Turning 
5. Turn Around 
6. Seas Of Dissension 
7. Sometimes I Wish
8. Never Have It All 
9. Lying 
10. Without You
11. Wasted Time
12. New Religion
13. What I Do
14. In My State Of Mind
15. So Blind (Acoustic)
CD 6 Weight Of The World
1. Weight Of The World
2. Killing Me
3. Outside Your Window
4. All I Want Is Everything
5. This Ain't Over
6. Internude
7. You Ruined Everything
8. Charmed Life
9. If You
10. See Saw
11. Voice Inside
12. End Of Time
CD 7 Higher
1. Reach
2. Waited
3. Torn Right Out
4. Give It To You
5. Higher
6. Run And Hide
7. Lucky Ones
8. Lies
9. Gone
10. Lost 
11. Wishing
12. Higher (Acoustic)
CD 8 Overload
1. Dagger
2. Afterglow
3. Rise & Fall
4. Don't Come Easy
5. Can't Live With You
6. Forgive & Forget
7. All You're Getting
8. Leading Me On
9. Understand You
10. Same Mistakes
CD 9 Human Nature
1. Human Nature
2. Next Time Around
3. Caught Up In Your World
4. Reality
5. Hanging On
6. Don't Throw It Away
7. Give Love/Get Love
8. 21
9. Starlight
10. Going Under
11. Tomorrow May Be Gone
12. Human Nature (Acoustic)
13. Caught Up In Your World (Acoustic)
CD 10 Hope
1. Watch Your Back
2. Time Bomb
3. Hope
4. Days Are Numbered
5. Dark Times
6. Beyond Repair
7. Never Too Late
8. Shooting Star
9. Calm Before The Storm
10. Nothing Without You
CD 11 Thirteen
1. Garden Of Eden
2. Live It
3. Early Warning Signs
4. The Midnight Hours
5. Whatever It Takes
6. Saints And Sinners
7. All I Need
8. Troubled Times
9. Never Say Never
10. Stardust
11. Garden Of Eden (Acoustic)
12. The Midnight Hours (Acoustic)
CD 12 United
1. United
2. Here Today Gone Tomorrow
3. Gravity
4. Sinking Ship
5. One Of Life’s Mysteries
6. No Regrets
7. Bite The Bullet
8. Things I Know
9. Heaven And Earth
10. Indestructible
11. Here Today Gone Tomorrow (Acoustic)
12. Sky Is Falling (Acoustic)
CD 13 The Early Years
1.Whatever I Want
2. When The Morning Comes
3. Say Goodbye
4. Looking Back
5. All Over Again
6. Honestly
7. Lovin’ Like 90
8. One Step At A Time
9. Staying Away
10. Last Time
11. One Of The Wounded
12. Right Time
13. You’re The One
14. Out Of Love
15. Lost In Yesterday
16. I Can Hear Them Now
CD 14 Bonus Tracks (Only available on the box set)
1. Easier 
2. If I’d Been Awake
3. World Gone To Pieces
4. Brighter Day
5. Remember
6. Anarchy
7. Why
8. Freedom
9. More Than You’ll Ever Know
10. Good Enough
11. Coming Down (Acoustic)
Harry Hess: vocals
Pete Lesperance: guitars
Mike Gionet, Barry Donaghy, Stan Miczek: bass
Darren Smith, Creighton Doane: drums

38 SPECIAL Guitarist DANNY CHAUNCEY Departs Band, Replaced by JERRY RIGGS

38 SPECIAL guitarist DANNY CHAUNCEY has decided to leave the band citing the desire to leave the rigors of touring behind him.
In his place, another familiar name – JERRY RIGGS (of “Riggs” fame).
Here’s what the band had to say:
“Happy New Year and welcome to 38 Special in 2019!
As Danny Chauncey has decided to depart from the rigors of road life, we wish him well and thank him for all of his years of dedication. Right now we’re excited to introduce to you our newest member, one of the true southern rock kings, Jerry Riggs!
Jerry has been an old friend of the band for many years and comes with an impressive pedigree as a titan in the industry, a virtuoso guitarist and vocalist with a long history as a recording artist and bandleader in his own right.
Completing the team is keyboardist/vocalist BOBBY CAPPS, drummer GARY MOFFATT, bassist BARRY DUNAWAY.
Don Barnes has updated the band’s FB with this comment: “We have just updated our site with quite a few newly booked shows. MANY more dates will be added in the next few days so check back often to see if we will be playing near you. We are VERY excited about the addition of guitarist/vocalist Jerry Riggs to the band. See you on the road!!”



