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Tuesday, July 1, 2014
At long last, after 25+ years as a not-so-secret side project, Venice's cover band alter egos, The Pine Mountain Logs, are proud to announce their very first release, a 142 minute concert DVD, "The Pine Mountain Logs - Live & On Fire."  Part rock & roll party and part comedy act, this is the Logs at their best, melding Venice's impressive musicianship and vocals with unpredictable medleys and mashups, spot on impersonations, and a wild "anything can happen" vibe.
The energy sustains throughout the almost two and a half hour show -- There isn't an acoustic guitar in sight!  The DVD was a true labor of love.  All of the footage was shot by fan volunteers, a mixture of both professional and amateur.  The video was directed and edited by Venice's webmaster and Facebook administrator (and professional Hollywood editor by day), Matt Levitz.  And the music was recorded, mixed and produced by the band's own Michael Lennon. 
"Live & On Fire" will be available exclusively through Venice's webpage,
Pre-orders can be made now for a late July release.  Check out this clip from the DVD.  Watch it fullscreen, switch to HD, and turn it up loud!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014
De Fox Records & Heart of Steel Records are proud to announce the release of HighDosage, Italian Guitarist Luca Zamberlin's brand new instrumental Ep.
HighDosage TODAY on sale worldwide on all the biggest digital markets.
The ep is also currently available in limited printed edition.    

Highdosage, produced by former Dokken guitarist Alex De Rosso,features some blazing-playing from legendary drummer Atma Anur, Los Angeles'guitar virtuoso
Alex Masi, keyboards'wizard Michael T.Ross (Angel, Missing Persons) plus other guests.
Out of the six tracks included there is Luca's "rockier"version of I.M.N.S.Y, a tune taken from Shaun Baxter's Jazz-Metal album , considered a milestone.
Highdosage has very little editing and basically is an old school improvised jam with today's sound quality.

Track list:
01 Led boots jam (Max Middleton)
02 Time is our enemy (Alex Masi-Luca Zamberlin)
03 White Caprice  (Luca Zamberlin)
04 BB (Martino Beria)
05 I.M.N.S.Y. (Shaun Baxter)
06 Machine gun jam (Jimi Hendrix)          

Stay tuned on
Artist site:
Label site:
Press Bureau:


Tuesday, July 1, 2014
British hard rockers NIGHT BY NIGHT, who feature Ben Christo (SISTERS OF MERCY guitarist) in their ranks,  have released the new music video, for the song 'A Thousand Lies'.  The clip is taken from the forthcoming debut album'NxN', due to release on July 11 (Europe), July 14 (UK) and July 15 (USA/Canada) via A Sun Hill Production/Cargo Records. The video can be viewed below:

Classic Rock UK magazine states: 'We recently claimed that Night By Night were spearheading the 'new wave of AOR', and we see no reason to change our opinion now. A Thousand Lies has the harmonies, and the big shiny guitars, and the chorus a postman might sing in the shower.'

'NxN' was produced by Romesh Dodangoda (Mot'rhead, Bullet For My Valentine, Sylosis) at Outhouse studios, engineered by Rob Thomas, lead vocals produced & engineered by Ben Christo & Henry Rundell and mixed by John Mitchell (Alter Bridge, Asia, Snakecharmer) at Outhouse studios.

'Night by Night are without doubt one of the best young bands out there today. Real songs with great riffs and vocal harmonies. Packing the best ot the 80's with a youthful, fresh enthusiasm.' (Rick Savage/Def Leppard)


01. Time To Escape
02. Holding Onto Holding On
03. Cant Walk Away
04. Everywhere Tonight
05. Siren
06. A Thousand Lies
07. Its Not Faith
08. The Moment
09. If Only
10. Never Die Again


Henry Rundell ' Lead Vocals (ex Voodoo Six)
Tom Daniel ' Guitars
Ben Christo ' Guitars, Vocals (Sisters Of Mercy)
Jonny Thornton ' Bass, Vocals
Damien Diablo ' Drums

Night by Night areahard rock 5-piece from London who fuse searing riffs with soaring melodies. This cutting-edge quintet combine the best of classic and contemporary rock, charged with 3-part vocal harmonies to create their own sound and the result is a debut of unparalleled strength and musical maturity, with across the board appeal.

Combine the heavyweight riffs and modern crunch of Alterbridge, add the infectious choruses and lush vocal harmonies of Def Leppard for a taste of what Night by Night are all about. The band members each come with their own musical pedigree (The Sisters of Mercy, Voodoo Six) ' and it shows.  With flawless production (by Romesh Dodangoda - Funeral For A Friend, The Blackout, Bullet For My Valentine) and irresistible choruses, this is a rare gem of an album with ten strong songs, telling tales of hope and heartbreak.

From the beautifully addictive 'Can't Walk Away' to the hard rocking, 'Siren' and everyone's new favourite song, 'If Only' ' Night by Night are creating musical alchemy.

'If you like hard rock with intensity, melody and meaning, you will find it here.  We have real passion for what we are doing and have pushed ourselves to create the best music possible ' no disclaimers,  no excuses ' we've worked hard and we are really proud of the result''

Night by Night have toured extensively supporting the likes of Europe, Y&T, Jettblack, Heaven's Basement, Alannah Myles, Acey Slade, The Quireboys, Jayce Lewis,Warrior Soul, Dear Superstar, The Dirty Youth as well as performing storming sets at Hard Rock Hell and Download Festival.



Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Guitar Legend Carl Verheyen of Supertramp Releases New CD 'Mustang Run' Feat. Simon Phillips, Chad Wackerman, Jerry Goodman and Bill Evans

'Carl is known as a studio guitar player but he's much more than that. His records have the great feel of a live player. He plays with a lot of feeling' - John Fogerty

Los Angeles, CA - Much to the excitement of guitar players and Supertramp fans worldwide, guitarist Carl Verheyen has released his new CD 'Mustang Run'. In his 40-plus years of playing the instrument, Carl Verheyen has created a wildly successful, multi-faceted career. He is a critically-acclaimed musician, vocalist, songwriter, arranger, producer and educator with 11 CDs and two live DVDs released worldwide. Carl is commonly regarded as a guitar virtuoso capable of playing any style of music with remarkable mastery and conviction. He has been one of LA's elite 'first call' session players for the past 25 years, playing on hundreds of records, movie soundtracks and television shows. Carl has graced the pages of countless industry publications and been the subject of numerous articles chronicling his rise to the forefront of the modern day guitar scene.

Says Carl about his new CD release, 'My goal was to break out of the mold of Carl Verheyen Band CDs and do a progressive instrumental album. I wanted the opportunity to weave thick textures of sound using dozens of instruments and tones. My motivation was the sheer joy of hearing those sounds in the air!'

'We've been friends for many years and Carl has always amazed me with his versatility and technique. He's a fine player.' - Albert Lee

Carl has won numerous polls and musical honors in the US, Germany, France, Italy and the UK. A member of the smash hit British rock group Supertramp since 1985, Carl has played to millions of enthusiastic fans in sold out arenas worldwide. As the creative force behind The Carl Verheyen Band, he has released an impressive and eclectic discography that showcases his endless talents across a wide array of musical genres. Carl's musical influences are just as diverse and range from George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Mike Bloomfield, Alvin Lee, Leslie West to Miles Davis, John Mclaughlin, Steve Morse, Chet Atkins and Andy Summers, among others.

'Every time I start to feel good about my playing and general overall knowledge of the guitar, I will get together with Carl and see truly how far I have to go. I am proud to call him my friend. A master of the guitar and a hellava nice guy to boot.' - Joe Bonamassa

'Mustang Run' features performances by some extraordinary musicians, which includes Simon Phillips, Chad Wackerman, Jerry Goodman, Bill Evans, Jimmy Johnson, Stuart Hamm, and Gregg Bissonette. In regards to the assortment of legendary music artists that grace his new release, Carl explains, 'My previous CD called 'Trading 8s' was a collaboration with some of my guitar player friends. I had Robben Ford, Joe Bonamassa, Steve Morse, Scott Henderson, Albert Lee and Rick Vito trading solos with me. On 'Mustang Run' I wanted that inspiration to come from the rhythm section, so I called different bass players and drummers to suit the songs. I love to play with musicians that I have a deep musical relationship with, because the studio scene in LA breeds hundreds of 'casual' musical relationships. The great players on 'Mustang Run' are all friends that I've known and performed with for years.'

