MR Update on Whats Next

G’day to all friends, followers, subscribers and stalkers.
I’ve presented an open letter of sorts on a couple of occasions already, so this can be seen as an update to those, or a fresh take on where I stand right now and the complicated world we all live in currently.
The recent worldwide situation has seen my kids schooling at home, taking up a lot of my time and at least one source of my income has been completely suspended. Issues I know a lot of others have been faced with too. These things, on top of recent events and the whole state of the music business now has me continuing to question my role in this industry and what I want to be known for moving forward and what kind of services I can offer.
I’ve experimented with a few different things. For starters the recent re-feature of my 1998 Neal Schon interview complete with audio recording created almost zero interest, and that’s good to know as it suggests doing the other interviews in a similar format are a waste of time. The change of format in the news delivery (via Twitter feed) seems to have been better received as were the 4 recent new reviews added (a pathetic output I agree, but again…outside issues interfere).
Patreon is something I’m having fun with and that platform will remain at the forefront of whatever other decisions I make. But I do need more subscribers, if you care to have a look at what’s on offer there. I have been using the recent downtime to digitize a lot of rarities and source additional tracks and rarities, so I can offer a more complete series of features and artist spotlights over the coming weeks.
I am grateful I was able to carve out a somewhat unique position in this biz for so long, nearly 24 years now. A lot of others have come and gone in that time. Today, social media, and Facebook in particular, allow everyone on earth the opportunity to have an opinion and be heard. Everyone has a FB page, a podcast, an Instagram…or all of the above. Across the board all websites have less traffic and less advertising power.
Adding to the complexities of business realignments and self-examination was the decision to cease running the MelodicRockFest brand (after MRF-USA 5) and also more recently selling off 75% of the MelodicRock Records business, so I could concentrate on the parts of that I love (the artists and the music).
Those moves have not delivered the desired outcomes. The MelodicRock brand was recently subjected to some damaging and unanticipated negative publicity. Having sold off the MelodicRock Fest name some 18 months back, the first event under new management was anything but positive. It was a disaster. I was retained as a consultant for all MRF events for the first 3 years, but in light of those recent events I am relinquishing that role effective immediately.
The MelodicRock Records situation is a little more complicated. As an entity starting a new chapter, it is yet to have the chance to prove itself. The MRF event saw all available finance from the investing partners evaporate, so the brakes got applied before we even started the engine. Then COVID19 put the whole industry on pause. I’m patiently waiting to see when the label can relaunch and what my role in that will be.
I’m left with many questions that still need answering. I'll be bluntly honest when I say trying to stay motivated with all this going on has been challenging. I feel there is a need to re-invent. The format of that I am still grappling with. Do I start over? Do I switch focus? Do I try and innovate with a fresh delivery method? What is the most effective way to deliver content and just what content do I want to deliver? What do I do with my fictional passion project that never seems to get a look in? What do people even want from myself or MelodicRock in 2020? Too many questions.
On the subject of the fictional project, I will soon launch an introductory chapter free to all, with an expectation of future instalments being available to all Patreon subscribers (starting with the $5 level).
And while I wait for the label and pandemic issues to play out and for the options to become clearer, I thank everyone for their patience and feedback and support. That never ceases to amaze me.
So stay tuned…for something...