ELECTRIC MARY Release 'Mother' on Feb 15 via Dinner For Wolves

Friday, February 15, 2019
ELECTRIC MARY will release their new studio album 'Mother' on February 22.
While on writing trip to New York, vocalist & songwriter, Rusty Brown, visited the Jimi Hendrix founded Electric Lady Recording Studios. It was there that the infamous studio manager "Electric Mary Campbell" entered his life .. story after story of the rock history that wandered through the studio's had Rusty's head spinning, his direction was clear, and it now had a name "ELECTRIC MARY”.
Since then, Electric Mary have become globally renowned for their explosive brain-bending live performances and at home in Australia are regarded as one of, if not the best live bands in the country. This Melbourne band have held their own while sharing the world’s stages with some of the most revered names in hard rock. Whitesnake took them on the road, Judas Priest asked them to support, Deep Purple had them in stadiums, England, France, Spain and Japan came calling…KissAlice Cooper, MotorheadDef Leppard all followed and even after 10 years on the road Electric Mary continue to impress rock music fans and media across the planet.
2008's album, Down To The Bone received rave reviews around the world, including Rock Album Of The Year ahead of releases by Metallica and Queen by the UK’s Birmingham Mail.
The band ’s third album simply entitled ’III’ became a milestone in the genre as Rocktopia reviewed: "Already one of the more promising bands to have hit the scene in the last few years, 'III' keeps up Electric Mary's high standards and is an album that deserves to see them make the next step into the big boys' playground.".
Classic Rock Magazine (UK) enthusiastically concluded " 'III' is exactly the kind of album it should be mandatory for every CR reader to own".
in 2014 , The band released the infamous ‘ The Last Great Hope’ mini album featuring live hits like 'Sweet Mary C’ and the astoundingly moody ‘ Already Gone’ . Next came their live album 'Alive in HELLDorado’ which was recorded over 2 Sold Out nights in The Basque Country in Spain. Mixed in Texas by American Producer The Machine (White Zombie, Clutch and King Crimson).  The album is a testament to the bands killer live shows and it's no wonder they already number Iron Maiden, Whitesnake, Judas Priest and E Street Band guitarist Steven Van Zandt among their growing number of admirers.
10 years, three studio Albums… a live album ... three E.P’s… dozens of American and European tours… broken teeth, broken bones & broken records 2019 will see “The Mary’s” release their 4th studio long player ‘Mother’ and once again head across the globe to tour their unique Australian brand of take no prisoners Rock N Roll.
1) Gimme Love
2) Hold Onto What You Got
3) How Do You Do It
4) Sorry Baby
5) The Way You Make Me Feel
6) It's Alright
7) Long Long Day
8) Woman
Electric Mary are:
Rusty [vocals]
Pete Robinson [guitar and vocals]
Alex Raunjak [bass guitar]
Brett Wood [guitar and vocals]
Davey Porter [drums]
Pre Order Mother now:

DEGREED Launch Next Single 'Ruins'

Last year Degreed released their self-titled album, the first release together with Gain/ Sony Music. The album was well received by fans and critics both internationally and back home in Sweden. Swedish magazine GAFFA wrote in their review: "Degreed is still one of Sweden's most interesting bands" followed by Classic Rock: “As the saying goes, it’s all killer, no filler”.
It’s safe to say that the album ‘degreed’ opened new doors for the band and shortly after the release they spent a month on the road together with Swedish rockers H.E.A.T in Europe.
Now after touring and and a lot of hard work in the studio they're releasing their new single "Ruins", and soon they will also release a brand new album. 
"Ruins is a song about mine and Robins hometown and how it is
in many smaller towns - the stores close and the people move to the cities to
find jobs. It’s about growing up in the little town and loving it and still loving it even
though the houses fall apart and the people you knew have moved.
Ruins is starting off softer and ending up in a big chorus - It’s a little bit pop and a little more rock all mixed into one, there’s something in it for everyone!"
Now they're going on tour from start in March where they will start out
in Sweden and then go further off to Norway, England and Scotland.