'Carl Verheyen is a REAL guitar player!' - Robben Ford

A much sought after studio musician, Carl plays on other artists' CDs whenever his busy schedule permits. He has recorded and played with a virtual who's who of the music industry. His vast collection of movie soundtrack and television credits are enviable. Carl was heard by 67, 000,000 people as a featured soloist at the 2009 Academy Awards. He will also be heavily featured in the forthcoming film documentary about the electric guitar, 'Turn It UP!'

'Carl is a true pro and a great player/musician. He can do anything, and as one who is supposed to do this, me (ha-ha), Carl comes through with heart and soul and is really not only an awesome musician but a really good guy. That counts ALOT in this biz, especially these days.' - Steve Lukather

On the educational front, Carl has produced two instructional videos called 'Intervallic Rock Guitar' and 'Forward Motion' as well as various on-line lessons. He also has a book/CD detailing his unique 'intervallic' style called 'Improvising Without Scales'. Another book entitled 'Studio City' is a compilation of all the columns Carl wrote for Guitar Magazine between 1996 and 1999. He has written a monthly column for Chitarre, Italy's #1 guitar publication as well as Guitar World and Guitar Jam Daily, a website devoted to serious guitarists. He currently writes a monthly column for Guitar Player, contributes to other guitar publications, and blogs regularly for and his own site. Carl also lectures and teaches at clinics and master classes regularly when not on the road.

'Carl is so overwhelming to sit in a room and jam with, let alone his playing on records and stage. You get the impression there is no style or territory he is unable to explore.' - Brad Paisley

Carl recently co-designed a signature guitar with LsL Instruments, the 'CV Special,' combining the best elements Carl seeks in his ideal guitar; they are now available for purchase worldwide. As if that weren't enough, working closely with Dean Markley, Carl developed a line of signature strings for the electric guitar that perfectly balance the tremolo bridge of the Fender Stratocaster, the Carl Verheyen Balanced Bridge Helix HD string set .

'Carl is one of those experienced, great players that you could put in any situation and get a wonderful guitar solo. I personally love the fact that he enjoys what he does and radiates positive energy whenever I have seen him.' - Steve Morse

In support of Carl's new CD release, he will be touring Europe in the fall 2014. His band will feature bass virtuoso Stu Hamm (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Ritchie Kotzen, Billy Sheehan, Jeff Berlin), who is featured on 'Mustang Run', and master drummer/percussionist John Mader (Joe Satriani, Booker T, Electronic Arts' 'The Sims', Tony award winners 'Rent', 'Lion King' and 'Wicked').

In closing Carl has this to impart, 'Before I made 'Mustang Run' I pulled out about 10 CDs that I seem to listen to all the time. None of them were 'shredders' or heavy bombastic music, but none of them were 'easy listening' either. I realized they all had melodic qualities that made them endure the test of time. So my main goal: make a record the bears repeated listening. If you discover new things with each play I've done my job!'

For more info:

'Mustang Run' CD preview:

'Fusioneers Disease' from the 'Mustang Run' CD, with Simon Phillips (Toto, Who, Protocol II), Cliff Hugo (Supertramp, Ray Charles) and Jim Cox (Albert Lee, Streisand, Ringo, Aerosmith, Knopfler):

'Spirit of Julia' from the 'Mustang Run' CD (same musicians):

Take One Step: Appreciating Carl and CVB live!:


Monday, June 30, 2014
Neal Schon
(Official / New Album / 2014 / Feat. M. Mendoza, D. Castronovo)


Order 'SO U' NOW
iTunes: (includes instant grat tracks)


Taken from the Frontiers Records release SO U.

Guitar legend Neal Schon has joined forces with bassist Marco Mendoza (Black Star Riders, Ted Nugent, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy) and drummer Deen Castronovo (Journey, Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Vai, Hardline) to create a unique body of work with jazz and blues-inspired virtuosic hard rock playing, entitled SO U.  The new album features Schon, Mendoza and Castronovo splitting vocal and writing duties, with many of the tracks also co-written by Night Ranger/Damn Yankee's songwriter, singer and bassist Jack Blades.
Neal Schon commented, "This is a great new record that features all three of us -- Deen, Marco and myself -- sharing lead vocals.  Enjoy!"
Best known as founding member and lead guitarist of Journey, Neal Schon has enjoyed a remarkable career as one of rock n' roll's top virtuosos, with a hand in creating some of the most popular songs of all time.  Beginning his career more than 35 years ago in the San Francisco Bay area, the 15-year-old guitar prodigy left home to join Santana.  Schon moved on in 1973 to form Journey.  With Journey and other projects, he has earned 19 Top 40 singles and 25 platinum and gold albums, was awarded the prestigious "Legend Of Live Award" at the 2011 Billboard Touring Awards, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2005 and was individually inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall Of Fame in 2013.   As the only member to record on all of Journey's albums, Schon continues with the band today in its latest incarnation. 
In addition to 6 solo albums and 14 studio albums with Journey, Neal Schon has also performed with Joe Cocker, Sammy Hagar, Paul Rodgers, Larry Graham, Betty Davis, Michael Bolton, fusion legend Jan Hammer, Hardline and supergroup Bad English, as well as a variety of side projects. 
His latest instrumental solo album, THE CALLING, released in 2012 via Frontiers Records, won rave reviews from fans and the media alike, with Vintage Guitar declaring "THE CALLING is a fine piece of work demonstrating that Schon still has it going on -- and then some...The songs are strong and his guitar tones are absolutely luxurious." 
In demand as one of the leading guitarists of his generation, Schon also worked with Gibson to manufacture his own limited edition "Neal Schon Signature Model Custom Les Paul" guitar, but now uses custom PRS Neal Schon LTD Private Stock guitars, made especially for Neal by Paul Reed Smith.
Neal Schon: guitars, lead vocals
Marco Mendoza: bass guitar lead vocals
Deen Castronovo: drums, lead vocals




Monday, June 30, 2014

Swedish melodic rockers OSUKARU return to their melodic hard-hitting AOR stamp with their new mini-album "Transition", which makes it their 5th official release to date. The album was mixed and mastered by Attila Bokor (Morph, BOA) and Kevin McNoldy (Dave Matthews Band, Backstreet Boys) who together brought out the biggest production yet on an OSUKARU record.
As with all the other OSUKARU releases, the artwork for "Transition" was created by guitarist and founder Oz Osukaru, this time having band partner and vocalist Cecilia Camuii modeling on the cover.
"It just felt like a natural progression to instead of hiring yet another model, I'd use our very own" Oz says. "Cecilia have done a lot of modeling in the last couple of years and during the production of our last album 'Triumphant', she expressed an interest in taking over the blindfold for the follow-up release. This time however we took it a bit further by creating an original story arc spread out throughout the booklet as well as for the first time actually include a song about the character."
OSUKARU are: Oz Osukaru (guitars, keyboards), Cecilia Camuii (lead vocals), Fredrik Werner (lead vocals, guitars) and new member Vidar Mårtensson (also in Siphon Fuel) on drums. On "Transition" they are joined by Jens Björk (saxophone), Fredrik Svensson (bass) and long time member Ryan Coyle (drums).
More information as well as tracklist and guest musicians will follow shortly.
"Transition" will hit the streets this fall via City of Lights Records / Membran Entertainment Group (CD version) and Simply Boundless Records (digital download). Both versions will include one exclusive bonus track each.
Fore more information, visit OSUKARU on Facebook at, City of Lights Records at or Simply Boundless Records at
OSUKARU “Transition” – Tracklist:
  1. Arrows
  2. Strangled Emotions
  3. Edge Of A Broken Heart
  4. Play
  5. Blinded Eyes
  6. FM Rocks 98.5 [Redux]
  7. Tell Me You’ll Stay – 2014
  8. Out Of Touch – 2014
  9. Mafia Rules – 2014
  10. Promised Land – 2014
  11. City Lights – acoustic (Bonus Track)
OSUKARU – Line Up:
  • Oz Osukaru – Guitars, Keyboards
  • Fredrik Werner – Vocals,  Guitars
  • Cecilia Camuii – Vocals
  • Vidar Mårtensson – Drums
  • Jens Björk – Saxophone
  • Fredrik Svensson – Bass
  • Ryan Coyle – Drums


Saturday, June 28, 2014

I'm shocked and deeply saddened to hear tonight of the passing of Swedish guitarist Christian Wolff. He was an inspiring musician and another great guy that I had the fortune of meeting and working with thanks to running

I'm forever grateful for having known him and I pay my respects to his family and close friends.

A truly great loss to the MR community. May his rest in peace.



Monday, June 16, 2014
I’d like to thank the majority for their vocal support for the major changes that have been undertaken here.
I’ve only heard of one “Melodicrock sucks now” thread on a message board someplace, perhaps there will be more!
But no matter what – there’s no going back. The old site was easy to read news in one place, but it has zero functionality. No search function, no search engine optimization, no social media interaction, no individual URLs. It really was a very very basic site.
The 2014 site has all of the above and more and I’ve already seen a good uptick in social media shares and follows.
I can understand some not liking change and not liking the fact you have to click on headlines to see news. I hope those people come around.
What I don’t and can’t understand is several that have said they cannot navigate around the site.
I really just don’t see why – if you don’t want to read the headlines on the frontpage – then click on the MENU links (pictured below) and see the ENTIRE list of added news/reviews/showcases etc…. all in one place, just like it was on the old site!
Please feel free to send in any questions, but do take some time to get to know the workings and layout of the site before you fire off a pissed off email.


Hi folks,
Welcome to MelodicRock 2014 – a website that is finally compliant with all the latest SEO and Social Media demands of the Internet in 2014 and beyond.
A few points to make!
- First of all – there is still work to be done here and there, little tweaks that many won’t notice and as the site is opened to a full audience, there might be a few other little issues that come to light. By all means, if you have a question or an issue to point out, please do so!
- The site is fully compliant with mobile devices and tablets and will automatically adjust to whatever platform being used at the time. However, there is some tweaking still needing to be done on the mobile platform, so watch for improvements there.
- At this point in time, there is both a sign in and register option for comments as well as full Facebook comment integration. If I find the two conflict with each other, I may be forced to choose one method over the other.
- Please feel free to comment anywhere on the site on any topic or post and please also share those articles you wish to do via the tool provided! Spreading the word helps the artist and the site.
- There are a few graphics below to help show a few of the site’s new features. If ever in doubt when looking for anything, use the search function or the main MENU links along the top of the site. On display within the frontpage are all the latest articles/posts, but using the MENU will uncover many MANY more topics/posts/reviews – listed in order of post date.
- There is a LOT more content to be added to the site. Over the weeks and months ahead I will start bringing in ALL old Reviews and Interviews from the Old Site – which is still linked from the frontpage (along with both message board systems and MRX etc…)
- The site has a mega-accurate search engine and full cataloguing capability, so once I get the chance to add more of the old content and interviews and reviews, you'll be able to search and find anything and everything that I've done over the past 16 years.
Thanks a million for your support and patience and I sincerely hope the wait will be worth it. Go check it out and can't wait to hear your feedback. Add it into the comments below!
PS. The site will always be evolving....plenty more to come...
Best Regards,





Friday, June 27, 2014
Stan Bush has been in the news these past few weeks with his induction into the Transformers Hall Of Fame and also having the history of his classic The Touch featured in an article at
Check it out at:


Wednesday, September 3, 2014
Danger Danger are the subject of a BLU-SPEC CD 2 re-issue campaign in Japan September 3.
The band's first two albums are being re-released as remasters on the Blue-Spec CD format (compatible with all CD players).
"Danger Danger" adds the bonus tracks Bang Bang (Live), Naughty Naughty (Live), Rock 'N' Roll Hoochie Koo (Live) [All Live At Bangles, Denver, Colorado and L'Anour, Blooklyn as released back inthe day in Japan on the Rock America EP]<br>
"Screw It" will feature the bonus tracks Groove or Die (Live)(CDSingle Monkey Business B Side) and Boys Will Be Boys (Live)(CD Single I Still Think About You B side)<br>
Pre-order with confidence from CD Japan.


Foreign Music CDJapan


Friday, August 29, 2014


Inner Wound Recordings are proud to announce the release of a limited 12" red vinyl edition of the self-titled debut album from RED DRAGON CARTEL. A deal was inked with Frontiers Records, and the release dates are set to August 29thth for Europe and September 30th for North America. The edition is strictly limited to 500 copies worldwide and includes an insert with lyrics.

"Red Dragon Cartel" is available for pre-ordering at the Inner Wound Store:

Track listing:

Side A
01. Deceived
02. Shout It Out
03. Feeder
04. Fall From The Sky (Seagull)
05. Wasted

Side B
01. Slave
02. Big Mouth
03. War Machine
04. Redeem Me
05. Exquisite Tenderness

For more information:



Thursday, June 26, 2014

Former Wigwam frontman Age Sten Nilsen's new band AMMUNITION release first song from forthcoming album


The very first taste of Åge Sten Nilsen's new band AMMUNITION will be released digitally world wide on Friday 27th of June.
The album track "Tie Me Down" is taken from AMMUNITION's forthcoming album "SHANGHAIED" and is written by Åge Sten Nilsen, Erik Mårtensson and Johann Becker. "Tie Me Down" will also be included in the german rock magazine Legacy Magazine's cd-sampler on the same day.
On Thursday 26th of June AMMUNITION's official facebook pages will exclusively give the followers a pre-listen to "Tie Me Down" and reveal the "SHANGHAIED" album cover, made by the swedish artist Anders Fästader.
Ammunition is:
Åge Sten Nilsen - vocals (Wigwam / NORDIC BEAST)
 Hal Patino - bass (KING DIAMOND/PRETTY MAIDS/Nordic Beast)
 Robban Bäck - drums (SABATON/Eclipse)
 Erik Mårtensson - guitars (W.E.T / Eclipse)
 Lasse Finbråthen - keyboards (Wigwam / CIRCUS MAXIMUS)
 Jon Pettersen - guitars (Åge's Queen show/BAD HABITS)


Monday, September 1, 2014
Faithsedge return this fall with The Answer Of Insanity on Scarlet Records. Featuring singer/songwriter Giancarlo Floridia, former Dokken lead guitarist Alex De Rosso, drummer Tony Morra (Van Zant) and two of the best keyboard players in melodic rock, Eric Ragno (Trixter /Fergie Frederiksen) and Alessandro Del Vecchio (Hardline),The Answer Of Insanity is simply a perfect mix of hard rock, heavy metal and progressive, with plenty of melodic old school hooks, concept songwriting and stripped-down edgy in your face production to rebel back at current trends and fads in the music business.
Produced by Fabrizio Grossi (Steve Vai/Steve Lukather) and mastered by Peter Doell (David Lee Roth/Richard Marx) at Universal Mastering in Los Angeles, the album will be available starting from September 1st in Europe and September 2nd in the rest of the world.
The Answer Of Insanity tracklisting:
“Now I Know The Truth”
“Revolve My World”
“The Way I Have To Let You Go”
“Are We Gonna Stand?”
“Comes Crashing Down”
“Saving Anything”
“Pray For This”
“Until Your Home”
“When I Lost You”
“Destroy You”
Single “Comes Crashing Down”:
For more info visit