GARY HOEY Announces March 15 Release For New Album Neon Highway

Friday, March 15, 2019
The ferocious guitarist fuses his blues and rock influences in eleven original songs
with special guest appearanes from Eric Gales, Lance Lopez, Josh Smith and Hoey’s son Ian
Hear “Under The Rug” Featuring Eric Gales Here
Mascot Label Group and Gary Hoey have announced a March 15 global release date for NEON HIGHWAY BLUES via Provogue Records.  The album’s eleven tracks display Hoey’s confidence and assuredness alongside the freshness of someone who's still in the process of discovery and refinement.   Hoey self-produced the album at his New Hampshire based home studio, while also enlisting friends Eric Gales, Lance Lopez. Josh Smith and his 17-year-old son Ian for guest appearances.  He shares, “I really wanted to make sure this album had a lot of Blues on it.  I kept sticking to the Blues and listening to the classic players, all the Kings, Albert King, Freddie King, BB King, and finish with some Burger King (laughing)…tried to get that to be a focus of this record -- and still put some songs for that my long-time, die-hard fans expect; instrumentals and some rockin' Zeppelin type stuff. There's definitely a variety here."
Hoey’s 21stalbum NEON HIGHWAY BLUES kicks off with "Under the Rug," a funky, Jeff Beck style workout with Eric Gales. Up next is the dynamic 6:29 slow blues "Mercy of Love," with Josh Smith, with biting guitar solos, Hoey gets his Texas swing on for "Still Believe in Love" and settles into some roadhouse shuffles on "Your Kind of Love," and "Damned If I Do," is a big, stomping Blues rocker with Lance Lopez trading licks. And those majestic instrumentals he mentioned? Check out "Almost Heaven," "Waiting on the Sun" and the cinematic title track, all showcases of virtuosity that complement the grittier fare around them. 
A very personal highlight for Hoey is "Don't Come Crying," an aching blues track that features his son Ian Hoey, then only 16, planting his flag in the family business. "I'm so blown away my son is actually on the record," Hoey says. "He loves the blues. I said, 'If it turns out good enough, I'll have you on the record, and he did a great job. After it was mixed and I listened to it.  I totally forgot where he was playing and where I was playing. It brought tears to my eyes."
NEON HIGHWAY BLUES "wasn't a quick record to make," nor was it easy, according to Hoey, and displays the care that came with the time spent on it. "I always say that's why they call it the blues, because it ain't easy," he notes. The album took about a year and a half, he estimates, much of it done during gaps in his heavy touring schedule. "I just kept going in and trying to come up with the right licks or the right lyrics, and some days it just wouldn't come," Hoey recalls. "It was really about staying in there and trying things, abandoning some ideas, going on to new ideas. There was a lot of that on this record. I'm kind of a stickler for making sure I'm happy with it -- even though I had people breathing down my neck to get it done."
NEON HIGHWAY BLUES will, of course, take Hoey back on the highways and byways for plenty of touring and playing, well, the blues -- and more. He can't yet predict where the next road will take him, but Hoey is confident it will be an adventure. "My son and I were talking about new music, some new technique I just found on guitar, and he said dad, 'You've been playing 44 years and still get excited.' I was like, 'Yeah, man, that's the amazing thing about music -- you never really get there. If you think you're there, that's when you’re in trouble because it’s all about the journey."
The complete track listing is “Under The Rug” (featuring Eric Gales), “Mercy Of Love” (featuring Josh Smith), “Your Kind Of Love,” “Don’t Come Crying” (featuring Ian Hoey), “Still Believe In Love,” “Almost Heaven,” “I Felt Alive,” “Waiting On The Sun,” “Damned If I Do” (featuring Lance Lopez), “Living The Highlife,” and “Neon Highway Blues.”
Hoey will appear on both the Legendary Rhythm & Blues Cruise (February 3-10) and the Rock Legends Cruise VII (February 14-18), after which he’ll visit Nashville to participate in Rock N Roll Fantasy Camp (February 28 – March 3). Additional confirmed appearances include Bull Run in Shirley, MA (March 8) and Tupelo Music Hall in Derry, NH (May 3).  A complete itinerary for Spring, Summer and Fall will be announced shortly.