Tuesday, July 22, 2014
New York, NY (June 25, 2014) –SAGA’s new album Sagacity will be released as a 2CD set and on digital formats on July 22, 2014 in North America, via earMusic / Eagle Rock Entertainment. The Canadian progressive rockers manage to keep their characteristic sound alive while adding a modern touch to their music.
Or as Michael Sadler puts it:
"For me this album marks a return to many of the signature elements that put Saga on the map at the onset of the band’s career, while maintaining a firm grip on the here and now. The balance between past, present and future is the key and I think that’s what we’ve managed to achieve. Quite simply, this is SAGA…2014!"
He certainly got it right. Sagacity has the striking guitar riffs, which go hand-in-hand with the extensive keyboard arrangement, along with Michael Sadler’s characteristic voice. SAGA welcomes you with an enjoyable familiarity and an album full of 12 progressive rock anthems.
Sagacity – the English expression which stands for wisdom and cleverness – pun intended – has always been a huge part of the band’s philosophy. SAGA has gotten wiser over the years, which shows in their thoughtful, multileveled lyrics, and their creative, inventive musical arrangements. Their richness of ideas reflects on the typical but always fresh keyboard sounds as well as their melodies. To top it off, there is Michael Sadler’s distinctive voice, which molds the sound of SAGA.
Sagacity has it all – and more.
The 2CD includes a bonus CD, Saga Hits, including nine live recordings from an energetic performance at the SWR1 Rockarena festival in 2013. Ranging from one classic like “The Cross” to “On The Loose, the bonus CD surely captures the incredible live atmosphere of that night.
Coinciding with the album release, SAGA will tour all over Europe on a double headliner tour with Magnum.
There is just one thing left to say: welcome to SAGA 2014!
For a sneak peak at SAGA’S Sagacity, click here to check out a band interview:
Click here to listen to “Let It Slide” -
SAGA is:
Michael Sadler – vocals
Ian Crichton – lead guitar
Jim Crichton – bass, keyboards
Jim Gilmour – keyboards, vocals, clarinet
Mike Thorne – drums, vocals
For more information on Saga, please visit: 
Follow Eagle Rock Entertainment at:
Follow earMusic at:
•   Let It Slide
•   Vital Signs
•   It Doesn’t Matter (Who You Are)
•   Go With The Flow
•   Press 9
•   Wake Up
•   Don’t Forget To Breathe
•   The Further You Go
•   On My Way
•    No Two Sides
•    Luck
•    I’ll Be
•   Careful Where You Sleep
•   Mouse In A Maze
•   You’re Not Alone
•   The Cross
•   Scratching The Surface
•   Humble Stance
•   On The Loose
•   Wind Him Up
•   Don’t Be Late




Wednesday, June 25, 2014
ISBN: 978-0-9571442-8-6
28 Million People Can’t Be Wrong
1986’s Slippery When Wet not only put Bon Jovi at the top of the rock tree, it went on to become one of the biggest selling albums ever, spending eight straight weeks at the top of the Billboard chart and going 12 x Platinum in the States, as well as No.1 in the UK.
Although some people won’t admit to liking the album, most of us have a copy somewhere and classics such as ‘Living On A Prayer’ and ‘Let It Rock’ are guaranteed to get folks singing.
Top rock writer, Neil Daniels, looks at not only how and why the album was made, but what preceded Slippery When Wet; what went after; a song-by-song analysis;  the Slippery When Wet tour (complete with tour dates) and more. He canvasses opinions from musicians who know the band, such as Dokken, Joe Lynn Turner and Jonathan Valen, plus top rock writers, such as Steve Rosen, Jason Ritchie and the Bailey Brothers, who all share their views.
Ex-Kerrang! writer Paul Suter provides a foreword, and ex-Gentle Giant frontman Derek Shulman, who signed the band to Polygram Records when he was senior vice-president of A&R there, writes the afterword. This is all topped off by some rare photos of the band at work and play.
Bon Jovi polarize opinion, but the band and album have an army of fans from mum’s and dad’s to followers of melodic rock and more, who will love this celebratory book.
Neil Daniels is the author of over a dozen books on rock and metal and has contributed to many music magazines, fanzines and websites. Visit
For information on how to buy this book go to




Tuesday, June 24, 2014

WE ARE ONE is a music collaboration initiative created to combat extreme poverty and homelessness within our cities.

During the last 9 months we have been building the foundations of an international charitable movement comprised of music and media professionals from different countries, all of us people who want to make a difference within our respective cities and raise public awareness on the crucial social matters of homelessness and extreme poverty. Some renowned rock artists have already joined our ranks, but we have extensive participation by upcoming artists and bands as well. We are injecting a lot of young blood into this, including and showcasing some fantastic upcoming talent.


WE ARE ONE is not a "regular" charity; it introduces a very different approach when compared to traditional charitable endeavours, both in concept and overall implementation.

Our effort is specifically designed to help and to provide support for small extreme poverty charities in different regions. Instead of spending a fortune of proceeds into building and maintaining our own glossy infrastructure from scratch (like most large charities do nowadays), we will be utilizing the existing small local infrastructures that are there within every large city. There are many selfless people out there, tireless dedicated volunteers who run homeless shelters and soup kitchens. These experienced people do some fantastic work with minimal help and resources, and without ever seeing a penny coming their way from the state or from big charitable organizations. We don't aim to replace those people, or their tried and tested local infrastructures. We want to support their valiant efforts and also to maintain their existing setup and to build upon it, so more aid can reach more vulnerable people faster.


Our forthcoming collaboration releases are just the high-profile means for a much more long-term localized charitable endeavour.

The real work on the streets will be achieved through our unique WR1 Live! framework concept. Instead of creating very occasional and very expensive events - like many large charities do these days - we are building a unified framework of smaller but more frequent interconnected live events, happening in different cities as our international network expands. Essentially we are devising an unprecedented international "charitable franchise", for lack of a better term.

WR1 Live! is all about a global concept, but with localized, cost-effective, self-reliant implementation. Our WR1 Live! events will always be tapping on local manpower and resources, showcasing some fantastic local upcoming talent, while feeding and providing shelter for some very vulnerable local people with the proceeds. We also want to entice more people to support their own local soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food banks, and music is our way of achieving this goal.


We believe that it is time to start making a noticeable difference. We simply cannot carry on ignoring this massive global problem, this invisible beast that devours our humanity.

It’s time to start merging our individual networks and start delivering some real help fast, to those invisible members of our societies who need it the most. Charity should start at home; we need to clean up our own homes first, before concentrating on faraway causes. We must incite people to wake up from their collective narcosis, a narcosis induced by constant financial hardships. Nobody was born indifferent; everybody cared at some point and it’s only the daily battle for survival that stops most people from expressing their humanity. It just requires the right kind of stimuli in order to bring it out to the front again. Our humanity is still there, buried under a mountain of everyday madness, beaten up, maybe broken, but most definitely not gone.


This task would have been almost impossible even as far back as 6 or 7 years ago; but we are all connected now thanks to the advent of social networking, so this thing is much easier to setup than it seems.

We must never forget that everything always starts with a single unifying concept, a single idea that may even seem unfeasible at first. Nothing that is even remotely possible is ever unfeasible when ENOUGH of us believe in it, when MANY of us support it, when ALL of us join forces and work towards its successful conclusion, bypassing petty divisions and focusing purely on the important, unifying task at hand. The time to act is right now. Future generations will judge us very harshly if we just continue to care only about ourselves and do nothing to help those human ghosts, the real “walking dead” who drag tired feet among us, within our own cities, sometimes even within our very neighbourhoods. We must never forget that with each one of our actions - or inactions - we are essentially determining our own future legacies. The real battle will be fought into the hearts and minds of the people, and that’s where our combined contribution will be absolutely crucial and invaluable. This is our vision and we can make it a reality, together.


Thank you for reading this! A very special thanks goes out to all the people who have understood and supported this unique charitable concept from the very beginning; this includes the fantastic people at for their invaluable support.

Our dedicated website is still under construction and will launch when the music is ready for release. Until then please visit our Facebook page, LIKE and SHARE, spread the word! Everyone can help, even with just a simple like and share, or by inviting friends to our page. Together, we can achieve so much more!


WE ARE ONE... Your Music. Your Passion. Our Strength. We'll Sleep when we're Dead... ...'till then we'll RUN!

COMING SOON: Our initial collaboration releases will follow the Seeds of Dissension theme.

This is a protest concept against corruption and the invisible forces in our societies whose hunger for status and power has reduced our world to its current state. At this point we are still finalizing the list of renowned participants for the first version of Seeds, the music is still being mixed. WE ARE ONE and Seeds artwork by Pete Alander:




Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Guitar Virtuoso and Former Supertramp Member Marty Walsh Releases New CD Featuring Guest Appearances By Members of YES, Rufus and a Host of LA Studio Legends

Boston, MA / Much to the excitement of guitar aficionados across the globe, celebrated guitarist Marty Walsh released his eagerly awaited debut instrumental solo album 'The Total Plan' on June 16th 2014! Making the release even more thrilling is the array of guest artists appearing on the release - Billy Sherwood (YES/CIRCA:), John 'JR' Robinson (Rufus, Eric Clapton, Mike Oldfield/Steve Winwood) and a multitude of LA Studio Legends.

Says Marty, 'Everyone on the album are musicians that I have close personal and working relationships with. Billy and I did an album that was released in 1996 under the band name The Key. People like John Robinson, Abe Laboriel, Michael Ruff and everyone else on the album I have worked with for years. When I came up with this idea I asked all of these wonderful musicians if they would play on one track for me. Graciously they all accepted.'

Marty Walsh is an assistant professor in the Ensemble and Music Production departments at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. A veteran of the LA studio music scene, he has worked as a guitarist with some of the biggest names in the business. The early 1980s found him on the hits '9 to 5' by Dolly Parton, 'She Works Hard For The Money' by Donna Summer, and 'Heartlight' by Neil Diamond, to name a few. He also recorded with John Denver, Eddie Money, Kenny Rogers, Sheena Easton, and Julio Iglesias, among others. In 1985, Marty played guitar on the Supertramp album 'Brother Where You Bound' and then toured with the band in 1985-86 and again in 1988 after playing on their 1988 release 'Free As A Bird'. Continuing to do recording sessions into the 1990s, he also was a part of the live band on the Nickelodeon Television show 'Roundhouse' which was critically acclaimed and ran from 1992 through 1994. In the late 90's Marty played guitar on numerous Curb Records releases including three of Leann Rimes' albums, 'Sittin On Top Of The World', 'Leann Rimes' and 'I Need You', whose title track set the record for weeks (54) in the top 40.

Most recently, he can be heard on the Freddie Jackson single 'Until The End Of Time', which reached the number 1 spot on Billboard's R&B charts and stayed on the charts for 26 weeks. And now much to the anticipation of guitarists and musicians everywhere, Marty is releasing his first (instrumental) solo album 'The Total Plan'!

Says Marty, 'Being an instrumental album it is simply about the music. There are a few things conceptually that I was trying to achieve with this recording though. The first being the fact that I wanted to make an album of music that I felt would appeal to the masses. The album is not a Jazz album necessarily, it's really more of a pop record. While there are improvised solos, the focus of the record is much more about the melodies and arrangements of the songs, which hopefully are memorable. The second thing that I wanted to achieve was making a record with many of the people that I've worked with over the years. I literally enlisted musicians for this project that I had worked with closely going way back to when I first started touring and doing recording sessions, and then also tapped into some of the faculty and also young musicians that I have worked closely with at the Berklee college of music. There are ten songs on the album and each song has different groupings of personnel. I also feel that stylistically the album is quite diverse, which actually came about from tapping into all of these various musicians who brought their own identity to the project.'

Marty's new album showcases a variety of styles, which is a reflection of his vast musical influences. He explains, 'While I am primarily a guitarist, and my guitar playing is the focus of the record, I don't feel like my approach to the instrument is like a lot of other guitarists. As a young musician growing up, of course I was influenced by people like Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix, but then growing up in Los Angeles, guys like Larry Carlton, Jay Graydon, and all of the other LA studio guitar players that I had so much respect for certainly were extremely influential in my development. But even more influential than all of the great guitar players are a host of other musicians. I have always had the tendency not to focus on guitar players and their approach to the instrument. Music that has influenced me over the years has tended to be from piano players, songwriters, people that compose memorable music and also many of the great producer/arrangers that I have worked with. Guys like Michael Omartian, the late Michel Columbier, and the late Tom Dowd. I had the good fortune to actually work with these people closely in the recording environment and learned so much about composing and arranging. That's the kind of thing that I feel is really so important in moving people emotionally with music. Hopefully that's what this album will do, move people emotionally.'

'Marty Walsh has made a fine album, featuring some red-hot musicians beside his heartfelt guitar playing ' the sounds he wrings from his guitars are strong, melodic and exciting.' - John Anthony Helliwell (Supertramp)

'Marty Walsh is an amazing guitarist and songwriter. I had the pleasure making a record with him called 'The World Is Watching' (the band was called The Key). We met in 1986 when he was on tour playing guitar with Supertramp for their 'Brother Where You Bound' record. My band Lodgic opened for them and so we hung out backstage and became fast friends and have been ever since. I'm very happy to see Marty going for it with his new record and was honored he asked me to be a part of it too!' - Billy Sherwood (YES/CIRCA:)

'Marty Walsh is one of the most soulful musicians I have known. His musicality shines through any band he has ever been in. This new solo CD reflects his funk, soul and rock roots. It's a must have for all.' - John 'JR' Robinson (Rufus/Eric Clapton/Steve Winwood/Mike Oldfield)

'I have been good friends with the near legendary Marty Walsh since our Glendale/Burbank, California days. He was always known as the 'Boy Wonder' on the guitar back then. And still is today. If you're ever stuck for the next part of your song... don't worry, Marty's got it covered.' - Scott Gorham (Thin Lizzy / Black Star Riders)

'Over the years I have had the good fortune to work with some of the greatest guitar players in the world. It runs the gamut. Rock, Funk, Jazz, Pop. There are a handful that can shred in all these fields. Marty is one of them! On 'The Total Plan' Marty went to 'The Shed', with a few friends, and came out with a real gem. It rocks, it inspires, it grooves, and Now is the Time, to check it out!' - Tommy Vicari (Grammy award winning engineer and producer)

In support of his new CD release Marty has been working with a videographer, trying to determine which songs would be good choices for music videos and how to approach that. He is also currently working on putting together the personnel for a live band. Although, since the record has so many different people on it, putting a band together that can play all of his music live is a bit of a challenge. The good news is that being in Boston and teaching at Berklee, Marty has access to some unbelievable young talented musicians that will most likely be the members of this group. Also his son Ian played some keyboards on the record, and wrote a few of the pieces with Marty, so he is kind of a cornerstone to the live band.

In conclusion, Marty has this to relay to his fans and listeners, 'Just sit back, relax and enjoy......put this album on when you have people over. I do feel that it is the kind of record that you can put a set of headphones on and listen intently to, as I feel that it has a real 'flow' to it in terms of taking you on a bit of a journey from song to song. But it's also one that you can put on in the background and just let it be a 'feel good' record. Hopefully if people put this album on for friends in the background over casual conversation the question will be 'What is this music that's playing?' and then 'Where can I get it?''