BURNING RAIN Finally 'Face The Music' March 22

Friday, March 22, 2019
BURNING RAIN, a hard rock band founded by guitarist extraordinaire Doug Aldrich (Revolution Saints, The Dead Daisies, ex-Whitesnake, Dio) and vocalist Keith St John (ex-Montrose, Kingdom Come), announce the release of their fourth studio album, "Face the Music" on March 22, 2019.
In conjunction with the album announcement, the band have shared the latest single, “Midnight Train,” along with an accompanying music video. When asked why the band chose to release “Midnight Train” as the first single, Aldrich explained, “when we were asked what song encompasses the sound of BURNING RAIN, ‘Midnight Train’ seemed like a good choice. It sounds fresh and heavy, but still sounds like us. Everyone will have different ideas about favorite songs and there are a number of tracks that could have been first, but we just went with ‘Midnight Train.”
“’Midnight Train's' message, albeit fully ensconced in carnality, is about wanting something so brutally bad when you can't have it,” added St. John. “The main character here is basically a deeply tortured soul during all the daytime hours. The phallic likening to the train and its track along with the blackness, the bed of nails, and the cravings of the night are meant to further fortify the extremity of sexual addiction. Doug had all the basic music together including bass, drums, and all when he first played me a demo of the riff. I loved it immediately. The first ex-perimental vocal track I scatted out had the basic framework for the chorus, which we both felt had good potential, but the original verse began with a higher, bluesier part that seemed to not quite fit. After I fashioned a new verse with a lower, more growly approach, we both felt it really complimented the chorus and we knew this track was in good standing!”
BURNING RAIN was established in 1998 by guitarist Doug Aldrich and vocalist Keith St. John. After meeting through mutual friends, Aldrich and St. John commenced work on what would eventually become their self-titled debut album. The 1999 record established BURNING RAIN as a hungry yet seasoned group of musicians. Although the album was limited in its release, it did receive rave reviews from fans and critics alike for their take on heavy, blues-y hard rock. The following year, BURNING RAIN released the follow up, “Pleasure To Burn” which showed a matured Aldrich-St John collaboration that gained even higher praise than the first album. 
In 2001, Aldrich joined DIO and later departed in 2003 as he was approached by David Coverdale to join a newly reformed Whitesnake, while St. John joined forces with guitar legend Ronnie Montrose. While still in Whitesnake, Aldrich started working on new BURNING RAIN music, which saw the light of day in 2013 as the album “Epic Obsession”. Their third release was again met with enthu-siams from fans and critics alike. Aldrich would later leave Whitesnake and join The Dead Daisies and Revolution Saints, which left BURNING RAIN on an extended hiatus. 
Now, finally a new album is ready for release! Face the Music is a blues driven hard rock record which is truly a tour-de-force. With a renewed lineup featuring the amazing Blas Elias (SLAUGHTER) on drums and bassist Brad Lang (Y&T), the album evokes the sound of the classic 70’s hard rock scene, but also stays true to the Burning Rain sound.
One thing is for certain, BURNING RAIN has made the wait for new music well worth it.
1. Revolution
2. Lorelei
3. Nasty Hustle
4. Midnight Train
5. Shelter
6. Face The Music
7. Beautiful Road
8. Hit And Run
9. If It's Love
10. Hideaway
11. Since I'm Loving You
Keith St. John - Vocals
Doug Aldrich - Guitar
Blas Elias - Drums
Brad Lang - Bass
For More Info Visit:


TONY MITCHELL Down To Last Box Of 'Beggars Gold' 2-Disc Special Edition

MelodicRock Records is very excited to announce the signing of TONY MITCHELL – the voice of British hard rock band Kiss Of The Gypsy.
September 14 will see the release of Tony’s high-energy melodic rock masterpiece, TONY MITCHELL ‘Beggars Gold’, his first solo album since 2011.
‘Beggars Gold’ started off as 22 songs, later trimmed to 13, only the best of the best included on the final cut.
Tackling issues like self-confidence, bullying, drug/alcohol abuse & homelessness in songs like ‘Stone by Stone’, ‘Beggars Gold’ & ‘In Everyone of Us’, only adds more dynamics to the album.
‘Take a Look at Me Now’, highlights Mitchell’s songwriting craft, written about the disillusioned, talent show generation, with a tongue in cheek, sinister twist.
The ‘Beggars Gold’ album tries to give everything that any true melodic/AOR rock fan would want to hear from an album. Mitchell has thrown everything at this one, huge guitar riffs, anthemic choruses, gospel choirs, epic harmonies & raw, honest powerful rock vocals.
The Limited Special Edition (500 units only) will be a double CD format (jewel case). Featured on the bonus disc is Tony’s 2011 solo release ‘Far Away From Home’.
This hard-rocking release was previously only ever available for a short time direct from Tony and on digital platforms. In this format the double disc set will be housed in a special cardboard slipcase and once sold out, is gone forever.
But that’s not all - there is one more bonus! All Special Edition pre-orders of either will receive an exclusive digital download of a second acoustic solo album Tony recorded to accompany the ‘Far Away From Home’ release.
‘No Man’s Land’ features amore reflective side to Tony Mitchell the ‘rock star’.
TONY MITCHELL ‘Beggars Gold’ SPECIAL EDITION (2CD, Slipcase)(500 only) $25 (incl. shipping)
TONY MITCHELL ‘Beggars Gold’ Regular Edition $20 (incl. shipping)
Tony Mitchell comments: “Beggar’s Gold is an album that has taken many twists & turns as I was writing & recording it. I wanted to write an album that had everything I would want from a melodic/AOR album & more, as a songwriter, I wanted to craft songs that had depth, dynamics, power & anthemic qualities.
I wanted to capture energy & attitude along with meaningful, emotional moments & I think that I have managed achieve that with this album. From the start, I wanted a barrage of songs that would get into the ears of those who like melodic rock with powerful guitars, huge harmonies & memorable hooks.
After pouring my heart & soul into the making of this album, I am very proud of it & in this age of writers/musicians not making any money from releasing their work due to free streaming/downloading etc., it’s my way of saying thanks to all the fans that have kept their faith in me & my music & to all the new fans who want to join me on this journey.
Climb aboard this rock n roll train, put the needle on the record & let’s dance!”
A regular edition version will be released in Japan via AnderStein Music with the exclusive bonus track ‘Kiss Of An Angel’, in October.
All songs written & composed by Tony Mitchell (c) 2018.
Tony Mitchell – Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitar & Keyboards.
Additional Musicians:
Chris Hunt – Lead Guitar
Paul Hume – Lead Guitar
James Marsh – Lead Guitar
Tim Manford – Lead Guitar
Eddie Anthony – Drums
Daniel Sings – Sax on ‘Someone Like You’
Sue Willetts – Vocals on ‘What You Make It’
Rouges Gallery Gospel Choir on ‘Stone By Stone’

TERRA NOVA Back With 'Raise Your Voice'; Pre-Order Now, Get Now!

Wednesday, January 30, 2019
MelodicRock Records is pleased to announce the return of TERRA NOVA with their new, 7th studio album ‘Raise Your Voice’ due out January 30.
The new studio album will feature a different running order for this release (compared to the Japanese release), as well as having alternative artwork and one exclusive additional track.
Best of all – pre-order now and a digital download of the full album will be delivered to your inbox within 24hrs.
Today sees the launch of the brand new song and video - 'Don't You Walk Away'. And while we're at it - another full audio track 'Rain'.
Raise Your Voice is the 7th studio album of the Dutch band Terra Nova. In 1996 their highly acclaimed debut album Livin´ It Up was launched. After that the albums Break Away in 1997 and Make My Day in 1999 followed.
After the first three albums the band had to split up due to a conflict with their Dutch record company.
Fred, Ron and Gesuino continued under the name Aquila and released two albums: Say Yeah 2001, Man With A Mission 2004 and Reinvent Yourself in 2015.
In 2004 the band was free from their contractual obligations towards their Dutch record company and signed a record deal with Frontiers Records.
The first album after their break was Escape released 2005 followed by the album Come Alive 2010.
In 2015 Terra Nova was signed by Melodic Rock Records for the world and King Records for Japan.
Now the band continue their legacy with Raise Your Voice, filled with yet more of the band’s classic pomp-melodic rock goodness!
MRR Track Listing:
01. Breathe In Breathe Out 03:33
02. Be Who You Are 03:59
03. Rain 04:01
04. Don't You Walk Away 04:37
05. Raise Your Voice 04:52
06. Better Days 04:12
07. The Other Side 03:21
08. Blue Light 03:03
09. Rock 'N' Roll Hero 04:14
10. Trouble 03:34
11. Am I The Man 03:33
12. It’s Gonna Be Allright (Feat. Jenna)
             (Exclusive Bonus Track)