To purchase: Marty Walsh's 'The Total Plan' go to:

For more information:


Tuesday, August 19, 2014
HALCYON WAY Confirm Release Date, Reveal Artwork and Track Listing for Conquer
  Conquer Available August 19th in North America on Nightmare Records
And August 23rd in Europe via Massacre Records
Award Winning Atlanta, Georgia Progressive Metallers HALCYON WAY have confirmed an August 19 North American release date and an August 23 European release date for their new album Conquer.  The album will be released on Nightmare Records in North America and via Massacre Records in Europe.  The artwork and track listing for Conquer have now been unveiled.
Singer Steve Braun commented on the new album: 
"We are super stoked about how this entire album has come out, from music down to the artwork.  Once again our good friend Travis Smith has taken our basic artwork concept and made it into a masterpiece. The artwork visually shows the struggles we as a band have faced and how it could have destroyed us, yet at the same time shows how we've emerged from the rubble as a solid unit ready to conquer ANY obstacle in our way.  For us we raised the bar with Building the Towers back in 2010, and with the new album Conquer we've surpassed our wildest dreams."
A video for the song "Web of Lies" from the new album can be viewed HERE.
HALCYON WAY was founded in 2001 and released its successful debut album "A Manifesto For Domination" in 2008 (via Nightmare Records).
HALCYON WAY's sound cannot be neatly slotted into any sub-category of metal; but it can be described as heavy, catchy, technical, and above all, focused on mature song craft.  The band draws influences & inspiration from many metal bands from Megadeth to Dream Theater, Testament or Chimaira.  The focus of the songwriting is on catchy hooks, vocal harmonies à la King's X or Stryper, and on heavy, technical, but ultimately accessible instrumentation.
Conquer Track Listing:
1. Conquer
2. Web Of Lies
3. Conceived In Torment
4. Home
5. World Comes Undone
6. Militant
7. Hatred Is My Cause
8. The Poisoned Apple
9. Save Your Tears
10. Every Second Counts (USA Bonus Track)
11. King Of Ruin
12. Eviscerate The Morning Sun
HALCYON WAY: (Official Website)




Tuesday, June 24, 2014

RIVAL SONS fourth studio album, GREAT WESTERN VALKYRIE has charted in 11 major countries around the world. The Long Beach Blues-influenced Rock N Rollers latest release was met with critical acclaim and described as 'densely packed with sheer greatness' by Classic Rock Magazine in their perfect 10/10 review. Earache Records and RIVAL SONS would like to thank the fans around the globe for the fantastic support... proving that Rock N Roll ain't dead!

Bassist DAVE BESTE said: "We couldn't be more thrilled about our great position in the charts. It means people are buying and enjoying Great Western Valkyrie and that means the world to us."

Official Album Chart Positions:

UK: #14
USA: #125

Great Western Valkyrie (2014) chart positions in full:

Catch RIVAL SONS on tour around the world on the following dates:

Rival Sons Live 2014:

Jun. 20 - Sparta, IL - Copperhead Music Festival
Jun. 21 - Pontiac, MI - The Crofoot
Jun. 24 - New York, NY - Mercury Lounge (SOLD OUT)
Jun. 25 - New York, NY - Gramercy Theatre
Jun. 27 - Saint-Ephrem, QC - Woodstock en Beauce
Jun. 28 - Kingston, ON - Ale House
Jun. 29 - Hagersville, ON - Lachie Festival
Jul. 02 - Ottawa, ON - Mavericks
Jul. 03 - Toronto, ON - Virgin Mobile Mod Club
Jul. 04 - Barrie, ON - Ranch Concert Hall (w/ THE TEA PARTY)
Jul. 05 - Thunder Bay, ON - Thunder Bay Blues Festival
Jul. 08 - Minneapolis, MN - Triple Rock
Jul. 09 - Chicago, IL - Bottom Lounge
Jul. 11 - Denver, CO - Marquis Theatre
Jul. 12 - Telluride, CO - The Ride Festival
Jul. 31 - Notodden, Norway - Notodden Blues Festival
Aug. 01 - Andalsnes, Norway - Raumarock Festival
Aug. 02 - Ostersund, Sweden - Storsjoyran Festival
Aug. 07 - Skanderborg, Denmark - Smukfest
Aug. 09 - Limpopo, South Africa - Oppikopi Festival
Dec. 08 - Portsmouth, UK - Pyramid Centre
Dec. 09 - Wolverhampton, UK - Wulfrun Hall
Dec. 10 - London, UK - The Forum
Dec. 11 - Manchester, UK - The Ritz
Dec. 13 - Sheffield, UK - Leadmill
Dec. 14 - Glasgow, UK - ABC
Dec. 15 - Newcastle, UK - Academy
Dec. 16 - Norwich, UK - UEA

Get Great Western Valkyrie now:

Watch RIVAL SONS' new music video for the single "Open My Eyes" at
Get more RIVAL SONS news and info:
Official site -
Facebook -
Twitter -



Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kritsy Majors Comes Out Strong with the Thrill Kills CD Release party at the Viper Room

The legend of Hollywood Glam Rock has cornerstones and foundations that have stood the test of time against an onslaught of new music genres.  The 90's brought a change in music that weathered the scene and diluted the promise of hardcore glam-rock songwriters stomping their boots on stages for throngs of show goers and hard rock music fans; but guitarist, singer and songwriter Kristy Majors has done more than stay the course, he continues to define how the game is played, and he does it with winning results.

On Saturday, June 21st, Majors took the stage with an all-star band of gypsies that continue the original trend of 'in your face' and 'mother disapproved' wang-dangling hard rock.  Proving in 2014 that Rock and Roll can still set the night on fire, Majors wowed the crowd alongside guitarist Nick Rozz (Bullet Boys), bassist JK Famous (Pretty Boy Floyd) and drummer Ben Graves (Murderdolls).  The result was a modern day view of the stories that have sold millions of books for artists like Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and Poison's Brett Michaels.  With the release of the new CD titled Kristy Majors and the Thrill Kills, hard rock fanatics are welcoming Majors back to the scene with gratitude.

Majors came West to Hollywood during the 80's glam explosion from New York where he cut his teeth on the sounds of bands like the New York Dolls and the Dead Boys, blending the hardcore punk styling's of CBGB's most popular bands with the longstanding shock rock of artists like David Bowie.  Assembling a group of like-minded peers, he built a legend with the band Pretty Boy Floyd and branded the Sunset Strip GLAM style for the world to see and hear.  Signing to MCA and selling more than half a million records, tapes and CDs with their initial release Leather Boys with Electric Toys in 1989, PBF raised the bar on the look, the sound and the passion for delivering a hard rock showcase, and it remains highly collectible today, twenty-five years later.

As the nineties swept through with Grunge Music, Majors continued to write and record his unique brand of tight rhythms and piercing solos and over the next twenty years would do more than just release seven additional CDs with Pretty Boy Floyd, one with Shameless and four CDs under his own name; Majors founded a clothing line, a high profile National and International booking agency, a state of the art recording studio and produced dozens of today's top jazz artists as an A&R Representative at Sony Records, proving his worth in music as a whole and not tethered to a single genre's sound.

Music journalist Joe Dolan pinned Kristy Majors down for a few questions to bring fans up to speed before the next wave of Hollywood Hard Rock took the stage.

Joe: So the question is Kristy, why now?  When you've had so much consistent success outside of the negativity related to being a glam/hard rock recording and performing artist in the sea of modern trends and one hit wonders.  What drove you to create another Majors stamped CD in an industry that shuns hard rock artists from our generation?

Majors: Music has always been a staple in my life, and everyone's everyday life. Whether it be in a movie, a commercial, a TV show, a stage play, or whatever; you can express anger, sadness, suspense and just about every emotion with a few words and 3 notes.  I'm always writing and recording music in my free time and that will never change.  I'm a tortured soul and an insomniac!  I felt like I had something to say with this album and I hope other people grasp on to it as well.  I don't care about trends or what everyone else is doing.  I find most music today all sounds the same.

Joe: The CD is self-written; self produced and recorded in your own studio with Kari Kane (Pretty Boy Floyd) on drums and percussion.  Did anyone else contribute to what we hear on the CD?

Majors: Kari played the drums and I did everything else.  It's a tedious process, but I've always said that if you want something done right, do it yourself.

Joe: What tender cares did you address to make sure it was exactly how you wanted it to sound?

Majors: I really just went for a stripped down sound.  There is no fancy production at all, just two guitars, a bass, drums and vocals.  Think AC/DC, Sex Pistols, The Stooges, The Ramones, Johnny Thunders ' everything that inspired me when I was a kid.

Joe: You clearly hand selected a group of hard rock all-stars for the on-stage performances.  What led to choosing the artists that will play alongside of you?

Majors: Simple, I wanted to surround myself with people I actually like and that I can trust.  Creating a band alongside Nick Rozz, J.K. Famous and Ben Graves turned out to be a good choice.

Joe: You've seen the Hollywood music scene evolve and change since establishing your dominance of the glam/hard rock circuit.  What are the issues that plague the scene today that you recognize, how do you feel it went wrong and what can kids do today to start finding success?

Majors: People are lazy.  No one wants to work for anything anymore.  They think because they get a few likes on social media sites that they've made it.  Everyone wants to be famous for nothing (he scoffs).  Here's some news - get up off your ass! Get your fucking face away from your phone and join reality.  Oh, and somebody please kill off the Kardashians! (he laughed out loud)

Joe: You chose the Viper Room for the CD release.  The obvious long-term status of the club makes it a winning choice, but why the Viper Room?

Majors: It's a nice intimate environment with a great sound system that clearly showcases a band.  I really like performing in a more intimate setting, like the Viper.  It's a more personal interaction with the crowd and the crowd appreciates it.

Joe: What can people expect from the band after the CD release performance?

Majors: We've got a few music videos on the way and there has been some talk of taking the show on some small tours.  Nothing is in concrete yet but keep an eye out to see what develops over the next few months.

Shortly hereafter, the band took the stage.  Armed with bare bones utilities and ready to melt faces off the crowd, Majors uses a Les Paul, Marshall Amps, a Tube Screamer and a DD-3 Delay.  The lights fans saw flashing didn't come from stacks of equipment, it came from the barrage of cameras and cell phones capturing a long lost moment in time.  With the strings that rang bells in 1989 and took MTV by storm, the guitarist that killed with Pretty Boy Floyd was simply slaying the audience tonight in that old familiar style of tattoos, long hair and strapped leather that makes the girls howl.

Here's the set list they performed.

01. Beggars Luck
02. Dead Beat
03. Empty handed
04. Broken Lip
05. Stagnation Street
06. Magazine
07. I'll Make U Surrender
08. Make Up
09. Pissed Away
10. Falling Behind
11. Chinese Rock
12. Over & Over Again

Since the 2013 falling out of Kristy Majors and former band mate Steve Summers, Majors has stepped outside of the drama and proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he's the same powerhouse songwriter and stage talent he's always been.  This first no holds barred performance of the band is just the beginning.  Majors shared that they have three more shows lined up for San Diego, Las Vegas and back in to Southern California and the new CD release holds promise for more dates to follow as the summer season is in full swing.

Keep up with Kristy Majors and the Thrill Kills at Majors' official website and Social media pages by visiting:





Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Here is the complete video for the first single, "Whispers of the Soul" from VHF, 
CD "Very High Frequency" will be released in 3 weeks on iTunes, CD Baby. 
Tony Franklin: "I'm digging the completed VHF CD (Todd Vinny Vinciguerra, Joel Hoekstra, Tony Franklin The Fretless Monster)... Wow, actually! And it's crazy how this thing came together. Vinny approached me with the idea. He wanted to lay down some song-oriented drum grooves and then have me play bass over them... it was wide open, whatever I wanted. So I did it, and had a blast. I put some time into it to come up with something creative, heavy, a little edgy and different, while still maintaining a 'song-type' format. Vinny's parts were great to play over - groove wise and idea wise. I was definitely inspired. Next we handed the tracks over to Joel Hoekstra who was totally on board and in tune with the concept. He took it to a whole other level. When I listen to the tunes, they sound like we sat in the same room together, created the riffs, grooves and changes as a band, which couldn't be further away from the truth! Haha. I've always maintained that nothing beats playing and recording in the same room together... but sometimes there are exceptions to the rule!!"


Monday, June 23, 2014





Ted and Shemane Nugent at “Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids” in 2013.


25 years ago multi-platinum guitar icon TED NUGENT set out on a selfless mission to get kids out of malls, off the streets, away from drugs and crime, into the woods and in touch with the natural healing powers of the wild. The goal of the Kamp is to teach a child morals and ethics, and their role as caring humans that manage and respect the wildlife around us. From this desire to help others, the “TED NUGENT KAMP FOR KIDS” was founded.

“I started our Kamp in 1989 with a simple goal—to introduce kids to the great outdoors,” says NUGENT. “I made a promise to Fred Bear before he passed away that I would get kids involved. And here we are 25 years later.”

A recent Kamp session sold out in just six hours. Parents stayed up until midnight to begin registering their children online and by 6am on the first day, all 100 slots were gone. And the waiting list is almost as large.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Tim Moran of the Papillion, Nebraska Parks & Recreation. “We always start taking calls from parents literally months before registration—which is literally months before the actual event.  By far, the Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids is one of the most sought-after programs, by both parents and kids, of any youth event we’re involved with.”

All spaces for this weekend’s Kamp at Arrowhead Lake near Neola, IA are already reserved but there are still a limited amount of openings for the July 18 Kamp at Quail Mountain Recreation Area near Twin Lakes, CO. For more info, visit

Kamp sessions are outdoor class-format adventure. Each child--ages 11 to 15--is taught proper archery shooting skills, learns hunter’s safety and ethics, survival skills, and participates in hands-on nature studies and a nature walk. TED makes it a point to personally attend as many Kamp sessions as possible. “While my schedule does not permit me to attend all of the events, I take this stuff very personally. Our Kamp for Kids matters. It changes young lives for the better,” he says. In addition to providing hands on instruction, NUGENT also performs a campfire rendition of his popular hunt songs, and talks to Kampers about the dangers of drugs and alcohol.

“TED NUGENT KAMP FOR KIDS” is a 100% volunteer 501C3 non-profit corporation and is operated by qualified families and individuals who deeply care about children and their futures. Every child is treated with love, affection and spiritual guidance by our dedicated volunteers. Lessons in resource stewardship, individual accountability, the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule, Hunter Safety and law, International Bow Education (IBEP) and basic lessons in life are driven home in an open, honest, caring setting in the wild.

“I’m not interested in plaques, praise, banquets or awards. I’m only interested in results,” states NUGENT. “I get all the rocket fuel motivation I need to keep moving forward when a smiling young kid comes up to me at Kamp and says he or she can’t wait to go fishing or hunting.”

In addition to his work on “TED NUGENT KAMP FOR KIDS,” TED will be busy this summer promoting his first full-length album in seven years, SHUTUP&JAM!, out July 8 on Frontiers Records. The collection is available now for pre-order at Amazon and iTunes. The Motor City Madman is also hitting the road for a headlining tour in support of the release, kicking off July 3 in Wichita Falls, TX. Dates and ticket info for all shows is available at


Recent Kamper at  “TED NUGENT KAMP FOR KIDS.”

For more information, visit:



Tuesday, August 19, 2014
Veteran pop/rock artist John Taglieri has released a five and a half minute long video sampler for his upcoming Ep, Days Like These, due 19 August 2014. 
Comprised of six songs, the Ep features some very special guests (to be revealed soon) and brings Taglieri full circle to where he began his solo path as a musical artist "Days Like These is exactly what my life is about right now. Becoming a dad, finding a great balance in life, and being happier with my life and career than I’ve ever been.” said Taglieri. "Each song on this Ep is about life…the ups (Days Like These, Here For The Taking, Beautiful Tonight, Finish Line) and the downs (Thin Air, Toasting The Man In The Moon). Its about balance, which is key to everything in life. I think it’s a fun Ep and I had the most amazing time making it."
The video can be viewed here

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Drum Legend Corky Laing Is Presented The 'Bonzo Bash Legend Award' At John Bonham's Bonzo Bash By Kiss's Peter Criss!

'As the drummer for Mountain, Corky Laing shares the title as one of the best players of his genre. He's also the same good guy he used to be.' ' Levon Helm

NYC - Much to the excitement of drummers worldwide, one of rock's icons, drum legend Corky Laing, recently received the prestigous 'Bonzo Bash Legend Award' at the Bergen PAC in New Jersey on May 31st. The award was presented by original Kiss drummer Peter Criss!