FICTION SYXX 'The Alternate Me' Premium Preorder New Audio

MRR is excited to announce the second Premium Preorder campaign will be for the second studio album from progressive melodic rockers FICTION SYXX.
FICTION SYXX is dialling in on their sophomore release, ‘The Alternate Me’!
The line-up had one change - Larry Hart (King Kobra/Montrose) on bass guitar takes over for Tony “The Fretless Monster” Franklin.  This release is focused more on the core than their debut release ‘Tall Dark Secrets’. There are no guest artists on this one and JK Northrup & Mark Lanoue share the lead guitar duties. Prepare for a mix of melody, harmony, soaring slide, and at times SHRED!
Fiction Syxx is:
Mark Allen Lanoue - Lead Vocals & Guitar
JK Northrup - Guitar, B. Vocals & Production
Rory Faciane - Drums
Larry Hart - Bass
Eric Ragno - Keyboards
NEW AUDIO SAMPLE! Preorder customers will recieve the full track via email.
There will be 11 tracks … plus bonus material for Premium Preorder supporters. New PREVIEW - Preorders will have the full song delivered to them.
MRR and FICTION SYXX are excited to launch one full track right now – the epic album opening track ‘Tall Dark Secrets’. PP supporters will get a WAV file of this track delivered to them shortly, along with another full length mixed and completed track, plus an exclusive video of JK Northrup in the studio discussing this track.
MRR/FS2 Premium Preorder is available today for just $30
Standard inclusions in the PP Packs include the following:
- Exclusive ‘Longbox’ Cardboard Sleeve Slipcover CD Packaging
- WAV file of debut track
- Additional fully mastered, completed song
- Weekly updates from the artist
- Exclusive Advance Release Date, receiving the CD weeks ahead of an official release
- Names included in the CD booklet
- Additional demos and completed tracks sampled along the way
- Digital Download of completed release ahead of shipping of CD
- Airmail shipping cost included
Stay tuned for more and PREORDER NOW!




Friday, February 22, 2019
AOR Heaven - Press Release 01/2019
::: MIKAEL ERLANDSSON releases his 6th solo album “Capricorn Six” via AOR Heaven in Europe on February 22 :::
Mikael Erlandsson is back with his 6th solo album “Capricorn Six”. The Swedish singer is a true Aor/melodic rock legend that with his amazing voice which has been one of the best  in this genre for more than 25 years.
Erlandsson had success in Sweden already in 1990 when he was the  frontman in the band N´Gang where he had several hits incl. a Swedish song in the Eurovision Song Contest. The breakthrough in the Rock scene happened in 1993 when he released his first solo album. The album topped that year’s best of melodic rock charts and had an impact all over the world - but especially in Japan. Later on, 4 more solo albums saw the light of day and Erlandsson guested as singer on albums with Phenomena, Radioactive, Salute, Love Under Cover amongst others. During the last fifteen years Mikael also led his own band “Last Autumns Dream” who released 15 albums and did some touring in Japan, Germany and England.
Now, Mikael Erlandsson is back with a new album filled with songs in his classic style. Musicians on the album are Sayit Dölen (guitar), Pontus Engborg (drums) and Joel Starander (bass). The record was produced by Claes Andreasson and Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumns Dream, Heartbreak Radio) and mixed and mastered by Martin Kronlund (guest guitar themes on ”Eye of the hurricane” , ”Break another heart” & ”I just wanna love you”.
Tracklist: 1. Eye Of The Hurricane, 2. Why, 3. Pain, 4. Evil, 5. Had To Let You Go, 6. Break Another Heart, 7. Fear The People, 8. Ok, 9. I Just Wanna Love Ya, 10. Alice In Wonderland
Soundfiles in advance:
::: BLOOD RED SAINTS return with “Pulse” on February 22 :::
2019 brings the release of the third album by British rockers Blood Red Saints.
The album, released through AOR Heaven is entitled 'Pulse' on February 22 and sees the band modernising their sound whilst still retaining the big choruses. Guitarist Lee Revill is the man tasked with mixing and engineering the album as well as co-producing alongside Pete Godfrey.
“Pulse” features 11 tracks all written by Revill/Godfrey and the album has a more contemporary edge, trying to push the boundaries of Melodic Rock. Songs such as “Cross to bear” and “Crash into me”, edge into radio friendly territory whilst “I'm your Devil” has a more raw punky feel. The title track “Pulse” is all about the chant and should be a great live number, “Animals” and “Message to God” being full on rockers.
The band says: “This album is more personal, dealing with life events of the past year but still maintaining a positive stance, everybody brought their best to this recording, no compromises, no excuses, simply the best 11 songs we could write and we are proud of the results, after all, without music and fun, what is there?”
Tracklist: 1. Believer, 2. Animals, 3. Cross To Bear, 4. Invincible, 5. I’m Your Devil, 6. Crash Into Me, 7. Pulse, 8. Message To God, 9. Warrior, 10. What Have We Become, 11. Bring Me To Life
Soundfiles in advance:
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