Corky says, 'It was a tremendous honor and a total surprise when Peter Criss (from Kiss) presented the 'Legend Award' to me at the John Bonham 'Bonzo Bash'. And to receive the award in front of all these brilliant drummers was a real rush. There seems to be a kind of 'magical crazy glue' that keeps the drumming community tightly wrapped. It's not like the 'Super Bowl of drumming', there is no competition. Every drummer has his/her own uniqueness. We aspire to reach out while digging deep with a passion to become the very best. I humbly believe in receiving this award I'm being recognized for doing just that. Every day for me is another downbeat, and what a joy it is to live and breath it. It may sound a bit out there, but that's exactly how I feel when I play. I am sincerely in love with my 'all consuming mistress', my beautiful drum kit!'

Watch the video of Corky receiving the 'Legend Award':

As well as Mountain, Laing has recorded with a long list of legendary artists including Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, Bo Diddley and Ozzy Osbourne. He has performed with Meat Loaf, Gov't Mule, the Allman Brothers, Voivod, Teenage Head and dozens of others. And according to Modern Drummer magazine, Corky Laing 'has done as much as anyone in Western culture to turn the cowbell into a rock 'n roll staple'.

This prolific artist is busier than ever. His latest project, 'Playing God', a rock opera created with Matti H'yry and Tuija Takala from Finland, premiered in Basel, Switzerland, and Paris, France in 2013. Recently, in the early spring of 2014, the rock opera was performed in Helsinki, Finland. Laing wrote the music for the album, and is the Musical Director in the stage performances where he also performs a key role, LUKE, who plays drums and sings. The 'Playing God' CD was released on GONZO Multimedia on July 15, 2013.

'Playing God' CD is available at:

Check out Corky's upcoming appearance!

Corky Laing 'Under The Rock'
Friday June 27 2014 at 8pm
Guild Hall- East Hampton, NY

Corky Laing flies solo' recounting his rock 'n roll life in wordss and music.

Montreal native Corky Laing, co-founder of iconic supergroups Mountain and West, Bruce & Laing, comes out from behind the drums and spills all about the Golden Age of Rock, which wasn't always quite so golden' An era when rock stars were bigger than life, in spite of the fact that many of their lives spun out of control.

Laing, who wrote the platinum-selling rock anthem, 'Mississippi Queen', chronicles his life from his innocent early days on the Montreal sock-hop circuit (Bartholomew Plus 3 and Energy) to the pinnacle of rock 'n roll.

On June 27, 2014, Laing, whose skills on the skins are matched only by his wit and candour, will relate how he climbed up and fell down with some of the rock world's most prominent luminaries' but it';s not all talk. Corky will show us exactly how and why he is one of the most acclaimed drummers in the music business. And he took it all in from UNDER THE ROCK!

When: June 27, 2014
Where: Guild Hall - East Hampton, NY (in The John Drew Theatre in the Dina Merrill Pavilion at Guild Hall)
158 Main Street
East Hampton, New York 11937
Tickets online at or at Box Office 631-324-4050;; or 866-811-4111

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Friday, August 1, 2014




Download the 'Face I Love' App HERE

Pre-Order The Dead Daisies New EP HERE

SYDNEY, Australia (June 23, 2014) – The Dead Daisies will release the Face I Love single across Australia today, in conjunction with launching the innovative “Face I Love” App on their Facebook page.  By fans submitting the face that they love via the app, they will become part of the artwork for the EP cover and touring posters, with selected fans' faces being chosen to be in the music video.  One lucky person will win the experience of a lifetime – a trip to see the band at one of their upcoming concerts, somewhere in the world.

Dropping today, the single, Face I Love, is the first release from the upcoming EP, of the same title.  The single can be downloaded by the press from the below link. 

About The Dead Daisies “Face I Love” App

Created to represent the iconic daisy skull logo of the band, Facebook fans will be able to upload an image of the face they love to the App to create a photo-mosaic portrait of The Dead Daisies skull – and make it bloom. The promotion is a true collaboration between the band and their fans, bringing real meaning to the title of the song, “Face I Love”.

In 2014 and in this age of social media, we couldn’t think of a better way to have our fans interact and be part of our new single, Face I Love, than to have them involved in creating a Dead Daisies skull photo-mosaic made up of faces that they love,” said frontman, Jon Stevens, when asked about why the band has developed their very own interactive app.

Download The Dead Daisies 'Face I Love' App HERE

The Dead Daisies Ultimate Experience
After downloading the app, as well as being able to be part of the photo-mosaic for the EP cover art and touring posters, selected fans will also be chosen to be in the music video, with one lucky person winning what is The Dead Daisies experience of a lifetime, with a trip to see the band at one of their concerts somewhere in the world.

The EP
As of today, the EP of the same name is also available on pre-order.  Any pre-orders will be given a free copy of Face I Love, the single, as an instant-grat track, to download.  The Face I Love EP will then be released on August 1 via Social Family Records.

Download the 'Face I Love' App HERE

Pre-Order The Dead Daisies New EP HERE

Band Information

The Dead Daisies are a powerful musical collective with a rotating line-up that features some of the best Rock musicians on the planet and a sound that’s influenced by late ‘70s and early ‘80s hard rock – big choruses, powerful melodies and strong hooks.

They were formed by singer-songwriter Jon Stevens and guitarist David Lowy in 2012. The 2014 lineup includes Jon Stevens (Noiseworks/INXS) on vocals, David Lowy (Mink/Red Phoenix) on guitar, Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses/Psychedelic Furs) on lead guitar, Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake) on bass, Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses/Hookers & Blow) on keys and the new addition of Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne/Billy Idol) on drums.

2014 has been a massive year for The Dead Daisies so far, and only getting bigger with the recent announcement of two US tours, firstly with Bad Company & Lynyrd Skynyrd during July and then KISS Def Leppard in August.

The Dead Daisies Tour Dates

July 10 – Bangor, ME – Darling’s Waterfront Pavilion*
July 12 – Mansfield, MA – Xfinity Center*
July 13 – Darien, NY – Darien Lake Performing Arts Center*
July 15 – Raleigh, NC – Walnut Creek Amphitheater*
July 16 – Charlotte, NC – PNC Music Pavilion*
July 18 – Camden, NJ – Susquehanna Bank Center*
July 19 – Bristow, VA – Jiffy Lube Live*
Aug 02 – Atlantic City, NJ – Boardwalk Hall #   
Aug 03 – Camden, NJ – Susquehanna Bank Center #
Aug 05 – Saratoga, NY – Saratoga Performing Arts Center #
Aug 06 – Wantaugh, NY – Jones Beach #
Aug 08 – Virginia Beach, VA – Farm Bureay Live at Virginia Beach #
Aug 09 – Scranton, PA – Toyota Pavillion at Montage Mtn #
Aug 10 – Hartford, CT – The Xfinity Theatre #
Aug 13 – Darien, NY – Darien Lake Performing Arts Ctr #
Aug 15 – East Troy, WI – Alpine Valley Music Theatre #
Aug 16 – Tinley Park, IL – First Midwest Bank Amphitheater #
Aug 17 – Minneapolis, MN – Target Center #
Aug 20 – Des Moines, IA – Wells Fargo Arena #
Aug 22 – Noblesville, IN – Klipsch Music Center #
Aug 23 – Clarkson, MI – DTE Energy Music Theatre #
Aug 24 – Burgettstown, PA – First Niagara Pavilion #
Aug 26 – Cuyahoga Falls, OH – Blossom Music Center #
Aug 28 – Maryland Heights, MO – Verizon Wireless Amp #
Aug 29 – Tulsa, OK – BOK Center #
Aug 31 – Woodlands, TX – Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion #

* w/ Bad Company & Lynyrd Skynyrd
# w/ KISS & Def Leppard

The Dead Daisies
Jon Stevens (Noiseworks/INXS) - vocals
David Lowy (Mink/Red Phoenix) - guitar
Richard Fortus (Guns N’ Roses/Psychedelic Furs)  - lead guitar
Marco Mendoza (Thin Lizzy/Whitesnake) - bass
Dizzy Reed (Guns N’ Roses/ Hookers & Blow) - keys
Brian Tichy (Ozzy Osbourne/Billy Idol) - drums





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